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if you had not noticed i like to right rape stories
Ashleigh peeked into the classroom, unsure if Mr. Sanders was in the room or not. She sighed, blowing a big bubble with her gum, and then snapping it. Ashleigh was beautiful, with short curly blonde hair, big blue eyes, and a figure that most girls would kill to have. Her measurements were a 34C-22-32, and those girls who were jealous of her often called her “Barbie.” Stupid sluts, Ashleigh thought to herself, they would think that is an insult. They all know that their boyfriends would dump them in a second if they could have me.

Although Ashleigh was very fond of teasing and leading on boys, she hadn’t yet had sex. Oh, she had given a few blow jobs now and then, but she wouldn’t consent to sex. The way she saw it, she was just too good for high school boys. She’d wait until she found someone really worthy to touch her; until then, she’d be a virgin. Just because she was a virgin, however, didn’t mean that she dressed the part. Only 16, Ashleigh was often mistaken for being in her 20s with her outfits. Today, Ashleigh was wearing a form-fitting white tank top that stopped several inches short of the waistband on her plaid skirt. Her plaid skirt barely covered her shapely ass, and she wore fishnet stockings and knee-high black leather boots. All day, male students and teachers had been watching her carefully, hoping against hope that she would bend over and allow them a glimpse of her panties. She had disappointed them all, she thought with a smug grin on her face.

Mr. Sanders came bustling out of the lab in the back of the classroom. Nicknamed “the Colonel” because of his last name, he was about 40 years old with balding dark hair that stood up wildly. Some of his students joked that he had stuck his hand in an electrical socket to get that hairdo, but in reality he just couldn’t find the time to get a haircut. He had thick, black-rimmed glasses that were always sliding down his nose, and he wore a traditional white lab jacket over his mis-matched lavender shirt with dark blue dress pants. His tie was on crooked and matched neither his shirt nor his pants. He had colored chalk dust all over the back of his lab coat, but he never noticed. He was the typical absent-minded physics professor.

“Ah, Ashleigh,” he said, looking up at her for the first time. “I had no idea you had arrived.”

Ashleigh snorted, tossing her pretty blonde hair over her shoulder. “Look, I just want to get this over with. Where do you want me to sit?”

Mr. Sanders looked indecisive. “Um, well, how about over here?” He pointed to the desk closest to his own. His desk could barely be seen, covered with piles of graded papers, lab manuals, catalogues advertising the newest physics supplies, and textbooks.

Ashleigh shrugged her shoulders. “Whatever,” she murmured, plopping down into the desk. She lounged back, her shirt riding up almost enough for Mr. Sanders to get a glimpse of the bottom of her cleavage.

Ashleigh had skipped physics class three times that week, and the principal had told her that she would have to serve a two-hour detention after school to make up for the work she missed. Mr. Sanders didn’t seem to know what to do with her. He glanced nervously back at the lab. “Well, um, Ashleigh, I’m going to be back in the lab if you need me. Your make-up work is on my desk, let me get it for you.” He walked over to his desk, found a book with several worksheets stuck inside the flap, and handed it to her. “Do you need a pencil?”

Ashleigh just looked at him. He blushed and looked down at his feet. “Um, okay, I’ll be in the lab,” he repeated, inching away from her. Ashleigh tried not to laugh. It was obvious that women intimidated Mr. Sanders. Maybe that was why he had never married a woman. The students said he was married to his work, and that appeared to be true. He shut the lab door, and Ashleigh sighed. She could work on her worksheets. If she finished them, maybe Mr. Sanders would let her go early. She fished out a pink pen from her purse and began to look up the answers in the book. She sighed once more. She’d never have taken physics if it wasn’t for her father. Her father was a chemist and worked at a nearby chemical lab. He made a lot of money, and he hoped that his only child would follow in his scientific footsteps.

“Sorry to disappoint you, Daddy,” Ashleigh murmured, “but I don’t even know the definitions in the book.”

