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Gothic city girl's move to the countryside brings unexpected pleasures.
Mandy Wilson sat miserably in the passenger seat as her mother Carol's car followed the big removal lorry out of London. "Oh for heaven's sake, cheer up," exhaled the older woman. "Mandy, we're going and that's all there is to it." The words merely made Mandy slouch lower in the seat and fold her arms ever more tightly across a curvaceous chest until it hurt. "You can be such a little baby sometimes," Carol observed.

Mandy replied with a customary snarl borne of frustration and helplessness. The reason for her dark mood had been set in motion six months back when, totally out of the blue, her mother announced that boyfriend Alan had asked her to move in with him. "Mum, you can't leave me here on my own," Mandy had protested, knowing full well that Alan's house was some 250 miles away in coastal Devon.

Carol's subsequent hesitancy spoke volumes. "Erm, look honey, I'm putting the house on the market. When it's sold, either you can come with me or, if you want to stay, fine, you can find yourself a flat in London. You are seventeen after all, Mandy."

Mandy remembered how her face had dropped as if the bottom had been ripped out of her world. Find a flat? Fend for herself? She'd barely lifted a finger around the house, growing up. The revelation was all too much to take and she'd cried herself to sleep for days after, whilst in more lucid moments plotting an alternative to moving away. Yet the idea never came to fruition and it was inevitable therefore that when Carol eventually moved, Mandy would have to go too. With her friends all that distance away, it felt like seventeen years had just been wiped away without trace. It had to rank the worst few months of her young life. "The sea air will do you the world of good," mused Carol from the driver's seat, eliciting an even darker scowl from her distraught daughter.

Mandy had heard every line before - a hundred times over. "You'll soon make new friends." "In six months time you'll forget you ever lived in this horrible city." "You don't know till you've tried it."[/i ]"Blah blah blah."

Her mother, it seemed, held the last word on painful clich? All Mandy could think of was how much she'd miss her friends, the local lads, the places she hung out and a way of life she'd grown accustomed to. "You're so damned selfish, mother," she mumbled under her breath.

"Oh I'm the selfish one, am I? Blah, blah, blah..."

Quickly Mandy turned off. She'd heard enough, more than enough. Frankly she hated the woman for doing this. Two weeks maximum and she was going to come back to London, to live on the streets if need be. No doubt she'd end up a prostitute and drug addict and die horribly before the age of 21. That'd teach her mother, the selfish cow. Carol had heard the retorts too, a hundred times over. "If you spoil this for me, Mandy, I'll never forgive you," she chided.

Mandy sniffed disdainfully. Why, oh why, hadn't her mother found some nice local man after dad had died? Why Devon? Why so far? Although it was part of the same country, it felt like the other side of the world, and it might as well be. "They have the internet in Devon," Carol advised. "Alan says Toby has a computer. I'm sure you can keep in touch with your friends."

Mandy issued a scowl. Instant messenger, she imagined, was as pale an imitation of the real thing as her complexion. Best described as an emo, she was jet black haired and pallid of face, a sun dodger. She wore a ring through her nose, a stud in her chin, had a tattoo of an eagle on her shoulder blade and a dagger close to her appendix.

Yet, Mandy was an incredibly pretty girl, with high cheekbones, hazel eyes full of expression and a wonderful little heart-shaped mouth that craved to be kissed passionately. In another life she could easily have been a catwalk model. Blessed with a sizeable bosom, it was made to look even fuller on a slender figure. Her bum was peachy and nutcracker tight, highly spankable or in need of a good grope. Not that she wore the sort of clothes to show it off, her outfit of choice uniformly black like the robes of a high priestess, or ripped skinny jeans and a Panic At The Disco t-shirt. "I'm sure you and Toby will get along fine," added Carol, eliciting a curl of the lip in her daughter.

Alan's son Toby was twenty-one, a high achiever at university who Mandy had come to despise with a real passion. Every time she and her mother got into a row, which was often in the current climate, Toby's successes and Mandy's failures were thrown back in her face. It wasn't her fault she'd not been able to stay on at school or settle in a job. All employers, it seemed, were prejudiced.

Mandy had met Toby just the once, at a Christmas get together. She went into it hoping to hate him and was not to be disappointed. He was arrogant, snobby, opinionated and self-centered. Worse, he actually tried to be nice to her. To Mandy it sounded like he was talking down to her. Clean cut, clean shaven and clean mouthed, he was all the things Mandy despised in a boy. Being naturally blond and a techno-geek made her hate him even more. They were not so much from different circles as different hemispheres.


