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It is the spring, the season of my hunting,
And I'm awaken from the winter doze,
I'm a volcano which begins erupting,
The smell of love fills my perceptive nose!..

I lose my peaceful reasonable mind
And any pretty woman makes me thrill,
And though I have a half a life behind
I can not stop to pay my passion's bill!..

I like to chase ignoring any troubles,
The path of love will always fascinate,
'Cause I was born to be a king of loving,
It is a crucial but very happy fate!..

The only problem is to choose the target
'Cause any woman's charming and unique...
And in the ocean of my wild desire
I'm alone though heart of mine is big!..

Let us enjoy ourselves, my baby,
Forgetting sorrows till the dawn,
Let our eyes be blithe and happy
And days of boredom won't return!

Let's be delighted like two children
By streams of kisses and caress,
And let's forget all boring lectures
Of those who never really guess!

They can't imagine even partly
The feelings dwelling our souls,
That love could be so simply happy
Without any tragic roles!

And though our love is not platonic
Our souls are full with pure light,
It's better than to be lascivious
And to disguise your real sight!

We are so virgin and ingenious
Enjoying love like paradise,
And there's not a lot of people
Who let themselves feeling so nice!..
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