Mr. Sanders was infuriated as he sat back in his lab. How dare Ashleigh Cabbott walk into his classroom, his domain, and intimidate him? It just wasn’t right. It just wasn’t fair. He’d show that little bitch.

He peeped out the window on the door. She was actually working on the assignment he had given her. He was surprised. There was a rumor around the school that she slept around for her grades, although he didn’t know if it was true or not. Ashleigh constantly skipped classes, and yet she always managed to pass them all. He was stumped as to how she managed to do it. She had taken one exam in his class, and had failed with flying colors.

Mr. Sanders slammed his balled up fist into the palm of his other hand. Yes, he could show this little bitch a thing or two. Hell, she might be able to teach HIM a thing or two, with all the experience she probably had under her belt. A girl didn’t dress like she did and not get fucked frequently, even though she had never had a steady boyfriend.

He opened the lab door and walked quietly towards her. Ashleigh didn’t even notice him approaching her, she was trying to flip through her book to the dictionary in the back. He raised his hand to strike her. She half-turned in her seat, but by the time she saw him, his fist had slammed into the back of her head. She slumped in her seat, knocked unconscious. Mr. Sanders smiled evilly. Yes, he would have fun with this girl before she left his classroom.

While Ashleigh lay on the desk unconscious, Mr. Sanders got to work. He first shut and locked his classroom’s door, and then pulled down the shade. He wasn’t worried about anyone hearing him – most of the teachers and students had left for the day already, and the school was built so the science classrooms had their own wing. Mr. Sanders knew that none of the other science teachers stayed around after the last bell rang for the day. He smiled to himself. This was almost too easy!

Next, he cleared his cluttered desk, pushing most of the papers and textbooks onto the floor with a crash. He looked over to Ashleigh, but she was still out like a light. He smiled. Finally, with the desk completely clear, he went over to get his little victim. Pulling her out of her chair, he didn’t realize how heavy she was, although she was thin and built. He struggled to get her to the desk. Flopping her over on her stomach on the desk, he surveyed his prize. She moaned a little bit, and he realized he had better hurry before she woke up and tried to fight him. He knew she would fight him, and he was a little bit disappointed that she would not be able to have that chance. He would love to get violent with her. But not this time.

He searched the room frantically, trying to find something to tie her up with. Finally, his eyes fell upon some Saran Wrap his eighth-period class had been using in the lab. He pulled out a few feet, wrapping it up tightly, and tried to break it. He couldn’t. Yes, this would do. He went back over to Ashleigh and tied her wrists together behind her back. She moaned again, this time a little louder. He ran back to his lab and pulled out a few circuit boards and metal clips. His ninth-period class had been learning the difference between parallel and series circuits. Ashleigh’s head hung low over his desk. Just as he had hoped, her breasts were hanging over the desk’s edge, too. He quickly ripped off her tank top, exposing her creamy white breasts and tiny pink nipples. He pinched one, rolling it around between his thum b and index fingers. It instantly stood to attention. He lowered his mouth to the nipple, gently sucking it. Ashleigh let out a groan. Pulling his lips away from her tasty nipple, he hooked up the metal clips to the circuit board with wires. He sank one of the metal clips into Ashleigh’s pert nipple. She let out a howl and her eyes shot open.

“Well, Ashleigh, you finally grace me with your presence. Now, hold still. You see, your class learned about electricity and circuits today, and I’m afraid you missed that class. So I’m here to fill you in with the lessons we learned.” With that, he sank the other metal clip into her other nipple. She howled again, her eyes filled with pain.

“Oh please, please don’t do this. Please let me go, please Mr. Sanders.” Ashleigh’s eyes were pleading with him, begging him to let her go.

He shook his head ruefully. “I’m sorry, Ashleigh, but you are so far behind in class, you really need to get caught up. What better way than to show you with hands-on learning?” He snickered at his own joke, but Ashleigh didn’t appear to appreciate his humor.

