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This is the next chapter in the story of Tori the freshman cheerleader. Her life having taken such a drastic change ever since she had met her boyfriend Scott. Read on to see what happens next and think about what may occur in future chapters. Who will pay the price for the things that have been done?
. . . I didn’t know what was happening. All of the cheerleaders had gotten me up out of bed and had blindfolded me and had taken me down to a car. I was pushed into the car and off we went to where I had no idea. Was this some type of initiation? No matter what I said no one answered I just heard giggles. My wrists were tied behind my back and I couldn’t see anything through the blindfold. Finally the car came to a stop and someone helped guide me out of the car. We then walked a while first over a hard surface like concrete and then I heard a metal gate open. Next I felt the softness of grass under my feet. There were girls all around me I felt them guiding me I guess making sure I didn’t fall or try to run. Finally we came to a stop and then I felt something weird as they began to pull at my clothing. I was still in my night shirt and panties so it didn’t take much for them to get me naked. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed. If this was supposed to be fun I sure was not finding it that way anymore. “Come on guys, what’s going on,” I asked? But I got no answer.

Then I felt them put what felt like a dog collar around my neck and I felt it pulled until I had to squat down. My wrists were untied and then I felt a pull and fell forward and I was on my hands and knees. I was then surprised when I felt a slap on my bottom. But not as horrible as the birthday spankings I had received but this time from a girl’s hand. One by one I felt a slap, then another slap over and over on my bottom. I heard giggles after a few of them and they got multiple spanks before it finally stopped.

Then I felt something gross as a thick heavy liquid was being poured first over my head and then down my body. Several of the girls were laughing as I felt the thick gooey liquid poured over my body. Some got on my face by my mouth and I licked tasting and I recognized the taste as honey. There I was on my hands and knees and feeling honey poured around my body. I then felt a few girls hands begin to rub underneath me on my stomach and breasts rubbing honey down there too as the pouring of the honey had not reached me there. I felt multiple hands rubbing all over my body, on my arms, legs, stomach chest everywhere. Eventually someone even rubbed between my legs and it felt humiliatingly good as their hands and fingers slipped easily all over my sex and I was now sure I was completely coated in honey. I felt all sticky and gross and I wanted to go home.

I then had the biggest shock of the whole ordeal when I then felt someone behind my butt and I felt hands on my hips and I felt something push into my sex. No sooner then I felt the object push inside me there when another object pushed to my butt hole. I let out a loud gasp and tried to move my hips but I felt multiple hands steady me. I screamed as I felt the sticky object push and force into my butt. I now felt the two objects pushing in and out of my sex and my ass. I started to cry but this didn’t matter as all I heard was giggles. The two objects were forced in and out of me over and over each moving with its own rhythm sometimes on the same stroke in and other times opposite strokes in and out. I then felt another honey covered object pushed into my mouth. Over and over the objects were pushed in and out of my body. I then felt hands squeezing my breasts from the base down to the nipple over and over the honey letting them slide easily even through a tight grip. It felt so weird and gross and I just wanted it to stop.

Finally as I was completely saturated with honey inside and out I felt the objects removed. Finally to my relief I felt the blindfold being removed and as I opened my eyes I saw that there were a bunch of the football players along with the cheerleaders standing around me. We were in the middle of the football field right on the school logo. One of the team got in behind me kneeling down and put his hands on my hips and I felt him get up against me and he thrust hic cock into my ass. Everyone else just stood around watching him have sex with my bottom. They were just chatting to each other like it was not a big deal and I felt so isolated and ashamed. The honey made it easy for him to slide in and out and as he was using me another guy knelt down in front of me and pushed his cock to my mouth. Someone yanked a handful of my hair hard making me let out a groan and as I did he thrust his cock into my mouth. My body was being pushed back and forth between the two guys while everyone else just watched.

