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The story continues with more inner battles for Tori.
Wednesday morning I woke up and when I realized it was the day of another freshman football game I felt a little happiness as I knew I got to wear my practice uniform to school. I managed to get out of bed a little quicker then the last few days and took a shorter shower. My mom must have remembered too because when I got out of the shower my practice uniform was hanging up on the outside of the closet door freshly pressed which I had neglected setting time aside to do. I got dressed and actually took a little extra time to fix my hair and makeup. My mom must have noticed that I was feeling a little better because she smiled when she saw me.

“You look beautiful Tori,” she said and placed my favorite breakfast French toast on the table for me with a fresh glass of milk.

I can’t explain why but I felt sick swallowing each bite down and managed to drink half the milk and eat half of one of the two slices of French toast. I cut up the whole slice and pushed it around my plate for a while. My mother went upstairs to check on Sherri and I was able to clear my plate and washed the rest of my breakfast down the garbage disposal. Sherri hurried downstairs and had her breakfast and I actually was early enough to study a little bit. Something I had not been doing much of lately. Finally after Sherri finished her breakfast we headed to school. I played her radio on the way to school to avoid conversation.

As I walked onto campus I felt much less like I had the word “SLUT” tattooed on my forehead. The short cheer skirt actually helped give a bounce to my step and I was happy I had tried out for freshman cheerleader. I ran into Elizabeth and she gave me a hug and kissed each cheek and greeted me sweetly,

“Hey kiddo how are you feeling this morning,” she asked.
I nodded and answered, “Pretty good thank you, how bout you?”
“You look better today, and I’m fine thank you,” she replied.

She grabbed my hand and we walked into school together. No sooner then we were inside and there was Scott waiting, probably for me.
“Morning honey pie,” he said.
“Morning,” I said back.
“Don’t you look all cheery,” he said laughing at his own pun.
I let out a little giggle and shrugged and then giggled too. Elizabeth rolled her eyes.
“A wonder how a little makeup will hide a bruise,” she shot back at Scott.

The one thing I had noticed about Scott is he seemed very skilled at not letting her little digs affect him.
“Yeah looks a lot better,” he said looking at my face closely.
“Not here it doesn’t,” Elizabeth said grabbing hard onto Scotts wrist pulling it almost up to my side but stopping just short. Then she let go of his hand and said, “Inside things can hurt for a long, long time.”
Again he managed to ignore her comment.
“Want to go be alone for a little while,” he asked me and I knew he wanted me to help him relieve his pent up sexual frustration.
I looked at Elizabeth knowing she wouldn’t approve but he was still my boyfriend and if I continued to avoid sexual contact he wouldn’t be for long. I looked back at him knowing that would disappoint her. I nodded to him knowing that was enough. He smiled at me, grabbed my hand and off we went together.

This time he took us into an empty classroom and we went to the front of the room far away from any window. He pushed me back against a wall and then he slid down my body till he was squatting in front of me. He reached under the red pleated cheerleader practice skirt and tugged my red bloomers and panties down my legs.

“Scott I don’t think I’m ready for this,” I said as I felt him lift one ankle then the other off the floor removing the bloomers and panties off my feet.
As soon as he had them off he stood back up in front of me and put a single finger over my lips to shush me.
“Its okay baby I just need to relieve myself with you,” he said and took his cock out of his pants.

I looked at him unhappily and felt him lift my right knee up and then felt his cock push into my sex. As he started pumping inside me he pushed me firmly against the wall. I felt myself start to cry but that didn’t seem to faze him at all as he continued to move hard and fast inside me. I tried to get my composure but just couldn’t but it didn’t seem to make any difference as I felt him move inside me more. I let out a loud groan when I felt him reach down and lift my other knee up using his weight to pin me against the wall. I no longer was touching the floor held up only by his cock, his body pressed against me and I put my arms around his neck to hold on. I continued to sob and I think it frustrated him because he pushed his mouth to mine and started to kiss me hard. I still felt tears running down my cheeks but it didn’t last too much longer before I felt him squirt his fluids inside me. After his last few thrusts to cum inside me he pushed hard against me and stopped kissing me and pulled his head back and smiled.

