This is a story that I wrote quite a while ago. I fixed up the spelling mistakes but didn't reread it becasue I know the plot fairly well. Although, I have changed it around a fair amount. lol.
I had just moved into my new place, it was an apartment. It was close to a park. One night, shortly after I moved in, I went for a walk in the park. Like at my old place I put on a coat and took my .357 magnum revolver with me. It was beautiful. It was a full moon, so I had lots of light to see by. For some reason, the street lights were not working. It didn't bother me at all.

As I walked along one of the paths, I heard something. It might have been an animal or someone steping on a twig. I ignored it. Later I hear it again. I call out "who's there?". I get no response, so I continue to walk on down the path.

I think I see someone under a tree, but I'm not sure. I call out but get no response so I walk on. I hear a foot step. I turn around. I see you. Your wearing a black, leather trench coat, black pants and boots to match. You come closer and I call out "Its you, from under that tree". You don't respond, but you keep walking towards me. You look like you are gliding, your feet look like they are barely moving but you are moving fast.

When you get to me you look me deep into my eyes, like your looking into my soul. Your eyes are black, I think that they must be contacts. You say "they are real, I don't like contacts". I shiver. "How did you . . . ". You cut me off and say "I am a shadow". I look at you confused. I don't understand. You get the hint and say "vampire". My jaw drops. You smile at me, its an amazing smile. I ask "What is your name?" Still smiling at me you say "April." I smile back at you "Hi April, I am Jack."

"Then why did you . . . ". You cut me off again "Because it is the proper term for us". "So why are you telling me this?". For once you let me finish. "I like you. I have been watching you since you moved here." I ask you "why have you . . . ". You cut me off again "Because I like you. I saw you move in and thought you could be right for me. We can tell a lot by looking into someone's soul". I ask again "Why . . . ". You answer "Because I want you to be with me."

I say nothing for a while, just absorbing all of it in. You speak first "I know that it is a lot to take in but I know you and I know that you want me, I can feel it." I look deep into your eyes. "Again, why me . . . ?" You sigh. When you speak this time your voice has changed slightly. "I felt the loneliness in your soul and from what I have observed, out personality's match."

You smile at me again. I smile back. You tell me to come with you and you take my hand. Your hand feels cold. I follow you, still holding onto your hand. You lead me back to my place. We go up the elevator. We get to my door. You get out a key and unlock it. I ask "How did you get the key?" You smile at me and whisper "I took it from the maintenance guy please don't tell him. You wouldn't want me to get into trouble, would you?" You give me a sweet, innocent look. "Cute" I say.

You enter my apartment and I follow you in. You take off your coat and hang it on the coat rack, I do the same. I see that you have a shoulder holster with a desert eagle in it and a couple spare clips on the other side. Before I can say something you say "Protection against all the evil in this world of darkest nights." I smile at you and pull out my .357 magnum revolver from the holster on the back of my belt. "This is mine. Its not as powerful or as easy/fast to reload but it holds up realy well against muggers and burgelers." We smile. We both take off our holsters and put our guns away. I look over at the curtain, its closed like usual.

You tell me that you have enemy's and that it is a good idea to stay armed. I think nothing of it because of the people that I have pissed off in my life-time. You put your hand on my thigh. "Now, lets talk about something a bit more fun." You smile. I ask "What did you have in mind?" You continue to smile at me. You open your mouth and I see your fangs. "my, what large teeth you have." You reply "I'm a vampire, not a werewolf!" We laugh together. You put your arm around me and lean in.

Instead of kissing me, you bite my neck. Hard. It hurts a bit but it is very pleasurable at the same time. I let out a moan. You move your head back and look at me. I see some of my blood dribble down your chin. I wipe it up with me finger. I put my finger in your mouth and you lick the blood off of it. It leaves a tingling sensation on my finger, I pull it out. You say thank you. I look into your eyes and ask you "Am I a vampire now?" You laugh at me and say "No. Your blood needs to mix with my blood. Would you like me to?"

