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The journey of a young lady to her future...
The evening sun shined through the room’s window down upon her crossed legs, casting a golden hued shine upon an already richly browned tan…

Now then, just like you have been first taught…settle the breathing and focus to clear my mind…

Eyes the color of richest honey-mead slowly eased their way closed, beholding for a final moment the rich colors of her room, along with the rugged, dishwater-blond tassel of hair that earned her the nickname of “Swamp Rat.”

Do not think of that nickname, bad as my hair is I am not a “Swamp Rat.” More like a “Dust Rat…”

The most distinctive part of her though is her ears, those of a delicate feline-style; marking her as one of the rarest of folks – a spirit-catt.

She sought to close out each distraction about herself, so as to enter a mystical link with the world about her. Each of her breaths became slower, richer, and deeper, beheld in the rhythmic raising of her chest, and the slight movement of her partially covered breasts.

One single braid of her hair, looking like a small length of unkempt rope or twine, suddenly shifted its position from about her shoulder as if of its own volition.

The breathing of Rh’aan deepened.

The braid of hair, moved slowly, steadily, and with a grace of serpentine sensuality down onto one shoulder of a small blouse clinging loosely to her body. Sliding just under the hem of fabric, it moved the garments edge inch by inch, to the edge of her shoulder, pushing it off, and letting it come to rest in the crook of her elbow.

With that action, and sensing that part of her breast also is exposed, it started caressing her bare skin with the softest of touches; as one gets from a cat that wants to share in the moment of delight with its owner.

* * * * * *

A single foot moved, then the leg and body attached with it on the ledge. Blending in with what shadows existed as the sun prepared to set over the surrounding hills, the figure has covered another foot in distance, heading for one room marked as home to a special target…

Oh how much fun I plan to have this night! Why, I might just break out into song and proclaim my joy to the whole of the world!

Four floors above the street, he grinned at the stupid folks going about their work below, each and all preparing for the formal mage-gathering on the month dawning. Never once did they consider that a real master was here…

Tomorrow, the world shall indeed know that I, David, the master of the night, the “Swift Fate of Night” am indeed a master over those high nosed masters of spellcraft.

He eased to look in the window he just reached, to best see what goodies are there for the taking…

Oh wonderful, sheer moments of irreverent joy…

At first glance, the windows glass panes appear not to have been washed in ages of time. Closer looking brought about clarity to his understanding; they were of frosted glass, not clear like most are. Just a bit of movement caught his eyes attention, a small flicker in one area, but not much clarity when first looked through.

For just such occasions as this, a true master is always to be prepared properly…

He pulled out a small looking glass from a wrist-pouch, to obtain a clearer view of what lies within. And, much to his surprise, along with delight, he found out.

* * * * * *

She felt the soft caress against her skin, felt it moving with intent and dedicated purpose from her elbow, up onto the front of her blouse. All this time, the braid made sure to stay upon exposed skin, seeking to give the greatest of any sensation it possibly could.

Her breathing became slightly more rapid, just the barest of whispers at that, yet despairing to her. She felt the braid shift slightly as it arrived at the top of her blouse, knowing what was to happen next…

Calm back down girl, just let go of the feelings, there are just six buttons to go; block it out and maintain all of the focus you are seeking…

The braid splits into two smaller parts on one end; slowly, and with deliberate methodical steps, it pushes the button through its cloth eyehole; a little bit of lightly tanned skin shines in the lowering light of evening. It moved down the front, making sure to slide open the undone portion of her garment as much as possible…

Focus, yes it tickles…and makes you shiver a bit but just shove it out of…

Something for a moment tickled her ears, just the barest of rustling sounds outside; a light step upon wood softened with the great passage of years. She chose to ignore it, on the belief it was just a bird or small animal.

Button two slowly slides out of its position; her blouse on the left side – already down to her elbow – shifts a little bit more downward. There, laid out upon her bared skin, shows a pattern of freckles and faint scar-marks, legacy of a past she strives to forget.

Unaware of eyes looking upon her, both from the window, and elsewhere she continued to try for that meditative state to the obliviousness of almost all other sensations.

* * * * * *

“Damn,” whispered David to himself. He returned all of his attention to the scene playing out inside; wondering if by chance, just how far the ‘show’ will go on for…

And if there may be other girls involved, say for having a slightly more…intimate show down between their legs?

Holding his balance more carefully upon the ledge, he felt a growing sensation down below in his loins. This brought one growing smile unto his face, and an idea…

Why not have a bit of fun for myself as well? Here in the broad daylight and sight of these stupid folks down there? Just one thing to do…

One hand went down to his trousers and after slipping it down a bit, pulled out his cock. He began slowly stroking as the third button slipped out.

