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Nicole--Columbia , S.C.
'I want to name her -"Nikki" after me,of course.."
'Of course', I grinned.. Take off and see if they follow you ..” They wasted no time in getting out,shaking off on me , then tearing ass after Nicole, who had already topped the steps and was trying to whistle,but not getting much out.. I planned to call Matt the second she was out of sight!
"Wow”, was all he could say as I laid it down for him..Teresa was a little kinky to say the least.. I explained to him the 'lick it & stick it' move , how to write ABC's on her clitoris, doggie style, and how she loved it up the ass!"
"You mean she gets off on a dick up her ass?" Try it slowly with plenty of lube,[I gave him some] and hold on for dear life..
"She should be coming in any time now,so knock off and get a shower , then come back.." He came up and gave me a bear hug, but I pulled my 'mongoose' line on him –
"Get the fuck off me before I hurt you" ..He was grinning his ass off as he left... Damn ,he was strong..
"Oh-- I forgot to mention it,she wants to bunk with you at the cabin..can you handle it"?
"Wow" Teresa arrived 5 minutes after Matt left. She hugged me and gave me a short but meaningful kiss,with a little tongue..
“ I hear you've made an impression on my niece, is it serious? You better not hurt her, I mean it Danny....She's got no one to fall back on,but me ,and I'm on shaky ground.."
"We're both totally caught up in each other,and it will hurt both of us when I leave,but it's not like I won't come in on a regular basis..she's so damn possessive,I couldn't do what I do best with her around..I fell for her the moment we met,and I know its cause of her youth & inexperience thats driving it..Please keep it between us, things could change....Listen,I got Matt clued in on what you like,so cut him some slack,and I think he'll come around"..He's attracted to you the same way Nikki is to me..they both need us,at least for a while..
" Okay” she replied -- the door swung open and in come the pups & Nikki,hauling ass,to greet Teresa..Nikki was hugging',the pups were licking feet,hands,legs,anything they could reach.
."Oh , they're adorable!! When did these guys come "? Then Matt hit the door, still wet from his shower,grabbed Teresa & put the bear hug to her--she kissed him deeply,and gave him more tongue than he had dick..I couldn't help but laugh at them..We called Pizza Hut delivery for 4 large pizza's and sat eating while the dogs begged at our feet..
"Matt, y'all go where ever and get the pups a case of Alpo for puppies"-- the guy said they would eat their weight every 2 days.." He and Teresa didn't take long getting out the door.

The dogs were out , sleeping their ass off,completely out of energy.. I hugged up Nikki and said "You wanna fool around till they get back?"
"Na, they won't be gone long enough, I can wait till we get the pups fed and fix a place for them to sleep,so just suffer,Mister.."
'Excuse me, I was led to believe I called the shots around here,young lady' ..
She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply ,rolling her tongue across mine..I reached down her shorts with both hands, spread her ass cheeks,running my finger across the rim and told her –
“I've wanted to taste that ever since we've met,” "You couldn't handle getting' another cherry so soon, you dirty 'ol man".
. My cock was so hard I got dizzy..she reached down my shorts and grabbed me around the base where it was widest,saying she wanted me to ass-fuck her too,but was afraid of my width..
”All thats been in there was a finger,my own”..
"My tongue can pave the way, and I also keep plenty of lubricants in my Jethro bag..You have never had an anal orgasm,it's twice as good and more intense than anything you've experienced so far.."
"If it got any better it would drive me insane, I swear Dan-o; if you hadn't come into my life, I'd hate to think what might have been the alternative..
I was at the bar with a double,when an idea popped up..
"Lets walk over to the lake & see what kind of progress the guys are having."
We slipped past the pups,and went out through the kitchen door upstairs. The evening was perfect,a full moon,dew on the looked like a painting.. The lake was smooth as glass,with frogs and lightning bugs & crickets all adding to the scene..
"Any snakes out here"?
"Matt found a few at the far end of the lake,but he caught them and hauled them off somewhere,he's too tender-hearted to kill anything..Thats his idea behind the catch,weigh,pictures,and release of the monster bass in here,that no harm comes to them,and in a few years we could have some record-breakers .”.
We walked around looking at the lights and was doing some figuring in my head..'How deep is this lake?"
"Out there in that area it's 30--40 feet ".. She pointed to a spot 300 yds away.