“Shhhh, its okay baby. . . God I love being inside you,” he said and held me there against the wall a bit longer before finally letting my knees down. He finally released the pressure and backed off of me some but instead of pulling completely away he brought his hand to my sex and began to rub me between my legs. He kept rubbing me down there smearing the wetness around my sex but I didn’t feel any pleasure at all.

“Baby you just need to relax and stop thinking all of those negative thoughts. Think about how much I love you, how special you are to me. Think about how many people know you because of me. You wouldn’t even be in that hot little uniform if it weren’t for me,” he said as he continued to rub me down there trying to make me feel good.

“People get too hung up about sex. It’s a natural part of being a person. Everyone does it only some people worry too much about the deep meaning of sex. It’s not about that Tori it’s about you being a girl and me being a guy and our bodies being built to be with each other. Hell most people need to do it more. They would be happier and not so repressed if they would just loosen up and put out. I’m helping you Tori. More people know you then you ever would have dreamed. More people know you then know your sister. You’re not Sherri’s little sister anymore. She is Tori’s big sister if they even know her at all,” as he said all this he finally stopped rubbing my sex.

“You should ask me to find more guys for you. Maybe the whole football team, the basketball team, maybe the band,” he said and laughed. “Too many people try to make it a big deal but its not Tori, it’s a natural part of life, as natural as breathing, as eating and sleeping. People need to fuck. The ones who don’t are miserable and unhappy. They get a bad attitude like your friend Elizabeth. Man that girl needs a lay. I should arrange it,” he said and something about that scared me.

“She has someone Scott and just leave her alone,” I said defensively.
He smiled and looked in my eyes. “Okay baby as long as we’re happy,” he added, “that’s all I really care.” He then bent back down picking up my panties and held them up for me to put a foot through. Then I lifted the second foot and he pulled them up to my knees. He then picked up the bloomers doing the same. I pulled them both the rest of the way up.
“Did I tell you how hot you look in that uniform,” he asked.
I just shook my head no.
“Well you look hotttttttttttttt,” he said. He then kissed me on the lips and grabbed my hand pulling me from the class room.
He walked me to my classroom and as we got there he turned me to look at him. He then touched my nose with his finger and then flicked it over my lips. He then pushed it between my lips and I let it push between them slightly tasting the taste of sex. I did not realize until I tasted it that it must have been the finger he had rubbed me with. He winked and turned and was gone.

Again my poor mind was full of thoughts and I heard almost nothing my teacher said for that period. By the end of class I knew I had to try to start focusing or I might begin to get bad grades. No sooner had I told myself it would be okay and headed to my next class that the teacher began to hand out a test. I had no idea we were supposed to have a test today and had not studied at all for it. Once the teacher had them all handed out he told us we could start. I turned the exam over and started reading the questions and knew I was in deep trouble. I wanted to jump up and beg to not have to take the test. I wanted to yell at the teacher for not telling me about the test. But I guessed that I had been told, I had just not heard that there would be a test. I struggled not to cry as I tried to figure out any answers at all but even on the multiple choice part of the test not one of the choices seemed to stand out to me. No it was obvious I was going to fail this test.

I waited for the first other student to turn in their test and then I did the same and asked if I could go to the bathroom. He gave me the pass and I hurried to the girl’s room. I rushed to a stall and threw up my breakfast. I felt like crap and flushed the toilet and then pulled down my panties and bloomers and sat down on the commode. I cried a bit more then forced myself to stop and headed back to class just before the bell rang. Well at least I had good timing and I headed out of the room to my next class.

I didn’t have any better luck there as the teacher asked for last night’s homework. Homework I had not completed or even remembered being assigned. So much for feeling better in my uniform. It took forever but finally the bell mercifully rang and I was relieved when Elizabeth was waiting outside for me. I gave her a quick hug and I could tell from the look on her face she could see I was upset. I had prepared myself that she would criticize me for going off with Scott this morning but she said nothing of it. We got our lunches and sat at the cheer table and I was glad not to have to talk about anything serious. The afternoon classes were not all that much better although I did manage to avoid getting any more F’s for the day. I hoped the evening would be good as I had the game to cheer at. Certainly that would go okay.


