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The marrieds fret about their new lifestyle, and in the next chapter, more fun at la casa.

John asked Mary, “Are we okay now? I mean, we have James and Kelly over here a lot – I was just wondering if they’re more important in our life now, you know, than just you and me?”
Her eyes widened and a crease frowned her forehead. “Honey, do you remember what our life was like before we started in with our toys? I mean, our sex life. We really didn’t have much going on then. You just did it when I pushed you, maybe once every three weeks – you know, when it was about tampon time -- and then it was just because I wanted you to. Not like you had overwhelming lust for my body anymore. Be honest now, isn’t that right?”
“Okay, yeah, I have to admit that’s true. Not that I didn’t – don’t – love you! It was just, you know, a duty. I guess lust went out the window a long time ago.”
“Well,” she said, “maybe that’s what married life is all about. Maybe that’s why couples start arguing and fighting about nit-picky things. So many subjects get ‘off-limits’, and whoever has the strongest sex drive, and then the other just copes with it because, you know, ‘you’re married’. “
“Maybe this weekend, it’s just you and me, okay? We’ll do some things that are different, and it will just be the Queen and her King, okay?
“No toys.“
“Okay…..but you’re not dissatisfied with our Toys, are you?”
“Oh god no! I get so hot watching you get naked with James and teasing him like a whore. I love watching you take his cock in your mouth and blow him. I was excited watching him fuck your ass for the first time last week while you sucked me at the end of our Show ‘n Tell. I could tell exactly when he stuck his dick inside your ass. His face and your reaction on my cock matched exactly.”
Mary grinned. “That felt so cool, all three of you at the same time doing me. I loved it. We’re pretty exciting now, aren’t we?”
“You’re certainly more inventive with sex, and I love to hear you talk dirty. You’re a nasty bitch.” He grinned – “And I have to be honest and admit I love watching you and Kelly do it.”
“I’m enjoying that part, too. Doing it with a woman is a whole ‘nother thing than with a man. And you’re more playful – I loved watching you get a blowjob from a man and a woman together! My panties were soaked just watching,” she laughed.
“And I live with a real live slut now. How great is that! No telling what she’ll do next,” John grinned mischieviously.
She nuzzled -- “Oh – you say the nicest things! And John, every time I watch you slide that seven-inch monster of yours into your Toy, it’s like it’s going in me.”
“No doubts then about what we’re doing?” he asked.
“No doubts at all from this double X chromosome….especially when I can get two Y’s inside me.”


They’d gone Chinese for supper. China Buffet served everything at $7.49 per, and they loaded up. Ate seconds and waddled out. Fried ice cream for dessert, even! His fortune read You will come into a great treasure, and hers was Friends will come through for you. They both laughed and admitted both were literally true. At home, they collapsed on the bed.
Woke up at nine. “Oh man, we slept this late?!” said John to his wife arousing sleepily. “Ummm, uhhh,” was the reply.
She fought herself awake, remembered they were “a couple” tonight and that she had to make sure he knew she loved him and that they were hot together and they didn’t need somebody else to be their sex surrogates. Rubbed her eyes, sat up, said groggily, “John, I’m gonna take a bath. She stretched. “Come visit me in about fifteen minutes, okay?” The Queen had a plan.