"It was my Dad's idea, so he bought a dozer & backhoe and worked his ass off 6 months to prepare this place .It took nearly a year to fill up.He went to Texas, and Florida to get the bass,cause they grow to be 20 lbs. and more..He's even went to Tennessee and got some smallmouth bass over 8 lbs.,but I've never caught one....We put in the whole food chain,crappie,minnows,crawfish,a few carp & catfish to keep the bottom clean. No one fishes it but me & Matt now,so be ready for a good fight when one grabs your line...."
I envisioned long,wide piers reaching out 100 yards into the main body. One pier every 500 yards so when the fishing started,there would be no need for boats,keeping the lake quiet & clean..Suddenly – right in front of us,a huge bass broke the water – at least 15 lbs , chasing a pound and a half crappie...
"We need to get back ,in case he pups wake up and no one is there"..she said.. Right,like they would cry if she wasn't there..

Sure enough,both pups were whining loudly as we got to the door..
"Told you,didn't I-- smart ass.." She was on all fours as soon as she hit the door,and both pups were all over her,licking and pawing her silly..Matt & Teresa came roaring in with the Alpo.. We quickly got them fed and fix them a makeshift kennel on the screened-in back deck.. Plenty of room & enough space between the floor boards to allow for accidents.. Matt & Teresa left quickly for the cabin,and we knew they wouldn't get much sleep tonite.. I could hardly wait to hear his story tomorrow...
Nikki was starting to limp again,from all the antics with the dogs..She got in the pool and got on her back again,floating.. The two pups were playing at her feet. I went to the bar for my night cap and took it up to my room..A busy day,to say the least.. I showered & relaxed on some fresh satin sheets that had appeared from somewhere,and finished my drink..just 9 pm and I was give out.--didn't get my afternoon power nap ,thats what it was..I was asleep in minutes...
My next thought came at 5 am -- Feeling refreshed I got up and got rid of my piss- hard on in the bathroom, shaved, put on some clean shorts, and headed for the kitchen for my morning it going and went to to see if Nikki had made it out of the pool.. She wasn't there so I assumed she was in her own bed..
I felt like having some breakfast ,and checked out the fridge to see my options. One drawer held apples,oranges, drawer held bottles of fuzzy navel wine.. No eggs,bacon,sausage,ham could be found.. The cabinets held boxes of special K, Total, Product 19 ,and Wheaties.. The table held a fruit bowl with bananas & seedless grapes & grapefruits.. Looks like another toast & jelly breakfast ,Dan-o... Hell , I could live on the coffee till lunch , but I'm gonna find out why there was a food shortage in this house..I checked the freezer and seen I could not have grilled steaks if I had wanted to cause there were not any meats in it!
It finally dawned on me that she was one of those "meatless"persons I've heard of..I poured my coffee & went to the back window to see the my surprise they were gone! Oh shit – Nikki would flip out! I took off for her bedroom and found it empty..well, I was getting ready to call Matt , when the door opened and in they all came, Nikki had done her "roadwork" early with the pups.
."Good morning,did you sleep well?" The pups were licking at my bare feet.."Get - off" – I scooted one 6 feet across the slick floor.."I can't handle having my feet licked so early in the morning" ..
"I'll remember that for future reference." she smiled..
"I would have never thought you were an early bird, when I couldn't find the dogs or you; I came close to calling Matt"...
"Oh, they're up,we went all the way to the cabin,and every light in the place was on,but I didn't disturb them.." It was gonna be a long day.. "After you eat & feed the pups,I want you to take a Daypro and get on my table.."
Her eyes lit up and said,"You don't want me to take any pain medicine today"? No,I wanted to wean her off the narcotic soon as possible..
"We'll see what your pain level is after 6 hours without it.." I called Matt to see if he was up..picked it up on the second ring.."Morning Dan-o ! Whats up?"... He said Teresa was sleeping soundly after an incredible time exploring each others bodies.."I can't thank you enough for your advice..I know I done her some good this time cause she had to change the sheets..Looked like we pissed in the bed she climaxed so much"!! What can I do for you this morning-- need me ?"
"I'll be doing some therapy on Nicole in a few minutes.. It's 6:20 am soon as you can , I want a sausage & egg biscuit from Hardee"s - with gravy!! "You got it Dan-o !!
"You"re upset I don't have those things here,aren't you"? Nikki pouted.
