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sex with sister-in-law's teenage friend with brother and sister-in-law fucking on bed next to us
This is my first time writing a story so i hope you all like it. My name is Jason and i live with my wife and roomate kim. I am 24, my wife is 26, and our roomate is 20. This story is about the first time my sister-in-law Sam (18yo) , her friend Alivia (17yo), my brother John (21yo), and I found ourselves naked together in my wife and I's bed.

One day when my wife Danielle and Kim were working one of their mid-afternoon shifts till 4am delivering pizza (they work together at Domino's), my brother, Sam, and Alivia came over to hang out and watch tv at our new apartment. Samantha is my wife's younger 18yr old sister. She's about 5' 6, slightly past her shoulders length blond hair, and slim with moderate sized perky breasts and likes to dress punk. Her friend Alivia is 17 and much more gorgeous then most girls her age. With bright beautiful blue eyes, long curly dark brown hair and curves in all the right places, I can't help but stare at her whenever she's over.
Samantha and my brother John were standing by my dvd's arguing over which movie to watch while Aliva and I were in the kitchen getting chips and dip ready. John and Sam have been flirting for the past week or so. My wife had told me this morning before work that Sam had told her that they'd fooled around for the first time last night. My attention at the moment though was focused on Alivia as she bent down to get in the cabinet under the sink for a bowl for the chips. Her perfectly rounded ass made my cock twitch slightly in my pants. I could see the top of her red g-string sitck out the top of her jeans. What I wouldn't give for a chance at a night with Alivia. Since I'd known her, I thought I sometimes caught glimpses of her glancing at me when I wasn't looking. Unfortunatly any chance of ever trying to make a move on her would be a mistake since she'd say something to Sam and my wife being her sister, she'd squel to her and I'd be in a world of trouble.
"Were going out on the balcony to have a cigarette. Coming Alivia?" Sam asked as she searched through her purse for her cigarettes. My wife and I didn't smoke so our house was smoke free.
"Yeah, I'm coming." Aliva handed me the bowl and smiled then walked out onto the porch. As I poured the chips, i heard and felt the counter vibrate. Confused i looked around till I saw Alivia's phone spinning and vibrating on the counter. Curious, I grabbed it and and saw that she'd received a text from her friend Betsy who was another of Sam's friends who frequantly came over. Ignoring the text, I went to her other text messages and saw that the last person Alivia had texted was Sam. Curious, I opened the text and gasped.
(Alivia) Thanks now all I have to worry about is whether Jason will kiss back.
Not sure if I'd read it right, I read it three more times. Was Alivia really saying what I think she was saying. I quickly checked to see if anyone had noticed what I was doing. They were all still on the porch smoking. I had at least 3-4 more minutes to snoop. I scrolled down the screen to the begining of the conversation.
(Sam) So you're coming?
(Alivia) yeah u and john picking me up at 5?
(Sam) yes we leaving his house in a bit
(Alivia) how was he?
(sam) lol i dont kiss and tell
(Alivia) u mean fuck and tell slut :)
wow, danielle had said they had made out, not fucked. It was a little weird to me to know that my brother was fucking my wife's sister. I read on, eager to find out what they'd said about me
(Sam) shut up skank lol
(Alivia) can i ask you something important sam?
(Sam) if it is what you asked before no. please she is my sis
(Alivia) but sam i just want to have a little fun its not like im going to steal him from your sis.
Now we're talking.
(Sam) its just weird
(Alivia) no it not it just sex
I couldn't believe how blunt she was. I still could not believe what I was ready. The sexy cock stirring 17yr old piece of ass out on the porch that i've been fantisizing about since the day i met her was actually begging my wife's sister not to say anything if she fucked me. This was too good to be true.
(Sam) what?! youre crazy you know what
(Alivia) please just let me try and dont say anything
(Sam) fine if he gunna cheat let him cheat
(Alivia) and youll be neutral and not say anything
(Sam) yes i promise
(Alivia) Thanks now all I have to worry about is whether Jason will kiss back.
I heard the porch door sliding open so i quickly hit the END button on the phone to closed the message screen and set it on the counter. Luckily no one noticed.
"Let's watch a horror." John suggested.
"I have the perfect one." I replied heading for the dvds leaving the chips on the counter. I didn't have a good one in mind I was just trying to quickly think of the best way to sit by Alivia and give her an opportunity to make her move. As I pretended to scann the dvds I came up with the best plan. Since we'd just moved in and my roomate kim had come from her parents house and my wife and I had lived with someone before the new place who had their own couch, we currently didn't have one. We had milk crates placed around our TV. Pathetic I know but it was better then the floor. I had a tv in my bedroom and we could all sit on the bed. It was large enough that we could all sit comfortably and small enough that we would be right next to each other.
"Do you guys want to watch it in the bedroom so we can all sit down?" I asked. I could swear I saw Alivia smirk slightly.
