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neigh on true story
Garreth came home from work early, he put in half a day’s holiday due to it being quiet at work, as he unlocked the front door and stepped through he took a quick glance at the bills on the floor, and though fuck it I will open them later. He was not in the mood to have a look at bills which would only turn his day sour; He went up the stairs into his bedroom and got out of his work clothes to relax. As he undid his shirt and tie he casually tossed them onto the floor followed swiftly by his shoes and trousers, half a thought went through him as he looked at the television in the room with a couple of DVD’s of porn next to it. He knew his girlfriend wouldn’t be back from work for a couple of hours and he thought why not.
As he placed the disc in he remembered the film to be lesbian anal porn and thought result. Now Garreth has always been a straight male but loves the feeling of something up his arse. He went hunting in the wardrobe and found the 7inch strap on his girlfriend would sometime use on him, he also went to the bedside table and got some lube out. He decided to make himself feel comfy and lay on his right hand side with his left leg half stretched out in front of him. He squirted the gel into his left hand and massaged the strap on with it before rubbing it on his tight arse hole before inserting two fingers in. As the disc was playing he watched intensely as two young lesbians started inserting toys into each other’s pussy and arse, after they were done with one hole they took out the dildo and made the other lick the dildo with pleasure. As he was fingering himself, he started to get aroused and could feel his hard pulsating erection throb and push against the bed mattress, he then inserted three fingers and kept twisting them whilst trying to go deeper, he could feel his arse stretching but he loved it. He started to get hot and flustered, whilst his blood was rushing endorphins through his body, his cock started to pulse with excitement. Garreth thought right and gripped hold of the strap on and maneuvered it in he could feel the fullness immediately and started to push it in and out slowly to start with then getting faster and faster, he started moaning with pleasure and imagined someone drilling him with this 7inch monster, he started fantasizing that he was being forced to take it all, he thought about being gagged whilst being dominated. After a few minutes he decided to pull out the cock and started to finger fuck himself again, he realized he could now get five fingers in, and tried desperately to fist himself but his arm wouldn’t go any deeper. Garreth then realized he could use the novelty vibrator (him and his girlfriend bought from black pool on a dirty weekend) and that would stretch him out even more, as he rifled through the box of toys, he came across vibrating nipple clamps and thought “I’d have some of that” he came across the cucumber shape vibrator and got back onto the bed, Garreth then started to adjust the nipple clamps so they would be very tight on his sensitive pert nipples, and squeezed them onto each nipple, the pain of them biting into his flesh was intense however it was very enjoyable. He then lubed up the vibrator and started to push it in and out of his accommodating arsehole whilst lying on his bag holding his legs in the air, he then grabbed hold of the strap on and started to squeeze it alongside the novelty dildo and with both hands around his side started to pump the dildo’s up his arse like to pistons. The rush of the pleasure was so intense he forgot all about the porn and started to wank himself off whilst clenching his arse around the cock’s inside of him. After a minute of furious wanking he cum, he could feel his orgasm coming, he carried on wanking whilst holding they toy’s in position and after a few more minutes, with a massive explosion he came, his cum went about 4 foot in the air, and landed on his naked body. He couldn’t believe how much he came.
After the ecstasy wore off he knew he had to tidy up before his girlfriend knew what he had done, but he was well please with his efforts and thought it would be best to have a shower first. Whilst in the shower he cleaned himself up quite well, he still couldn’t believe the pleasure he experienced and wondered how wonderful it would be if his girlfriend was involved but couldn’t think of the best way to do it. Before realizing he was already starting to play with himself and started to get an erection, and before too long he shot his hot sticky cum all over the clear shower door, at this point he could barely stand up straight never mind walk out of the shower cubical. After he had tidied up he then thought it might be an idea to start to write down his sexual fantasies and started to leave them around the house he shared with his girlfriend in books, in hope that she would stumble across them and start to get turned on by them and re-enact his fantasies out with her. Without having to discuss them.


2009-03-07 18:20:11
can i just say to the obvious young child who wrote the last comment.
i give a clear diion of topics the story includes.
if you don't like it or dont agree with the topics


2009-02-11 08:31:58
i like it keep up the good work

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