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as i said yah i know
Hunting PT I
This is fantasy... The sun rose on another spring morning. The college quad came to life, the bookstore and cafeteria opened. The smell of eggs cooking, coffee brewing filtered thru the air. He bought a large coffee and sat down on a bench and waited, waited for a coed, another easy tatget to follow. He'd size her up and capture her for his use. Four times he'd done it already. Three blondes and one brunette, all small, under five foot six. All cute with shoulder length hair.

He watched as more and more potential victims passed by, watching, waiting. Then he saw her. Older, maybe in her forties. "Yes, nice," he thought, "nice ass and tits." An older bitch for a change. He studied her, following at a distance. Her collar length mediun brown hair touched the top of her tan blouse that was thin enough that he could see the swell of her breasts inside her bra, "C-cups." he thought. He could see the faint outline of her bra straps on her shoulders and and back. Dark brown slacks tight enough to show a nice butt that had just enough wiggle to make him start to harden."Huh, no pantylines." he thought.

Into the bookstore she went. He followed, he slipped close to her. Close enough to smell herbal scent coming off her hair. He looked at her face, a few wrinkles around her pale blue eyes but a pretty bitch none the less. She looked at him, faintly smiled and slipped by passed, he appraised her as a piece of meat, a little overwieght, maybe ten extra pounds around her middle but worth taking. Out of the bookstore, across campus he followed her. Into the science building she walked. She stopped and unlocked her office. After she went in and closed the door he checked the nameplate, Helen Sinclair, OBGYN.

"Well, Helen dear, I will have to find out more about you before our date." he mused to himself walking from the science hall. To the admin building he walked. On a table in the lobby were some booklets about the college courses, college history and faculty. He looked up his intended target. her short bio said Helen joined the staff ten years ago when she moved to town with her husband, a lawyer, and three children. As well as a teacher she was a registeed nurse. He left the campus but would return in the morning to watch his prey, the thought of what was to come made him hard...

Hunting PT II

Helen wheeled her black SUV into the faculty parking lot. After stopping in her parking place she glanced at her watch, 7:15am, right on time. She hopped out, grabbed her briefcase, set the car alarm and headed for her office. She didn't see the old pickup with the man watching her in it. He shook his head "A SUV it figures." Having made a inquiery into the nursing school class times he found out her last class broke at 3:30pm he'd be back in the afternoon to follow her. What he failed to consider were her office hours. By the time she walked to her Blazer it was passed 6:00pm, he was fuming. "Fucking bitch, about time." he hissed as he watched her get into her SUV and drive away.

He followed her into a upper class part of the city. Big homes, with pools and large yards. He watched her pull into the garage a BMW was already there. The next morning he watched as her husband left for the office, she followed shortly there after. Some twenty minutes later a car pulled up and two teenaged boys came out, got in and left. He waited but the third kid never appeared. He decided a home capture was to risky, he'd play her on the fly. The next evening he waited for her. When she came out to her Blazer she was dressed in a pink nylon warm-up suit, white ankle socks and white crosstrainers. She put her street clothes and briefcase in her SUV and set the alarm. He left his truck and followeed her to the gym. At the gym he waited a few minutes then went in. By a stairmaster he watched her remove her warm-up suit. She had on a tank top and cotoon shorts. As she stepped on to the stairmaster and began her work out he stared at the muscles flexing in her legs and bottom. His cock grew harder and harder, he ran from the building.

Behind a row of bushes he orgasimed violently. "God that ass." he gasped. After thirty minutes, Helen stepped dowm and walked to the sauna for a twenty minute rest. As she sat in the sauna she felt sore but good. Between rhe stairmaster and her two nights a week aeorbics class her weight was falling. Soon she'd have her figure from twenty years ago back. He watched from his truck 7:30pm the lot was almost empty. He watched as she got in her truck and drove away, his cock hardened again. "Soon bitch, soon." he thought...

Hunting III

In the shadows, under a tree he waited near her Blazer. Dressed in dark clothing he was almost invisible. He had watched her on and off for a month, tonight was the night Helen walked from the gym to her Blazer, the brezze dried her hair damp from the shower. She stood by her Blazer, dropped her gym bag and fished her keys from her purse. When she opened the door to get in he pounced. A hand clamped on her mouth, his knife on her cheek. Helen grunted then froze. "Face down, bitch," he hissed. She leaned foward across the seat, his hand between her shoulder blades..