Mr. Sanders sat down on the floor, his face close to Ashleigh’s. He wanted the best vantage point possible. He flipped a few switches on the crude circuit board, and then pushed a button. Ashleigh howled in pain as a jolt of electricity flowed through her right nipple. Mr. Sanders smiled at her pain. He pressed another button, and this time a surge of electricity stung her left nipple. It felt as if her nipples were scorched. She screamed again, her breath blowing across Mr. Sanders’ face, her eyes scrunched up in terror and pain.

Mr. Sanders pressed the buttons a few more times, varying the length of time Ashleigh was exposed to the electrical shock. After a few minutes, however, he couldn’t take it any longer. He felt as if he were ready to explode if he didn’t fuck this little bitch. He unhooked the metal clips, and Ashleigh breathed a sigh of relief. “Please, Mr. Sanders, let me go now. I promise I won’t tell, if you just let me go.”

Mr. Sanders laughed. “Oh Ashleigh, you forget. You’ve only been here half an hour, and you are supposed to stay for two hours, remember? Besides, we learned so many more things with the three classes you skipped, and you aren’t nearly caught up yet.”

Ashleigh began to struggle as he walked around her. She could no longer see him, but she could hear his footsteps stop behind her. “Nice,” he murmured. During her struggle, her skirt had ridden up her ass, giving him a prime view of her black thong and snowy white ass cheeks. He gave her left cheek a hearty slap, and then lowered his hands to start unzipping her black boots. He pulled one off her foot, and then the second one. He threw them to the side. Her fishnet stockings were only thigh-high, and he thought it would be interesting to fuck her like the dirty slut she was with them on. The panties, however, definitely had to go. He raised a finger and snapped the elastic waistband. Ashleigh gave a yelp and began to plead all over again for her release.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch. You have this coming to you, and you damn well know it. So just shut the fuck up and enjoy it, because I know I sure am.”

Ashleigh was shaking her head back and forth violently. “Please, Mr. Sanders, don’t, I’m a virgin. Please let me go.”

Mr. Sanders snorted. “A virgin? Give me a fucking break. There’s no way you could be a virgin when you dress like a little slut. I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t fucked a hundred men so far, and that’s not including the little high school boys you trifle around with.” He slid her thong down over her ass and pulled it down her sexy legs. Ashleigh hadn’t stopped her pleading, so he grabbed her thong and stuffed it into her rosy-red mouth. Her cheeks were puffy like a chipmunk, and her screaming wasn’t nearly as loud. Good.

He returned to her ass and examined it. He pulled her plaid skirt up a little bit higher. He would keep it on, it gave her a naughty Catholic school girl look, but he wanted to see what exactly he was fucking when he was teaching her a lesson. He ran his index finger down the crack of her ass and came to her moist little pussy. Could it be possible that the slut was turned on by his torture? “Hell, with Ashleigh Cabbott, anything is possible for the little hussy,” he thought to himself, admiring his prize.

He slid a finger into her pussy, causing her to scream and gag as she protested. God, was she tight. Her pussy lips clenched his finger in a vise-like grip. Probing into her, he managed to stuff another finger into her little twat, her screams giving way to hysterical sobs. His thumb found her clit, and he began to massage it. Her juices flowed down his two fingers, and a few droplets fell onto the floor. Yes, she was ready, but he wanted to enjoy it to the extreme. Instead of sliding his dick into her pussy, he slid out his two fingers and instead knelt behind her and began to lick her tender folds of skin. She was getting turned on, he could feel it. He plunged his tongue deep into her pussy, tasting her sweet juices, and continued to massage her clit with his thumb. He felt her muscles tighten, and a sob escaped around her gag as she came with his tongue lapping at her dripping cunt.

Mr. Sanders stood up and began to hurriedly unzip his pants. He threw off his white lab coat and slid his pants down to his knees. Standing behind her, his dick pressed up against her ass crack, he let her know the treat that was in for her. Although his dick wasn’t exceptionally long, about 8 inches altogether, he was very wide, over 4 inches across. His first girlfriend had broken off the relationship because she couldn’t handle his cock, and he found that many other women felt the same way. He wondered if he would shred Ashleigh’s cunt, too.