“ No, I was just raised up on this kind of breakfast, not fruits & cereals.. And put those dogs outside to spend time with Matt while we are busy. They need to know his voice and learn to obey him also.”.
"You"re very smart , Mister-- I like that!!" Matt has a lot to do today, so keep Teresa off him..Go shopping or something,OK?

It wasn't 5 minutes till I heard the moan of the 2 – 4 barrel carbs on the 427 Chevelle..He was out the gate and gone in no time..Nikki & the pups were scarfing up some breakfast , so I decided on a dip in the pool.. I stripped & got in on my back with the pump on & just held the crossbar and floated,enjoying the warm current..In less than 5 min the pups came in , like they owned the place, jumping in & playing at the lower end..
Nikki was standing there saying "Isn't that sweet-- they wanted to be with you!! My goodness ,whats that floating there,Mister? You better do something with that thing before the dogs see it and try to bury it!!"
I came out fast and started to dry off,when she grabbed the towel & turned me around saying, “Lemme do that' - God-look at that better get something on,you'll give Matt a complex if he sees it".. I heard him pulling in way he could sneek up on you in that car.. He came in ,big -ass grin on him,saying chow-time'!!
I sat down to eat & Matt asked to join me..sure..He pulled out four country ham biscuits and had them eaten before I could finish .. I like a man with a good appetite,and he was chasing it with a vanilla milkshake!!
“Did you save any for 'you know who'? I asked.
"I have her hotcakes,apple pie,eggs,and hash-browns..and me for dessert!" I liked his confidence,and looked at Nikki ,winking ..
"Good for you Matt--tear it up,but remember to be gentle ,you're too damn strong ," she said.. Well,raise my rent! She was actually giving him some support in his efforts to impress Teresa!!..
” Matt, Nikki has OK"ed the security we talked about..Let the guys finish up the lights,while you get started on the motion sensors for the buildings.. Put them here--I held my hand up to Nikki"s nose,so the dogs won't trip 'em when they patrol.. " that's a smart idea Dan-o ; I wouldn't have thought of that..!"
Speaking of dogs; we need you to keep them outside till after lunch,so I can get her therapy done,and she plans to take Teresa shopping.. Tour around the fence-line with them to give them an idea how large this place is,and don't forget all the buildings..They will piss every few minutes to "mark" their territory,so take your time with them..I"ll go on line & find all the things we need to wire this place up.."Gotcha boss" ,and he took the pups & left..

"Now,young lady; about your therapy"...she almost ran to the table,dropping clothes along the way..
"I plan to see if there's any improvement ,so this might seem a little rough on you at first..tell me if you get any pain at all.."
Face down ,with that cute ass in my face wasn't gonna be easy,but I started by bending the legs at the knees, rotating them to check for stiffness,then deep-tissue thumb massage to the back of each gorgeous thigh,working my thumbs in deep where ass & thigh meet, following the nerve up the cheeks to her back ,and finally settled in at the L - 4 disc,massaging carefully to see if the bulge was receding.. She moaned a couple of times,but I don't think it was out of pain,cause she was smiling.. Satisfied with the results, I turned my attention back down to her legs..
" Now, come up on all fours, like a puppy;and try to touch your heels to your ass-cheeks.." She assumed the position perfectly,but had no idea what was to come.. I moved behind her and looked at her most intimate spot,the star shaped anus.. I lightly oiled my hands and started on the tightly stretched ass cheeks,working the oil in circular motions,using my thumbs to work down towards the inner crack. I could see the lips of her cunt starting to swell and open slightly in anticipation.. With a thumb pressed on the anus , I told her to push back & try to relax the virgin muscle... She started moaning ,begging me to put my thumb in..I massaged the star in circles,watching it expand before my eyes.. The thumb slipped in to the first knuckle, and the moans got louder; I wiggled it up & down,and her ass began a dance of it's own..
"Ohh-Yess,Tha--s ts - good !!! Please;more pleasee! I removed the thumb & replaced it with my middle finger,which was three times longer.. I reached lower with the free fingers and stroked her clit & sank them deep in her wet pussy.." Aahh-- mmmmnm- yesss !!--Faster!! I"mm- gonnnn – aa!!”
Stopping to let the urge to cum subside.. I slipped my finger out of her ass , putting it with the ones lower...G-ggooddd!!! ---Nnnggggyyhh !!!” I blew my hot breath on her asshole,and she was backing up for more.. My lips were very near now , I flicked my long tongue out and tested the opening..she shoved her hole back to swallow the length of it, screaming my name,calling out for me to pump my tongue up deep in the virgin asshole.."