At the game I took a few minutes to realize where I was and what I had accomplished. It was amazing to me that somehow here I was standing on the sidelines in front of the bleachers leading students, teachers, faculty and families to cheers for the freshman football team. I loved the sound of the cheers. The sound of the game, the whistles blowing the crowd yelling as someone broke off a good play. I loved that some people in the stands cheered with our cheers yelling back at us what we cheered for them to yell. It felt amazing. I liked that other girls were sitting up there in the stands only able to watch not able to be down on the field in front of so many people like I was and I felt lucky to be there. I loved that the JV and Varsity cheerleaders almost all came to our games and cheered with us and for the freshman team. Of course the crowd for our game was nothing like that of the varsity games but it still was fun and made me feel good. I smiled as I saw Elizabeth sitting up in the stands with several of the other varsity cheerleaders and even saw her talking to the teacher who was the cheerleading sponsor. I was so thankful to her for everything she had taught me. It felt good to be precise and to do something right. And I loved the attention I got when I did a tumbling pass taking advantage of the skills I had learned when I was younger and had taken gymnastics. I loved that my family came out to support me to watch me from the stands and to see my sister sitting there wishing she was me. I loved seeing my boyfriend in the stands looking at me, hopefully admiring my body in my uniform. I somehow managed to not make a fool of myself and to stay focused on what we were doing. And the thing that made the game the most fun was when the team won. That night we did and I was able to forget the last several days and smiled and felt happy and most important had a good time. Of course the damper to the evening was knowing I had to go home with my parents instead of going out partying with my friends. But honestly I didn’t mind because I knew at home I would be safe.

I somehow made it through the night without any nightmares or maybe for once I slept through them and didn’t wake up horrified. The next morning, Thursday, I remembered that Scott was arranging for something special. I hoped it would be something I liked, not something he wanted me to do that I wouldn’t want to do. I have to admit for the first time ever Elizabeth’s words passed through my mind, “You need to dump that jerk he’s a loser.” But how could she think that he was the most popular guy in school and he had selected me as his girlfriend. I got ready for school, ready to face another day and it wasn’t long before I was there.

Scott met me as soon as I walked through the door at school and had one question, “Are we good for this afternoon,” he asked? I nodded letting him know I was still prepared to spend the afternoon and evening with him. I felt bad and nervous that again I had lied to my parents letting them think I was going to group therapy again with Elizabeth but I felt this was important for my relationship with my boyfriend. He smiled when I nodded showing me he was happy, “Okay meet you right after school okay,” he asked? Again I nodded letting him know I would be there.

I actually managed to hear some of what my teachers said that morning and even managed to participate a little bit in class. As usual Elizabeth was waiting for me at lunch and I told her I wanted to talk to her at lunch so we got our trays and found our own table.
Before I could say a word she started, “There is another group meeting tonight do you want to go?”
I looked down knowing she would be disappointed. “I’m getting together with Scott this afternoon,” I said softly.
She exhaled hard rolling her eyes. “Tori that is so not a good idea,” she said.
“I know you don’t think so but he’s still my boyfriend,” I replied.
She frowned but then tried to smile. She put her hand on my hand and said, “Okay I won’t argue with you about this because you already know how I feel.”
“Thank you,” I said and then hesitated before saying what I wanted to tell her. “I told my parents I was going to group with you. . . can you cover for me,” I asked.
She let out a heavy sigh and I could tell she didn’t want to. “I will do what I can but if he does something stupid . . .” she said just leaving that thought hanging.
“Don’t worry,” I said to her, not sure who I was trying to convince her or me.
As we continued to eat our lunch I decided to change the subject and decided to bring it to the subject of her.
“Elizabeth, I have never met your boyfriend I heard he was some guy in college. Is that true,” I asked?
She laughed and looked down and then looked up at me looking me in the eyes. “Is that what “they” say,” she asked? I nodded looking her in the eyes. “You haven’t heard the other rumor,” she asked.
I shook my head no not sure what rumor she was talking about. “What’s the other rumor,” I asked.
I was very surprised to see Elizabeth look uncomfortable and blush but she stayed quiet not answering my question so I asked again, “What’s the other rumor?”
She looked at her hands and was picking at her nail polish. She sat there like that for a while. She then looked up at me softly and said, “I’ll let you find that one out on your own Tori. That way you can decide for yourself what you want to believe.”
With that she didn’t leave me room to push further as she got up, picked up her tray and cleared it to the tray deposit. I got up and followed without my answer.