"Ok, can I grab a beer?" my brother asked. I told him sure as I grabbed the first horror movie I came across which happen to be When a Stranger calls and headed to the bedroom.
"Get me one too!" Sam said as she grabbed the bowl of chips. Alivia grabbed the dip and asked for a beer as well.
"Make that four!" I called from the bedroom. I set up the dvd player and turned on the tv. Alivia was the first into the room behind me and I waited for her to set the dip down and sit.
"Where should I set this?" She asked holding up the dip and smiling. I told her to set it on the desk. She did and then crawled ono the middle of the bed. I sat to the right of her and Sam and my brother came in right after. Sam sat on the other side of Alivia and my brother sat next to her on the far end. I turned on the movie and as the credits rolled we opened our drinks and passed around the bowl. As the movie rolled on I paid little attention to the plot. I couldn't help but glance out the corner of my eyes at Alivia as she sat next to me. She was occationally taking a sip from her beer and watching the film. I watched her breasts moved up and down as she breathed. I could feel my cock growing and aching in my jeans.
My brother set his beer down on the desk by his side and put his arm around Sam. I saw Alivia notice and look over at me. When she caught me looking back at her she smiled and leaned towards me. I was frozen as she leaned over me and placed her beer on the desk, her tits pressing against her blue t-shirt only a few inches from my face. It felt as if she moved just a bit too slow and she leaned back. Then she yawned and rested her head against my shoulder. I saw Samantha look over at us then but she didn't look upset. That's when I decided to go for it. I gently pulled my arm away from her head and placed it around her. She smiled and me and turned back to the movie. She felt warm and snug against my side. The contact was enough that my cock was rock solid. Thankfully I had pulled the blanket up over my legs up to my waist when the movie started and no one could notice the giant bulge in my crouch.
Time seemed to slow and my heart raced as the movie continued. It felt like only seconds later before I heard the sound of lips locking. Both Aliva and I glanced over to see John and Sam making out. Alivia turned back to me and before I knew what was coming, her lips were one with mine. We kissed slowly at first then quickly picked up our pace. I felt her lips part and I did the same, feeling her searching tongue find its way into my welcoming mouth. I returned the gesture, our tongues swirling around together. I placed my left hand on her shoulder and ran it down her arm feeling the texture of her silky smooth skin. She wrapped her arm around my neck and pulled me closer to her.
I continue to run my hand up and down her arm then down her back to her waist. After a while I got a little braver and ran my hand over her round ass squezing gently. I was rewarded with a slight moan of pleasure. My lips left hers and traveled sound down her cheek to her neck. Alivia continued to moan and I felt her grasp my hair and tug slightly. After what seemed like an eternity I pulled my lips away from her neck and looked over at John and Sam when I heard a belt buckle jiggle. Sam had undone his belt and was pulling the belt off. She threw it to the floor and ran her hands up under his shirt and up his chest. My brother stopped kissing her and allowed her to pull his shirt off. I noticed for the first time that Sam's shirt was pulled up over her black bra.
"Guess we should catch up." Aliva said grabbing my chin and turning my face back to hers. She grabbed my belt and in what seemed like less then a second was whipping it to the floor. I yanked my shirt off and tossed it aside. Alivia grinned at me and grabbed at her shirt and slowly pulled it up and over her head. She was wearing a matching red lace bra. I leaned back down and kissed her again, this time running my left hand up her stomach to her breast. Not holding anything back, my hand went under her bra and cupped her right breast. It felt magnificent. I rubbed my thumb in circles around her nipple and received a pleasent moan in response. Alivia bit her lip and ran her hands down my chest.
"Hold on." Aliva said sitting up. Sam and John stopped what they were doing and the three of us watched as Alivia reached behind her back and undid her bra and removed it while giggling.
"Damn Alivia!' my brother replied smiling.
"Hey, keep your eyes over here boy." Sam shouted jokely and proceeded to remove her bra as well. Alivia's tits were slightly larger but Sam's were more rounded. Alivia's nipples were smaller though but stuck out the furthest. Alivia wrapped her arms around me and pulled my lips to hers again and our mouths opened, licking and sucking each others' tongues, pleasuring each other. Both of our hands were touching, squezzing, and arousing. I could feel Alivia running her hand up and down the thick bulge in my jeans. Aliva released the snap and the zipper came down quickly. I pulled away for a second and pulled my jeans down and off leaving me just in my boxer shorts. Alivia followed suit except she pulled her underwear off at the same time exposing her delightful little pussy. She wasn't completely shaven but she had a nice small cut curly patch of pubic hair.
"Take off your boxers." Aliva purred. I was hesitant to take off my boxers with my brother on the other side of the bed. I know it was silly after everything we were already doing. Then I glanced over at the other couple on the bed and saw that John did not share my hesitation. His pants and boxers were at his ankles and was spooning Sam. I could tell from the grunts coming from Sam and the slow rythmic thumping of the bed that they were one step ahead of us. I could see his cock more than half way into her cunt moving slowly up and down.
