Wife Gets a Valentine's Day Surprise She Never Expected
Frank and Lydia walked into what Lydia thought was a Night Club, complete with a nice restaurant and live music. What Lydia didn't know was that Frank had gotten together with her best friend Nancy, and together they had planned one hell of an erotic Valentine's Day surprise, at what was really an upscale swing club, that Nancy and her husband were members of. The music was playing in the background as Frank and Lydia walked onto the dance floor. Frank complimented Lydia on how sexy she looked as they began to dance.

As the two danced, Frank kissed Lydia's neck, and nibbled on her ear lobe. He knew just how much nibbling on her ear lobe turned Lydia on. As he continued, he ran his hand down over her sexy ass. Lydia's nipples were starting to get hard, pushing against the fabric of her dress. Frank too was becoming aroused, his cock was now pushing against Lydia's thigh. As they continued to dance, Frank steered Lydia toward a darkened part of the dance floor. Once he was satisfied, Frank found an opening in Lydia's dress, and eased his hand through the slit, and began caressing the soft globes of her ass.

"Frank, she whispered...what's gotten into you?"

"Is there a problem babe?"

"Well no, but there are people around."

"Yes I know, but this isn't the real party....that starts in a little bit."

"What?" "What do you mean?"

"Shhhhh, you'll see soon enough."

Frank turned so Lydia's back was to the other couples dancing, and moved his hand, sliding it between his wife's legs, cupping her sex in the palm of his hand. Lydia wanted Frank to stop, yet she didn't. It felt so good, and she loved doing something so nasty in public. Lydia had always fantasized about public exhibitionism. As they continued their dance, Frank pushed Lydia's thong aside, sliding his finger deep into Lydia's pussy. Lydia moaned softly, placing her head on his shoulder. Frank moved his free hand down his wife's neck, letting his fingers slid down into her cleavage. As he teased her, he pushed her dress aside just enough to expose her left breast. Lydia was beside herself with lust, as she moved her hand between Frank's legs, squeezing his cock. Lydia froze when she heard a familiar voice ask,

"Would either of you like a drink."

Lydia turned too see Nancy her best friend, smiling and looking at her exposed breast, then glancing down at her hand between her husbands legs.

"Well Dear?" Frank asked.

"Ahh yes, but what is Nancy doing here?"

"Shhh, it's all part of the fun, just relax and go with the flow babe."

Lydia had to admit, everything that was happening so far was driving her crazy with lust. Lydia found herself so aroused....knowing that Nancy was looking at her naked breast.

"Aright...yes please, I'd love a drink."

Nancy took a drink from a nearby tray handing it to Lydia. As she did a drop of cold water dripped down onto Lydia's nipple, making goose bumps appear on her nipple and aureola.

"Mmmm, that looks cold....may I warm you up?"

Before Lydia could answer, Nancy leaned over, and took Lydia's nipple into her mouth, while Frank inserted another finger into her pussy. The combination of the Nancy's mouth and tongue on her nipple and Frank's fingers in her pussy caused Lydia to start cumming. After a moment or two had passed, Nancy looked at Frank and smiled.

"I think she's ready, what do you think?"

"Yes I think she's definitely ready."

Before Lydia could react, Nancy placed a blind fold over Lydia's eyes as Frank reassured her. Lydia was then led into another part of the restaurant, somewhere that was more private according to Frank. Once there, Lydia could hear voices, and people milling around. Lydia heard the music start as she and Frank started dancing again. As she danced with Frank, she heard him unzip his trousers, and suddenly his cock was in her hand. Then she felt her dress being unzipped, and being pushed off her shoulders. Lydia was nervous, and a little apprehensive, but she was so aroused that she just allowed it all to happen.

Lydia felt her dress falling from her body, down around her feet where she just naturally stepped out of it. She felt Frank move away, and then Lydia felt a pair of hands on her bare breasts. They felt like female hands....small and soft as they caressed her breasts, and rolled her nipples in their hands. She wondered if it was Nancy. Then she felt her thong being pulled down, and again she stepped out of it.

Then there was a pair of lips on her stomach, it was a man. Lydia wondered if it was Don...Nancy's husband. He began kissing his way down her stomach, working his way to her pussy that was down on fire as the woman began sucking her nipples. Lydia parted her legs as the man started exploring her sex. He lifted her leg, placing it on his shoulder as he worked his fingers into her pussy, all the while sucking her clit. Lyda was stating to cum again. Oh it felt so fucking good she thought. Then suddenly it all stopped, as she felt herself being taken somewhere else. She felt herself being placed on something soft, a bed maybe.