The rest of the afternoon drug by slowly as I was getting more apprehensive about what Scott had planned. I managed to pay some attention to my teachers and barely passed a pop quiz getting a D. I was coming to the realization that if I did not do something about my grades soon I would be kicked off the cheerleading squad anyway so I knew I needed to try to find a way to focus.


I waited where Scott asked and he found me soon after the bell rang. He seemed really excited and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out quickly to his car. We pulled away from the school and I finally decided to ask, “Where are we going?”
He looked at me and just smiled then said, “It’s a surprise but I’m sure you’ll like it.
I was surprised when we kept driving and driving so being bored I decided to make idol conversation. “Hey Scott, have you ever met Elizabeth’s college boyfriend?”
He again looked at me but this time surprised and smiled and answered, “No.”
“Well do you believe she has a college boyfriend,” I asked?
“No,” he replied matter-of-factly and let out a little giggle.
“Is there a different rumor,” I asked.
This time he chuckled. “God Tori you are soooo naive and it’s adorable,” he said but that did not flatter me instead it aggravated me.
“Well,” I asked again pushing him for an answer.
“Think about it Tori. . . haven’t you heard her nickname,” he asked?
I shrugged clueless what he was talking about.
“Think about it. . . what is a nickname for ‘Elizabeth’,” he asked?
“I don’t know, just tell me,” I said starting to get aggravated.
He chuckled just shaking his head stunned I couldn’t figure it out but I had no idea. “Liz. . . Liz is short for Elizabeth,” he said.
I thought about this a few moments then shrugged and said, “Sooooooooo!”
He let out a long sigh. . . then said, “Liz the lez.” And turned his head to look at me for a moment. Then he said it again this time just a little more exact, “Liz the lesbian.”
I looked at him shocked he said this. I then said, “No way!”
When I did he just shook his head in disbelief that I didn’t believe him. He added, “Yep your new best friend plays for the other team.”
“Huh,” I said having never heard that saying before and he just shook his head in disbelief at my na?t?
Before the conversation went any further he said, “Here it is and slowed the car quickly taking a sharp turn to the right on a gravel road.

The tires crackled on the gravel and we pulled past several cabins in front of cabin number 3. He brought the car to a halt and hopped out coming around to my side of the car opening the door for me. He took my hand and walked me to the cabin as I felt my heart pounding afraid I might be getting set up for sex with some other guy and I was very nervous. He reached under a rock and picked up the key and opened the door to the cabin and we walked in.

There was a fire going in the fireplace and a bottle of something I later learned was champagne in an ice bucket. Scott poured us each a glass and we took a sip but I kept my sip very small. He then sat our glasses down and began to kiss me. We made out a little while and I began to calm my nerves some since so far it was just he and I and it was beginning to feel romantic.

He walked us over slowly towards the bed and just before we got there he began to undress me. As I looked around the bed I noticed that there were multiple mirrors on every wall and even the ceiling surrounding the bed. It made me feel very self conscious as my clothes were being removed I could see my own reflection all around the room.

“You are so beautiful Tori I love looking at nothing more then I like looking at you,” he said and I tried to relax and let him finish taking off my clothing. Soon I was completely naked and he pulled the covers back and guided me onto my back laying on the bed. There I was up on the ceiling looking back down at myself. It felt so odd.