" It's yours Mister; do whatever you like to me ; just do it over & over--yesssss!! I'm ccuuuummiiinnggg!!!!! Aaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Mmmoreeeeee!! !!!!!!"
I could feel her cum around my fingers,and her asshole was in spasming around my tongue, pulling it in deeper ; squeezing it... I pulled it out , and told her to roll over on her back.. "But don"t you want to fuc---my"
"NOW ! , I slapped her ass hard!! She moaned loudly and obeyed.. In my favorite position now , I put her legs in the Indian style i spoke of earlier, dropped my shorts to the floor, and steered the large head to its reward,sinking all six inches to the balls in one swift stroke,in her still spasming pussy... "O-O-ohhh --myyy- Dan-o - I"m gonna cum again--ccan I pl-leaaseee ? “
“ Sure baby , you're allowed all you can stand today..”
“ Aarrhhhggh!! Mmmmnnn- sooo gooodd!!”
I pulled my cum - soaked dick to the edge of her pussy,let it milk me all the way.. Then I eased it to the opening of her ass....................... Pressing it into the star & watching it disappear slowly into the tight depths , so hot and wet,gripping my dick like a vice, her first anal orgasm of her life brought her ass off the table to meet my balls and we were one.."E-eeaa yeessss-yyesss- F-Fuck it !!!!! " I pumped her asshole as hard as I could, not as fast as I could, I was saving that for my own release...
Wave after wave of pleasure was rolling through her,and her once virgin ass was in spasms,milking & releasing ,over & over again she climaxed, squirting her cum onto my lower stomach & pubic hair, I swear you could have filled a coffee cup with it .. "D-Daan-oo , I can't stop! Pl-leasse! Do something- I'm dizzyyy! Oohhhhhhh-aaaahh!!" I increased my speed to a blur, and erupted like a volcano deep in her bowels,the head swelling to nearly double its normal size,spurt after spurt , till it started spilling out her ass,onto the table & floor..I came so hard my whole dick went numb. My nuts pulled up into my groin.." E-eeiihhh!!” One last wave hit her so hard she fell limp on the table, passed out from the pleasure...I pulled out to see if I had hurt blood, thank God but more cum than I'd ever shot before that I can remember..I picked her up and took her to her bed and put her in,got some wipes from the bedside table and gently began to clean her up.. I was just about to leave when she began to stir..

" Hey- Mister -- don't leave me here alone,come lay with me.." We lay close and she had a leg over my stomach,playing in my chest hair.." I love you" she said,looking deep in my face..I kissed her and held her tight to my chest,and in a few moments, we were both sleeping.. At 12:15pm the phone woke me .. "Dan-o I'm back with the pups,you finished yet?"
'Yes ,bring them in through the kitchen deck & get em fed; I'll be there shortly..'Don't let them in '.. She was sleeping so well,i didn't want the dogs in bed with her.. I dressed & made it to the coffee maker,got it going,and went to see Matt.. "You got the pissin' part right, I didn't think they could piss so much..over at the lake ;they jumped in and almost got eaten by bass.." I gave him my 'look' and he explained.
." There's a cove at the far end , fenced off from the rest;you seen it"? I nodded,," Ever time we catch a bass over 12 lbs ; it goes there,so all the little crappie in the main lake won't get eaten..Anyway they walk in the end to drink and after 5 feet it drops off to 20 feet where the spring that feeds the lake is.. I seen the bass before the pups got to close and called them back..if they can eat a 2 lb crappie in one bite,I wasn't taking a chance with these 5 lb dogs.." It was hard for me to imagine a bass that big. I gotta get a line in today,somehow..
"You did well Matt,I don't know how Nikki would react if you let any harm come to these pups.In about 8 more weeks it won't matter,they'll gain a pound a day till their grown..when their outside; you have the responsibility for them.. I'll get the collars ordered today that will beep us if they try to leave the property.." 'You not gonna shock em are you?" Damn right I was!
“They won't need but about a dozen hits to learn to stay inside the fence.Theres 3 square miles of woods & pasture to cover,and once they decide to run,they can hit 50 mph ,, We have to be able to control that,and use it to our advantage..thats the reason their here.” I got my coffee & sat on the back deck the pups were sniffing around for Nikkie.. I told Matt to get Teresa up here by 2 ;and she & Nikki would shop, while we were busy..
