Marriage nights
A deaf and dumb guy and a deaf and dumb girl get married.
On their wedding night she produces a piece of paper on which the following is written.
“On the nights that you want to fuck me, rub my left breast once, on the nights you don’t want to fuck me rub my left breast twice, that way I will know what you need from me”
He thinks what a good idea, and gets his own piece of paper, and writes upon it:-
“On the nights you want to have sex with me pull my cock once, on the nights you don’t want to have sex with me Pull my cock 147 times”

Another one.

Jack and Jill are due to be married the next day, so Jack’s father takes him to one side and tells him that 26 years earlier, on the night he married Jacks mother, the first thing that he did on their wedding night was to remove his trousers and pass them to his new bride.
“Try these on” he told her and she did before replying,
“Oh these trousers are too big for me, I would never be able to wear these”
Jacks father then said
“Well just you remember that as it will always be the man that wears the trousers in this house”
Jack thinks that that is cool, so the next day he repeats the conversation with Jill, which goes just the same, except that at the end Jill removes her panties and passes them to Jack and says,
“Try these on Jack”
Jack tries his best to put them on struggling to get them much above knee level, finally he gives up and says to Jill,
“It just impossible I cannot get into your panties”
Jill then replies,
“And that’s just the way it’s going to stay as long as you have that attitude”

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/ The best times to check out the zoo are early in the morning or as close to dusk as pbsoisly, although i know i lot of zos close around 4 making this impossible. Also, cool days are much better than hot or warm ones. This will maximize your chances next time of getting to see more animals!

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