Rearing back, his cock nuzzled up against Ashleigh’s swollen cunt lips and gently entered her sweet wet folds. She began to scream even louder, but Mr. Sanders paid her no mind. He inched into her pussy, until he felt himself pressing up against some sort of barrier. He frowned and pushed harder. His cock sank into her cunt even further with a wet, sloppy noise. He looked down and saw blood dripping from Ashleigh’s pussy. “Damn, you were telling the truth, you really WERE a virgin!” Mr. Sanders laughed loudly as he kept pushing his cock deeper into Ashleigh’s violated twat. “Well, I guess I’ve taken care of THAT for you.” He continued to laugh as sobs wracked Ashleigh’s beautiful body.

Mr. Sanders finally managed to sink all of his cock into Ashleigh’s pussy. He grabbed a hold of her blonde hair and pulled on it as he withdrew his cock from her fuckhole. He sank into her pussy again, this time with much less resistance, although Ashleigh still screamed from pain and humiliation. He pulled her hair again as he pushed into her. Finally, he couldn’t stand it any longer and began to pump his cock into her body hard and fast, causing her breasts to slap against the side of the desk and her body to jiggle limply as he used her. He felt his balls tightening, and he slammed into her once more as he shot his cum inside her raped hole.

He lay against her for a few moments, breathing deeply. She was quietly sobbing beneath him. He finally withdrew his shrinking dick and examined the pinkish-tinged, creamy juices that dripped from her well-abused cunt. He smiled once more.

Her eyes were still begging him to let her go, but he still had plans for her. He kicked off his pants and walked back to his lab without them, searching for something he had used in a lesson a few days ago. Opening the small icebox he had in the back room, he slid on a pair of gloves and picked up a large metal cylinder that was stored in the icebox. The students had been learning how metal conducts electricity, and they had been examining whether different metal temperatures facilitated or diminished conduction.

He walked back toward Ashleigh. She still lay slumped over his desk, sobbing for all she was worth. She kind of looked li ke a broken doll. He grinned. She didn’t have the energy to lift her head up enough to meet his eyes, but she definitely knew that he had returned. “You also missed our experiments with the temperatures of metals and their ability to conduct electricity. I thought I should introduce you to our research and findings.” Taking the metal cylinder, which had chilled his hands despite wearing thick gloves, he stepped behind her again. Placing the frozen metal against her pussy lips, Ashleigh suddenly came to life, screaming and thrashing wildly. The metal had to be cold enough to burn her, and her abused pussy was more vulnerable to the cold. He slowly began to slide the cylinder into her fuckhole, pausing now and then to adjust his grip. Finally, the entire cylinder was swallowed up by her pussy.

Ashleigh was still screaming and thrashing about wildly, but she was powerless to push against the cylinder or stop the abuse. Mr. Sanders slid off his gloves and touched the opening of her pussy. It was so cold, he felt as if he had shoved an icebox up her twat instead of the metal cylinder. He walked away from her and retrieved the circuit board he had fun with earlier. He took a metal clip and sank it into her pussy lip, increasing her howls of pain. He took the other metal clip, pushing her wet folds apart, and sank it into her clit. Ashleigh began to buck up and down, and Mr. Sanders held her as strength faded and finally gave way. The cold her pussy was emitting was downright chilling to the bone. He could only imagine how much pain she was in as the metal tube frosted her insides.

He pressed a button on the circuit board and gave Ashleigh an electrical shock. She moaned loudly, but didn’t scream. Frowning, he made a few adjustments and pressed the button again. This time, Ashleigh nearly bolted straight off of the desk. She probably would have, except Mr. Sanders was standing directly behind her. He pressed the other button and sent a jolt of electricity to Ashleigh’s clit. She screamed louder, but didn’t have the energy to jump off the desk or away from her pain.

