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Woman abducted to feed and breed
This is the first two chapters of this story...If there is sufficient interest, I'll post the rest...I hope that any and all that read it; enjoy...Darktastes

Forced Lactation Chapter One

Jennifer smiled as she noticed the very handsome guy at the lingerie counter
looking at her...She knew she looked good today...She'd paid particular
attention to her hair, makeup and worn those nylons that made such a
delicious rustle when she wanted them to...He was staring at her now and
Jennifer remembered that she was holding a very lacy bra, waiting to pay and
he was looking at that...

Her face flushed slightly and she held the bra close, looking away so as not
to be so evident...His voice when she heard it, was soft and with a slight
accent that she couldn't quite place...Cultured sounding, maybe British...

"Excuse me" he said, "I wonder if you would help me"
Jennifer almost turned to look behind her, when she realized he was speaking
to her.
"I ...I don't know, I don't work here, maybe you'd like to speak to one of
the salesgirls" Jennifer replied and thought her voice sounded far too
girlish...Where had that come from she thought!
"No, I couldn't help noticing that you're buying some lingerie and I just
wondered if you could help me" he continued...

"Well, I don't know what it is that I can help you with, but I'll try"

"I'd like to buy a gift for someone special and I'd like a woman's
opinion... Would you look at these and tell me what you think" His eyes were
boring into her and Jennifer felt slightly uneasy but he was talking like a
perfect gentleman and he was also very good looking...About 40 or 42, hair
at his temples just slightly graying and straight white teeth...Jennifer
always noticed the teeth first and thought it was a great indicator of how
well a man took care of himself.

"Is this for a birthday or anniversary" Jennifer inquired thinking herself
very clever to get that into the conversation so innocently and quickly...
"No" he replied, it's just for a friend that's been ill" as Jennifer looked
at the articles in his hand...He was holding two pair of panties, one white
with lacy panels on the sides and little pink bows at the top of them...The
other a thong in a shade of fuchsia that looked like it belonged on a
"Which do you prefer" he asked and Jennifer felt suddenly startled...Here
was this perfect stranger asking her which panties she preferred and she
didn't know what to say...

She knew she was stammering as she answered but she couldn't help
it..."Well, I don't know your friend so I certainly wouldn't know which
she'd like" she finally finished...He looked at the panties in his hand and
then back into Jennifer's face as he said...

"I didn't ask you that, I asked you which you would prefer" he almost
whispered and Jennifer felt as if he had physically touched her. She felt a
shiver and didn't really know how to reply to that...Not trusting her voice,
she just shook her head and he smiled, saying "Then I'll just take these" as
he replaced the thong...Jennifer felt sure that he would select the thong,
left to his own devices but he had surprised her...Maybe there was some hope
for men, after all...She thought, maybe this one wasn't a pig like most
she'd known...

One of the sales girls returned and asked "May I help you with that" and as
Jennifer started to step forward, she realized it was the man the girl was
speaking to, not herself...Slightly embarrassed, Jennifer stepped aside and
nodded her head for him to go first.
"I think you should take care of the lady first, she's been here longer than
I have" he smoothly lied but Jennifer just thought he was being
gallant...She paid for the bra, received the package, receipt and turned to
leave when he spoke to her..."Would you like to have coffee?" he asked and
Jennifer began to make an excuse; when she decided quickly...Oh hell, why
not she thought and said "You mean here at the coffee bar in the back"
He said, "No, just around the corner, very close" as he took her arm and
started towards the exit...

She'd only spoken a few words to him and now here she was, being propelled
toward the exit of the store with his hand holding her arm...It'd been a
long time since Jennifer had been involved with a man and that had gone
badly...The months had slipped by with only her masturbation every night to
keep her sane...She made it almost a ritual, the bath and then maybe a few
chapters of the latest erotica that she wouldn't ever buy in a bookstore but
came conveniently from an on-line sex site. She'd even gotten up the nerve
to order some porn discs and hated to admit how much they excited her and
sped her to her climax...Sometimes she just lay in her bath and directed the
stream of water onto her cunt, as she played with her clit...Another
newfound joy, that she'd never known about until she watched the first
lesbian porn she'd ever seen, even though she'd well passed Bi-curious
during her school years...That beautiful woman using the hose in the bath
and masturbating a young girl...The girl's face so contorted as the woman
smiled and worked her...God but she'd cum hard watching that...

