The Bike Fall That Started It All pt2
Guest Starring... Barbie

For the next 2 and a half years, the events of that day played in my head. Mental images of my tongue playing with my little daughter Cassady's most sensitive female inner parts flashed through my mind, especially when I least expected them to-- idle standing in the supermarket check out line, during staff meetings at work, while massaging my balls in the shower (could I help that one really?)-- she was always in the forefront of my mind. We got closer after that day and she even started sleeping in my bed at
times... mostly when it was cold out or she was scared.

She would come to my room dressed sparringly, in just a tiny tank top, or a pair of thin white cotton panties. I loved when she wore just a loose nightgown with no panties (finding out while she was sleeping was half the fun of it). She would give me a quick kiss on the lips and then roll over so her back was to me. She'd wiggle her tiny, warm ass up against my man meat to get comfy, and then pull my arm around her, grasping it to her chest as she drifted off to sleep. I'd wait for her breathing to get more realxed and drawn out before I'd let my fingers wander. I'd lift her nightgown up so her bare ass was exposed and then if I was naked I'd put my hard dick against slit before falling asleep, or if I was wearing boxers, I'd make sure to take my dick out of hole in the front so it could rest against her ass, skin against skin. Sometimes I'd wake with her straddling me, her cute head resting on my chest and my cock at attention laying on her butt or smushed under her crotch. I often needed to get out of bed before Cass woke up to relieve myself in the shower on those types of days.

I bought Cass roller blades for her 7th birthday but they hadn't fared as nicely as I had hoped. Other than a few scuffs and scrapes, the roller blades didn't present any real accidents that called for "the magic wand that was hidden in my pants". But then one day...

I had just plopped on the couch after a long day of yard work. It was autumn now and it seemed all the leaves in the neighborhood had blown into MY yard. I had been raking and bagging leaves for few hours. I was pretty tired. Laying there on the couch, I cracked open my beer and took a huge swig. As I was lowering the can from my lips, Cassady came running into the room crying.

"DADDY!" she said crying, throwing her body on me, hugging me.

"What baby? What?" I asked, getting quite concerned. She continued crying. "Come on Cass... I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong," I smoothed her hair and saw that she was holding her Barbie by the hair. "Calm down... shhhhh..." the sniffling subsided and she stood up next to the couch. Her hands, along with her Barbie, were behind her back. She started to speak,

"Ok," she started, sniffling every 3rd word, "Do you remember when I was 6 and I fell that day we took the training wheels off my bike?" she asked.

Remember?! How could I forget?! "Uh, yes?", I replied, waiting for her hesitant response.

"Well... I really liked how you made my thing feel, and sometimes I rub it and it feels tingly and good. Well..."

"Yesssss...?" I nudged.

"Well, I wanted to feel like that again... so I put something in me... and it hurt... and I think I broke it," she said, starting to cry again. She brought her Barbie out from behind her back. I could see traces of blood on the bottoms of Barbies feet. I sat up immediately. She popped her own cherry?! Damn it! I was hoping to do that myself when she hit puberty!

"You put the Barbie inside your little pussy?" I asked. She nodded 'yes'. I lifted up her long shirt, anticipating seeing her pink lips. There was a little dry blood at her opening and a little on her legs. "Oh honey, you should have told me how you were feeling and I would've helped you. I bet it hurt, huh?" She nodded 'yes" again, looking down at her feet, embarrassed. "It's ok baby." I slid my finger along her slit,
massaging it. "You don't need to feel embarrassed. This happens to every little girl, but a boy usually does it for her so he can kiss it and make it better. Let's go clean you off?" she nodded her head 'yes'. "And then I will kiss it and make it better?" I asked with a little smile. Her teary red eyes met mine, and with a little smile, she nodded her head 'yes'.

I led her to the bathroom in my room since it was a stand-up shower and had a detachable shower head. I told her to get in, and removing the shower head, I got the water temperature just right. I kneeled in front of her, me outside of the shower, her inside the shower. She stood there facing me. I washed off the Barbie first and laid it on the counter. Then I brought the shower head to her crotch and let the warm water gently touch her skin as I washed the insides of her legs. It sprinkled on her delicate skin and dripped down her legs. "Put your leg up," and guiding her, I put her leg up on the built-in shower seat. Now her pussy was open to me. I took the shower head and changed the nob to a faster, more centralized pulsating setting. She jumped a little and gasped when I put the powerful jet on her little clitty. Soon the blood was all
washed away and I ran some water at her hole, teasing the entrance. I let go of the shower head and let it dangle there, shooting water at the wall. With curious eyes, she watched as I brought my mouth slowly to her awaiting pussy. I gently licked her little clit lightly a few times, then I licked it with a bit more pressure. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked a bit, and then smushed my lips against her pink folds. I teased her pussy hole with my tongue, tasting her sweet juices. I slid my tongue upwards and sucked her clit into my mouth hungrily. She gasped loudly, and braced her palms on the shower wall behind her. I began sucking and tonguing her clit. I knew her young hole was sensitive from the accident she just had so I focused on her clit. Her breathing had changed and it seemed like she was just inhaling at this point. Her arms were flattened against the wall behind her and she couldn't catch her breath. I kept sucking her clit. All of a sudden she finally exhaled and I could feel her little pussy spasming. She just had an orgasm?
I didn't think little girls could have orgasms, but it seemed like she just did. Her leg started shaking, and so I stopped, and had her turn around.