Their arrival in Devon was greeted by Alan, a kiss for Carol and a charitable nod of acknowledgement for Mandy. She knew he had little time for her and was probably disappointed she'd decided to come. That was perhaps the only redeeming factor of the upheaval, annoying him. And she planned to get a whole lot worse, till he snapped. Maybe then her mother would see him for what he was: an arrogant, wealthy swine. Mandy screwed up her nose. Why did wealth come to those who deserved it least?

After Mandy had arranged her bits and pieces in her new room, she buried herself away like a tortoise in hibernation, moistening the pillow with teary mascara blotches. An hour having elapsed and already she hated the place and wanted to go home.


Yet the first week in Devon didn't turn out to be quite as unbearable as it might have been. Toby was away at university, Alan seemed to be making an extra effort to be civil and her mother had somehow miraculously refrained from annoying her by asking if she was enjoying herself here, or any other maternal clich?or that matter. Left to her own devices, Mandy was most at ease, though there was an ulterior motives for the lack of attention. Like two pubescent teenagers, most of the time Carol and Alan were locked in the bedroom fucking each others' brains out.

Venturing out one morning from the sanctuary of her own bedroom, Mandy wandered through the patio doors and into the garden, instantly disgusted to discover her mother on her knees like some cheap whore, administering a sloppy and breathy blowjob. Alan was ruffling his lover's hair and groaning theatrically, making the whole thing look utterly sordid. But instead of turning on her heels and fleeing, Mandy found herself rooted to the spot, strangely captivated.

Almost subconsciously the teenager's fingers magnetised down the front of her jeans, inside the cheesewire thong and into a wet and throbbing pussy she proceeded to rub with relish. It dawned on Mandy, as she masturbated guiltily, that if it were two months of celibacy for her mother, it was at least double that for her, since that cheating bastard Duncan had dumped her. Try as she might - and there could surely be no greater a turn-off than watching one's own thirty-something mother suck her boyfriend's dick - Mandy couldn't move away. Nor could she exorcise the desperate craving for cock for cock she felt. Precious little chance of a good hard fuck in this godforsaken backwater, she thought.

The poor neglected girl almost jumped out of her skin as a voice behind issued a hearty greeting. Quickly unplugging her sopping wet fingers, conscious of the stench of pussy hanging on the air like a thick cloud, Mandy pursed her lips in greeting to Toby. Their eyes met then both looked away nervously. It was Toby that broke the silence. "So, how are you erm finding things down here?" he asked in the plummy accent she despised, slinging a well laden carry bag off his shoulder.

It had slipped Mandy's mind that he was back from university for the summer, annoyed instantly that her peace and quiet was now going to be shattered irrevocably. Doubtless he'd try to win her favour with bike rides in the country, barbecues, and generally being nice to her, until eventually coming to realise he was wasting his time. As Toby edged closer he seemed to sniff at the air, causing Mandy to blush profusely and bring some much needed colour to her cheeks. She could smell her sticky fingers, coated in syrupy cuntjuice. "Oh they're not at it are they?" Toby observed, casting a disapproving eye into the garden.

Mandy couldn't help but smile, her state of arousal unnerving. At the same time, almost being caught masturbating by Toby was, perversely enough, intensely thrilling. Toby headed upstairs with a what appeared to be a knowing grin, causing Mandy's face to flush an even more unaccustomed hue. Outside, Alan issued a throaty groan and dispensed a thick wad of glob in her mother's mouth. Mmm, how Mandy would love a mouthful of her own. Turning, she fled upstairs before the exhausted lovers caught her.

Five minutes later, the shower across the landing was in full flow as Mandy stretched out on her bed. For some bizarre reason, her mind was beset with images of Toby, of Toby and her together, the pair in the shower together, his octopus-like hands soaping a pair of expansive breasts as her back pressed into his strong chest. She could feel his cock from behind as it dug at her pussy, nudging itself inside. No, no, no, her rational brain argued. Yes, yes, yes, her wanton pussy argued back. Moments later, Mandy experienced perhaps the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced through digital self-stimulation, squirting obscenely. Wow that felt good, and boy did she need cock - and soon.

Early evening arrived and Carol and Alan announced they were going into town to eat, leaving Mandy and Toby to fend for themselves. After an hour alone in front of the television, a break caused Mandy's attention to be focused upstairs. She was sure she could hear Toby talking and laughing. Yet he was alone, wasn't he? Creeping upstairs, careful to avoid the creakiest panels, Mandy came to hover at his door. "Yeah, yeah mate I know," she heard him say.