She was thinking these thoughts as she realized that they had entered the
lobby of an elegant Hotel that she knew about but had never had a reason to
visit...She must have looked alarmed because he said..."The coffee shop is
up on the top, why don't we just go in here" as he guided her through the
doors into the lobby bar...It was dark and Jennifer could see that there
were only two other couples at tables and one man at the bar...He said "Why
don't we sit here" and slid her into a booth facing away from the bar..."I
don't think the cocktail waitress comes in much before six, so I'll just get
us something" and before Jennifer could protest that she didn't want any
alcohol, he made his way to the bar.

When he returned she could see he was holding two cocktails and again she
tried to find her voice to protest...He said "I thought you'd like a Cosmo,
they're very light and it seems like a fitting kind of drink for you,
elegance for an elegant woman"...It'd been so long since Jennifer had heard
anything approaching something like that from a man that she bit back her
objection and took a sip of the light pink cocktail...It tasted heavenly and
she didn't think it tasted very strong...Maybe just one, she thought...I
don't want to be rude and he seems to be a perfect gentleman, not like those
jerks at work; always brushing up against her and making lewd comments when
they thought she couldn't hear...

They chatted mostly about the city, which he told her he was visiting for
the first time and she eagerly began to tell him about it...Jennifer'd been
born here, lived here all her life and even went to college here because she
didn't want to leave...He was an excellent listener, only speaking when the
conversation lagged and he wanted her to continue...She lost track of time
and how many times he'd gone to the bar to replenish their drinks...All she
knew was that she was enjoying the company of this man, more than anything
she'd done in months...She felt the need to go to the lady's room and
excused herself...Once there and after she'd finished, Jennifer looked at
herself in the mirror and thought what am I doing here with this guy. She
determined to return to the booth, thank him and tell him that she had to go
but she'd love to show him some of the city, another day if he liked...Yes,
that's what she'd do...

When she returned he stood for her and again she thought of those jerks she
worked with...As if they would ever do anything like that...She started to
tell him that she'd had a lovely time, thank him and say she had to go but
she noticed another full Cosmo and he said "I imagine you have to leave soon
and I've enjoyed this with you, more that I can say...Have this last drink
and I'll see you to a cab, pay for it and send you home...What could be
nicer than that she thought as she sipped her pale pink, what was it he'd
called it...elegance for an elegant woman...He was saying something but all
of a sudden she felt odd...She felt like she was becoming weightless and she
tried to say something but she couldn't get the words out...He was looking
at her and she wondered if she looked as strange as she felt...She didn't
feel drunk, she just felt weak...She watched him in a daze as he went to the
bar and spoke to the bartender, paying the bill she thought, now I can go
home...I feel so tired all of a sudden...

He took her arm and they walked through the lobby and out onto the street.
She'd just get a taxi, thank him and that would be that...She wanted to make
an excuse to see him again but she just didn't seem to be able to manage her
thoughts and she still felt like she couldn't speak...A long black limousine
pulled to the curb and her eyes were searching for a taxi as he opened the
door and slid her inside...Maybe he was taking her home, Jennifer was just
so tired, she couldn't think and she felt helpless. She could hear him
talking to the driver and thought, that's odd...He doesn't know where I
live...She heard the driver and thought she must have been mistaken, maybe
it was the radio...

