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My first story
This story is totally fictional. This is my first story so sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes. I also tend to repeat myself or my words. Please tell me where
I am wrong or are mistakes as such. I also like opinions and tell me what I should add and do in my story. It is also quite short too but it is just an introduction
and need ideas.

Eliza and Me.

It started off being a normal friday day at school. I was 15 and at that age everyone knew what they had on their minds which was ofcourse sex. I was a muscular young teenager standing at 6"3, I played in our team for football I would go to the gym at least 3 times a week and I would jack off atleast twice a day.

I guess they were both my hobbies. I would start out the day with maths well I wasn't the best in school but I was passing in most my subjects except for maths. It would not help with a teacher like Mrs.Hope, she was into her early 30's with the buttocks that looked ALOT better than the cheerleaders that were my age
her tits were atleast B perky cups which I could not stop staring at considering I was at the front of the classroom because she thought I needed 'extra help' but I did not mind seeing those perky tits pointing out at me. Everytime she would see me I would look away trying to look as if I was not looking at her perfect tits but I guess all women could know when a man well in my case a teenager to be staring at her tits. I guess she did not mind me looking at them. Considering she would come back every day with moer revealing tops, I would think to myself that it was just me and I still pursued myself looking them and keep
these images till the end of the day needless to say she was the highest in my list for having sex with in my fantasies. This day she asked me to stay back

