When I was 14, I had a crush on a girl, from school, she was the same age as me, and had already started her periods. We have only ever talked once before, when I had forgotten me P.E kit and had to stay in the changing room. She had been taken back inside as she had cut her knee quite deep. I was asked to take care of her as the teacher was too busy to sit with her. She told me to clean away the blood with a paper towel. Then she left us on our own in the changing room.

So there we were, me and Holly, alone in the changing rooms. Me with my hand on her knee and her in her sexy gym wear. She was moaning slightly, from pain, but it still got my interest.
After while the silence got uncomfortable, after all, there was only a paper towel separating my hand from her sexy milky leg. So we chatted, firstly about the gym kit, she was saying how much she liked it. I had to agree, it was quite revealing. It consisted of a white tee shirt and a navy blue knee high skirt, and white socks. You could wear any trainers you wanted and she was wearing white ones with pink shoelaces.
I told her it suited her and that she was very pretty, then blushed with embarrassment. She smiled and thanked me, then she started asking me about myself, and I filled her in. eventually conversation moved on to a sex education class we had a week ago. She asked me if I had a period yet and I said no.
She told me she had been having them for a few months and that I wasn’t missing much.
I remembered that my mother had told me that she gets horny around her period, and I wanted to ask Holly if it did the same to her. I was too nervous, so instead I just looked down at her knee, stroking it a little. “that feels nice” she said in an almost sexy way. That was encouragement enough I thought.
“Holly, do you ever feel like touching yourself, you know, down there?”
I pointed between my legs, and she looked down and stopped smiling,
“dammit, I’ve ruined everything “ I thought to myself, But then “sometimes” I heard her say,
“but I’m never sure what to do”. My mind exploded at this revelation. “do you?” she asked.
I thought for a moment to think of what to say next. “I rub myself sometimes, it feels nice”.
The paper towel slipped out of my hand, which then landed on her thigh, just near her knee. We looked at each other and I could tell she liked the contact. She shifted her legs so she was facing me, causing her skirt to ride up enough for me to see her white panties with little pink bows on them.
There was a very familiar wet spot on them, which encouraged me to slide my hand down her thigh, slowly, without breaking eye contact. Our breathing got heavier, and she pouted her lips a little, my hand had passed her skirt and her legs started to spread a little. I could feel the fabric on the end of my middle finger when, all the students came in. she slid away from me clenching her legs together. “how are you feeling” said the teacher to Holly. She smiled back and nodded “okay”, she wouldn’t look at me. “go and get changed then”. I wanted to stay and watch her change, but I just left for lunch instead. I couldn’t pluck up the courage to talk to her again, but I thought about her as I finger-fucked myself that night.

Since Holly, I found myself constantly horny, and masturbating constantly. One Sunday morning, I came down early. Everyone else was still in bed. So I went on the internet and tried to find some lesbian porn, it was surprisingly easy and it was very hot I worked myself off for a while until I heard someone on the stairs. I didn’t want to lose it so I just minimized the window and turned off the monitor.
It was my brother, and he had a hard-on extruding out under his boxers. He had assumed I was mum because she normally gets up first and I last. When he saw it was me he jumped and hid his crotch behind a lamp “oh sis, what are you doing up?”.
I smiled and said “I don’t care that you have a boner” jokingly I told him to whip it out and wank it if he wanted, but to my surprise he stepped out from behind the lamp and said “I will if you will”.
Shocked as I was it did sound hot and I was extremely horny so I said “okay” and patted the second computer chair. He walked over as I turned towards the monitor, as he stood just behind me, his underwear clad cock was just visible in the corner of my eye. “it’s big” I said smirking a little bit.

I turned on the monitor and asked him what he wanted to watch, he shrugged his shoulders and said “just you, masturbating!”. he sat in the chair facing me and I swivelled round to face him.
He had already taken out his cock and was rubbing it. I pulled down my panties and spread my legs resting them on his thighs, my pussy spread wide. He reached over and stuck his finger in it, making me tremble violently. I put a hand to my clit rubbed it in a circular motion. “your very wet” he whispered, as he began to pound his fist over his cock. I gyrated my pelvis to take in more of his finger, rubbing quicker on my clit. I was so horny that after a few minutes I came.
I just sat and watched him wank for a minute or so, then I leaned forward and took hold of his cock.
I was amazed how good it felt, so much so that I forgot about my brother, who was waiting for me to do something. I stood up and stood over his lap, and eased his big cock into my velvet pouch. It was tight, but didn’t hurt as I had already popped my cherry with my mums vibrator.
I slowly worked my way up and down and it started to feel good. As I built up the momentum, it was starting to get really good, but he came, shooting his load inside of me, it felt good but I was disappointed that it was over so soon. When I got off of him I realized what we had done.
“ oh, shit. What if you got me pregnant, I haven’t even had my period yet”
He laughed and told me that I couldn’t be pregnant if I wasn’t having them yet, which was a relief.
Then he said mom can never know what happened, I agreed, as cool as mum is about sex, she wouldn’t like this. Then he went upstairs to have a shower, and I leaned back in my chair. I forgot that I had no pants on and my legs were rested apart, when my mom came downstairs.
“morning honey, oh I see you’ve been busy, you know, you look a little too comfortable like that!”
I clamped my legs together in embarrassment, and apologized.
“don’t be sorry, hun. Just be more careful, we wouldn’t want to give your brother ideas.”.
I smiled as she went into the kitchen, then I remembered that he’d cum inside me and it was still there. I scooped some out with my fingers and sniffed it and then licked it off. Then I put my panties back on, just in time too, as my brother came down then. I decided I needed a shower so I made my excuses and left.

As you could guess, I ended up with the shower-head between my legs- isn’t it always the way?.
I was thinking about Holly and how she tasted, and how good the pulsating shower head felt. I was so glad my mum bought it, and pretty sure I knew why.
I imagined it was holly’s tongue lapping my cunt-it was then I realised that I didn’t turn off the computer, but worst of all that I had left the lesbian porn minimized!.
I jumped out of the shower grabbed my dressing gown and ran downstairs.
When I got to the computer mum was already there with her hand in her pants and they were definitely busy.
“honey, how was your shower” I was amazed how comfortable she was with the situation.
“fine thanks” the screen showed two women shagging with a strap-on. “I found your porn sweetie”
I looked at the ground in shame. “ so did your brother, I think he’s wanking upstairs”.
All the time she hadn’t taken her hand out of her pants, it made me realized I never finished and was still horny.
“what’s with the lesbian phase? Have you met a girl?, is she pretty?”
I explained about Holly and told what happened. This was getting her really exited “oh, yeah I’d like to meet her” she was really grinding into her hand “Mmmm, lesbian sex is so hot!!”. I hadn’t realized that I was fingering myself as well. “ you should invite her over one night”. this sounded like a great idea. Then my mum started to cum, very, very loud. Screaming “Oh,HOLLY”. I soon followed.


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