"You fix her" the driver was saying and he replied, "Yea, she wasn't any
trouble, not any trouble at all" Jennifer wanted to ask whom they were
talking about but she couldn't say the words...She realized with mortified
shock that he was lifting her skirt and she looked down at herself, as if
she were looking at another person...The shock as he touched her shot
through her and she struggled to speak...Her body just wouldn't move and she
felt him begin rubbing her pussy through her panties...She thought I have to
stop him, he can't be doing this to me...She watched in detached horror as
his fingers moved the gusset of her panties aside and she felt herself being
fingered rudely...Felt his finger enter her and begin to move back and
forth...Again she heard him speaking to the driver but he sounded so far
away..."Give me some of that lube out of the glove compartment, I don't know
why, but they never get wet after you drug them" She watched, curiously
detached as the driver handed a container back over his shoulder and
realized with a shock that he was lubricating her...If only she could
scream, hit him, something...All she could do was lie back, watch him and
feel the cool gel; as his finger worked on her...

He'd taken his cock out now and was masturbating...She watched and said
nothing, she just couldn't speak...She heard the driver speaking and she
tried to make sense out of it but she was just too tired..."Better not fuck
'er, you know how they are about that...See if you can get some head off
her" Jennifer felt his hand on the back of her neck as he drew her down to
his rampant cock...Jennifer moaned and he slapped her...She must have opened
her mouth, she didn't know but she realized that he had his cock in her and
he was fucking her with it...Fucking her face and she felt tears coursing
down her cheeks...The driver was laughing and she heard him..."Bitch won't
remember a thing tomorrow and anyway, what you're doin' is gonna seem like
Disney Land when they get a hold of her...Jennifer felt the cock she was
mewling over begin to gush into her mouth and she couldn't get away from
it...The last thing she remembered hearing was the driver saying, "I'm gonna
pull over up here, you drive this thing now, I want some of that, before we
get there...

Jennifer seemed to come out of a fog as she felt the limousine coming to a
stop...She tried to comprehend where she was and what she could possibly be
doing there...Her tongue was thick when she tried to speak as she looked at
him sitting beside her just softly smiling..."Here" he said and she realized
with a shock, that it was her panties that he was holding out to
her..."You'd better put these back on and keep your mouth shut if you know
what's good for you" She took the wisp of silk and as she lifted her hips to
put them on, she felt a twinge of pain in her anus, had she been violated,
her mind whirled and she started to wail "Wha...What are you do..."...was
all she was able to utter before his hand wound into her hair and yanked her
close to him..."Yea, you been fucked but your pussy hasn't been touched" he
whispered..."Our friend the driver had a lovely time with your ass"...Her
eyes widened as she realized what he was saying and she opened her mouth to
scream...The slap took her breath away and his words chilled her
heart..."You make one sound and we'll take you back in those woods, you
won't be coming back! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME" She had never felt fear such as
she did then...She closed her mouth and nodded miserably...

The driver came around to Jennifer's side of the car and between them, they
supported her on each side as they walked her to the door of the imposing
house where they'd stopped...She was still unsteady on her feet and would
have fallen if they hadn't helped her...The house was more like an old
French Castle, it looked ancient and weathered...As they approached the
door, it opened and Jennifer could see a couple standing there smiling...The
man in his fifties, gray haired and very elegant in dove gray slacks, a
burgundy smoking jacket and white foulard...The woman much younger, she
couldn't have been out of her twenties, wearing a simple black frock with a
thin gold chain around her neck...The man was the first to
speak...Completely ignoring her he said to the driver "She wasn't any
trouble was she...We've done the background checks, there's no one that will
be alarmed when she doesn't show up at her apartment or at work... Cindy has
made the necessary phone calls...They all think that she's gone to assist
some friend in Vermont that's having a personal crisis and won't be back for
at least two weeks...We'll know by that time if she'll fit in here and if
not, we'll call you to do what's necessary" Jennifer felt as if she might
lose control of her bladder, so great was her fear...