He kissed me more and then kissed on my cheek and chin and even my nose. He then slowly kissed down my neck giving slow soft kisses all around. His kisses continued to move down my upper body down my chest working his way onto the breast without the bite mark that was still very visible. Within seconds of his lips finding my breast they moved to my nipple and I felt them swell to his kissing as they became hard. He sucked and licked on my nipple and I tried to let it feel good but I was still so nervous what the big surprise might be. He then switched to my other nipple and began to suck on that one and I started to relax just a little bit more thinking that just maybe he had planned this romantic night alone.

I was surprised when suddenly he stopped sucking on my nipple and started a conversation. “Tori, you know how the other day we talked about that people just make too big a deal about sex,” he asked leaving me hanging there.
“Yes,” I replied.
“Well I truly believe that and I am hoping you agree,” he said going on.
I just nodded not sure where this was going.
“Well I have always had a fantasy that I have not had the chance to fulfill and I hope we can prove our further love for each other and enjoy that fantasy together,” he said looking me in the eyes.
“What’s the fantasy,” I asked afraid of the answer to my own question.
He smiled at me glad I asked and then said, “I have always wanted to be with two girls at once.”
I looked at him and then couldn’t help looking around the room thinking but aren’t we alone. He saw me look around and smiled at me and got up picking up my clothing as he did. He then walked towards the wall to where there was a door and he knocked on it three times and then the door pushed open.

There standing naked was Scott’s ex-girlfriend Sara who he broke up with to be with me. Scott grabbed her hand pulling her in the room and tossed my clothes in the other room pulling the door closed behind her. I sat there stunned looking at them both as they got closer to the bed. He walked Sara to the opposite side of the bed where he had been and she got on the bed beside me. Then he walked back to where he had been.

He leaned in to kiss me but I pulled back unsure and I was stunned as she reached up and rubbed me on my shoulder. “Its okay baby just try to relax this is going to be lots of fun,” he said softly. I felt Sara push my hair back away from my face and I couldn’t believe she was into this at all. I didn’t know what to think honestly I was in total shock. I thought about getting up and trying to leave and as I had that thought I looked down at the floor for my clothes but they were in the other room where Sara had come in from.

Again he leaned in to kiss me and this time he put his hand behind my head and basically forced me to kiss him. As he did I felt her rub my shoulder and back and I felt as nervous as I ever had. He kissed me hard a little while and then softened his kisses and tried to make them romantic. Honestly my mind felt like it was leaving my body and it felt like I was another person in the room watching myself kiss him. When he broke the kiss he turned my face to Sara and I was stunned as she kissed me on the lips.

Its odd how ones mind works and my mind went back to the car earlier that afternoon and I heard Scott’s voice in my memory, “Liz the lez.” And that made me remember the day in the theater and making out and doing other things with Elizabeth something I had hardly thought of since until today. Yet here I was kissing another girl, but not just any girl but Sara my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

The next thing I felt was Scott turn me to the side and lay me back onto the bed as Sara continued to kiss me and her kiss followed me down even as I lay on my back. I then felt Scott pull her arm and she got over me straddling me between her legs straddled over my hips. I felt her hands pushing my hair from my face and kissing me deeply. I didn’t feel into this at all but yet did not have the nerve to try to get up and wasn’t sure I even could if I wanted too. As we kissed I felt Scott’s hands rubbing both of our bodies and he moved off the side of the bed.

I then felt him put his hands on my knees and he moved them open and I felt like that horrible word I had been thinking more and more, I felt like a slut. As Sara kissed me more I then felt my boyfriend push his cock into my sex. It felt so weird to me to be kissing Sara, her mouth much softer then Scott’s but someone I had no desire to kiss, her soft upper body laying on mine so much less heavy then it felt when Scott would lay on me. And then it felt so weird to feel his cock push inside me it almost felt like it was her doing that. Slowly in and out his cock moved taking me as his lover using my body to pleasure his cock. Sara continued to kiss me and I was surprised she seemed so into this. I was then surprised as I felt Scott withdraw from me and I wasn’t sure why as he had not cum yet. But within a few moments I had my answer as I felt her body push up my body. Suddenly her body was moving towards my head and then back down and it wasn’t from her own movement but my boyfriend must have pushed his cock into her and he was now moving inside her sex. There he was standing on the side of the bed between both our legs now pushing in and out of her body.