He opened the door to the large room they’d remodeled. It was steamy and warm. He saw her across the room at ease in the bathtub. The wall of windows behind her showed the garden and statuary in the background, the high hedges on the sides giving them privacy. One curvy leg on the edge of the tub. A pair of scissors and an portable electric razor lying on the small table at the head of the tub. Barbasol next to it. Languid and relaxed in the tub, Mary said, “I know you get hot looking at Kelly’s shaved cunt, Mr. Man, and her jewelry…and I did, too. Come over here and be my shaving bitch.”
“Mmmmm….I think I can get into that,” he said, remembering the taste of Kelly as he had rolled her new pussy jewelry in his mouth. This was going to be a night to remember, for both. She’d always resisted this. Now, his wife was spreading her legs in the tub, with the lights bright, and even challenging him! Thank god for the Toys in our life!
“Let’s do this in bed,” he said. “Better access….”
Lifting her chin and going all stern-faced, she intoned, “I allow it.” “Go,” she ordered. He took the razor and scissors, left for the big upstairs master bedroom. Laid down, waiting.
And she entered, towel chastely wrapped. Laid down beside him.
“I think all your pubic hair needs to be removed, by me, and then we’ll see what happens next,” he teased.
“Tell your Slave what you want her to do, Master – she’s your very special whore, you know,” she said.
John loves it when I act slutty, or like some tramp wanting a good hard fuck. Do all guys get off on this? I’ll let him play Master.
His prick started in. Oh, she knows how to turn me on now. Sure wasn’t like this before!
“You sure know how to get my prick hard – you’re such a slut,” he said, “wait a minute while I get rid of some of these clothes.”
She removed the towel as he stripped, and when both were naked, his hard-on poking out, he said in a soft voice, “Spread your legs wide, Slave, show me what you’ve got,” took the scissors and gazed at the pink slit. The Queen tightened her pelvic muscles, and John had the funny notion that the movement looked like her pussy was talking to him. He laughed. “What’s funny?” she asked. “When you squeeze down like that, it looks like it’s talking to me!” he said. “It is,” she said, “I think it said ‘Shave this beard, big boy, let’s see how hungry you are.’ “
He was familiar with this territory. “I’ve never seen your pussy without hair on it before, so this is a first,” he said, snipping.
She felt his hands on her, watched as he cut and dropped the trimmed curly hair into a clear plastic baggie. “My cunt is completely open to you, Master. Trim me, then shave me, then do what you will with it.”
His dick is already ramrod straight -- I need a good long fuck tonight, she thought. Let’s see what it feels like with no pussy hair.
Mary’s libido had always been higher than her husband’s. She knew if she egged him on, and provided extra incentive, she’d get what she wanted.
It was no contest. John was the Toy now, and like every Master/Slave relationship, every Dominance relation, the Master thinks he’s in charge. Little does he know.
Blown away by her actions, her language, the new fun she was ordering from him, and the slowly revealing of the naked skin between her legs, the folds of her vagina were bared, and now her clit rose out of them. He knew what was hidden beneath her dresses and jeans, her blouses – there was nothing new there for him – but whoa! A naked slit! Now this was hot! My wife is so neat!
The trimming finished, he reached for the battery-powered razor, started running it over her skin. It hummed – “sounds just like my vibrator,” she laughed. “Maybe tomorrow you’ll show me how you use that thing,” he said.
“You can watch anytime, stud. Maybe I’ll use it on you,” she said.
“Well maybe that’ll be just fine with me,” he replied.

As he carefully shaved her pussy, John remembered the time he was in Chicago, a motel with an intimate friend. They’d challenged each other to be the most sexually outrageous. He had brought a small cooler full of cucumbers, carrots, and chocolate pudding, but never got to it, as he’d worn a Hawaiian robe – nothing else – and danced, hovered over her on her chair and then on the bed, teasing her with views and licks of his penis. She had topped this – a bear rug she’d brought along, laid it on the bed, plopped him down, stripped him naked and suddenly something in her hand was prodding into his ass. A fake plastic cock of hers was being shoved into his ass – she fucked him with it. Hands down, she wins !
He turned it on her, but she said, “I prefer the real thing!”

Now, John’s sex life was once again as hot as his single life. And this time, it was his wife of thirty years who was the thrilling partner. My bitch. My slave. My slut. My Queen, he thought. God, I love her!
“Raise your legs up, Slave,” he ordered, as her bare pussy laid before him. She pulled her legs up to her chest, held them there, completely displayed and wide open to her Master, and he leaned down to tongue her asshole. He ran the shaver over the area above there, then laid it aside as he held her legs spread and tasted her from stem to stern.
“Oh migod, that’s so different, John!” she exclaimed. “I feel really naked now!” “You look so neat this way, hon,” he said. “Nothing hidden, everything’s out in full view – and you are SO hot! ….We ought to take pictures!”
His tongue and lips and mouth covered her smooth skin, the stiff little clitoris, back and forth, in and out, up and down – “harder, John, suck me harder!” she cried.
Fingers and tongue. And then he climbed on, plunging deep inside her. “Fuck me, baby, fuck me good…” she said.
He pushed deep, buried inside her now. Rhythmic, tried to make it last as he did his “new” wife. Couldn’t last… she squeezed down on him and her newly-shorn pussy felt like the first time he’d ever fucked a girl, and he came with a shout and a grunt and breathless pantings he thought would kill him.

“Oh god, John, that was great. Next time it’s something special for you, okay?”