The woman he'd called Cindy stepped up to Jennifer and said "You mustn't be
frightened, no harm will come to you here if you obey, now I want you to
come with me, we'll get you freshened up and you'll feel much better"
leading Jennifer into the house...Her mind screamed for her to protest but
the thoughts of what was said to her in the car held her mute and she
allowed herself to be meekly led into a large room off the entryway...The
first thing she noticed was the three women there, all in different degrees
of pregnancy...One looked ready to give birth at any moment, the others less
fecund...They looked up expectantly and Cindy said "This is Jennifer, she's
come to join us and help in the nursery and as she said that, one of the
women, a girl actually not out of her teens, approached her and very matter
of factly began to touch Jennifer's breasts..."Actually she has very lovely
breasts" she said over her shoulder to the other two that were looking at
each other smiling..."Wha..What are you talking about" Jennifer said as the
girl continued to grasp her breasts...Cindy placed a hand on Jennifer's
shoulder and spoke..."Now don't become quarrelsome when we've just met, the
Master won't like that...I want you to remain silent or I'll have to call
your driver and I'm sure you're very aware of what he's capable
of...Everything will be explained to you soon and as I told you, you're in
no danger; as long as you obey...

The girl had opened Jennifer's blouse now and slid it from her shoulders,
quickly unhooking her bra and pulling that from her...Jennifer shivered and
felt her nipples quicken and the shame that was coursing through
her..."Look" the girl said, "Absolutely beautiful...She's never had
children, you can see that by the nipples" as she hefted and weighed each
breast in her hands..."I think she'll do just fine don't you" she said, as
she looked at Cindy..."Of course she will" Cindy replied..."She's been under
observation for almost a month now, at the Gym where she works out and
various places she goes...We've made all the necessary arrangements so we'll
have time to see if she'll do"...Cindy led her to a chair and seated her
Jennifer self consciously covered her breasts with her arms and again she
was slapped..."You won't do that" Cindy fairly growled..."You will NEVER do
that while you're here, do you understand"...Jennifer now too terrified to
speak; nodded hastily..."Let's get you something to drink, you must be
terribly thirsty now" and Jennifer realized that she was indeed dying for
something..."Plea...Please could I just have some water" Jennifer said and
Cindy replied "Certainly Jennifer, we're not monsters here" as she pulled a
sash on the wall beside Jennifer's chair...

Almost immediately, the door opened and a huge black man was standing there.
He looked at Jennifer and again unconsciously she began to cover her
breasts...Cindy's raised hand stopped her arms as surely as chains, as she
heard him say..."Pretty nice one this time huh, Cindy...Bet she'll be
feedin' in no time"..."Shut your mouth Taylor, you've been told before, now
get her refreshment and see to the others" Cindy snarled...He vanished and
returned almost as quickly as he'd first come, holding a large glass of what
looked like ice water, handing it to Jennifer and even though she was
shaking almost uncontrollably she drank it almost in one long drink...Before
very long Jennifer felt the weakness again and her mind quailed..."Oh GOD!!!
I've been drugged AGAIN"...Cindy was talking to her but just as before, the
voice seemed far away and she could barely understand...

"Every things alright Jennifer there was just a very little bit of Versed in
your drink, it's used in hospitals for patients that are going to undergo
surgery, to relax them... NO NO Jennifer NOTHING like that is going to
happen to you ...It'll just relax you and we can get things ready" the
hollow voice was saying...Then she heard Cindy say to the girl that had
fondled her..."Alicia, tell Taylor to bring my things, he'll know what I
need" Jennifer watched with glazed eyes as the girl left and must have
dozed...When she felt someone touch her arm, she started and Cindy said
"Just relax Jennifer No one is going to hurt you" She watched in horror as
the black man that Cindy had called Taylor held up a syringe and shot some
of the contents out, handing it to her...She felt the bite of the needle in
her vein and watched as Cindy smoothly injected the whole barrel into her
arm... "There" Cindy said..."That's just the Estrogen, we'll start on the
Reglan next week What was the last one Taylor, took about two weeks
right...I'll bet we have her pouring in far less that THAT" Jennifer
couldn't comprehend what this woman was saying and she watched as Cindy
lifted her left breast and wrapped a measure around it calling out the
numbers, as Alicia wrote in a ledger...***To be Continued***