Intrigued, easing the door open a crack, she craned to see. Toby was sat at his computer, a big smile on his face. Mandy could make out a face on the screen, on a webcam, a male one. My God, he's gay, was her initial thought. "Yeah, I can't wait," said Toby, addressing the face on the screen.

"Hey man, me neither," came the reply, the accent foreign, Latin American perhaps.

As Mandy focused she could see a coffee-complexioned male roughly the same age as Toby on the screen. He was naked from the waist up, with chiselled features and an unruly mop of Sideshow Bob hair. Curious, Mandy pushed the door open a little further, betrayed by a telltale creak. Before she could hotfoot it away, Toby swivelled around with a questioning eye. Mandy had no option other than to manufacture a quickfire lie. "Um, hi Toby...I was, um, I was wondering if I might borrow your computer when you've finished. Mum keeps hassling me to find a job."

Toby smiled. "Sure Mandy, I won't be long."

"Hey man who's the tasty chick in the background?" enquired the face on the screen.

Toby gestured her over and Mandy tiptoed closer self-consciously. "Raph, meet Mandy. Mandy, this is my mate Raphael. He's from Brazil."

"Erm, hi Raphael," Mandy replied to the screen.

"Hi sexy lady," came the response, causing Mandy to blush. Nonetheless ran an appreciative eye over the pleasantly muscled and tanned Brazilian. Raphael appeared to do the same which caused a delicious little tingle deep in her loins. It was ages since a boy had done that.

"Look mate, I've got to go," said Toby to his friend.

"Awww, okay man," replied Raphael. "Hey, does Mandy have time to speak to a lonely Brazilian guy?"

Toby smiled, standing to allow her to take precedence at the screen. "Hi Raphael," she said into the mic, sitting down.

"I'll leave you to it," Toby whispered.

An hour later and Mandy was still chatting, beguiled by the onscreen Adonis. Naturally, as familiarity blossomed, the conversation had taken a turn for the more intimate and tattoos had been exchanged, Mandy revealing the pair on her upper back and waist, Raphael the tiger that adorned his back and raven on his upper thigh. That meant shifting his shorts a little, a hint of cock unveiled, just very the top of the shaft. Yet Mandy could see that it was thick and meaty, her eyes on the front of his shorts, following the ridged contour. Oh God was it big, big and suckable. Mandy couldn't help but get turned on. What a shame he was on the other side of the planet. Feeling suddenly uninhibited, she asked unashamedly: "Other than your tattoos, is there anything else cool you'd like to show me?"

Raphael seemed to pick up on exactly what she meant, exhibiting a huge knowing grin. "Only if you promise to show me yours, pretty lady," he teased back.

Caught up in the hedonistic moment, Mandy hadn't noticed Toby move up to the door, just as the conversation turned blue. The young student watched as his future stepsister flirted outrageously with his Brazilian friend, the anticipation causing a huge erection. When she smiled, Mandy was hot. Toby hadn't noticed it before. The mirror on the wardrobe framed Mandy's body beautifully, allowing a perfect panoramic view. "What do you mean show me yours?" she asked coquettishly.

Raphael raised his eyebrows, before replying brazenly: "Show me your lovely titties, Mandy baby."

At the door, Toby caught his breath. Surely she wouldn't do that, would she?

God, it had been so long without sex, thought Mandy, eyes locked on the bulge in his shorts that she so wanted to see. With a chuckle, the emo beauty reached down teasingly and stroked her belly seductively. As Raphael urged the teenager on, teasingly she lifted the bottom of the t-shirt up her ribcage, then higher, exposing a pale flat midriff. With a heave, a bra-clad bosom was exposed, the t-shirt concertina'd above at the neck. An awesome cleavage on display, the weighty mammaries bounced hypnotically inside two lacy cream-coloured cups. "Oh bay-beeeeeee," cooed the breathless Brazilian, hand descending down the front of the shorts. "You are such a beautiful lady. Squeeze them together for me...pleeeease."

From behind, Toby watched mouth agape as Mandy's face in the mirror took on a ponderous expression. There was no way she'd do that with a stranger, was there? He was quickly proven wrong. "You mean like this?" the gothic minx mouthed, pressing at the sides with a pair of small hands, pushing the heaving boobs together and wiggling seductively. As Toby watched, those awesome orbs very nearly spilled from the overwrought bra, jiggling like two blancmanges. Wide-eyed in shock, Toby couldn't help but notice that the nipples had inflated to press at the lacy front and looked anxious to escape. The student could barely believe his luck, a hand toying with the front of his shorts almost subconsciously. "You like huh, Raphael?" Mandy mouthed, biting her bottom lip.

