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My mom had just called me downstairs and started bitching at me. "Why have your marks gone so low in your classes?", she asked.
"I dunno", I replied, "I just... don't really hand in some of the work".
"Well that's going to change very soon!", "Starting now, no Xbox, computer, or friends until you can at least 65% in each of your classes".
"Take it up with your dad, if you want..."
"Fuck that", I muttered. I knew if I told my dad he'd just give me a worse grounding, like no biking, it doesn't sound too harsh but biking is my life, I get out pretty much everyday for X Country biking that is if I don't have a shit load of homework and usually ride for about 2 hours. I went back upstairs and just moped around for the rest of the day. I occasionally went downstairs to go on the computer to see if anyone was on Facebook, especially Kelly, but had no success. I got to the point of going mentally insane and I actually called someone on my phone. I heard the other line click and a smallish voice answered "Hello?". "It's me", I said in a sexy voice.
I got a quick "Who the hell is me?" response from the girl. And I thought "Oh shit it's her sister", I asked politely for Kelly, I heard her walking over and say "Here, it's your creeper friend." I finally heard her say "Hello?" and said "I have to see you right now, I'm really bummed out".
"Why", she asked.
"Cuz my mom just took away computer, Xbox, and friends"
"Oh, poor baby, what could you possibly do without those precious commodities?"
"Just shut up and come over will ya?"
"Ok I'll be over in 30 minutes"
I hung up and threw the phone on the couch.

My dad was in Europe at the on a business trip, so I made a lie to my mom and said "Dad wants’ you to go downtown to his office and pick up some of his work. She agreed.

I ran upstairs and had a quick shower, got dressed and went downstairs and waited. I'm glad my mom left because I don't think she'd like, or approve for that matter, me jizzing in a 13 year old girl's snatch. I heard the gate buzz and went over to the intercom and said in a British accent "Oh hello, please do come in, miss". She got to the door and asked "You have a butler?", "No, that was me" I replied, "Oh" she said awkwardly. I went over and gave her a huge kiss and grabbed her tit, and massaged her nipple, she let out a little moan and got goose bumps all over her. I took her over to the couch and turned on the TV, at first we started watching some chick flick that she insisted on watching but then I went up into the pornos and switched one on, immediately there was a hot brunette was getting double penetrated and throat fucked. I started taking off my belt when I saw her hand drifting down to her crotch, I said "Hey!" and she looked up extremely embarrassed, "Oh my god!" she said, "Listen, I fucked you for the first time of your life, I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't be embarrassed about masturbating near me" I said, and with that I pushed her back so that she was lying down. I took off her shirt and bra, and then her jeans and thong, I worked my way from kissing her mouth to her neck, down her chest, and biting her nipples with my lips as I got further. I got down around her stomach and lingered there for about 30 seconds just kissing the top of her pussy, this drove her insane, I finally went down on her and I had 2 fingers inside her nice shaven pre-teen dripping wet cunt, I forcefully stuck my pinky finger up her ass and she gave a huge shutter, and let out a moan.
"You like that?" I asked.
"Mmm..." is all I got from her.

Now she was grinding her crotch into my face as I sucked and licked her clit with my tongue, and finger banging her. Soon enough she got that look on her face and moaned "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!". Torrents of her love juice sprayed out onto my face without end. She finally stopped moaning, and was now just wriggling around on the couch massaging her wet pussy. I climbed back on top of her and we started making out. About 5 minutes into the make out session I heard the door handle shutter and quickly looked up, no one was there but the door was open. Our dog, who helped me fuck Kelly just 2 days ago, had a knack for opening doors by putting his front paws on the handle and just pulling, so I figured it was him. We finished making out and I went to close the door while she walked upstairs to go into my room, as I was walking away from the couch I saw the my dad's business partner walk out of his office, he saw me and said "Oh my god, Mike I'm so sorry". Then Kelly poked her head out of the stairwell and looked at him and was so shocked she just stood there. "Who's that?" he asked, "Your sister?"
"No you idiot, she's, uhh girlfriend I guess" I replied sheepishly, and he had an awkward grin on his face.