Jennifer had been taken to a lovely bathroom and was being bathed by the
girl Alicia and another woman that joined them, named Myrna...She felt
better, more aware of her surroundings and feeling her strength
returning...The warm water relaxed her but she was no less intimidated,
venturing in a small voice..."Please...Please tell me why was I drugged and
brought here, what are these people going to do to me...Please you have to
help me"!!! Alicia shushed her and said "Look, no one here is going to hurt
you if you just obey" The woman named Myrna just smirked as she said "Not
unless you count that Mandingo Taylor! last time he took me I thought he
would split me in two with that cock of his...I'm sure that's when I caught,
you wait and see if this isn't a mulatto" as she rubbed her slightly rounded

"STOP it Myrna you KNOW you're not supposed to talk like that around the new
ones, Cindy would have you beaten if she knew" Alicia whispered...Jennifer
listened and her mind struggled to understand...*Beaten, new ones...
obey*...What the hell was she talking about..."Please" Jennifer whispered
"Please tell me what is happening to me, why am I here and why can't I
leave...Who am I supposed to obey..Why... why are you doing this"..."I'm not
allowed to talk to you about that" Alicia replied and Myrna spoke up saying
"Oh hell, I'll tell her, I'm not afraid anymore, not since I caught...They
won't beat me now"

"Listen Jennifer this is a breeding farm, do you know what that is" Myrna
asked... Jennifer shook her head and Myrna continued..."They breed children
here..." Visions of white slavery flitted through Jennifer 's mind and she
remembered reading that there was a group arrested not long before for this
thing" "You mean...mean white slavery" she asked...Now Alicia spoke up..."No
it isn't like that Jennifer the children ARE trained but they have
choices...When they're 16, they're given their choice to remain and undergo
special training until they're 18 or leave and go to boarding school or
abroad" she said..."But why am I here" Jennifer asked, I'm not a child" Both
of the women giggled and Myrna spoke..."No silly, you're here as a
feeder...There are more children here than can be taken care of and you'll
be feeding them" "You mean I was kidnapped and brought here to be a Nanny"
Jennifer asked incredulously...

The women looked at each other and Alicia said "Look, we're not supposed to
talk to you about this, we're just supposed to bathe,dress you and see that
you're presentable to Him at dinner"..."Him, Him, who is Him" Jennifer
begged..."Shhhhh" Myrna said, they'll hear you and we'll all be punished,
they can't beat me anymore but they can make me miserable and I don't need
that...Now listen and be quiet...You'll be feeding the children and others,
feeding them with these, You're going to be used like a cow and you'll learn
to love it" as she lifted Jennifer's breasts and squeezed them softly...Her
nipples quickened in spite of her self and she softly stammered..."But...but
I've never been pregnant, I don't have milk, how can you say such a
ridiculous thing" her voice beginning to rise..."BE QUIET Jennifer or we'll
say that you're being difficult and Taylor will come with the hypodermic
again...You don't want that do you" Alicia whispered "Listen to Myrna and
for god's sake hold your voice down...

Myrna sat on a small stool beside the bath and began idly lifting and
squeezing Jennifer's breasts as she began to speak..."Jennifer throughout
human history there have been women that have been surrogate mothers who
have nursed because of the mother's death or other such reasons...Sometimes
a child only had to be put to their breasts and the milk would begin...Here
they induce that lactation by chemicals...the shot Cindy gave you was
Estrogen...It simulates the high-Estrogen state of pregnancy...When it's
abruptly withdrawn to mimic the rapid hormonal changes following delivery, a
course of Prolactin enhancing drugs such as Reglan and Oxytocin are
used...Suckling is then started, constant stimulation and pumps are
used...It usually takes anywhere from 2 weeks to a month before you fill but
Cindy has developed this mix of Reglan and Oxytocin that has you lactating
much sooner"...Jennifer was wide eyed and opened her mouth to speak...Alicia
pressed her finger against her lips and Jennifer stilled as Myrna