Then someone took her was a man....his grip was strong. Then someone else took her ankle....that was the soft grip of a woman. Next she felt her wrists and ankles being tied down. Lydia was becoming anxious again, but, Frank reassured her all was well, and to just relax and enjoy the experience. With her legs splayed wide, Lydia felt multiple people kissing her, sucking and caressing her breasts, hands petting her torso, along with tongues and fingers exploring her pussy. It was all so damned erotic. After several minutes of this, Lydia heard Frank whisper in her ear,

"Now it's time for some real fun."

The next thing Lydia heard was a female voice was telling her that her husbands cock was waiting for her, and to lower herself down. She was sure it was Nancy talking to her as she lowed herself down till she felt Frank's cock pushing against her opening. As his cock slid into her pussy Lydia leaned forward and began kissing Frank. Then Lydia felt something she hadn't planned on. She could feel something lubing her ass, and then the head of a cock pushing ever so slowly into her ass. At first she wanted to say no, but the thought of having a cock in her pussy and one in her ass, was a fantasy she'd always had.

Lydia relaxed allowing the cock to slide into her ass. Once the cock was in, Frank and the other man started moving in unison. Oh how good it felt...even better than she had imagined. Thinking that it couldn't get any better, Lydia felt something on her was another cock. She opened her mouth, allowing the new cock to slide in. Now she had a cock in her pussy, one in her ass and a third cock in her mouth. This truly was a fantasy come true....having a cock filling every orifice of her body.

Lydia rocked back and forth, deep throating the one one cock while the other two pummeled her ass and pussy. Lydia was soon cumming over and over was like nothing she could ever have imagined. Lydia came so many times that she lost count. Suddenly the cock left her mouth, as well as her pussy and ass. Lydia was then turned over onto her back. Then she heard Frank tell her she could remove the blind fold if she liked, she might want to watch this. As she removed the blind fold, she could see herself surrounded my men. Dan, Nancy's husband was on one side, Frank on the other, along with other men standing over her...all of whom were jacking off, their cocks aimed at her.

Lydia was about to get a cum bath, another fantasy she had shared with her husband. As she watched them jacking off, Lydia started fingering her pussy as she looked from side to side watching the men. There were big cocks, average cocks, and even some smaller cocks, but they all looked beautiful. She could also see Nancy and some other women she didn't know in the background, watching and giggling as they fingered themselves. Suddenly she heard one man groan, and then she felt warm cum splashing on her breasts. Then there was another groan, and another. Suddenly all the men were cumming, splattering their loads all over her body. Her breasts, stomach, face, and even in her legs.

Finally the cum shower had come to an end. Lydia laid there as Nancy and the other women moved in. Lydia felt the womens hands start massaging the cum into her breasts, as well as the rest of her body. She could feel fingers exploring her pussy, and lips kissing her nipples. Then Nancy asked her,

"Have you ever tasted pussy before?"


"Well, would you like to?"

Lydia thought for a moment. It had been something she'd thought about...why not she thought....she'd done everything else this night, why not that.

"Let's do it."

Nancy smiled and kissed Lydia before lowering her bare pussy onto Lydia's lips. Lydia was a little timid at first, after all this was her first time. But, after a little encouragement from Nancy, Lydia was really starting to enjoy the aroma and the taste of another woman. Soon Lydia was sucking pussy like she'd been doing it all her life. She heard Nancy moaning, telling Lydia she was going to cum. Then Lydia felt Nancy's body shuddering, and her warm juices running down over her face and chin.

Finally Nancy moved between Lydia's legs, bringing Lydia off one last time. After she was done cumming, Frank helped his wife to her feet saying,

"Happy Valentines Day babe!"

Lydia hugged him saying,

"This is the best Valentines Day ever."

Once they were home, and showered, Lydia couldn't thank Frank enough for giving her such a wonderful time. Frank just smiled, saying that they should do it again sometime. Lydia agreed, and was amazed at what she found out about herself as well. Frank and Lydia went to bed, Lydia wanting to get together with Nancy and Don for some more fun. Just Nancy and Don...she wasn't sure about the swing club scene yet. Frank agreed, amazed at how well this had turned out. Either way you looked at turned out to be a great night of erotic bliss.

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This was great - write more!

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