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Your body, baby, is an alien planet,
I'm going to research its every cell,
And when I pet you you should only tell me
What places of your body're feeling well!

Don't be confused and put aside your fear,
Relax and try to feel my every touch,
I beg you to be tender and sincere
And you may see my heart is boon and large!

I will reveal you all my secret skills,
I'll do my best to answer your desire,
And I will burn your sorrows and ordeals
Turning my love into the magic fire!

And though this marvel has to melt at dawn,
I hope you'll keep it in your soul forever,
And like a tender and romantic song
You'll recollect the night we spent together!

Don't fall in love with me - I'm not a human-being,
It's a disguising mask - I'm alien in my gist...
I've lost my hope that I could share any feeling...
Please, run away from me - I am a callous beast!..

My mind is cold and wise, unearthly smart...I swear
I can't controle my skill to conquer and oppress,
I only may be frank - my play is really fair,
I warn you- Flee and hide and you'll avoid the mess!..

But if you dare love ignoring all my omens-
All sequences of pain are upto you, I say,
Don't try accusing me - I've done my best to stop you
And if you made your choice than you would have to pay!!.
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