Well, if he was ok with it so was I. Alivia watched with a seductive smile as I stood up off the bed and pulled my boxers down. I quickly got back in bed and lay next to Alivia. My cock lay across my belly, hard, pale, and pulsing ever so gently, the reddened tip already glistening with wetness. Alivia reached down and lightly gripped my shaft with her fingers and lightly slide her hand up and down my smooth hot shaft. I kissed and circled her nipple with my tongue while my hand rubbed down her smooth flat stomach and over the short, soft, silky fur that covered her cunt. The hair tickled the palm of my hand as I poked the tip of my middle finger through her oily slit and up inside her.
Slowly, my finger probed up into her warm, smooth wetness, finger-fucking her for the first time. The other fingers of my hand pressed up against the rounded fur-covered lips of her delightful little snatch. While I slowly plunged my finger in and out of her pussy, Alivia continued to pump at my swollen organ increasing her pace. My lips moved from each of her breasts up to her neck sucking, licking, and kissing every inch. I slipped another finger up into her pussy and he two fingers held
together formed a larger, thicker shaft, and stretched out her opening. I could feel the dampness that had already begun to form as the teenage girl's arousal grew even more. Alivia's body began to move slightly, her hips squirming and twisting as she rotated her cunt around my fingers as they repeatedly plunged up into her burning cunt. After was seemed like an eternity, I felt Alivia release my cock and she rolled onto her side facing Sam. Sam smiled at her and continued to moan and groan as my brother repeatedly plowed his cock into her tight cunt from behind. Alivia leaned over and kissed Samantha on the lips and ran her hand over her perky tit. I could only stare in shock, momentarily taken by surprise. Alivia looked back at me and giggled.
"What, never saw a girl kiss another girl before?" She said. "Now hurry up and fuck me. We're falling behind here." I wasn't going to say no. I scooted up behind her and pressed my loins up against Alivia's firm, taut ass, running my big hard cock up and down through the deep narrow crack between the two soft globes of flesh. Looking down, I watched my cock slid back and forth, a drop of moisture seeping from the tiny hole at the tip. I moaned quietly at the exquisite sensations of her behind against my cock. But, there was more pleasure waiting. As I pulled my cok down through her crack a final time I lowered my cock and searched for her slit and cunt opening. Keeping one hand on her hip, I reached down and grasped my thick, hard prick, guiding it to its goal. Finally, I felt the warm wetness of her pussy lips surround the tip and pressed upwards slightly with my hips. Aliva gasped and instinctively pressed her ass back against my throbbing member. I felt the tight rubbery folds of the her cunt fully envelop my cockhead. Holding her still with my hand on her hip, I thrust up even more, and felt my cock begin to slide up into her hot tight teenage fuck hole.
Feeling about half of my shaft surrounded by her velvety tightness I pulled back letting my cock slip a little out of her. With slow back and forth movements with my hips, my hard throbbing cock delved deeper into her gripping sexual wetness. God, she feels so good, so fucking good! My mind was in pleasure heaven. I'd never felt a tighter pussy than the one my cock was currently residing.
More and more I began to move in and out of her more easily. After a minute or so I set up a nice, easy rhythm, my strokes sliding in and out of her from behind, the warm, round curves of her ass rubbing up against my thighs each time I thrusted into her. I picked up the pace even more, her soft, moist girl tightness pulling at
my thickness as I plunged my cock in and out of the teenager. Alivia and Sam and starting kissing again, their lips slightly pounding together as my brother and I fucked them from behind. After a minute or so of rythmic shafting, I felt someones fingers rubbing against my cock as it slide in and out of Alivia's cunt. I looked over Alivia and saw that Samantha was rubbing her fingers over Alivia's oily slit and she was doing the same thing to Sam. Surprised, I lost my rythem for a second and popped out of Alivia's tight cunt. Samantha grasped my cock and slide her hand up and down my moist, cunt-oiled cock.
"Hey, I'm using that." Alivia joked and grabbed my cock and glided it back to her awaiting pussy lips. I heard my brother grunt and his pace slowed. He had obviously reached his climax. I wasn't far behind. The familiar contraction in my balls signaled they were about to spew, and I slowed down and took several long, leisurely strokes into her from behind as my thick rock hard cock erupted deep inside her delicious pussy. I could feel each jolt, each spasm of my cock as I jetted my thick male juice into Alivia's hot tight cunt. I could feel her pussy milking my organ for all it was worth.
I held myself inside her for a few minutes, just enjoying the after-glow of my climax and the tender warmth of Alivia's silky smooth young body. Finally, as I slowly backed away from her, my softening cock pulling out from between her pussy lips with a soft, wet plop. I gently kissed the side of Alivia's neck and ran my hand up her stomach and cupped one of her breasts in my hand.
"Now it's mine and Sam's turn." Alivia said breaking the silence with her devilish grin.

To Be Continued

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