After class I did so and she told me 'John, You are getting behind in your work again and I moved you to the front for extra help but whenever I see you, You seem to be staring into space distracted and not concentrating on the class work. Is there anything wrong with you or anything wrong at home?' I said
'No, I am just fine and nothing is wrong at home I will try to keep up with my work Mrs.Hope. I am sorry.' She then said 'If you have any troubles you can always come to me for help. You can now leave John. See you on monday' Considering it was friday I was looking forward to be off school for the weekend but before I got out of school grounds. I was pulled back by my girlfriend Mandy she said 'Where are you going mister?'. Well I had been with my girlfriend for nearly a year needless to say we hadn't have had sex yet and not even any 'fooling around', I turned and gave her a kiss whilst our tounges exchanged she pulled out after a few seconds, she was concerned and asked 'What did Mrs.Hope want with you?' I explained 'She just was wondering why I was falling behind on work and if their were any troubles at home or with me. I told her no and she let me go' 'Are there any troubles I don't know about and should know about?'
'No if I had I would tell you first' 'Good to know.' She then continued with our kiss after a few seconds I was turned on and tried to follow on after kissing by caressing but she pulled back away and said 'No, I am not ready' I understood that she was not ready and too frightened that her father would find out so I just said 'Okay I am sorry for doing it' but she also understood that I was a 15 year old boy with 'needs'. We carried on walking home down the long trail I dropped my girlfriend at her house but I gave her a peck on the cheek because I would know that her father would be waiting for her to get back. Once she was in the house I started to walk to my house not that far away from Mandy's house. I walked in and saw my mother she is divorced for about 4 years and it had been a tough time for her she hadn't been out or a man hadn't been to her accompany at all. I said 'Hi mom' She replied 'Oh, Hi John.' with a shocked expression on her face. I walked upstairs confused but not too worried to the bathroom to have a piss once I was in the toliet I saw my huge bulge in my pants and I knew I must of had this since Mrs.Hopes classroom that must've been why Mandy was worried and why mom was shocked. I started to blush for some reason, I knew I had to get my pulsating cock out of the cage of my boxers Once undoing my pants and boxers there stood my just over 8 inch knob I grabbed it with my right hand in the middle and stroked it up and down as fast as I could as I was doing this I hadn't shut the door and my sister walked in and saw me standing over the toliet with it
in my hand after, I was 3/4 of the way to exploding I stopped immeadiatly and she let a quiet 'Eeek' I turned and saw my sister Eliza she was 16, 1 year older than me plump breasts, Slim, brownhaired just like me. She was 5"5, I stood still for atleast 5 seconds then yelled 'Get the fuck out of here Eliza' she stood still
I had to repeat myself and this time she was blushing and ran back into her room and mom had heard me this time and said 'what is going on up there?' I was a confident person so I told it to her straight 'Mom! Eliza was staring at my dick when I was jerking off' she was shocked at first and replied 'Stop the swearing' then Eliza came out of her room and shouted 'No I wasn't. He kept the door open' I interupted her and said 'By accident' then mom replied 'Just forget it all happened and get down here for lunch' None of us argued and just went down to eat it was quiet at the table mom would try to make conversation but we would just reply with short words like 'Okay' or 'Yes'. After lunch I went back upstairs to finish what I was doing I went into my room and waited for Eliza I did not know why. once she came back upstairs her room was right next to mine with small walls. I did not know why but I started to stroke my cock which was still hard of the encounter of Eliza. I picked up the pace, I was going as fast as I could, instead of having my usual image of Mrs.Hopes perky tits or Mandy's great body instead it was my sister Eliza it was my first time thinking of her in this way. I didn't know why but I wanted her to see me again so I started to force screams out that only she could hear. Sure enough I could hear her stir a little inside her room. I continued doing so untill I heard her open her door I was bracing myself making it so if she was to peek she could see all of me perfectly. As I continued I noticed she was peaking in my door I noticed her so I closed my eyes so that she was more confident to look more. It had worked I could see her at the corner of my eye that she was fully peaking at me and it was turning me on a substantial amount. I knew it wouldn't be long she had been staring for at least 10 minutes and I could feel the brim of the cum in my balls I knew this was it and I tried something I opened my eyes wide so that I saw her and she saw me I kept my eyes on her at all times she didn't move even though she had seen me staring at her. I came whilst staring at her and her eyes widened I think it was her first time seeing a boy do something like that. My breathing was still heavy after
a few seconds and we were stood still doing nothing for a few minutes and then I took up the courage and asked her 'Did you like that sis?'. She did not say nothing then all of the sudden she said out of curiousity 'Wh...Why did you let me see that?' I replied 'I don't know, But I liked it didn't you?' once
again she paused for a few seconds and hesitantly said 'Yes,I..I did'. I was afraid to say what I was about to say 'If we both like it, Why should we do it only once sis?' she interupted me and said 'Because its wrong!' then she ran out and back to her room locking the door behind her. She then went to sleep I started
to think to myself what has just happened? I just jerked off and came infront of my sister and we both liked it, as she said we should not do it because its 'wrong' if we both liked it how can it be wrong. I looked down and saw that my knob was pulsating again of just the thought of Eliza. I had to pump another of before I go to sleep I once again made it so she could hear me but this time she did not come out and watch me to my dismay. I could not wait to see what would happen tommorow morning as I always jerk off in the morning whilst mom makes the breakfest and Eliza and me get ready. Untill tommorow I could only find out.
So I had the best sleep I have had ever.

Too be continued...

anonymous readerReport

2011-04-10 23:46:13
It seemed like u did a whole bunch of build up like I was going to be a long story, then ended it abruptly and without much action or elaboration on what happened next about the hott teacher, the virgin girlfriend, or the incestual encounter with Ur sis!

anonymous readerReport

2011-04-10 23:45:56
It seemed like u did a whole bunch of build up like I was going to be a long story, then ended it abruptly and without much action or elaboration on what happened next about the hott teacher, the virgin girlfriend, or the incestual encounter with Ur sis!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-11 02:28:54
It's alright...6/10 Seems a bit cumbersome, tho

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-11 04:11:51
First, work on your grammar and making paragraphs.
Second, I thought it was a pretty good story. You could take this a lot of different directions. Sister and/or Mom joining him... Teacher offers to help him after school and he gets more then one lesson... He could get really horny and desperate and take it out on his girlfriend.... Any of those could work and more.

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