I think about it. I ask you "What powers and drawbacks are there for being a vampire?" You smile at me and say "You get a very long life, immortality if you play your cards right. A body that can take a beating. A body with a lot more stamina, strength and dexterity. A pair of shiny fangs. Sunlight is bad, very bad, don't get caught in the sunlight or its all over and I don't get to play with you anymore. You need blood once a week, maybe more. Soooo, want to be a vampire?"

I smile at you and say "Yes, yes, OOO God YES" You look at me an smile. "We are going to have some fun first." I smile. You lean in again but this time you kiss me. You kiss me very passionately, I can taste my blood on your tongue. I close my eyes. I feel you taking off your shirt, so I take off mine. I can feel your tongue probing my mouth and your hard nipples pressing against me. I think "God, she's not wearing a bra!" You say "I don't like bra's, they are uncomfortable. I don't like thongs either, so lets get mine off."

I give you a greedy look. I pull your pants down. I move my head to your thong. I put my tongue under string part of the thong and pull it down with my tongue. I put my head back to where it was before. I lick around your pussy, not touching it. I hear you moan. Your moaning gets louder. I put my tongue deep inside you, as deep as it can go. Your moans get louder and louder as I push my tongue in and out. I go faster and faster, making you moan louder and louder. I Push my tongue deeper and deeper. I can feel you start to orgasm. I continue playing with you with my tongue. Your cum goes all over my face and I lick up all that I can.

I get up and look you in the eye. You anticipate my question and say "Not yet, we can still have a lot more fun." You smile at me. "Time the return the favour." You get down on your knees and look directly at the bulge in my pants. I look down at you but you ignore my look. You just stare at the bulge. I can feel it geting bigger. I make it move and you giggle. I make it move again, and again. You keep giggling. Then you reach into the waste band of my sweat pants and pull them down. You do the same with my underwear. It pops out. You look right at it, not touching it. You grin. You open your mouth and take my entire cock in your mouth. You suck on it gently. I start to moan. You suck harder and harder, I moan louder and louder. You keep sucking harder and harder. I moan realy loud. In between the moans I say, I'm about to cum! You ignore me and continue sucking. I finally cum in your mouth. You don't slow the sucking. You suck every drop of cum out of me.

You get up and smile at me. Before I can say anything, you say "Now." I smile back at you. You go over to your pants and pull out a small metal case with a needle in it. You put it right into your arm and get the vain with out looking, you pull the handle back and draw out some blood. You smile at me. I smile back. You stand beside me. You look at my arm. You take the needle and poke the tip into my arm. It goes into a vain. You push the handle in and all of you blood goes in me. I feel a pain drifting through my body, I can feel my heart slowing. It stops. The pain shoots to my head and I scream out. My body spasms. All of a sudden it stops. I feel all my strength returning. It makes me feel so alive!

You put the needle away and I look deep into you eyes. All of my senses are heightened. My breathing becomes heavy. I move over to you. I hold you close to me. I pick you up and put you on the bed. I get on top of you. I put my cock into you. I hear you moan loudly as I do. I pull it out a bit and thrust it deep into you again. I do this again and again. I start to moan. I moan louder. You moan louder. I thrust harder and harder. We moan louder and louder. We moan in time to my thrusts. I thrust into you for hours. We both cum a couple times. I keep going all night. Just before dawn, I hop off of you. We fall asleep together. Lovers forever.

Flesh of the Fallen AngelReport

2009-05-01 00:39:20
Thanks. I wrote more of this, but this is by far the best of it and I never finished it so it would be annoying to everyone as people like a happy ending *wink wink*

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2009-04-28 04:14:06
horny as hell, and such emotion. love it

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2009-04-20 07:30:02
I just added you on MSN.

Also, Abaddon? ... I do not know this name ... yet it sounds familiar ...

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2009-04-18 22:22:32
I know much about vampires, angels, fallen angels or demons you may call it w.e. I hope I hear from you soon.

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2009-04-18 09:52:06
I've gotten much better at writing since I wrote this story. Check out my other ones that I've published.

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