At Wendy’s eating fries and chili, Mary met John for lunch. Not surprisingly, he’d ordered the same. Married Telepathy again.
“Such a treat, dear,” said Mary, “to meet you for lunch…”
“Well, you know, we’ve done so many things lately that’s different in our lives. I thought maybe I’d take the initiative for once….”
“What do you have in mind, you sexy man?” said Mary with a glint in her eye.
“What color panties do you have on?” he said with an absolutely-straight face.
“I’m not wearing any,” she replied with her most innocent look.
“You mean if you spread your legs in that pretty blue dress, that guy at that table would see your naked, shaved vulva?”
“Oh, you mean my hot cunt that has no pubic hair anywhere? Why, yes, I think he would.”
“Then if he should look this way again, like he’s been doing since you sat down, why don’t you just casually uncross your ankles and spread your legs while we chat. Give him a good show.”
“You want me to show him everything?” she asked with wide-eyed thirteen-year-old innocence.
“Definitely. Then look him square in the eye and smile sweetly.”
He was finishing his chili when it happened, and suddenly the man rose and hastily left, embarrassed at being caught out. John and Mary laughed.
“Why can women get away with things like that,” he asked her, “but men get charged with indecent exposure and sex crimes?”
“Well, darling, I think it’s because men are stereotyped, all that testosterone always hunting a piece of ass. We women are just innocent creatures, you know. And do you know ANY man who doesn’t want to get a good look at pussy? Last thing on his mind is going to the cops to complain!”
“I think you’re right. Guess you’d better not challenge me to do the same thing.”
John looked at his wife as he picked up a fry, dipped it into the ketchup, and brought it to his mouth. Slowly and lasciviously inserting it, he said, “When you get home tonight, put on the black leotards you wear when you go to Curves. And something tight and sexy on top. Don’t shower like you usually do after you finish your workout.”
Mary knew he liked her “normal” smell, not the hand lotion or the body lotion she often used. And she was realizing her husband was turned on by an energetic, exercizing, “fit” woman, as well as by the neat little street theater they’d just played.
“Do you want me to bring anyone else over – your Toy?”
“No, I think one slutty broad will do just fine,” he said. “Oh baby, you know I’m your favorite whore,” said Mary.


John arrived home about 8 pm. He knew Mary would show about 9. With an hour to prepare, he showered and then to surprise her, took the razor from the cabinet and shaved his pubic hair. They had shaved her together, inspiring him to heights of fantasy, and this, he thought, should do the same for her.
John changed the bedsheets, lit a vanilla candle in the bedroom, turned down the lights, and pulled on his sweats. Out the door, down the road, he jogged easily, a deliberately-calculated sex ploy. He knew that Mary, like him, was turned on by a sexy, sweaty body. It was something about being fit, the pheromones and endorphins driving you wild….
Ten minutes later, he arrived back home, entered the front door.
“Hey babe, what’s up?” his wife queried. John gawked, surprised she was already home. Running shoes, Spandex black tights, and a skin-tight tubetop, Mary stood with her hands on her hips. “I thought we might go for a run together.”
He moved closer to her, two hands beside her head. He moved her head down to his chest, and she smelled his sweaty body. He lifted his tshirt. She tasted his damp chest, lifted her lips to his nipples, sucked. Hard. In a surprise move, she moved her mouth to his armpit, inhaled and licked. “Oh god, you turn me on,” she said.
“It looks like you were getting ready to go out for a run,” he said.
“Why don’t you just fuck me instead? You smell so sexy.”
“I want to smell you, too – let’s go.” The seven-minute mile on their usual neighborhood track seemed quicker than usual. And as usual, several men on porches watched with eagle eyes as the mature woman with the skin-tight Spandex ass and the tubetop ran by, wishing they could get in those pants.
They hit the house again, barely winded after the sprint run. Mary’s forehead glowed with dampness.

John had prepared in advance. It was usually Mary who initiated sex, but after their recent shaving fun and then lunch today, he decided it was time for him, as W.C. Fields’ said – “… to take the bull by the tail and face the situation.” He was fully prepared now to take the bull by the tail, or the head, or whatever! And facing the situation was what he wanted to do!