"Alicia and I have been assigned to you and if we don't do this properly in
the time frame Cindy sets, we'll be punished"...she continued and Jennifer
realized that her breasts were being manipulated, the sensations not
especially unpleasant...In fact Jennifer felt somewhat aroused and was
shocked to feel Alicia reach into the bath and swiftly enter her...Probing
and widening..."She's greasy Myrna, you might as well tell her about
"I can see that this is arousing you Jennifer when Alicia and I really
begin, you'll be aroused much more and that's what Taylor is for...They
believe that plenty of sexual activity helps speed the process because it
releases natural Prolactin into your system...He's supposed to wear a condom
but he just doesn't care and that's why I'm knocked up...He'll take care of
any arousal, believe me when I tell you...He can fuck for hours and make you
cum so much you think you'll die of it but when it's over, you'll be so
satiated that you can't speak...He never speaks when he fucks...He'll slap
you when he wants you to move a certain way and you'll soon learn his

Jennifer was stunned at what she was hearing but remained silent...Myrna was
manipulating both breasts now and working the nipples which were like hard
pink stones...Alicia again reached into the bath and began masturbating
Jennifer... Unbidden her thighs widened giving the girl better access to her
now fully aroused cunt...The two of them working in tandem soon had Jennifer
groaning and lifting her hips into it...Alicia spoke very matter of
factly..."We were told to do this, you're allowed to cum...He wants you
relaxed at dinner" and her fingers began to expertly manipulate Jennifer's
clit...She seemed to know the instant it began for Jennifer and she nodded
at Myrna...As the climax ripped through Jennifer, Myrna twisted her nipples
savagely and she screamed! she couldn't help it...Her mind went blank and
all she could feel was her cunt and those mauled nipples...She began to sob
at the intensity of the orgasm and the door opened..."Everything all right
here"...It was him. the huge black man, staring at her and she felt
humiliated, hanging her head...

"Yes Taylor, she did fine...We'll have her ready in a few minutes, we just
need time to calm her and get her dressed...We'll be at dinner on time"
Alicia said..."See that you do" Taylor said..."It wouldn't be advisable to
keep Him waiting, as you two well know and she's going to learn" He turned
and closed the door softly as he left and Jennifer leaned her head on
Myrna's shoulder, her mind alive with what she'd heard and felt in the last

"Come now Jennifer, we have to dress you and we can't be late" Myrna
whispered as she helped her from the bath...
***To be Continued***

Chapter Two...

Jennifer looked at the things arrayed on the settee in the foyer of the
bath as Alicia and Myrna dried her with warm towels...She had to admit that
she was more relaxed after the shattering climax that they had forced out of
her...There was a white robe that looked like it might be a Nun's habit,
hose and panties, both white and rather plain...Her mind was still trying to
make sense of what was happening to her but she was learning that babbling
questions was only going to get her into troubles. Jennifer decided to wait
until this dinner and see what "HIM" had to say, yes, that was the way to do
this...Maybe then she could reason with them and they'd let her go...

Alicia drew Jennifer into the foyer and handed her the panties..."Here put
these on and by the look of you, you'll need shaving tomorrow...Don't you
ever trim that"...she said Jennifer felt her face flame at being asked such
an intimate question by a complete stranger, even though that same stranger
only minutes before had manipulated her into a mind numbing cum...", I
haven't shaved there since college and that was just for a sorority joke"
she replied..."Well, here you'll be shaving it everyday...He doesn't like
untidy cunts"...Again with the edict of an unknown man and Jennifer
ventured... "Wi...will He be fucking me" to which both women giggled
anew..."Nooo" Myrna spoke..."Not until you begin to feed and maybe not even
then...Mostly he just watches when Taylor is taking care of us...Sometimes
he masturbates as he watches and sometimes he video tapes...If he
masturbates, He'll expect you to finish him orally and he might finger
you...Like I told you, he doesn't like untidiness and we would be punished
if we hadn't attended you properly"

Jennifer contemplated that as they seated her and began to roll on the white
thigh hose...After they'd completed that, they drew her to her feet and
helped her into the robe...She didn't know what the material was only that
it felt luxurious against her skin...As they adjusted it, she looked down
and saw that there were two slits from the yoke to her waist and now her
breasts were protruding from these same slits...She looked up inquiringly
and Myrna spoke..."Your breasts are always to be on display here...They're
the reason you're here and you'll come to be very proud of then when they
fill and you'll feel really sexy when sometimes they drip for every one to
see" Jennifer couldn't believe she was hearing this but realized further
questions were pointless and held her tongue...