"There's a couple of places I'm sending you to for the collars & motion know this place better than me..I'll get the fence lasers on line and here by ups tomorrow.." Once he had the list, he was gone..I let the pups in the house & got on the computer,i give them about 2 min to find her..
I ordered what I needed,checked my e-mail; sent a few, called a few to explain why I wasn't available,got the last cup of coffee,and went to the bar .. I spiked it with jack Daniels,just enough coffee to turn the bourbon black;now that's a drink.. I heard them coming down from upstairs;the dogs had each end of the terry cloth rope she tied up her robe with ,growling at each other,playing tug 'o war . The robe was open leaving only her shoulders covered..she was glowing; face,breasts,all the way to her toes.."You have no shame,do you young lady? How's your lower back feeling,after your 'therapy' this morning ?'
" I'm a little sore; but not in my back." smiling sexily .. Good ,I'll keep her off the hydrocodone,and hope the Daypro kept the disc from swelling more..
” We got a handful of problems to discuss,some you won't like at all.. I'm losing several hundred dollars a day by not being back home where my 'regular' clients are,I called some & told them of the "emergency" we had here.. "They want you to have sex with them" she pouted.."No; one just wants the rocks, and two others want the 'saddle'.."
"Then call them back & invite em down for a day or so..tell them I'll pay their expenses, plus they can have a couple of bedrooms to sleep in..I told you up front money was not an issue... I plan to compensate you well when & if you decide to leave,but give me the time you promised,and don't expect me to share you sexually!! Will $1000.00 a day take the load off? "

You could have pissed in my drink at that point and I'd never noticed..I've made a grand a day at Beech Mountain ski resort,but only once or twice in years..never for a month!!

" That's very generous of you Nicole; I don't want seem like I'm taking advantage of you,but you did call me ; and no; I'm not willing to share me with anyone while in your home.. The agreement was I stay till you got better; and after this morning ; I'm starting to 'love you back' ..I've been fighting it,cause of our ages,it wouldn't be fair to you..
" Age is just a number, and I've always been attracted to older men. If you prefer, just live here together as long as you want.. I just know I want you in my life, any way it can happen.."
'We need our time to discuss this to the next thing you won't like.. It's not negotiable,and its not mean but the sooner we train these pups,the easier it will be for them to learn.. I ordered collars for them,with 3 remotes for us to get them responding to basic commands..the 9 volt battery won't knock em out; just lightly tickle the neck area, so they can learn what to do ,based on the number of times we hit the button.." It won't work unless you use your's too". She looked at them and said 'sorry pups, playtimes over'... "Got any more surprises?"
'Yeah; one pup was almost bass food this morning.. I want to go fishing and see the bass that tried to eat a 5 lb dog!!"

"The Florida bass were 10 lbs when dad put them in 4 years ago; Texas bass are 12-15 lbs by now; but it was more like the small mouth to bite at the pups.. Their attitude is what scares me ..a very territorial type , can't stand another fish around ,except to mate..We have large geese & ducks that winter here from up north; and I've seen the small mouth attack them!" Teresa called and wanted Nikki to come get her to go shop..'You need anything'?
'Yea; some thick steaks,eggs,bacon, just tell your aunt,she'll know what to get." Where's the fishing tackle?" At the barn ,in the room on the right.. She took off & so did I, with the pups in tow.. The tackle room was any fishermans dream, a whole wall full of rods, 4 tackle boxes with any lure you possibly would want,chairs, minnow seines and buckets..and a 50 gallon glass tank full of bass & crappie minnows..shit--it would be hard to leave now! Two rod n reels- bucket of bass minnows--big ass landing net--chair- what was missing? I swung back to the house & picked up some Alpo & a bottle of Jack Daniels.. I planned to give some bass a rough time today!!! I got set up at the fence to prepare for my adventure..the pups were everywhere,i kept calling them back from the water,and they would listen, but soon were at it again.. Let em learn the hard way..

I chose a 'spook'; large topwater lure that when worked properly; looked like a small fish in trouble.. I opened a can of Alpo each for the pups to get their minds off the water..I heard Matt coming in from shopping..good- he'll read my note on the door .. The pups and I are at the fence,fishing..come get them off me.. He was there in 5min.. "Got everything you wanted Dan-o ; you tell Nicole about these collars yet?" We put them on securely and I explained how this would help us train them..
