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Loreena's Story
The Slaver Gets His Wish

Chapter 3
Loreena’s Story

This one was obviously special. J never varies his training techniques. To my knowledge, he has never potentially ruined a slave. Oh, I suppose he may have made some mistakes when he first started, but now? Unthinkable.

“You fucked up,” I told him. He mumbled a drunken apology. That’s another thing I don’t think I’ve ever seen. J drunk.

I went down to the dungeon. She was asleep on the stone floor, her breathing ragged. She was going to catch something. It was a good thing I had brought antibiotics. I covered her in a blanket and carefully picked her up. This wasn’t easy for me, I’m in shape, but her 98 pounds were all dead weight. I had to do it, though. I owed J. Luckily, she woke.

“Who are you?”She asked, then “I can walk…”

“I’m Loreena,” I said, and with one arm draped over my shoulder, we went upstairs.

I got undressed and urged her to join me in the oversize bathtub. She didn’t talk as I bathed her. No doubt, she had a gorgeous body, and my hands lingered on her nipples as I lathered her up. I shaved her pussy, something J normally did the first night, but for some reason, he had overlooked. Sure enough, she was a virgin. But her poor asshole. “Let me apologize in advance,” I said as I applied antibiotic cream to her ass. I had to get some inside, so I put a liberal amount on my forefinger, and carefully fingered her ass.

She moaned. “I like that,” she whispered. I kissed her, I couldn’t resist. She had my hand in hers, and was making my finger go in and out of her asshole. Her tongue came out of her mouth and licked my lips, so I opened my mouth so she could explore. “You taste good,” she told me.

I haven’t slept with an underage girl in years, but she was so sweet. I wondered if she could take more up her ass, so I inserted another finger. Sure enough, she just moaned harder. This was making me seriously hot, and my pussy throbbed as banshee’s other hand began rubbing my nipples. “You need rest, darling,” I told her, even as I arched my back as she squeezed my hardening nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

“I want you to come,” she whispered. Had J truly found her? At sixteen? A natural slave? Unbelievable. I stopped fingering her ass and she mewled in protest.

“Let’s get dry,” I told her. We toweled each other’s bodies. I’m not ashamed of my twenty-six year old body, like I said, I keep in shape, but banshee…she was the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. I attended to her wounds with more antibiotic cream, and I had her take some amoxicillin. Then I took her into the spare bedroom, and I brushed her hair.

“You’re nice. Why are you doing this? I’m supposed to be training, right?” She finally said. I did her hair up in pig tails before answering her.

“Drink this, “I said, handing her a fruit drink with vitamins and a soporific in it. She downed the glass. “banshee, J called me because he messed up.”


“He isn’t following his training regimen with you. He hurt you too much too soon,” I explained.

“I don’t understand,” she said.

“Look, darling,” I kissed her pouting lips. They were too much to resist. “J has a very specific training regimen…”She kissed me back. “It’s very specific because it works, tried and true, and makes a woman…or girl, into a very valuable commodity.” A tear came to her eye…and I made the realization only seconds after she had….”Oh, sweetheart, you thought…”

“He was going to keep me…” she whispered. Then she began crying, fully blubbering. I held her as she cried, kissing the crown of her head as tears rolled down her face. Finally, the sleeping agent in the fruit juice began to kick in, and in tandem with her exhaustion, she fell asleep in my arms.

I tucked her into bed, and went downstairs. J had passed out at the kitchen table. My pussy was still throbbing from touching banshee, and someone was going to have to do something about it. Month six of the training regimen, the second to the last month, was when J taught a slave how to switch. See, sometimes a wealthy Master doesn’t know, deep down inside, that what he or she really wants is to be dominated. A really good slave can bring about that desire, and use it make the relationship that much more satisfying.

Down in the dungeon, I found what I was looking for. I put it on, and found a pair of handcuffs. Back upstairs, I gently pulled J’s hands together behind his back, and secured the handcuffs. This woke him up.

“Lor?” he slurred.

“Mistress,” I demanded. He understood immediately, and shook off some of his inebriation. He stood, eyes cast downward.

“I’m exacting revenge for banshee. You will not forget the training regimen again. In fact, because of your transgression, I’ve decided that I will be overseeing this one’s progress.” I informed him as I removed his pants and underwear. His cock was flaccid. I grabbed his balls roughly and squeezed.

“Yes, Mistress,” J said through the pain.