I wasn’t sure what to think about this and I wanted to protest. I thought I had a chance when Sara stopped kissing me but as soon as I took a deep breath to protest I felt her push her breast to my mouth. I was stunned she would do this but there was a large female breast in my face. Her nipples were pink like mine, but her areola was much larger. Her nipples were very hard and it pushed at my lips trying to make entry. I felt dirty and slutty and wasn’t sure I wanted to do this but what else could I do other then turn my face and scream.

If I did that. . . if I stopped this right now. . . who would Scott want as his girlfriend. This felt like another nightmare and I tried to wake myself up. But no one shook my shoulders this time. This was real and I had another girl’s nipple at my lips. I was ashamed of myself but I slowly sucked her nipple in and gave in to Scott’s will participating with him in his threesome. I heard Sara moan and I sucked her nipple softly and I felt so much more the slut then I ever had. I had to admit I felt jealous as I felt her body move back and forth over mine knowing his cock was inside her or at least that is what I guessed.

Suddenly I was surprised again as I felt something touch my sex again and then I felt him again push inside me. I couldn’t help wonder even more now had he really been inside her if so now he was penetrating back inside me after having just been inside her sex. I felt even dirtier. Deeper and deeper he thrust inside my body and again he was stroking his cock inside mine. Again her mouth returned to mine and she kissed me deeply. Then she kissed down my chin onto my chest and down onto my breast sucking my left nipple into her mouth. I couldn’t believe I was doing this and I thought I might cry but I didn’t want to make him choose her over me so I fought back any tears.

Again I felt him pull out of my body and then I felt her body slide up mine making me again believe he had pushed back inside her. She lost her focus on my breast and lifted her head up and away and was moaning loudly. It was so weird to hear another girl moan as your boyfriend fucks her and I didn’t know what to think of myself. I felt her slide up and down on top of me as he must have been thrusting over and over. Then I heard him grunt as loud as I ever had and I guessed he was cumming. I had to have been right as I felt him now push down hard on her pushing her into my pelvis harder like he liked to do when he had finished cumming.

He held still like that for a while and I was pretty sure I was right and then I felt him get off her, push her on her back next to me and he got on the bed between us. He laid on his back and let out a loud exhale and then said one word, “Awesome.”

I could hardly believe we were in this cabin my boyfriend, his ex-girlfriend and me lying together on this bed. I looked up at the mirror at us and it felt so weird to get a look at what I had just done. Again I felt like someone completely different watching three other people doing this and I just stared up at our reflection. He then put an arm around each of us and hugged us close to him and smiled.

After resting awhile he pulled me closer and kissed my forehead, “Baby you know I love you right,” he asked. I nodded. “Open and suck my cock, okay,” he said.
I looked up at him thinking about it, realizing I had just been in Sara and he had just cum. But if I didn’t do it, she might. I nodded and slowly slid down his body till my head was close to it. I looked at it and it looked sticky and gross, so I just told myself to close my eyes and then slid lower taking it between my lips. I tried to ignore the feel and the taste although it wasn’t as repulsive as I thought it might be. His cock was still soft from having just cum. I sucked it and did what I thought he wanted and cleaned the goo off it with my mouth. I felt his hands on my head stroking my hair. I licked around it and up and down it and it started to stir. Then I was surprised when I heard Scott whisper to Sara but I could not hear what he whispered. But it wasn’t hard to guess as she moved her head down next to mine and he tapped my head and said one word, “Share.”

I pulled off his cock and watched her mouth move onto it. I can not begin to explain how surreal it is to watch another girl put her mouth on your boyfriends cock while you and she lie there naked. It felt really weird but I watched her work it seeing that for the first time ever. Having never imagined I would watch another girl suck a guy’s cock let alone my boyfriends cock. Sara worked it a while and I saw that it was getting hard again he then patted her head and said one word again, “Share.” She pulled off his cock and I felt embarrassed but I didn’t have to be told what to do and put my mouth on his cock and began sucking it. He let out a moan of pleasure. I sucked his cock a while trying my best to make it feel good and his cock got fully hard.

