I want to tell you about what happened at one of our sleep over's. It happened at Becky’s house maybe 4 or 5 times after we started playing with each other sexually. Fingering each other, licking each other and using Becky’s mom’s vibrator on ourselves whenever possible.

As I said I was at Becky’s house it was after 10 when everyone else seemed to be asleep and though we had been playing with each other some, we now felt safe to get naked and really have fun.

We hadn’t been able to “borrow” the vibrator tonight, which was a downer, as we both loved to be fucked with it. Becky said she had an idea of what we could use. She ran to the bathroom and came back with her hairbrush.

She told me to lay down and spread. She got on the bed and crawled between my spread legs. She ran the handle of the brush up and down my itchy crack. Not as good as the vib but it did feel good being rubbed down there. I was already somewhat wet from touching before and from the excitement of what was to come. I heard her say get ready, as I felt her pushing the brush handle up in my little pussy.

OHHHHHHh that felt good having something in me. Lick me I begged. With the handle in me and fucking me Becky started licking my clit. It felt so good being fucked and licked at the same time. I needed to cum so bad, that it wasn’t lone before she made me cum and she never stopped fucking me with the brush or licking till I was done.

Nice show girls are you going to lick Becky’s cunt now Amy? We heard from the doorway. Started trying to cover up we saw Becky’s 15-year-old brother watching us. He had one hand rubbing himself through his pants.

Get out Becky said to him, get out.

OK I’ll leave but I go wake up mom and dad he said to us.

No, please don’t tell them we pleaded.

I won’t if I can stay and watch; I’ve never seen 2 girls lick pussy.

We looked at each other and nodded OK, you can stay we softly said to him.

He closed the door and sit on the edge of the bed. OK Amy Becky licked you, time for you to lick her.

Becky lay down next to me but I just sit there.

Come on Amy lick her pussy while I watch unless you want me too wake up our parents.

I slowly came to the understanding that I had to do it with him watching or his parents would tell mine. I crawled between Becky’s legs, laid down with my face at her pussy.

Hurry up I heard him say, as I ran my tongue up and down her wet pussy. MMMMMMMm I heard her moan as I licked her.

That’s it Amy eat her pussy I heard him say over and over.

I don’t know if it was because she was hot from licking me or from her brother watching but as soon as
I stuck my finger in her pussy she came and came real hard too.

I said as I turned to him, you say me now will you leave? Hell no we just started he said as I then saw he had undone his pants and had his thing out playing with it. It was big and hard stood straight up. The end of it was wet it looked like it was leaking some clear fluid. I kept staring at it, I had seen pictures in magazines Becky stole from her dad but neither of us had seen a hard one up close like this.

It’s my turn now he said you two are going to lick my cock for me.

No way Becky said to him.

OK he stood up guess I go wake up mom and dad.

No Brian, don’t I’ll lick your thing but please don’t wake them up. Becky looked at me funny. They’ll tell my parents and they won’t let us have sleepovers again.

OK Becky said what do you want us to do?

Good girls he said as he laid down on the bed, his legs spread wide. He was still holding his thing and his fist was going up and down it slowly.

Crawl between my legs Amy just like when you licked my sister and lick my balls.

I got between his legs as he said my mouth right next to his thing. His ball bag as he called it was all wrinkled and tight looking. As I looked at it and somewhat frozen in fear I guess I heard him tell me go on Amy lick them, I need them licked. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue quickly I ran it up his sac. It felt real funny being so wrinkled but I had been afraid it would taste funny or bad but it didn’t. So I kept licking them, his balls and he kept rubbing his cock. As I continued to lick his balls, I was really beginning to like it. He really seemed to enjoy it and that made me feel older.

Move closer I heard him say to Becky I want to finger your cunt. I felt the bed move as she did. Then I heard her moaning just like she did when I fingered her.

Damm sis your pussy sure is tight but shit how wet it is.

Keep licking girl I heard him tell me as he fingered her.

OK Becky put your hand on my cock and do what I’m doing I heard as I licked his balls, I was really into this now. I could feel his balls in the sac moving around from my tongue action.

I looked up enough to see Becky grab hold of his cock. His hand went around hers as he said rub up and down like this.

She was jacking him and I was licking his balls, he must have been in heaven.

Very soon after she started jacking him he told us don’t stop until I saw to. Then his body went stiff, his ball sac got tighter and I heard him yell, I’m cumming jack it sis lick me Amy. I didn’t know what he meant cumming but I kept licking feeling his whole body shakes until he told us to stop.

I looked up and there was a lot of white creamy stuff on his belly and on Becky’s hands.

He laid there a short while quiet, then he said damn girls that was great better than when I jack myself off. Next time Amy you get to jack me off and sis you lick my balls.

He then sat on the bed between us and fingered us both at the same time till we came again.

We heard his dad get up and go to the bathroom, and were all scared we’d get caught so it ended then but continued with much more fun on later days and slipovers.

As he got up to go to his room before he dressed he made both of us kiss his cock goodnight. We did them he left. We fingered each other to another cum then we both fell asleep

To Be Continued

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i agree there is no dominent gender

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not to sound like a dick, but there is not even enough punctuation for me to understand it. the speech is done terribly. that is something you need to work on. other than that the content was good and something i enjoy.

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