"Oh yeah, baby. I like a lot."

"Mmm, now show me you cock."

Raphael raised his eyebrows. "Now show me your cock, [i]please

"Please," Mandy begged.

"That's better. You don't want me to have to spank you now for being rude..."

Mandy felt her cunt tingle with desire as, keeping his side of the bargain, Raphael tugged down the shorts to reveal a semi-hardness that made Mandy lick her lips with lust. "Oh God, stroke it for me," she heard herself saying.

Obligingly Raphael reached for his cock - and he wasn't the only one in the room that did. Standing in the shadow of the door, Toby's eyes were glued to Mandy's marvellous melons and the overwhelming urge for stimulation magnetised his fist inside his shorts to a rapidly hardening shaft. "Now take your bra off," Raphael commanded from the screen. "Show me, show me."

Compliantly Mandy obeyed, her lovely big breasts spilling out as the weight eased. For tits so big, there was precious little sag, standing proudly from her chest like a Playboy calendar girl. They looked so soft and malleable, and it was all Toby could do not to barge into the room and ravish her there and then. For Raphael's benefit, she hoisted clear the t-shirt, topless in front of the computer screen, breath racing.

As Raphael teased the impressive manhood, the thick shaft began to crank up until Mandy could see the underside. His gaze locked upon her quivering breasts, Raphael began to stroke himself for Mandy's pleasure, not to mention his own. Her pupils grew as that lovely cock grew...and grew...and grew! It must have reached a good ten inches before finally it stopped swelling. Mandy licked her lips as she rolled a pair of diamond hard nipples between thumb and forefinger and mewed lightly. God, she wanted a cock like that inside her and she wanted it now!

From the doorway, Toby looked down at his own six inches, feeling a little inadequate, yet as horny as hell as he stroked.

"Oh baby, you're so hot," growled the excited Brazilian as he masturbated with carefree abandon.

"So are you," Mandy responded throatily, the overriding urge to touch herself hard to bear.

Without coaxing from the hunk on the screen, whose eyes were slits and forehead running with sweat as his fist blurred like a jackhammer, Mandy dug a hand in her thong, seeking out the moistening slit.

In the shadows, Toby could hardly believe what he was witnessing. He desperately needed to dash to the toilet to gather up a large swab of loo roll for the explosion that was about to take place, but didn't want to risk missing any of the the incredible floorshow. Watching intently and wanking furiously as Mandy's hand darted inside, he reckoned this must be some kind of delicious dream. Modesty dictated that Mandy didn't go the whole way, the promise of what was to come more in subsequent days ample compensation for now. Just hearing her moan and whisper lewdly was enough. Her knuckles vibrated as a set of slender fingers plunged in and out sloppily, breath staccato and peppered with little whimpers. At the same time, her thumb concentrated on the electrified clitoris at the top.

The pair continued to view one another as they masturbated, the Brazilian's fist threatening to pull his massive cock off its base. And Mandy's fingers delved so deep and her cunt so soft and moist, it felt as if she might lose her whole hand. As Raphael cried out loudly and shot a thick creamy load up his belly, Mandy worked the swollen clit into a liquid frenzy. God, how she could just lick that sticky belly clean. That salacious thought did it for her, the resultant orgasm earth shattering, easily surpassing the earlier one in intensity, and causing her to pass out for a brief moment.

The next moment, the front door downstairs heaved open and the words rang out: "Hi kids, we're home."

Caught in the middle, Toby had reached the point of no return, quickly making a cupped hand, into which a rope of sperm spewed...and spewed..and spewed. His fingers were dripping, The adults standing at the foot of the stairs, quickly he hopped off to the bathroom, shorts awkwardly wrapped around his ankles. At the same time, Mandy wrestled her clothes back on before issuing a breathless farewell to the exhaysted man on the screen. Raphael blew a kiss and was gone.


That night in bed, Mandy lay reliving every precious moment, fingers working away busily. The third wondrous orgasm that day ranked up there with the best of the rest, and she slept snugly thereafter, dreaming of sex and the days ahead. If that was good, what the hell was it going to be like when finally she had real cock up inside her again? Already her naughty mind was working overtime. Perhaps life in Devon wasn't going to be so quite so dull after all.

Next door, Toby was thinking the same.

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