“I think a whipping is in order.” I pulled the head of his cock and began walking towards the dungeon door. He shuffled after me.

After removing the handcuffs and his shirt, I locked him to the whipping post. “Now, tell me which one of these you used on her?”

He nodded towards the shelf, “Bullwhip. White and Black.”

I unraveled the bullwhip. “You did jump ahead, didn’t you?” I found a black ribbon on the floor near the wooden cross. Before whipping him, I tied it around his ball sack as tightly as possible. J winced. Good.

“Count them out,” I ordered, and then I began lashing. I got into a nice steady rhythm, laying red stripe after red stripe after red stripe across his ass, back, shoulders, and biceps. Every time the whip cracked, J yelled out the number. One, two, three, four, five, I took out all my disappointment in the man, my trainer, for his failure with banshee. “That’s sixteen, one for each year she’s been alive,” I told him as I grabbed his now hard cock and roughly stroked it.

“Now here’s twenty six for me,” and I started whipping again. His body was quivering in pain as I finished his flogging. Now for the real fun. I put up the whip, and unchained him from the whipping post.

“On your knees, now” He dropped to his knees, and I put the ten inch strap on dildo to his lips. “Lick it well; it’s the only lube you’re getting.” He began slathering spit up and down the shaft of the toy. My pussy was so wet, but before he could attend to that, he was going to get his ass tore up.

“Stand, and grab your ankles,” I told him. He did as I instructed, assuming the position I had so many times assumed when he wanted to fuck my ass. Like J, I didn’t hesitate as I rammed the dildo into him. He almost fell over, but I grabbed his sides and began to give him the ass fucking of his life.

“Tell me you like it.” I ordered.

“I like it,” he gasped.

“No, you know what I want to hear.” I rammed it into his ass as hard as I could.

“I like you fucking my ass with your strap on cock, Mistress,” he managed to say.

“That’s my slut,” I said. I kept fucking him for the next twenty minutes, until I finally got a little blood out of his asshole. Then I took the strap on off, and shoved the dildo in his ass all the way. “Don’t let that fall out,” I warned him.

“Get on your knees, slave,” J did as he was told. I placed one of my feet on his shoulder and fingered my pussy. “I like her, J. I can’t wait until she eats me out for the first time. In fact, I’m pissed that you hurt her so much that she couldn’t service me today.” I grabbed the back of his head, and rubbed my cunt on his nose.

“Make me come,” I ordered him. He started licking my clit, and he put three fingers in my pussy. Once lubricated, he moved one of the fingers to my asshole. It felt so good having his fingers fill my holes as he licked at my clit. The two fingers in my pussy began tapping out a rhythm on my g-spot, and in no time at all, I was screaming as I came, bucking my pussy against his face….”That’s right, that’s right, fuck YEAH,” I screamed.

I rested against the shelves for a minute as I came down from my orgasm.

“That was good. So good in fact, that I’m going to let you have one of your own. Lay in the floor,” He laid down, the dildo still sticking out of his sore asshole. I lowered myself onto his throbbing cock; I had to feel it inside me at least for a little bit.

I rode him until I could feel him wanting to come.

“No, dear, you can’t have the privilege of coming inside me,” I said, standing up. “Jerk yourself off,” I ordered.

He began pumping his cock with his right hand. I opened my pussy lips and let go a stream of hot piss down on his cock. Just as he came, white stringing pearls shooting out of his lovely cock, I aimed the stream at his face, drenching his open mouth. He swallowed some, but most of my piss just ended up all over his face and body.

For the final act of humiliation, I scooped up his semen in my hand.


He opened his mouth, and I deposited his come onto his tongue.

Thoroughly satisfied, I went to check on banshee. J could stay in the dungeon for now.

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Excellent story, :) loved it.


2009-11-23 09:50:59
Meatus' cock became hard reading of blood oozing from J's ass hole. Drips of my pecum began; when J was told he would not cum inside his Mistress. Rather his body lay on the cold floor; while he masturbated to be forced to eat his own cum, which had becum a mixture of his seed and Mistress' peewater. This turned my drips of precum into a roped string of my own cum.


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Look, Troll, these were written a long time before you came along with your petty criticism about the whippings. How about you just stop reading my stuff, okay?

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yea 26.....even in the last story you said that you knew the whipping was why make it even more unrealistic??? or do you not care what readers say?

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