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This is my first story please be honest and tell me what i need to fix to make the next one better. This all happened Spring break 2008.
It was Tuesday and it was our second day on vacation from school and me my buddy Rex and his girlfriend Kellie were looking for something to do during break. We thought for awhile and thought that it would be fun to go camping for a day or two so we started making some calls and got a couple more friends and come alcohol for the following day.

The next day we packed up all our stuff and headed to pick up one of Kellies best friends from her boyfriends house (who gladly didn’t go with) and then headed to the lake. Jaimee the girl we picked up had was about 5’6” 120 pounds and very fit. She had gone to school with me a few years prior and little to my knowledge had a crush on me still. When we arrived we unpacked put up our tents and started to drink and smoke weed and hookah. The night got late and we started to run out of alcohol so Rex and Kellie decided to run to town and get more. Jaimee my buddy Tyler and I all went to my tent and kept drinking and smoking. Tyler soon got wasted out of his mind and passed out on one end of the tent. Rex and Kellie soon returned but by then we were already drunk and tired and really didn’t want to drink anymore so they stayed outside with the rest of the party by the fire.

Jaimee and I talked for awhile and she soon got tired and said “I’m tired let’s just go to sleep”. I had no problem with this as I was drunk as hell and didn’t feel like getting sick tonight. She told me to turn around as she changed into her sweats but of course I looked and saw her pulling up her sweats over her white thong and cute ass. She laid down and I laid right behind her and put my arm over her not really thinking about much else since she had a boyfriend of 2 years. But just as I put my arm over her she turned around and kissed me and said “goodnight..its nice seein you again”. Then she rolled back over facing away from me and pushed her ass up against my dick. Drunk and now confused I almost immediately got hard and starting to think of what I could do to her even though she had a boyfriend. I looked down and saw her ass still up to my dick so I started rubbing it and dam was it nice and firm! The more I rubbed her ass the hornier I got and the farther I wanted to go. I slowly started to move my hand toward her crotch. As I neared the front of her sweats I raised my hand to her waist band and when she didn’t say anything I put my hand down her pants and started to make my way down to her now wet pussy.

Just as I got my hand to her wet lips and started to rub it to my surprise to turned to me and said “do you wanna fuck me?”..In awe it took me a second to answer but then swiftly said “fuck yea” and she said “get on top of me”…that was all I needed to hear and pulled off my shorts and shirt and mounted her. When I got on top of her she grabbed my dick and shoved it inside her warm tight pussy. And believe me for having a boyfriend for 2 years she was very tight and I was enjoying every minute of it. As I thrust into her she wrapped her legs tightly around me and her pussy clinched onto my dick. She was now moaning and about to hit her climax. I couldt hold back any longer as it just felt way to good and I shot my first load deep inside her pussy. I collapsed on her chest as the last of my cum pumped into her just as she finished her orgasm. She looked up at me and said “don’t get too comfortable yet I’m not done with you”. Then she reached down to my dick and started to rub my cock as we pulled me toward her face with her other hand and shoved her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue swirled around in my mouth and as she felt my cock get hard again she put it back into her seeping wet pussy and wrapped her legs back around. “I want you to fuck me harder this time” she said. And that’s just what I did. I pumped in and out of her as fast as I could pushing in until my hips met hers and pulled out until just the tip of my cock was inside her.

I started to kiss her neck and she told me not to leave any hickies because she didn’t want her boyfriend to find them. So instead of kissing her neck I moved my mouth down to her now rock hard nipples and sucked them into my mouth not really caring whether I left marks or not. At that point she grabbed me and said “I wanna fuck you now” and I rolled over onto my back and she mounted me. She sat down on my fully erect 7” dick and leaned forward. I could already tell it wasn’t all the in so I pulled her ass down farther onto my dick and she moaned in pleasure as she was now all the way down on me. She rocked her hips back and forth and started moaning louder and then I heard something outside the tent. It was Rex and he was laughing and yelling to everyone about how we were fucking. Now we had an audience just outside the tent with Tyler still passed out about five feet away.

She was not shy at all and kept on rocking back and forth and up and down and she was reaching her next climax. “Ah fuck that feels so good…oh fuck…” was all I heard as she had hit her climax and slowed her pace until she was just laying on top of me. A second of two later she realized that I hadn’t came yet and said “You want me to suck your dick” and of course without hesitation I said “Hell yea!” and with that I felt her soft lips kissing down my stomach. I could feel her long hair running down my chest and then her warm lips just engulfed my still rock hard cock. She was bobbing her head up and down and as she sucked her tongue was running circles around my head. You could hear a popping sound as her mouth slid off the end of my dick. She looked up at me and asked if it felt good and all I could make out was a barley audible yes and this was the best blowjob I had ever received. I soon felt my cock twitch and new I was about to cum and apparently so did she because just then she went as far down on my dick as she could go and kept it as far down as she could until I felt the cum boiling up from my balls and explode in her mouth. I don’t think I have ever cum that much and to my surprise she managed to swallow just about all of it and the little that did escape was soon swept up with her finger and swallowed. I laid in totally ecstasy of what had just happened.

She came up and laid back down next to me and we both just lay there silent looking into each others eyes as we drifted off to sleep.
To be cont………………….


2009-05-06 23:42:43
READER is an idiot anyone who actually smokes would have known what he was talking about with the hookah


2009-02-15 19:40:11
ok one it is not a load of crap its true...two yes a hooka is a smoking device but it is also tabacco that goes in the bowl so when i say smoking hooka i mean the tobacco in the hooka dumbass

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-15 01:24:52
what a load of crap

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-14 22:39:59
shitty story, your grammer sucks and the its obvious you dont 'smoke' cuz a HOOKA is a smoking DEVICE not a breed of bud or is that your bad grammer. Dumbass

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-14 20:13:19
i thought it was a good story but much to short..give some detail..all u said was..i fucked her...fucker her again harder..then she sucked my dick the end..elaborate=]

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