Mr. Sanders went around to the front of the desk so he could see Ashleigh’s facial expressions as he sent the electrical shocks through her. Her eyes were already tightly shut, probably from the pain of having a freezing cold cylinder shoved into her snatch. A small trace of drool dripped from the left corner of her mouth, and he could tell that her thong was soaked clean through. He sent another shock to her clit. Her eyes flew open, and he liked what he saw as she screamed. The pain in her big blue eyes was indescribable, and he treasured the fact that he was the one inflicting it on her.

Although he was definitely not a young man anymore, he was still virile and he began to grow hard once more. He pressed the buttons a few more times, loving the expressions on her face. He pressed the button for her clit and kept it pressed for nearly a minute. Ashleigh looked like a mad woman, twitching and screaming. He could tell that she was getting sick and watched with pleasure as she was forced to swallow her own hot vomit. That sent him nearly over the edge. He got up and removed the metal clips from her pussy, but leaving the metal cylinder in for good measure. Throwing the electrical board to the floor, he spread her ass cheeks and began to lick her tender, puckered asshole. He moved his mouth over her two ass cheeks, laving each with his tongue. He sank his teeth into her right cheek, but she barely moaned. She was apparently becoming insensitive to the torture he was inflicting on her. He would change that.

He got up and took his hard dick in his hand. Stroking himself for a few seconds, he placed his cock right up against her little asshole. Scooping some pinkish cream from her icy cunt, he rubbed it against her hole and began to press up against her. She squirmed and moaned, but she had lost all energy to resist and limply lay there for the most part. He felt her sphincter resisting and then letting go, allowing him to sink deeper into her virgin ass. He reared back again, savoring the tight muscles unwillingly milking his cock, relishing the coldness that seeped from her chilled vagina. He began thrusting into her wildly, ripping her tender anus in the process, making Ashleigh squeal from the pain tearing through her. He could only thrust into her ten times before spewing his hot cum into her bowels. When he tried to withdraw his cock, he had a difficult time prying himself loose from her tight muscles. He knew it must have shredded her insides for him to thrust so wildly into her.

He poked her in the shoulder blade, but she barely stirred. Obviously, the girl was worn out from her brutal fuckings, but as he looked up at the clock he realized he still had 20 minutes of detention time for her. He surely couldn’t let her out early, so he would have to find something else for her to do.

He went back to his lab to find something to keep himself entertained. He found a pair of small weights, something that he used with his class to measure mass. He grinned. Striding back towards Ashleigh, he took the metal clips off the electrical board and sank each into a nipple. She groaned in the back of her throat, but did nothing further to resist. He then began to wire the weights to her nipples. He stood back and examined his work. Her nipples were being pulled further and further from the rest of her breasts. She was moaning a bit in pain, careful not to move in case she jarred her breasts even more. He smiled with satisfaction.

He returned to her backside and slid on the gloves. “I need you to push out the cylinder,” he instructed Ashleigh as he knelt before her frigid cunt. Ashleigh groaned but did nothing. “Fine,” he sighed, “have it your way.” He brutally inserted his gloved finger into Ashleigh’s raped twat, eliciting a squeal from her. He finally found the cylinder, which was lodged snugly against her cervix, and managed to pull it out. His gloved fingers were cold, but her pussy had somehow managed to warm up the cylinder considerably. He tossed it to the floor, noting the pinkish cream that had encased it. Slipping off his gloves, he slid a finger up her cold snatch. He slowly slid another one in, and then withdrew.

He pulled her up off the desk by her bound wrists and sat her on the desk. She was wobbly and could barely keep herself upright. The sudden jarring motion caused the weights attached to her nipples to bounce and clank against one another, which caused her to yelp in pain. “Do you want to go home, Ashleigh?” Mr. Sanders asked kindly. She merely nodded.