" She took it better than i expected " Take them to your cabin . They know I'm down here and will probably try to run back when you let them out of the car.. If they do , press your remote button once to get their attention, if they still try to leave, press it twice, you getting the idea yet?"
"Sure ; leave it to me.." He got in the Chevelle and called them,and they jumped in ! I was impressed-- now I could fish awhile..

He later told me of that first lesson .. He pulled up to the cabin, got out & soon as they hit the ground; they smelled around, looked at Matt and started to head back to me..the first jolt stopped them,he whistled to them,and they came back.. Didn't try to leave ,so he sat on the steps,held one and the male 'Mister' started to leave again..he held onto 'Nikki' & hit the button again..he came straight back & sat at Matt"s feet. Nikki had felt the jolt also,so both learned a lesson very quickly that day.. They never attempted to leave the cabin again..

I could see the water 'boil' at several places, so finding these bass was not an issue.. I threw between two 'boils' and let the spook sit still..waited a minute or so for all the ripples the bait made to die off..........I worked the bait like a pro, making it swim as if it were dying.. Made three more casts and no luck..I put that rod down & rigged the other with a big bass minnow,hooking it in the lips so it was free to swim,no weight , 8 lb line ,drag on , and cast it to the same spot.....I could see the minnow near the surface,swimming in circles,not knowing what was --!!
You could see the mouth open under the minnow and was sucked inside.. The bass broke water and it looked like someone had dropped a truck rim in.. 'Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzssss--zzsszz' the drag wasn't even slowing it,so I turned the star -drag up in hopes of gaining some line back....I would reel up 10 would take back 15... Shit!! It jumped clear out of the water,--this fish was at least 15 lbs of largemouth bass!!! I'm thinking -- and your narrow - ass is standing , with 8 lb line, a pint of jack Daniels in you, and think you have a chance to land this monster !!! I looked down onto the reel and seen half of the line was gone, with little hope of getting it back.
.Iwas working the bank now, keeping the line tight as I dared, gaining some line back....The bass
jumped again, and shook its face violently;trying to get the hook spit hit the water flat on its side this time; and the sound was awesome!! I worked the line to keep it tight,and decided to let him take a little more ground,in hopes of tiring him by making him jump arms were taking a beating fighting all the weight,and when he stopped to rest, I was getting 5 to 10 yards of line back on the reel..he was still 50 yards out , but slowly coming my way..this fight had lasted 10 min and I had just about gotten him to within 25 yards of the bank, had my drag at its limit,and he decided to jump again..He got a running jump away from me & cleared the water , jumping 5 feet in the air--ssssssnnapp!! My line gave up & broke...... I went to my chair & sat down, worn out ,shaking, totally pissed at not having 12 -- 15 lb line to start with..Okay - he had won that battle, for now; but the war had just begun...
While I was sitting there; I swear that damn bass jumped again about 20 yds from the bank..just to piss me off,no doubt.. Fuck him! I gathered the stuff up and dragged my ass back to the tack-room, stored the equipment, put bass minnows back in the tank,and started to the house .. I would need a different game plan to fish this lake..
Back inside ,I fixed a tall glass of tea,drank half of it on the way to the pool..I called Matt ,"Matt ; turn the dogs loose & stay inside,I'll call them from here.."
“Right Dan-o'..
I got the remote & pressed it 2 times,and walked from the pool to the front window..pressed it 2 more times... I seen them topping the hill half a mile away..these guys were hauling ass! These 3 remotes all have different pulses of energy to respond to.. They were learning fast today-- and I was saving Nikki's for her to try..They covered that 3 miles in about 6 1/2 minutes..12 weeks old & averaging over 25-30 mph !! They hit the porch very happy to see me,and I hugged each one to let them know I was proud of them.. I called Matt back-- " They're here Matt; in a little over 6 min ! " Wow-thats fast for pups,isn't it ?" 'You damn right' “ Come on up here..I'll be in the pool.”. I filled my glass of tea back up with Jack, stripped & walked into the pool..the pups just stood there; whining,but would not enter...
' Okay. come on' – they both jumped in , glad that I hadn't used the button..these guys were smart, very was a wise investment... I lay back in the current,with my head on the inflatable pillow,just chilling & watching the dogs play at the far end .. Matt came in & down to the pool and looked at me saying -"You not scared the dogs will get hold of that?"