I felt the guy inside my butt cum and he then pulled out of me and moved away and no sooner then he had moved on another guy knelt down behind me to take his place. This guy chose to push into my sex and I was ashamed as I didn’t even know his name but I felt him push inside me. One of the boys thinking he was funny lifted one of the cheerleaders and sat her straddling my back like a cowboy on a horse. They all laughed at this as she cried out, “Wooohoooo!” as if she were riding a horse. The guy in my mouth suddenly pulled out just in time to start spraying his juices and he squirted them directly into my face. As soon as he finished spraying his cum on my face another player took his place and again put his cock to my mouth. Again my hair was tugged hard and as I again cried out in pain his cock was thrust in my mouth.

I was horrified as it continued on and on, player after player. To them it all seemed to be no big deal like it was okay for them all to use me like that. I didn’t think it was ever going to stop until. . .

I woke up in a cold sweat having just had another horrible nightmare. I lie there shivering and shaking feeling like a piece of meat. I was cold and realized my covers were almost completely off of me. I tried to get hold of my senses and managed to get up and go to the bathroom. After doing my business I came back to my bed and turned on some music trying to forget the dream I had just had. Would these dreams every stop I asked myself feeling like I didn’t think it would ever happen.

Finally morning came and it was Friday which meant a varsity football game. I felt like I had a little more energy that morning until mom told me that the doctor had called and that I had an appointment for going to see him Tuesday. Somehow after that the rest of the morning just disappeared and I worried about why the doctor needed to see me for more tests. There was nothing I could do about it till Tuesday so Sherri and I headed to school. I also got real nervous when I got to school as Elizabeth was there waiting for me outside. She told me the teacher cheerleader sponsor wanted to see me. I walked with her to his classroom feeling sick to my stomach. We got to his classroom and Elizabeth knocked on his door and he called for us to come in.

As soon as we stepped into the room he began his presentation to me, “Miss Tori, I’m glad you could stop by this morning. Miss Elizabeth speaks very highly of you and after observing you at the game Wednesday night I have to say I agree with her evaluation of your cheerleading skills. I am not sure if you are aware but Monday evening Beth, one of the varsity cheerleaders, fell during a stunt and injured her knee. After a doctor’s evaluation it appears as if she will miss significant time this year and will not be able to cheer for quite a while. Like you, Beth is a base and her role at the bottom of pyramids is crucial to the success of the routines. Furthermore she was also one of our best tumblers and your tumbling skills are also excellent. After careful consideration we determined that it would be better for the squad to fill the spot vacated by Beth rather then to try to change our routines with one less girl. Unfortunately it would change multiple routines and we feel that could affect us too much in our upcoming competition. Upon evaluation of the freshman squad on Wednesday and the junior varsity squad last night I determined that you would be the best candidate to fill Beth’s spot. So if you are willing, you will begin tonight with the varsity squad. Elizabeth has assured me that you learn quickly and that you will learn the routines as fast as possible. Are you willing to accept the place on the varsity squad?”

I was stunned by all this. With all that had been going on in my life the last thing I ever thought about was the idea of being on the varsity squad. I starred at him my mouth open shocked at what he had asked. “Well. . . don’t just stand there looking silly, you’ll make me look bad,” Elizabeth said. I looked at her and she had a huge smile on her face. I threw my arms around her neck and hugged her hard laughing and jumping up and down. “Can I take that as a yes,” the sponsor asked? “Yes,” I said enthusiastically struggling not to cry with tears of joy. I couldn’t believe it I was going to be on the varsity cheerleading squad. Then the coach handed me a plastic bag with a varsity uniform in it. “Try that on, if it doesn’t fit check back with me, I have a few others but from what Elizabeth said that should do the trick. I looked in the bag my eyes locked on the varsity sweater with the school logo on a megaphone. “Wow,” I said loudly. “Wow, wow, wow,” I said again. Just as I did the bell rang and the sponsor said, “You girls better get to class.” And without any further hesitation we headed out of his classroom rushing down the hall.

