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all was not what it seemed
As graham was taking calls all day in his job for a gas and electric supplier he felt his mobile phone vibrate with an incoming message. The message was from his fianc?ho was in their flat tidying up. The message read “are we doing anything tonight?” graham ignored the caller and replied to the message” I don’t think so, why?” whilst concealing his phone under his desk. His fianc?Debbie then replied “well make sure you finish on time, as I need to talk to you straight away”. With this graham looked up and the clock said 4pm he finished work at 17:15 and thought, well not too long to wait. He then apologized to the caller and asked the caller to repeat himself.
Once 17:15 came he switched off his computer and headed out into the parking lot. A few colleagues said “do you fancy coming to the pub” to which graham replied “not to night lads, I’ll need to give it a miss, as graham sat there stuck in traffic jams on the way home he tried to work out frantically in his mind what was wrong, why did Debbie need to speak to him, why did it sound so urgent. He couldn’t think if he had done anything wrong and thought, well if I’m going to be in trouble I’m going to be in trouble. As graham got home he opened the door to the flat, and seen an envelope addressed to him, which read as follows. “I am yours forever, no matter what happens tonight” graham’s mind just filled with answer’s to the riddle he had just read, “What could she be talking about, I don’t understand”. He read further on “I am in the spare room, when you enter please be quiet, remember I am yours forever, no matter what happens tonight” finished with an imprint of a kiss with fire red lipstick. Graham took his time going to the spare room, he didn’t know what to expect, as the door creaked slowly open the darkness started to empty out the room. There were heavy dark curtains put up over the windows, there was no light at all but as the door opened more he came to realize very quickly what Debbie had been writing about.
She lay there with nothing more than fishnet stockings high up on her thigh’s, a black lace thong firmly covering her pelvic region, and a black lace bra, just enough see through that you could see her delicate erect nipples through. Her luscious brown hair was tied back with a hair bobble and she was wearing a thick tightly tied blind fold, he arms wrists were handcuffed above her head to the bed head frame. As she heard the floorboard creek as graham stepped into the room she said, “My body is yours for the night, you can do what you wish to me, I will be your slut and I have already put some items I’d like you to use on me, if you please. I will be silent of any requests, I will only use noises of pleasure, if you are being too rough then I’ll use the safe word of flower, please only stop if I use that word. No matter if I’m even telling you to stop, that’s all I’ll say”. And with that she closed her mouth and tilted her head back. Graham went over to the bedside table and opened it up. To his amaze there was a vast army of toys, and various items to use. There was two vibrators one had a set of vibrating ears for the clit and one was a slim line vibrator, there was a set of cold metal nipple clamps with a connecting chain, there was a quite hard jelly butt plug, a cat of nine tails leather whip, a very large set of anal beads, and some unlit candles with a lighter. Graham slowly got undressed and down to his boxer shorts and turned to face Debbie lying on her back tied and helpless, goose pimples covered her body in anticipation of the night’s festivities. Graham walked over to her and took a glance at the items he had laid out on the bed below her feet. Graham got onto the bed and placed his knees either side of her body but faced her feet. He then started to rub his hand up and down her lace thong and watched Debbie’s legs move slowly apart from each other his rubbing became more firm and started to trace the length of her pussy. He then taken off her thong to reveal this beautiful trimmed up pussy, he picked up one of the vibrators and said you are going to suck what I give you, and then it is going deep in you pussy do you understand, he could see her head nodding and he stuck the vibrator in her mouth. He then grabbed hold of the other vibrator and switched it on, the buzz was very loud and he slowly rubbed it up and down on her pussy, he started to rub it on her clit, he could hear her moan but didn’t stop as she started to buck her hips he taken the vibrator out of her mouth, Debbie let out a gasp of air as the intense pleasure was almost unbearable. He lent more forward and slowly pushed the vibrator up her pussy she moaned with pleasure, to which graham started to move it more and more in and out of her pussy, he could hear her starting to reach an orgasm but then stopped, Debbie let out a