It felt so weird like I was in a competition with his ex-girlfriend and I felt stupid for it but I wasn’t ready to give him up to her. How did I get myself into this? I sucked and I licked and I tried to remember every memory of girl talk I had ever had trying to remember what guys liked. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and then pushed it as deep in my own mouth as I could until I gagged. I used my hand to help stroke it willing him to cum. But he tapped my head again and said his one word command, “Share.”

I pulled off reluctantly and watched frustrated as Sara took Scott’s cock into her mouth. This time I tried to pay attention to what she was doing. Looking, watching trying to tell how deep she went, watching to see her use her hand to stroke him too. I didn’t want him to cum in her mouth. How odd it felt to want him to cum in my mouth. But I couldn’t help it, I felt jealous. Jealous my boyfriend had his ex-girlfriend’s mouth on his cock. I hoped and waited and watched hoping she wouldn’t get him to cum. I held my breath watching waiting hoping he would tap her head.

I got my wish he tapped her and said the word, “Share.” She moved her head a few more strokes and then pulled off and I was determined to not pull off again. I plunged my mouth down on his cock gagging but forcing it as deep as I could. I took hold of his balls and rubbed and played with them gently. And I sucked as hard as I could swirling my tongue again around his head. I thought of one final thing, one gross thing but I did not want to fail and I moved my hand under his balls behind them and my fingers found his crack. I felt around for it finding the entry to his butt and then pushed my head as deep as I could and pushed my finger into his butt hole. I heard him groan loud and felt him arch his back and then I felt him gush down my throat. I kept working my mouth on him and swallowing gulping down his cum. I felt him shaking and I didn’t stop till he stopped moving and cumming. Then finally I pulled my mouth off of his cock. I looked up at Sara with a look I hoped said he’s mine. Then I looked up at Scott and had to giggle when I heard him begin to snore. I flopped down on the bed next to him. Feeling drained as well. Sara lay down on the other side of Scott and we all rested a while.

Finally he woke up and looked at me and said, “We’d better get you home huh?” I nodded and he crawled up over me and got out of bed. He unlocked the door to where my clothes were and we got dressed. He then looked at me and asked me a favor, “Is it okay if Sara drives you home? I need to clean up here and pay the bill.” I stuttered and looked at him not really wanting that but what could I say. I agreed hesitantly and after we were all dressed I walked out to her car with her.

On the ride home neither one of us said much of anything then she dropped me off in front of my house. I walked inside quickly and managed to avoid talking to my mom just yelling, “I’m home,” when I had made it half way up the stairs.

I did take the time to call Elizabeth when I got to my room to let her know I had made it home safe. She asked me was I okay and I answered her with one word not wanting to get into any details just saying, “Yeah.”

I lay there with my own thoughts and my own shame and my own guilt I had to live with and I wasn’t sure of what I thought of myself for what I had just done. I just knew I had some crazy obsession with Scott, with his looks and his smile and everything he was. I thought about Elizabeth and what Scott had said, “Liz the lez.” But who was I to judge her or to question her or to believe that. I had my own burdens to carry. I lay on my bed looking up at my ceiling imagining a mirror where I could stare down at myself. Who was I, what had I become, was I any happier now then when I was Sherri’s na? little sister who no one knew existed. The world was sure a much simpler place then. But I couldn’t go back, I could only look forward and who knew what tomorrow held.

To be continued.

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2009-02-20 02:05:06
What i'm wondering is how Tori doesn't get pregnant after Scott and the other guys have came in her about a hundred times. She's 13 so she should be gettng her period


2009-02-19 16:19:47
he didnt deserve that kind of treatment, for being with sara (and i mean the time before this rather nice "catfight", because i am sure he's been with her) and treating tori like crap. i wonder how much this jerk got paid for a night with tori...

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2009-02-16 03:04:11
I hope she dumps Scott and starts going out with Elizabeth.
Love your writing.

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2009-02-10 15:52:36
I bet he's been screwing Sara the whole time!

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