Mary raised up and brought John’s face down to her chest. She knew he needed “massaging”. She reached down and felt below, surprised to find him already hard.
“Carry me, Galahad,” she said.
He lifted her in his arms. Carried her into the bedroom. Soft candlelight glowed as he laid her gently on their bed.
“Be my devil,” she said. “Use me.”
John knew he was in charge this time. He said, “I love the way you smell right now.” He looked down at her on the bed. “Tease me,” he said.
Oh my god, this is gonna be fun, she thought. Attack him? Strip? She knew both approaches were familiar to her husband and would be nothing new, so what to do?
Mary knew that sexy talk turned him on. “Baby, you’ve seen me naked and had me in every possible position. You’ve seen me suck another man’s four-inch cock completely into my mouth and then fuck him, swallow his come, even watched him drive his prick in my ass. I’ve sat on another man’s face. You watched me eat out another girl, and let her eat me, too. There’s nothing I can do that I haven’t already done to another man or woman. You’ve joined in this, too. Maybe next time with my Toy, I’ll let him fuck my naked pussy while I suck your cock.”
““Just do me, you slut,” he said.
She raised up, pulled his head down to her, laid back and spread her legs. “Eat me, bitch,” she said. John’s mouth found her belly, and slid down to the point where her legs met. The smoothness of her leotards met his lips and the aroma of her exercising hit hard – his erection pushed onto her.
“Go ahead, rape me,” she goaded, pulling her legs together.
John stood. He stripped off his tshirt, the sweats, and the shoes. He stood naked at the foot of the bed, his dick long and hard, stiff and straight in the glow of the candle, bobbing and pointing directly at her. He thought of the dirty word game.
“Come fuck me, bitch.”
“Omigod, you shaved! There’s no hair there!”
“The better to fuck your naked cunt,”
“No, you fuck me, cocksucker,” she teased.
“You’re the cocksucker, I watched you suck your Toy’s cock until he blew his wad in your mouth, and then just like a whore, you rolled the come around in your mouth and let it drip out on your lips. Sucked it off them,” he replied. He was even making himself harder.
“Yeah, I’ve seen you suck my Toy,” she said.
“And I’ve seen you suck Kelly’s pussy, too.” He continued to stroke himself, teasing her.
Mary let him win and taunted him – “Okay, you win. I loved it when James slid his cock all the way into my ass and shot a gallon of come in me, it was so hot… and when Kelly laid under me and rubbed her pussy on mine. So now it’s your turn to take whatever you want! Be a man and come fuck me!”
John thought for a minute. He was totally and absolutely turned on by his sexy, aromatic wife lying on the bed, talking dirty. Didn’t really want to stop. He was naked, she was still dressed. He knew she was saying these things to turn him on, and he was deliberately goading her to say them. It was a mutual sexual uprising between them, something they’d learned to do over the last few months since beginning their “new” sex life.
Mary looked up at him standing naked, stroking his erection. “If you want me, then take me like a man, instead of just standing there jacking off like a scared teenager,” she taunted.
John smiled, and then laughed. He knew exactly what she was doing, and he was enjoying his favorite personal whore.
“Oh, you’re a smart-mouth bitch, aren’t you?”
“And you think your dick is the biggest and best in the world, don’t you, big shot… you probably get off on raping helpless little girls. C’mon, fuck a real broad.”
He responded to her “suggestion” by dropping onto her heavily, pinning her to the bed, his naked, sweaty chest smashing onto her face. He rose, grabbed the tubetop and pulled hard, ripping it away. She gasped. Halves fell aside, revealing her nakedness. “Help, help,” she mock-cried to nobody in particular, “I’m being raped!”
He locked his knees into her sides, not letting her wiggle free. He smelled her sweat again, so lovely and so hot! He buried his face in her chest, inhaling her sweatiness and aroma.
“Oh don’t, don’t,” she continued to act.
Now he scooted down between her legs, holding them open with his forearms as he reached under her to grab the edge of her tights and start pulling them to him. They popped off her hips quickly and he was surprised to find she wore no panties underneath! She cooperated now with him pulling them off her legs, and then lying naked before him, spread out like a helpless butterfly.
“Oh you big strong rapist – you think you can take me?” twisting her body, throwing one leg up over his head and writhing against him. He grabbed her hips quickly and her butt now pressed against him. He drove in hard and quick, impaling her as she gasped again at the suddenness of his member plunging and filling her.
“You’re my whore now, fuck me, bitch…” he ordered.
She backed hard into him, now wanting him as much as he wanted her. They began moving rhythmically, familiar territory, familiar rhythms, the sounds of suction and the wetness assisting their lust.
His hand came around her hip, caressing and squeezing her clit as so many times before.
Explosions came quickly, and their sweat perfumed their nostrils.

“I love you, whore,” he said.
”I love you too, you big mean rapist.”

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