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never had such a hot night like this one
Wife’s Payback

This happened about 18 months after I caught my wife with Butch our shepard and black mailed her into being my sex slut.

It was Friday and Judith asked if we could go out and I said sure it would be fun to go out for some drinks. Judith dressed in a pink half bra and a thong, thin white bottom up blouse and a short black skirt with black heeled boots. Her double D tits sat nicely in her bra and their dark nipples shown through her blouse, she was hot and damn lovely as always. She suggested a bar at the edge of town that a lot of bickers hung out in and in Coolidge that was a good many. I thought it would be fun to see these guys dance and pawl my wife. When we got there it didn’t take long for a couple of guys to ask Judith for a dance and there was one lovely black woman that seemed very interested in my wife. This woman was wearing a burgundy vinyl vest that stopped just about her belly button showing off her taught tummy and the sweet cleavage of her C cup tits, a burgundy vinyl skirt that just covered bottom and a pair of black thigh high boots. Her lips were red and her hair hung just past her shoulders and was in braids. She had a lovely round ass, muscular arms and legs and she asked Judith to dance then ended up sitting by her at our table. Judith seemed a little uneasy but I told her to loosen up and after a couple of drinks we all were heading out to our car for our house.
The woman’s name Toi and as they sat in the back of our car she started playing with Judith’s tits, caressing them through her blouse and then unbuttoning it revealing her wonderful breasts. Judith started moaning lightly as Toi started kissing her neck then moved her way down to her right nipple and suckled on it like a baby, her head leaned back on the rest and her lips parted as she moaned again. Toi had undid my wife’s blouse and had popped the front clasp on her bra letting Judith’s tits bounce with the motion of the car. Her right hand had worked its way up Judith’s skirt and by the look on my wife’s face she had her juices flowing and her moaning louder. “Oh, you really like this baby? Just wait till I get you in bed, you’ll love what my tongue will do to you!” Toi said and I almost came in my pants. I was hard as a rock watching this woman please my wife in the back of our car and couldn’t wait till we got home.
At the house they walked up to the door together and Judith never bothered to close her blouse and Toi was playing with her ass. Damn it was going to be one hot night and the first thing I did was grabbed the cam and set it up. Toi and my wife settled down on the sofa I the living room where they really started making out, kissing passionately as Toi played with Judith’s tits. I taped the action and when Toi moved down and started sucking on my wife’s tits I knew this woman was hot and when she peeled off Judith’s skirt revealing her pink thong my cock jumped in my pants. Judith had gotten into what was happening and was fumbling with Toi’s vest as she moaned; her fingers were having a little trouble unbuttoning the buttons. Toi seemed a little flustered and grabbed Judith’s panties ripped them off then stuffed 2 fingers in to her pussy and Judith’s head rolled back as her jaw dropped and she gasped for air.
As Toi’s fingers worked my wife’s pussy, Judith got her top open and Toi’s tits looked good with her dark nipples pierced with silver rings. Judith caressed Toi’s tits pulling at the rings as Toi stuffed a third finger into her pussy. Toi moved up and the started kissing deeply again as Toi used her other hand to undo her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She yanked off her white thong, pulled out her fingers stepped up on the sofa and presented her shaved pussy to my wife. Judith pulled her head back but Toi grabbed her and stuffed her face into her pussy and held here there. Judith grabbed Toi’s hips and tried to push away but Toi held tight. “Lick my pussy, like it!” Toi snarled then looked at me. “Well, you goanna join in or just watch little man!” she said then turned back to my wife and started grinding her hips in Judith’s face. I stripped in a flash and got behind her and started kissing Toi’s ass as Judith gave in and started eating Toi’s black pussy. As I kissed her ass I slid one hand up to Toi’s tits and the other I fingered my wife’s pussy.
Toi gave off a soft moan as Judith ate her pussy and I kissed her ass, I was standing at attention with all this erotic action going on. Judith’s hands had started softly roaming over Toi’s hips and legs as she really started getting into the mood. Toi reached back and pulled me to my feet and close to her so my hard cock was nestled between her phat cheeks. “Not yet boy, but soon we’ll have our fun!” she whispered as I started kissing her neck and ear. Luci started caressing my balls and all I could think was, “damn this was a dream come true” and I was getting it all on tape.
Toi slipped out from between us and my wife bent over wrapped her pussy covered lips around my cock and started sucking. I leaned into the sofa and Toi reached for her purse behind me. Judith took me down her throat which she normally didn’t do on her own and I moaned with joy, she then took my hands and moved them behind me as she gave me the best blow she had ever given me. My head had rolled back and my eyes were closed and I felt Toi’s hot tits press against my back. Then next thing I felt was cold steel around my wrist and heard clicking. “Now little man the fun starts!” Toi said as my wife slipped out from in front of me and Toi shoved me over the back of the sofa. She held me there and kicked my legs apart and I felt cold steel on my ankles. “Man this is goanna be fun.” I thought till I heard my wife say, “Who’s the bitch now!” and Toi slapped my ass hard. Judith walked around and grabbed my hair and Toi slapped my ass again. “You thought you could blackmail my girl and not pay the price!” Toi snapped then punched my in the side and my wife slapped my face.