I spread her legs a little and told her to bend over and touch her toes. When she did, her cheeks opened up exposing her cute little asshole. I grabbed her ass like a hamburger and dove in. My nose teased her ass hole as my tongue pushed deeply into her pussy. I was tonguing her insides and I could feel every little piece of her anatomy. I shoved my tongue in as deep as it would go. I wanted to be INSIDE of her. I took my tongue out of her pussy and replaced it with my middle finger. Her hole was so wet from my own spit that it slid right in. My whole finger disappeared into her pussy and I shoved it in deep. I took my finger out of her cunt and spread her cheeks apart again. I licked her slit from clit to asshole numerous times. I just loved the way her insides tasted on my tongue. I wanted to strip off my shorts, shove my cock deep inside her and release my sperm deep in her stomach, but I knew I couldn't do that. Yet. Instead, I reluctantly said, "Ok, you're all clean now. Lets go back to your room and you can show me what you did with Barbie." That will suffice for now, I thought to myself.

I quickly dried her off and she headed to her room, Barbie in hand. Walking down the hallway, I laughed at the tent in my pants. Cass was sitting on the edge of her bed when I entered, so I took a seat next to her. "Are you ready to show me what happend?" I asked in a nice voice. Ashamed and embarrassed, she reluctantly stood, turned around, and climbed atop her bed and lay down on her back.

"Well, first I put my finger inside me and then I put Barbie in me..." she said, being very vague.

I lowered my gaze at her and gave her a more stern look, "You have to show me so I can know for sure you didn't do any serious damage," I lied.

Sighing, she kicked her legs up in the air and brought them back behind her head. She was in a pretzel-like position, her ass and pussy open in front of me. My mouth started to salivate. I watched as she massaged her pussy with her whole hand. Then, I saw her lick her index finger before slowly putting it into her little hole. She must have remembered watching me do that. She quickly pumped it in and out and about 5 times, and then she grabbed her Barbie. I watched as, holding Barbie around the legs, she
shoved Barbies face against her pussy. She was masturbating herself with Barbies face and hard plastic tits. Then, she separated Barbies legs and then took one and slowly guided it into her pussy. I couldn't believe the scene unfolding in front on me. She held Barbie at the torso and worked her foot inside her little pussy. It slid in up to the knee. Cass moved it around inside of her in a circular motion then she removed her. Seconds later, she moistened her hole again and proceeded to try to put both of Barbie's feet inside her. She worked it in and out and soon, both of Barbie;s were now knee deep in Cass. My balls were starting to ache. I took hold of Barbie, half hanging out of Cass's cunt, and I twisted it around in her pussy. Bending down, I sucked her clit and got her hole nice and slippery for Barbies legs to fuck her. I slid
Barbie out of her cunt and replaced her with my finger. It was so deep inside her. I licked my index and middle fingers and then forced them both in her hole. She gasped and I fingered her a little slower, rubbing my thumb on her ass hole. I picked the Barbie back up and shoved her face into the entrance of Cass's hole. It was such a turn on to see this girlie doll almost head first in my daughter. I put Barbie's legs back inside Cass and now Barbie was in just a little over the knee. Barbie was almost like a speculum as I could see into my daughters hole a little bit.

I stood and got situated in between her legs, and then whipped out my hard cock that was about to explode. The image of Cass's little body laying there naked, her ankles back behind her head, with a tiny blonde doll sticking out of her pussy, pushed me over the edge. I grabbed my dick and jerked it hard, shooting my cum on the blonde toys' hair, and all over Cass's no-longer-virgin pussy. Some of my cum slid down Barbie's legs into my daughters pussy. I shot wad after wad all over her spread-eagle form. It was an amazing site. I came so much!

Neither of us were holding the Barbie in place, so Cass's pussy pushed her out naturally, and she fell onto the bed with a "plop". Barbie's head, plastic tits and hair were all covered in man jizz. It was a laughable sight to see Barbie in such disarray with her smiling happy face permanently painted on. I laid down next to Cass exhausted.

"Daddy, I like when you kiss... my pussy." I heard her say with a little giggle. I liked how she was picking up on my "sex slang". She'll be talking dirty in no time.

"Good baby... good." I said, barely able to move. She hopped off the bed, wiped herself off, and started playing with some toys while I laid on the bed trying to muster up some energy. I started drifting off to sleep... thinking about when I'd get to fuck my sweet (and horny) little Cassady...

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2011-07-10 07:06:54
I believe this activity takes place in homes across the world regularly, and find nothing wrong with it. I do not care for the age, but as long as there is no penetration, it is cool, because we know it is impossible without injury at that age, unless you packing a #2 pencil. Good story, who care if your forgot a passage from a previous story, good work.

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2011-05-09 06:54:33
ima ask why u popped ur cherry with a pen

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2011-02-14 07:55:56
I loved this, cant wait to hear about you sticking your cock in her tight lil pus! Wish you were my Daddy!

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2011-01-18 20:16:11
I just have one comment. The barbies leg wouldn't have hurt her. I popped my cherry with a pen and never felt it happen.

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2011-01-10 14:37:14
omg yes....... just keep her young n courious..... allow her to stroke you off....

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