They attended to her hair and she saw that they had an entire array of the
cosmetics that she generally used, spread on the table in front of the
mirror..."Yes" said Alicia, we have everything that you usually use,
here...Their research is meticulous and incredible as you'll find out...Now
you do your make-up as if you were going out in the evening to an elegant
dinner because that's the kind of dinners we have here and He always wants
us that way"...Jennifer couldn't help her hand slightly trembling as she
began to apply things and she wished herself to still, so she could do
it...When she had finished, the women had finished her hair and she admitted
to herself that she did look lovely...They had woven small white flowers
into her hair, something like baby breath and against the sheen of her
brunette tresses it set her off beautifully...

Alicia and Myrna cooed and clucked fussing with her until finally they were
satisfied and led her into the corridor from the bath. They walked on both
sides of her, loosely holding her arms and leading her...She looked down and
watched her breasts sway as she walked...She'd always been proud of them,
they were still high and full...Not perky as many of her friends at school
had...Much fuller and heavier, her nipples were almost perfectly matched and
quickened easily...She'd learned that as a teenager when she realized that
she couldn't go braless without everyone starting at her and boys making
rude comments...Now she realized with a start, they were lewdly on display
and there wasn't a thing she could do about it...They came to a huge oaken
door and Myrna knocked lightly on it. It opened almost immediately and
Jennifer looked into the eyes of Taylor, the huge black man dressed
immaculately in white livery, the type which a servant or butler would
wear...He was staring at her breasts as he turned and motioned them into the
room...Jennifer felt the blood coursing to her face anew...

The light was dim and there were candles everywhere...On the table in
elaborate candelabra and on ledges all along the walls...There was soft
music playing but Jennifer had never heard it's like before...As the three
of them approached the table Jennifer saw that there were about ten women
there, all dressed similarly to herself, their breasts on display, only
Cindy, sitting at the man's right hand, had on a black frock...As Alicia and
Myrna brought Jennifer forward, the man began to applaud softly and was
joined by everyone there..."Welcome Jennifer, you're to sit here on my left
this evening as we dine and after, everything will be explained to you" He
said and the women escorted her to the seat beside him...When she was
seated, he turned to her and lifted a breast weighing it in his
hand...Jennifer almost unknowingly began to raise her hand to stop him when
she looked into Cindy's blazing eyes and stopped, frozen in the moment...Now
he turned and took both breasts in his hand, his fingers at the nipples
which responded as they always did..."Lovely" He said..."These are just

Cindy spoke in a low friendly voice as she said "Jennifer you're not to
speak here unless you're spoken to, is that understood" to which Jennifer*
lowered her head and merely nodded...What followed was a dinner that would
have satisfied even the most discriminate gourmet...Jennifer didn't think
she could touch anything but when she ventured a glance at Him, he nodded at
the food before her and she was too frightened not to eat...After a bite or
two, Jennifer realized how hungry she was and began to eat in spite of her
self, finding that it was every bit as delicious as it appeared...He began
to converse with Cindy in a low voice about every day matters, the children
there and what mischiefs they'd been into...Occasionally he'd address a
question to one of the women there and she'd respond in a low respectful
reply, calling Him Master...She heard no one use a name for this imposing
figure that seemed so powerful...Twice during the dinner he'd turned to her
and saying nothing had fondled her again, much the way you would pet a
favorite dog...Jennifer knew enough now to sit perfectly still and allow him
the ministrations...He seemed to greatly enjoy making the nipples turgid and
remarked to Cindy that He was very pleased in her choice...

***To be Continued***

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