Another Lesson Comming
Lesson 2

This is a story with Shemales in it, if you don't like this kind of story, don't read it. I've seen so many people read a story like this and then complain about what they were reading.

(Lesson 1 is under my last name MrE)

Lesson 2

My name's Joe, and yes I'm bisexual. I have a friend named Tom who's also bisexual. Were in the electronics business together. We do very well, well enough too not have to work. We have a huge house with our own little dungeon. That's where we give our "lessons". We have 4 special friends that come over and give the lessons. We've been doing it for a few years now, and so far we haven't got caught. Both Tom and I work out on very regular basis and are quite strong. The guy's we give lessons to are usually guy's who hate gays or are convicted rapist. We also like them to be in good shape, but not always.

Our special teachers are Robin she has a 9” cock, Joan who has 10”, Sharon has 10”, and Kim has 12”. They liked to wear some incredibly sexy outfits; you’d never know they were guys. All their cocks were nice and thick, to match their length.

Tom and I watched the guy, as he left the court building. He had been accused of raping and abusing 7yo girls, there were a total of 6 that they knew of. He was laughing as he walked down the steps. He got off on a technicality, and he was going to be our next target. We followed him for a week, we actually heard him bragging to one of his friends – “They’ll never catch me, none of those girls will ever say anything, they liked it to much. Man, you should have seen there hot naked little bodies, just thinking about it gets me hard, you just have to slap around to show them whose boss.”

We set up a date with our friends, the time came and we got him. No problems at all, it’s nice when things run smoothly. We gave him the same treatment as the last guy, same rules etc, etc. So now we were prepped and ready to go. It was time to give another lesson.

(It’s almost always the same routine we give for each of our lessons. - We shot him with a tranquilizer dart and brought him in. We put him in a cell, removed his clothes his clothes, cleaned him up and got him ready. He had the night to rest before our friends came over, they always arrive about noon. He slept ok, we watched him on hidden cam in his cell. When I got to cell I could tell he was pretty angry, I just watched him for a few minutes, then I spoke.

“You’ll notice there’s a collar around your neck. It’s similar to an electric dog collar, only I control the amount of voltage you feel, Here’s 5%” I pressed the button and held for a few seconds. You could tell by the look on face it was uncomfortable. “Now, here’s 25%” I adjusted the control and pushed the button for 5 seconds. He screamed out and fell to the floor in pain. “Now, here’s 50%” He screamed out even louder, then collapsed as he passed out. Tom came down smiling and brought him to the bench.

We bent him over, with his ass in the air, and his legs spread wide. The specially designed bench he was on, supported his body with just his head leaning over the other side. His legs and arms were cuffed to the bench, spread out on either side of him. NOW HE WAS READY.

As he woke the “teachers” were around him. All 4 of them look like incredibly beautiful women, with extremely sexy outfits. He picked up his and looked around with a huge smile on his face. I told him “these teachers are going to give your useless ass a lesson you’ll never forget. Remember the pain you felt when I zapped you at 25%?” He just said “Uh, yeah”, “Well if you don’t do everything they demand I swear to god I’ll hit for even longer only this time you’ll feel in your arms and legs as well.”)


They slowly revealed themselves, as soon as he saw there huge cocks you could tell he looked scared. Robin walked up to him, her cock sticking strait out. Joan came over and got down in front of Robin. She looked at the guy strapped down on the table and said “This is what your going to do with your mouth” She took Robin in between her lips, and slowly slid down the length of her cock. She had Robin’s entire 9” down her throat, then slowly back off. She gave him tips and pointers on how to do it. I had to zap him a few times before he fell inline.

Joan backed away, and then Robin turned to the student and slid her cock between his lips. She got about 3” in, backed out, then pushed in again this time getting a little more. I loved watching her feed it into him bit by bit. His mouth stretched around her cock as she forced more and more into him. His eyes went wide, and you could hear his muffled cries from around her cock.

Robin was moaning “Oh this feels so good, I can feel his whole mouth wrapped around my shaft. OMG yes” she grabbed the back of head and forced more into him. She was face fucking him now, pumping in and out as her moaning got louder and louder. Sharon was behind lubing his ass with her tongue, she really knew how to use her tongue well.

Then Sharon positioned herself behind him, and slowly entered his ass. Meanwhile Robin had her entire length in his mouth now and was just holding there. He was breathing heavily through his nose, which was barely rested against Robin. Once the head of Sharon ’s cock was inside him, she shoved forward, burying herself all the way in one motion. He screamed out from around Robin’s cock as he felt a jolt of pain course through his body.