I could hardly think in my first period class. I just kept smiling so happy I was going to be on varsity. I did my best to focus on the class and tried to take good notes. I’m not sure how well I did but anything had to be better then the last several days. I knew one thing I felt happier then I had in a while. In my second period class we had a pop quiz. I was very nervous but I managed to get a B-. It wasn’t a fantastic score but I passed. My third class I was actually able to raise my hand and answered two questions. . . correctly. This was becoming a very good day. As I came out of my third class I smiled as I saw Elizabeth waiting there. “Hey,” I said to her very excited. “Hey back,” she said also smiling. “Well aren’t you going to put that uniform on,” she asked. “Hell yes,” I said so excited. Just as I got it out Scott walked up. “And I am going to help,” he said grabbing my hand and started us walking down the hall. Elizabeth just sighed and turned and walked towards the cafeteria.

Scott pulled me down the hall until he found an open classroom. He pulled me in closed the door and walked me back to a corner. He started undressing me and as he did I took the uniform out of the bag.
He got me down to my bra and panties and started to unhook the bra. . . “Hey don’t,” I protested.
“Come on,” he said reaching for it again.
But I turned and picked up the red blouse and began to put it on. I got it on and buttoned and then grabbed for my bloomers.
“Nooooo,” he protested.
“Yesssss,” I said giggling and pulled the bloomers on.
I then grabbed the new skirt putting it on. Last I pulled on the sweater and looked down at myself.
“Gosh I wish I had a mirror,” I said.
“You look hot baby, now come on lets do it,” Scott said. “Noooooo Scott, I want to go to the cafeteria and eat lunch with the other varsity girls.
Scott grabbed hold of both my wrists and pulled me close. “Come on, help me relieve this fire,” he said. I looked at him thinking knowing he wanted it bad, knowing he was horny.

“We’ll take care of that tonight after the game,” I said jerking my wrists free, “I’m going to the cafeteria.” With that, I turned and walked out of the classroom as fast as I could, scared I’d change my mind or that he wouldn’t let me go. I walked down the hall towards the cafeteria as fast as I could. I walked into the cafeteria only having missed the first fifteen minutes of lunch. Elizabeth’s eyes went wide then she smiled a big smile. I walked over to the varsity table, having of course sat there before but never in the same uniform as them. My eyes found Beth’s and I felt bad because without her injury I wouldn’t be here but even that didn’t bring me down. I couldn’t believe I was here, a varsity cheerleader as a freshman. This was the best day of my life.

My afternoon classes were flying by and I couldn’t believe how my day was going. Between my forth and fifth class there was a huge buzz in the hallway. I was trying to figure out what was going on. Then I heard it and I was stunned and my heart stopped and I stopped breathing. . . the police had come to school and they left school with Scott.

I couldn’t believe it and I walked down the hall towards different kids listening to everything I could listen to. I heard it again, the police had come and they left with Scott. I was worried, I didn’t know what to think. Was this my fault?


I couldn’t think in my last two classes all I could do was worry about Scott. Had I gotten him arrested? I was so scared and nervous I didn’t know what to think. Thankfully school finally finished and I got to head home, to tell my parents that I was now a varsity cheerleader. Sherri was very congratulatory towards me for making varsity cheerleader. She told me she was very proud of me. Then she asked me had I heard about Scott. I told her I had and she asked me what I thought. I told her I had no idea. But I wasn’t even sure if that was true.

My parents were concerned about me being on varsity and I had to convince them it wasn’t any different then me being a freshman cheerleader. I told them it would take the same amount of time and that it wouldn’t affect school. Of course they had no idea I was struggling with that already. We all had dinner together and then as a family went to the game. I couldn’t help wondering if Scott would be there.

This time it was the most amazing feeling I ever had. Not only would I be on the sidelines in front of such a huge crowd but we even held up a giant banner for the football team to run through. The roar of the crown was incredible and I got chills all up and down my spine hearing the crowd. I was so nervous and really had to focus on what I was doing. The crowd roared as the game began and I kept my eyes on Elizabeth and Sara and the other girls to make sure I did the right cheers.

I also noticed as the game started and our team got the ball for the first time that the quarter back was NOT Scott. Was he under arrest? Was he in jail? Where was he?

I wanted and needed to talk to Elizabeth but I couldn’t. The game wasn’t going well and the team was falling further and further behind. But through it all we continued to do our job and continued to cheer. We danced with the band and lead the crown in cheers and it felt powerful to hear the crowd respond to our cheers. As halftime came there was no sign of Scott and we were losing by three touchdowns.