I knew what he had in mind as I owed him big time, earlier that summer I stayed at his home in Kelowna, BC with all his friends, well I guess my dad's friends too. One day we were out on his boat and we just finished wake boarding and we were completely smashed and a couple of people were starting to make out. Well when we got back inside the house his wife, or girlfriend at that time, was standing there completely naked and rubbing her pussy for us. Instinctively he walked right over and started kissing, and then they walked into their bedroom and shut the door, 10 seconds later she opened it again and said "Where are my manners? Would you like to join us?". I couldn't believe it the hottest girl I had ever seen in my life was asking me and my dad's friend to double team her. Of course I'm going to! So that's why I owe him. At first I thought he was crazy, "You're like 34 years old and she's 13, you can't fuck her you'll go to jail".
"No I won't, not if she doesn't tell anyone".
"Fine" I said

We both walked upstairs and I told him to wait outside while I went in, when I got in she asked "Is he gone?" I told her that he had left and said "Thank god he didn't see you naked". "Eww... He'd actually get ideas?".”I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to be fucking a 13 year old pussy and by the way he just thought I was jerking it". I then told her dog was going to fuck her again, and surprisingly she wanted me to rope her down to the bed again, how could I disagree? I went and got some ropes, and I quickly tied her down the same way I did last time. I called my dog upstairs and I could hear him thumping up the stairs. I got the dog in the room, and told her not to look, motioned for him to come inside. I couldn't believe what I saw, he had at least 12 inches on him, and I thought I was big with my 7 inches. To put into smaller terms, I was a dwarf. I got in front of her and by this time, thinking about a 12 inch cock sliding in and out of my girlfriend, I was so hard. I put my dick in front of her mouth and she tried to suck it, but I just rammed it in, I instantly grabbed the back of her head and began fuck her throat. Meanwhile he positioned his "foot long" as I called it at the entrance of her hot, wet, dripping pussy, I winked at him and he stuck it into her. Instantly she knew this wasn't the dog, and tried to scream but she muffled by my cock fucking her throat. I felt kind of bad for her because how many guys trick their 13 year old girlfriend into getting fucked by a "Subway sandwich", not very many. A few minutes into the fuck session I bent over and whispered in her ear "You better swallow pretty fast". Her eyes lit up with panic, I knew she loved cum, but not the amount I was about to give her. 30 seconds later I quickened my pace and instantly I shot ropes and ropes of my cum down into her throat. I could see she was having trouble, and the motion of her tongue trying to swallow all of it caused me to come some more, she was even more shocked, she kept on swallowing and my god it was the best thing I'd ever felt in my life. After I finished cumming into her throat I took my dick and waved it around in her face, and said "Suck it dry", she did as she was told. While she was cleaning me up (he) began cumming into her hot, wet pre-teen cunt. She looked up at me and said "Oh my god, this feels so good Mike. I guess she could feel his cum shooting up her snatch and hitting her cervix and this caused her to cum right back onto his 12 inch monster. He finally finished and he was breathing pretty heavily, and she was just groaning, and wriggling around on my bed in ecstasy. "Damn! For a 13 year old you sure know how to take a dick". I walked downstairs and let him out the gate, and then went back upstairs to Kelly, and she was rolling around like she always does; massaging her pussy which still had cum oozing out of it, and was licking her lips from when I had throat fucked her We had a really long shower, and instead of just fucking her ass apart, I actually took it slow. She was moaning less than she had while I had actually fucked her, but she seemed to enjoy it a lot more. She didn't think I was just with her so I could fuck her all I want and tell my buddies how great this grade 8 was. I came in her after about 1 hour, the longest I had lasted with her. We got together, dried and were kissing all the way downstairs until the door, where she, once again, left.

To be continued...


2009-10-15 11:30:12
Damn! Bring in a few more guys, fuck her brains out!

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2009-09-29 21:44:12
i hope you make the next one soon

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