They both started pumping in unison. Robin started moving faster and faster, Moaning “Oh yes, that’s it OMG yes, I’m cumming” she pulled out so just the tip of her cock was inside his mouth and she exploded, filling his mouth with her hot love juice you better swallow or else. You could see it leaking out the corners of his mouth, but he swallowed most all of it.

Sharon didn’t last that much longer, burying her shaft deep in his ass. Her tits were glistening with sweat, her nipples were sticking strait out as she humped into him unloading everything she had. When she was done she slowly pulled out and walked around to his head.

The girls watched as Sharon forced her deflated cock into his mouth. She said, “Suck me till I’m nice and hard again, and you better make it quick.” He got right into too, using his tongue around the head as she pulled out and pushed in. Soon she was hard again, she finally had all of her 10” in is mouth then she pulled out and stepped aside.

Kim had been waiting there behind Sharon , as soon as Sharon stepped aside Kim was ready to move in, she waited few seconds so he could see her 12” of length and good width right in his face. Joan was now behind him and in one motion she shoved forward hard. She jammed her cock deep in ass and started pumping away. He screamed out from the pain again, that’s when Kim moved. She grabbed his head forced her huge member into his mouth.

You could see the tears coming from his eyes as she fed more and more of her 12” into him. She just started face fucking him like Robin had and Joan pumped in and out of his ass. Joan would pull out slowly then slam forward hard. His mouth was barely stretching around Kim’s shaft, she kept pulling most of the way out then shoved forward driving more into his mouth.

Tears kept streaming down his face as Joan ripped apart his ass. She was pulling out slowly then slamming forward, burying it all in one step. She had a look of pure ecstasy on her face, “Oh yes, he’s so tight, and his ass feels so good around my cock, oh god yes.” Kim had most of her cock in his mouth by now, Suddenly she shoved forward as she said “OH yes, I’m cumming unhhhhhhhhhhh” I could see the vanes if her cock expanding as shot her huge load right down his throat. Joan kept pumping him, but didn’t last that much longer.

Kim kept him sucking till she was hard again, then traded places Joan. Joan just shoved her cock in his mouth, telling him to lick her clean. You could see the cum dripping off her shaft, but he did what he was told. Just as he was starting to relax, Kim buried herself, shoving all 12” in one motion. He screamed out as a more pain ripped through his body.

Sharon and Robin were both right there, Robin shoved her cock in first. After dealing with Kim’s cock he had a little bit easier time. Robin fucked his face for a few minutes, then Sharon stepped in taking a few minutes. They each were taking turns. He was just getting used to the rhythm when they both stepped up and shoved the heads of their cocks in at once.

He a look of terror on his face as both cocks filled his mouth, they turned to one another and kissed deeply as they ran their hands over each ones body. Rubbing their tits and nipples and grabbing the other by the ass, they really looked hot together, meanwhile they kept his mouth busy.

Joan had moved in behind Kim, her cock was hard again. Kim looked at her and smiled, she shoved forward burying her cock again. Joan got and stared licking Kim’s ass, Kim was moaning as she felt the tongue slide into her crevice. Joan just spread Kim’s cheeks apart and licked away, she did this for several minutes.

Kim positioned herself so Joan had better access, with having to remove her cock. Joan go up, and place her shaft against Kim ass, Kim just smiled and said “Don’t be gentle, I want feel you deep inside me.” With that said Joan shoved forward as Kim moved back. Soon Kim was fucking even faster as she was getting fucked. She moaning louder and louder saying how amazing it felt.

Her body just kept moving back and forth, her orgasm getting closer and closer. Robin and Sharon were still going at it with his face, their lips hardly parted as they moaned into each other. Every now so often they’d lean down to suck on each other’s nipples.

They were also jerking each other off as they forced more of their cocks into his mouth. Suddenly they both grabbed his head as they came, flooding his mouth with their cum as they moaned loudly. Joan and Kim were cumming at the same time, Joan filled her ass as Kim exploded in his ass. They both stayed there for a few minutes while they drained themselves. Kim walked around the front and shoved her ass into they guys face, you could see Joan’s cum leaking out. She backed right up so his mouth was against her ass hole and told him to clean her out. Kim was moaning again as she felt his tongue, she always loved having her ass licked and fucked.

She stayed there for about 10 minutes when she pulled away, he could see cum dripping down his chin. That’s when he passed out, he held it together all this time, but it was too much for him. As we moved him back to his cell we smiled at each other as we saw that his stomach and the bench had his cum all over. This was almost always the case with our students, that night we cleaned him up, got him dressed and dumped him somewhere near his house.

I hoped you liked the 2nd story as much as the first. (should I write a 3rd ?)

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