Toi pulled me back to my feet then pushed me to my knees as she kneed my in the gut. As I sucked in air Judith kissed Toi then looked at me, “poor boy never realized.” She laughed and I realized then and there that I had been set up and started yelling, “Let me out of these cuffs you bitch or I’ll…” Judith slapped me then shoved my face to the floor. “Shut the hell up or I’ll beat the shit out of you!” she snapped and Toi laughed. “Sounds like fun!” and I felt a whip hit my back and ass. Toi whipped me again and again as Luci cheered her on, “Whip him baby, whip him good.” When Toi stopped my back and ass were screaming as they laughed. “How’s my bitch like it now?” Judith asked and all I did was whimper from the pain.
“Oh yes, his ass is nice and red and hot, sweetheart.” Toi said patting my ass as my wife kept a foot on my shoulder. “You can have the honors.” Judith said as she pushed her foot down harder. “Baby, are you sure…he is yours?” Toi asked and Luci laughed. “He’s a piece of shit so do as you want.” Toi came over grabbed the cuffs on my wrists and gave a yank. “I want to see him eat your ass.” She said and Judith move bent over and stuck her ass in my face then Toi shoved me into her ass. “Eat her good!” she snapped and I started licking my wife’s ass as she held her cheeks apart. “Put your tongue in her bitch, put it deep.” Judith yelled and I had no choice and did as I was commanded to.
Toi had let go of my wrists and was being quiet as I ate my wife’s ass, shoving my tongue as deep as I could get it. Luci was moaning from the rim job I was giving her when I felt something cold and wet being poured on the crack of my ass. Toi’s hands grabbed my hips and then something hard was shoved between my cheeks and hit my hole. Judith had reached back with one hand and held my face in her ass, “Yes baby, yes do it!” she moaned and Toi giggled then pushed hard. I cried “NO” into my wife’s ass as Toi shoved a dildo up my ass and started fucking my. “That’s it girl fuck his ass, put it all the way in!” Judith squealed and Toi did with 2 thrusts. She pumped that dildo in and out of me like it was a real cock and it felt like it was 5 feet long and 2 feet wide. It hurt like hell and I thought she was going to rip me into the Toi was pounding away at my ass and my wife let go and moved away.
My eyes were clamped shut as I gritted my teeth from the banging I was receiving from this black woman I had thought so sexy. My wife grabbed my hair again pulled me up and shoved our ottermen under me then told me to open my eyes. When I did she was kneeling there with a long red strap on pointing at my face, it must have been 8 to 10 inches long. “Go on bitch open up.” She said and I did as she pushed it into my mouth. She went slowly and pushed it down my throat as I gagged. “Go for it baby.” Toi said as she slapped my ass and I was soon impaled at both ends. I gasped and sputtered when Luci pulled out and then pushed back in. my heart was pounding and tears ran down my face as the two fucked my like a whore. After what felt like hours they swapped positions and I saw how big Toi’s strap on was, it was bigger than Judith’s was. They worked me over again as my wife slapped my ass fucking me. My ass was sore and I could tell that I was bleeding and I felt like vomiting, I prayed for it all to end and when it did all I could do was lay there from the brutal raping I had just received.
I never noticed that my wife had left the room as Toi looked me over, “Such a big man letting yourself get fucked by two girls and its not over.” She taunted with a wicked smile. My throat was so raw that I couldn’t say a word not even when I felt something war and wet touch my ass. “Now he’ll be a real bitch!” Judith laughed and I felt Butch’s paws grip my hips. I had no energy to fight back and with 3 thrusts Butch sank in cock deep into my sore used ass. He started right in with his heavy pumping and I could feel his knot hitting my hole. He was like a jack hammer and was fucking me like I was my wife as his knot grew, it went in and out till it locked inside me and he kept going.
At that time my wife dropped some papers on the floor ad told me that I would sign them then move out. I could take my clothes, bank book, car and anything that was my families and if I tried anything she would make sure that the tape I had set up got out to our friends, relatives and some guys that she and Toi knew. She even told me that she and Toi had been lovers for the past three years, my heart sank at hearing this and I knew there was nothing I could do. Toi uncuffed my hands and as Butch kept fucking me I signed the papers and the girls left me saying, “Stay down here tonight and tomorrow when we get back be gone.”
Butch came inside me and a few moments later pulled out and left me hanging over the ottermen. Later that night Butch started sniffing my ass and I let him take me again, it felt good this time and it was the last time he got to fuck me. It had been one wild night and I will never forget it….would be nice to find a wild lady that would use a strap on and maybe have a dog join us…then where would I find someone like that.

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2014-11-07 04:15:11
true story may ass....any real man would have cut the dogs throat and burnt the house down with the two whores in it.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-08-31 12:37:37
Man if this was true, sucks to be you haha. You should have cut your balls off and the dogs. For a finishing touch you should have burnt the house down


2012-01-25 00:07:25
Luci is nickname for wife


2009-02-09 01:27:08
Kinda weird, terrible spelling, and yah who the fuck is Luci?

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-08 01:03:57
ok where the hell did luci come in.....screwed up on names i think

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