"No noise." She gasped when his hand left her mouth tne silenced when he tapped her cheek with the knife. She yelped as her wristes were twisted then cuffed behind her back.

"Please, I have money, credit cards," she weakly begged.

"I know, get in and slide over." he replied. He threw her bag in and then pulled he briefcase into the front seat. She watched in disbelief, as he pulled out a pen and a piece of paper, then found her wallet in her purse. He pulled out her credit cards and one by one had her say the PIN numbers. As she told him the codes she pleaded him not to harm her. "Relax will take a trip to the bank, then I'll let you go." he lied, similing at her. He drove to the bank in silence, she watched as he cash advanced her cards. he then drove to a deserted side street. "Slide over here."

She didn't move. Waving the knife he said again, "Get over here now." Helen slid over next to him "Don't please." she gasped as he unzipped her top down below her breasts. With her arms behind her her breasts strained aganist the tank top she had on. He hooked a finger into the top and jerked it away from her body. He gazed down itno the valley between her breasts, the mounds jiggled as she took short breaths. "Nice tits for an older bitch, How old are you." Barely able to speak she answered,

"Forty four, please don't hurt me or rape me, please, I'm not a good lay, please."

He let go of her top, looked into her eyes and saw twars forming as she backed away from him. "Were going for a ride, then I'll ride you, you better be a great fuck." He said, once agian flashing the knife at her. Tears leaked from her eyes and her whimpering made his cock hard as he drove into the night...

Hunting IV

On a deserted dirt road the SUV gorund to a stop. Helen watched as her captor walked around the Blazer and opened the passenger door'

"Get out!" he barked. She slipped out and was shoved face first into the side of the SUV. He took off the handcuffs and pinned her against the door.

"Now you strip, naked, understand." Helen didn't move. The knife pressed on her neck.

"Do it or I will." The knife pressed harder then released. Shaking she removed her shoes and socks, then her warm-up suit. Next she pulled off her tank top and shorts. Now in her bra and panties, she begged "Please don't do this, please."

He just chuckled. She fumbled for the clasp behind her back and removed her bra. Sobbing she hooked her thumbs in the side of her panties and slid them down her legs. Now nude, she stood shaking. "Remove your jewelry, watch, rings all of it." Done, she handed it to him, then she cried "NO NO!" as he recuffed her wrists behind her back. He shoved her foward with a blow between her shoulder blades.

"Hold still." he hissed. She shook and groaned as she felt his hands run up her legs to her bottom. "Nice ass." he said as he patted her. On her waist his hands moved around in front of her. Up to her breasts his fingers found her fear hardened nipples. As she felt his denim covered cock on her ass, Helen weakly begged, "God please no."

He released her and stepped back. "Turn around." She turned and slumped back on the door. "Stand up straight, bitch." She straightened and he said "Not bad at all." Her face flushed red as she felt his eyes on her crotch. "Nice thick bush I like that." he said stroking the triangle of hair. Frozen, she watched him opened and drop the back door of her SUV. He grabbed her right elbow and puled her in back of the SUV.

"SIT!" he barked. Helen sat on the tailgate. He pushed her down. Laying on her cuffed wrists she grabbed the edge of the floor with her hands. "Get those knees up and back. Crying again, she raised her knees and opened her legs, the bottoms of her feet were on the edge of the tailgate. He stood looking down at her. She looked at him through her bent legs. No please no no no no no no no." she cried. "Don't move." He walked away then came back a minute later. He slipped a strip of cloth, that he ripped from her tank top, under her neck. Then he pushed her balled up ankle socks at her mouth. "OPEN YOU SUPID CUNT!" he yelled, "I'M SICK OF YOUR NOISE!." She grunted then gagged as her mouth was stuffed. Wide eyed, nostrils flairing Helen watched him tie the stuffing in place with the cloth strip. He knotted the gag deep in her mouth, she fought not to throw up, fought her gag reflex. "Time for a serious fucking." he said and unzipped his jeans. She shook her head and screamed but the sound was muffled by the packing in her mouth. A quiet "mmmphh mppppfffh nunnh mmmphfhhh nughh,"and whimpering was all he heard as he dropped his pants...

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2010-09-28 02:54:02
Stories that end so abruptly suck.


2009-08-23 22:58:32
yes I concur with the others, needs a chapter 2.


2009-02-08 18:48:38
and then ... waiting

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2009-02-07 07:34:15
good story.. are you going to finish it? need to watch your spelling

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