“Well, I will let you go AFTER you fuck me on the floor. But this time I am not the one fucking you – you will be the one fucking me.” Mr. Sanders grabbed Ashleigh and lowered himself onto the floor, his cock already semi-erect. He lowered Ashleigh until she was sitting on his stomach. The jarring motion made her flinch as the weights pulled against her tender nipples. Mr. Sanders leaned back and positioned Ashleigh until she was sitting on top of his crotch, but his cock was still not inside of her.

“Now, Ashleigh, before I change my mind and tell the principal you need to come to detention next week, too.” Ashleigh’s eyes flew open and she raised her hips slightly. It was difficult for her to get his cock inside of her body, especially since it was not exceptionally hard, and so finally Mr. Sanders took pity on her and helped guide his tool into her cold cunt. The coldness almost caused him to lose whatever hard-on he had, but he was quickly able to keep it as he watched Ashleigh grunt over him, the weights clanking together with each little rise and fall of her hips, her eyes screwed tightly shut from the pain and degradation, her body covered with sweat. Her mouth was still full of her thong, which made her puffy cheeks look like she was sucking a cock. She rose and fell, gently, trying not to cause the weights to clank together. Mr. Sanders’ cock continued to get harder, until he could no longer accept her tiny moveme nts and grabbed hold of her hips, thrusting her brutally up and down on his pole, the weights clanking together and swirling madly. She yelped with each thrust, until he filled her beautiful pussy with his cum once more. He shoved her off of him and stood up. She was weeping silently, cum dribbling out of her ass and pussy.

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight!” he exclaimed, gathered his pants up from the floor. “Now, Ashleigh, have you learned your lesson?”

She merely nodded.

“You won’t be skipping my class again, will you?”

Ashleigh shook her head.

“Good girl,” he said, slipping his pants on. “Now, come with me.” He grabbed the girl, naked except for her plaid skirt that was stuck around her hips and the fishnet stockings. Thrusting her into the hall before him, he grabbed her wrists and drug her down the hallway. He pulled her into the boys’ locker room. He untied her wrists and made her kneel before a bench. He took the Saran Wrap and retied her, her hands attached to her knees, her pussy and ass spread invitingly in the air. She tried to struggle, but she couldn’t move and she had no energy left.

“I do believe the gym coach told me that you skipped his class three times this week too, Ashleigh. Tsk, tsk. He’s having football practice tonight, but I am sure that the football team will be returning shortly. I’m sure that the team will teach you the importance of coming to gym every day.”

With that, Mr. Sanders left her in the gym, naked and crying. As he gathered his things and cleared up the lab, he realized that he had forgotten to give Ashleigh her clothes. He scooped them up in a pile and trotted down to the locker room. He could hear Ashleigh’s muffled screams all the way down the hall. When he entered the locker room, he saw one football player fucking her ass while another fucked her mouth. One of them was talking about making an Ashleigh sandwich, which caused several of them to laugh wickedly. Mr. Sanders nodded at the boys, threw her clothes and boots on the floor, and whistled as he walked out of the building, Ashleigh’s muffled screams music to his ears.

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Thats justs dark music to his ears man come on that sick over class really come on man

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2013-02-12 22:52:56
This is NOT hot. Guys have no idea how rape physically and mentally hurts girls. Especially virgins. Virginity is something special that you want to save for someone very special and remember the HAPPY moment. It's a horrible thing to fantasize about raping a girl. -a girl

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That was fucked up my friends father wanted to rape her even tried you dudes better get this in there sick little heads that its wrong . my friend is now afraid of men and became a lesbain shes happy and where still friends but this shit was just cruel! U should be ashamed :(

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2012-05-05 19:36:26
I know you did not write this story, you stole it from a book on called sabrina teenage sex slave adult rape fantacies, if you don't believe me google it, dont go to and type it in, cause it is not available in the USA anymore just google it in click it. If you can buy it please post a complete list of the names of the stories and summaries if you can thanks.

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2011-12-05 20:04:11
Guys dont know how much it hurts to get raped and they just take it for granted. Losing one's virginity is something you can't get back and it leaves you broken with no will to live.

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