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After my first meeting with James I fell into a routine with him. Since I worked nights and he worked days, I'd go to his place when I got off and fool around a little, usually just a blowjob before he had to leave and I'd sleep there until he got home and then he'd give me a proper fucking.

He greeted me at the door and told me that he got called in early and that we'd have to be quick. I walked into the living room, taking off my shirt when he interrupted me:

"No time for that. Just get on your knees, I'm going to fuck your mouth."

Eager to please, I dropped down and opened my lips, waiting for him to use my mouth however he pleased. He wasted no time and quickly had my mouth filled with his black cock while I reached up and fondled his balls. Slowly he fed his dick into me, swaying his hips back and forth while I swirled my tounge along his veiny shaft. He grabbed my head as he gained speed forcing more and more of his nine inch prick down my throat. I had to grab his firm ass cheeks to keep from falling over. He only had a few more thrusts in him and soon came deep in my mouth, all the way in the back of my throat. I happily swallowed all of his seed down, taking over the sucking duties, milking his member for every drop it had.

He pulled his dick from my mouth and asked about my work schedule.

"I've got the next two days off." I replied while still savoring the taste.

"Good. Get some sleep, I'm having a poker game tonight."

"I don't gamble."

Laughing he said: "That's good. You're not playing."

Confused, I didn't question what he meant. After he left, I curled up in his bed and fell asleep thinking about what just happened and what would happen when he got home...


I was awakened by James climbing into the bed behind me. Since I was laying on my side, I had a clear view of the clock on the nightstand, and seen that he was home almost a full five hours before he was supposed to be.

"You're back early." I said as he moved in closer, bare chest pressing against my back. His leg touched mine and I knew that he was completely naked.

"I'm not James. He sent me over to keep you company. He said you can't get enough black dick." I was told as he slipped an arm under my head and grabbed my leg with his other hand.

I began to pull away, stammering about not even knowing him, but still excited about this faceless stranger. I was shushed like I was a little kid, telling me to just be quiet and give in to what I really wanted: more black dick.

"Shh, you don't need to talk," His cock was pressing at my backdoor. "I know you want this, I know you need it."

I gave in to what he was telling me, I submitted. I reached back and grabbed his ass. Obviously taking this as consent, his head breached my threshold and I let out a low moan. He must have lubed himself up before he got in the bed because his meat was sliding into me easily. Wanting him all the way, I backed my ass against him, pulling him with my hand as he moved his hips forward.

Black dick was shoved into my asshole, pulling out a little, and then forcing more in with each thrust until his cock was completely buried. He wrapped his leg over mine, and began to squeeze my nipple while gentley biting my neck. The Stranger, as I was now calling him in my head, was giving me short, small thrusts, pulling out no more than an inch or two and then slamming back into my tender ass. This kept up for a good fifteen minutes and all the while, when he wasn't biting, he was whispering in my ear:

"You love love my black cock...your tight ass feels so're my little white bitch..."

The thrusts got more aggressive and increased in speed, he shoved his finger in my mouth which I eagerly sucked on. I knew that he was going to cum soon so I tightened my schpinter around his cock to make it as pleasurable as possible for him. He grabbed my dick and started to jerking me off.

"I'm going to cum, white boy, I'm going to cum in your fucking ass!"

Feeling the first warm gush of his seed being released deep in my bowels sent me over the edge and I was soon cumming with him after just a couple tugs. Not quite wanting it to end, I ground my ass against his crotch and felt him dump the rest of his load into my quivering ass.

As he lay there with me, with his arms holding me against him and his softening dick in my ass, I thought about how everything transpired over the last two weeks. Starting off responding to an ad on the Internet, not yet ever even have sucked a dick before, to being a complete and total slut for black cock...

I awoke sometime later, alone and wondering if I just dreamt the whole scenerio with The Stranger. Reaching back and feeling my lubed asshole was all the proof I needed. With a smile, I drifted back to sleep awaiting James' return.

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