The second half of the game started without Scott and we were performing a cheer on the sideline when suddenly there was a deafening roar from the crowd. We finished the cheer and then I was able to turn around and look and as I did there was Scott in uniform just reaching our sideline. He had run from the locker room onto the field and the roar was welcoming him to the game. Within moments he was in front of the coach who was talking loudly over the crowd to him and into the game he went. The first couple plays didn’t go very far and the crowd was getting quiet. The next play however, Scott showed why he was the quarterback and through a long pass down the field. Two plays later we scored our first touchdown and the roar of the crowd was as loud as I could remember.

The game continued to be a battle and the other team didn’t just lie down and give up but slowly their 21 point lead had shrunk down to 7. As time was running down he guided the team down the field and towards the end zone. But time was quickly coming to an end. Just before the clock was about to run out, Scott through a pass for a touchdown. We were still down by one point. Then there was one play left and Scott managed to run the ball in and we got two points and won the game. The roar was incredible it literally hurt my ears but we all jumped and cheered to our victory. Scott, with less then half the game, found a way to win the game for our team. I couldn’t wait to see him to celebrate with him I now had to convince my parents to let me go to the pizza restaurant with the other cheerleaders as I was pretty sure Scott would be there.

Somehow I convinced my parents to let me go to the pizza restaurant and promised them I would stay with Elizabeth. She had seemed to have gained the trust of my mom. We were at the pizza restaurant hanging out laughing and having a good time. Finally the star of the party came and Scott with several of the other football players along came into the restaurant. Everyone was patting him and congratulating him for winning the game. I waited my turn as I saw that everyone wanted to see and talk to him. I was so proud of him so amazed what he had done, how he brought the team back. Finally I got my chance and made my way to Scott. I threw my arms around his neck and pushed up on my tip toes to give him a kiss. . . .

I was stunned as Scott pushed me away. He starred at me with a look in his eyes I had never seen before.
He then began a tirade, “Get the hell away from me slut. You got a lot of nerve showing your face here. Do you know where I spent most of my day?”
I was looking at him in shock struggling not to cry taking his tirade silently letting him go on, “They accused me of raping you Tori. Do you know how that made me feel? They had your panties and your clothes. They took my DNA. Do YOU know how that made me feel? My father had to get me a lawyer. I almost didn’t make it to the game on-time.”

I couldn’t speak I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing I was too scared.
“Just get the hell away from me and stay away I don’t want to ever see you again you slut,” he said and I bent over and just threw up. I was so ashamed, the whole restaurant was dead silent all listening to Scott tell me off. I wanted to die. I wanted to melt into the floor.

The next few minutes I didn’t remember as I was breaking down crying too hard but when I could think again I realized I was in Elizabeth’s car and she was trying to calm me down. I was shaking and crying. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I couldn’t believe what he said. Elizabeth just held me quietly letting me cry. I was devastated. She drove me home and helped me inside. She had to explain to my mother what happened and I’m not real sure what all was said. I lay in my bed in my room sobbing and shaking. I felt like my life was over. I didn’t think I could ever show my face at school again.

How had it come to this? How did the police have my clothes? My clothes from when. . . it had to be the night of the rape but how did they have my clothes. I didn’t even remember doing anything with them. All I remember was taking a hot shower at. . . Elizabeth’s house.

To be continued.

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2009-02-12 05:06:53
This story is extremely captivating, and you've got a lot of insight into human nature. You must finish this one!

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2009-02-12 04:53:45
This story is extremely captivating, and you've got a lot of insight into human nature. You must finish this one!


2009-02-11 20:04:37
i knew elizabeth would turn scott in! haha wow this is such an epic story i love it.
i have a feeling scott is gonna come back and do something even worse to tori...but i cant imagine anything worse than what hes already done haha cant wait for 12!

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2009-02-10 15:50:45
She finally told him no!!!!!!

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2009-02-07 22:45:54
im glad they are finally over i hope the fucking bastard goes to jail

it sucks she was hurt by him dumping her like that but thats a lot better then having him rape her more

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