disappointing but also appreciative sigh of relief, for she wanted a bigger orgasm than that. Graham turned round so he was now facing her lying in-fornt of him, he reached around the back of her body and undid her bra, his hands then came back around to the front and he just pushed the bra up to her hands and said “hold this.” Graham picked up the candles and lighter and moved them closer to her head, for he didn’t want to hurt her but though this is what she wanted. He lent forward and bit her left nipple, not too hard but enough that she flinched, he then started to pull his head up and lifted her breast with her nipple and as he let go with his mouth he watched how it fell and laid on her chest, her pink nipples were fully erect as she pinched both with his fingers and lifted them high and as her breasts started to stretch with this, he vigorously shook them to the point when Debbie let out a high pitch scream of oooowwww. At this point graham’s cock was very hard so he started to push it in between her breasts whilst pushing the breasts against his cock. Graham then withdrew and went onto light the candles.
As the hot waxed melted and splashed against her skin for the first time, he expected a noise of pain but was shocked when a noise of pleasure came out, he couldn’t believe she was enjoying this, he then proceeded and by the time he had finished it looked like someone had spread icining sugar on her and created a wonderful masterpiece of erotica. He then went on to attach the cold nipple clamps which produced a sharp shock to her skin, as it was still warm from the candles he had dripped. Graham then said “I’m going to untie you and you are going get up on all fours with your arse in the air, and your head down with hands out in front, do you understand me?”” yes” came a quiet and submissive whisper.
As she poised herself with her arse in the air, she was waiting to find out what was going to happen next, to her shock came the crack of the whip, without warning this whip bit into her skin and she let out a high pitch pant, then came another crack and another crack, the red marks started appearing with the whip, she was in exquisite pain and begged him to stop, graham stopped for a brief moment and though, no she has a safe word I’m going to carry on, he then moved to the over side and started whipping even harder, he could hear her pants turning into cries, he then stood face on staring at her bright red bottom, he then without warning whipped her pussy, she nearly dived forward but shouted more, more so more whipping came about. Graham then finished, and started to rub her pussy with his hand, she was dripping with pleasure he started to smear her juices around her arsehole, and started to insert a finger. He then picked up the anal beads and slowly started to push them in one by one, he made sure each one was well lubed with her pussy juice and he put all of them in till there was one left, she didn’t let out a single sound. He then pushed his throbbing cock into her pussy and started to fuck her hard whilst keeping the beads in her arse, she then without warning started to come here could hear her noises getting more and more tense, he kept on fucking her deeply until she let out a massive cry of relieve, to which he quite promptly removed the beads which only in tensed her orgasm, her pussy was gripped tightly around his cock, he thought she would stop the blood supply. She eventually fell down with a massive crash of excitement and pleasure; she then pleaded for him to cum so he positioned himself in front of her and told her to suck his cock. She started to suck and started to wank his throbbing shaft within moments, he had cum deep into her mouth, and sighed with appreciation. He undid her blindfold, to which she looked at him with a smile keeping her mouth tightly closed and headed out of the room.

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2009-05-05 06:55:45
Again your themes and styles are very much to my taste - however I am constantly dissapointed and starting to be put off with the same issues - grammar, paragraphs, spelling etc...

The story ' disappointed mother' was a great example that you are able to keep an eye on these things...a few mistakes can be forgiven but it makes it difficult to enjoy it throughly due to these above issues...

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-19 18:42:29
More paragraph breaks and PLEASE watch your grammer and spelling. I hardly kept on reading this because those major things interfered.


2009-02-12 13:29:28
that was good, i little short, but i like the way it flowed though paragraphs would be nice. i do like your writing though


2009-02-12 12:54:26
I thought it good. Should use more paragraph breaks. Keep it up, though.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-11 12:54:02
what the fuck is a fianc

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