Anytime now my dearest…

He gasped slightly at the next, fourth button fell away, and went about stroking his cock faster – especially just at the base of its head. Just for good measure, he also fondled the pair of, extravagant in his mind, balls as well.

* * * * * *

In a nearby room, three sets of eyes focused intently upon the image in their mirror. One commented upon the great success of using a scrying spell here, before being told to quiet up and enjoy the show…

“The masters may not approve of this kind of usage for a far scry spell; but at least we can claim to be practicing its usage. Just wish we had sound effects…”
“Shush already,” he was once again admonished by those other two members of the audience. Chagrinned into quiet submission, he did so.

The only other sounds to be heard in the room were, after that, of flesh in the process of being rapidly rubbed, and a growing series of soft moans coming from each of the trio of the viewers.

In the mirror, Rh’aan’s fifth button came undone, but still the blouse clung – annoyingly to the trio - over her left breast; close to falling away yet just tantalizingly ready to fall at the slightest breeze of a baby’s breath.

They focused the image to closer upon her one bosom, in the hopes of a clearer viewing; each silently willing for the garment to move just slightly so…ugh! Why does it not fall away already!

* * * * * *

Rh’aan was just holding on to her control now, slipping out of that deep meditative trance she was just on the edge of obtaining. Still she decided to try again, seeking out the calm once again…

In preparation for the next step, she slipped from sitting in a cross-legged position, to sitting upon her lower legs. But in the process, her blouse shifted just when the sixth and final button separated away.

The garment slid down to her elbows on the side, and unto the ground in the back; leaving visible those twin mounds of flesh sought by most men. Each breast was lightly set with smallish freckles, and lightly tanned. As she breathed they moved ever slightly in sympathetic harmony.

A slight shifting of position and she shed the fallen blouse from her arms, yet Rh’aan managed to stay focused for the most part; a state that has taken her ages just to get this far with.

The braid shifted once again over her partially bared body, moving onto the left breast – sending a series of barely noticeable shivers up and down her body. Fighting for her composure and control, she ruthlessly shoves each of these sensations away; not quite understanding why they keep on occurring, or why they are so distracting.

Small enough though the breast is, the slithering sensations set her nipple slowly to rise with the anticipation of unfathomed pleasures, desired by her body, yet as unexplored, unrecognized, or desired within the conscious mind.

“Focus girl, just focus and it will go away.”
Once again, as a soft, lingering caress and tickle from the braid went onto the nipple, it altered its shape on the end so as to make a series of nibbling; and swirling, stroking motion such as one would with a tongue upon its surface. Rh’aan shivered with a series of more intense wave of delight.

Her breathing speeded up just a bit more, increasing within its shallowness, and causing a minor series of gulps from her too.

* * * * * *

David watched with growing interest, not to mention a bit of impatience at the speed – or lack of to his opinion – that she is getting undressed.

“Damnations girl, gets those bottoms off now, I want this show to get going,” he murmured to himself.

In his hand his cock is now rock hard, fully at attention as a soldier on honor guard duty stands. Stroking harder and in slower time, he wishes for more excitement to happen, such as more girls in there to get it on with each other!!!

Nice set of tits though, could be much bigger, and those stomach muscles with more meat on them…lose that lousy hairstyle…hmmm?

Looking down for a moment he beheld a trio of three girls talking almost straight below his perch. Seeing the sets of cleavage each showed from barely covering vests, he had one cleaver – to his mind – idea for some fun.

And so, he turned his body outward slightly and went to town on his cock as fast as possible…just seconds away from great fun, and hoped his aim would be dead on…

He missed two very important things nearby. The first one being her skirt going away; showing the lack of garments underneath that would have caused him to probably have a massive stroke on the spot.

The second was several mice and birds, familiars for many local minor magelings, gathered at the windows edge taking more than a passing interest as well of the events inside the room. Each one of them, both male and female alike kept watching with interest and excitement.

Such was his loss.

* * * * * *

Found within another bedchamber, with another great and fantastically decorated mirror, the being known only as the viewer watched as well.
The viewer, known by no other name, or even of what its species or gender is, watched in rapt attention. Eyes of the palest mother-of-pearl glistened in the faint light, drinking in every detail of the image as possible.

These eyes took in especially the image moving into the closest focus possible that the viewer’s scry-spell allowed. Each pair of her legs was examined, scrutinized unto the smallest slip of muscle, tendons, and smoothness of skin. A sigh of wondrous adoration escaped the lips of a nearly perfect mouth.

“Oh the sheer glories to be had there, much enjoyment in a package not yet aware of all potential possibilities.” With this the viewer went on extolling on the images virtues and wonders for many a minute; rendering praises of passions possible within this young lady-in-the-becoming.

Rh’aan shifted slightly, bending forward as if reaching or noticing something just out of the viewers sight; yet the sight of her sweet flesh, hidden between her thighs, with a small covering of soft, honey-colored, downy-hair that did its best to conceal its treasures intensified the viewers own passions past the celestial harmonies already dancing in the room, and among the many partners sharing the bed too.

The image also showed to the viewer and the partners one other fact. Rh’aan is definitely as of yet unmated, or even touched, by anyone else.

One having so much raw, sensual potential yet untapped is rare; to command the magic so, well not perfectly, but in a degree of control not seen without being mated?

That is the key to unlocking of mage-craft, passions are to be unleashed and harnessed, and by sexual awakenings is the accepted means of being done. Yet…?

“Oh well, back to other matter at hands…now my fine sets of bedmates; let us all be more and most enthused in what is to be our finest moments of sensations…”

In moments, the viewer is wracked by waves of pleasures and sensations defying any and all explanations; save for on a level appropriate for great, eternal changes wrought in the cosmos…

* * * * * *

Rh’aan slowly put the silken kimono about herself, its jade coloration mixed with three mother-of-pearl pan-li-lungs at play; clung to her slender form like a lithe, second skin, all the right parts accentuated and tantalizingly near to being seen, yet just not.

The braid twitched and pulsated slowly, moving back to lying upon her left shoulder in a display of obvious and severe irritation at the intrusion just having happened.

“Great, just great, now I have to deal with a peeping tom on my ledge; why these thieves insist on being annoyingly persistent…”

The sight of a young, grinning man, in the process of his masturbation routine, plus the rather obvious trio of targets below on the street; her temper roared, flaring on towards new levels of being incensed that ever before in her life.

Throwing open the windows, she bent outside onto the sill slightly; looking him dead on in the eyes, letting him know that in so many unpleasant and horrendous ways, his own doom was now at hand…

“Okay you perverted peeking tom! Let us see how much you enjoy this!!!” She shouted a single word of power, in a rare language called true-speak; thus altering the universal harmony to her will for a moment…


“And thus,” she declared to the braid on her shoulder, now in the process of transforming to its true form, “one more problem is dealt with…”

The loud crash made her look downward; her kimono falls open for all below to see her best attributes. Not counting the familiars still observing her, and the scene below.

“Now that has to have hurt.”

Patches, the little raggamoffyn familiar of hers crooned in agreement as she stroked his head.

* * * * * *

Everyone below was gathered about this most unusual bit of scenery just added to the outdoors. Some rushed up in a wonder of what happened; until the rest explained that the fellow now gracing the top of the horse hitch fell from the upper floors.

“Apparently here fellows,” said the constable to his seven deputies, “we happen to have a not so notorious peeping- tom in our hands. Serves him right with what he tried to do with a young lady up there and all.”

The constable threw a salute to Rh’aan for a job well done, and told his deputies to drag the mess back to the jailhouse for questioning, when possible.

For his part, David was able to comprehend nothing other than being set to climax, his cock dead on target to splatter the largest bosomed woman with semen; then each and all of his muscles locked up, lurched him forward, and down he went – hand still wrapped about his most prized and famous (to him) possession.

Small slivers of steam rose gracefully from each ear, eyes, mouth, and his rump; so savage was the impact he has a full five inches raise in stature, not height, just the area in between his legs.

Moments later, he instinctively spewed out of his mouth a pair of smallish, flattened objects that he would no longer be in need of, nor shape to use, ever again.

Many of the women and men in the group laughed at the misfortune of this would be peeping-tom. One group even posed next to him, seven men with bared chests; six ladies with bared bosoms, for a quick sketch to be made for the sake of posterity.

* * * * * *

One senior mage, a true master of a rare and deadly school looked at David then up to Rh’aan. He gave to her a small nod that mixed approval with a salute of interest.

With that, Rh’aan watched him disappear into the crowd, knowing she would soon see him again.

Somehow she instinctively understood he also knew of her other secret – one she constantly struggles to reign in, yet soon will cause her to take action, again.

* * * * * *

Elsewhere in the city, the roars and screams of absolutely cosmic euphoric release occurs; resulting in strange and magical phenomena of all types. Flowers bloomed in many plethoric rages of sizes, shapes and colorations. City hall now is colored shocking red and pink, with the red lights of nightly events shining bright during the day.

And many familiars made their way home to their masters and dinners.

Fin for this part.
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