“ Na- I keep em fed good..come on in... ' I'll wait on the girls and help with the bags & groceries.. ' Suit yer-self.. "Grab a beer or something ; I hate drinking alone.." What are you drinking?"
'Its almost a "Long Island ice tea " --half tea & half jack Daniels... O.k. he went to get his tea & came back for the Jack.. W" wow! This is really good!" We heard the girls pull up, so he took off to help.. I just lay there,enjoying the water & the buzz I was getting.. Both girls were giggling & whispering as they came down to the pool..
"My god Dan-o ! - You have no shame,do you?"
“Not really, I just don't care..The pups are naked,so I didn't think they would mind..Matt didn't mind , I even invited him in with us.”.
"And you're wondering why he didn't? " Nikki said..'look at that bucket 'o balls floating on top'..
I stood & walked out to stand at my table and dry off..Matt came back down with his glass empty,asking for another..."Knock yourself out" was my reply ..
" Oh hell no!!" Teresa was being her usual bitchy self,but Matt got off on it, saying he needed to get her back to the cabin to put up their groceries.. They left saying to call if we needed them...
" Nikki will be bringing the pups soon; keep them inside till I call" 'Gotcha Dan-o '
“Well, we can relax a while to wait on them to put up groceries; then I want you to take the pups on your daily walk.. Get Teresa to drive you back up here to have your turn at calling them home.. "Its not gonna hurt them is it ?" Nikki asked.. "No; these are not 'shock collars' .. These are state of the art vibration collars that have settings for the three remotes we have.. One press on the button tells them to find Matt; two presses and they find me; and three presses & and hopefully they will find you..Its not painful at all.we'll soon remove them and have one word each to replace the collars.. Seek- patrol – protect...
I've done a lot of research on training of this breed,and found they learn extremely fast.I have to make a door for them to come onto the back deck..we'll take the door down & put up vertical heavy gauge plastic strips they can slide in & out ;but it will be their home at night..These dogs will get too large to keep inside much longer,so we should begin now to teach them to sleep & eat on the back about ready to do your walk?- I"ll be on the porch waiting for you."
“OK.- bye...”
I sat on the front deck looking out over this "dream scape " that could be mine.. I would gain a lot ; but I would be sacrificing my freedom & a lot of personal friends & 'clients' that had given me a lifestyle I enjoyed in my profession.... I loved Nikki but not enough to say I do... That would be my answer ;along with a promise to come back down a few times a year to make love & fish , and relax with her..
She was basing her love for me around sex, and I was letting it get to me .. Sure, it would be great to have this 20 year -old beauty on my arm; being seen with her would be an ego - boost for any man my age.. I vowed to myself to make her understand that to really love someone ; you have to be willing to let them go.. I hated the thoughts of seeing her face when I told her..Maybe Teresa could help me explain it better.. I will pick her brain to get her input before saying anything to Nikki...
In a few minutes the girls came pulling up.. Nikki came on the porch & Teresa went back to the cabin.. I sat her on my lap & held her close .."My, aren't we in a loving mood.." Training first, then the pool again;then we could have the rest of the day to play..
"Get your cell phone on your side ;then take your remote to the front gate, and wait for my call.." the gate was 500 yards or so not even it sight..I gave her a few minutes to get there & called Matt..
"Take the dogs outside & sit on the porch..If they try to leave,press once & call me back.. If I don't hear from you in 2 minutes, I'll buzz them to come home .. Don't stop them;just stay by the phone ..I'll let you know if they pass..Keep a watch handy to time them..they'll be coming back.. Have some water handy,cause they will be thirsty ..." "You da man!- Dan-o !" In two minutes I pressed my remote twice; glanced at my watch, and called Nikki..
." You wanna have some phone sex? " ' Uh- huh' - tell me how.."You grab yours & I'll grab mine ..whoever cums first wins.."
"Oh you just wait till I get you in the pool; I'm going to give you another cherry!! " I could see the pups, topping the hill at the curve.they were just touching the ground in spots..very,very fast..." I love you Danny" .." I know" was my only reply.. "Here they come, should see them !- ears flying back , like their racing each other,but their mouths aren't even open,ain't even breathing hard..I stood to let them see me & I swear they added another gear to their speed... They hit the porch in exactly four minutes 30 seconds from the time i had pressed my remote!! I'd have to do the math on this,later ..I hugged them up & told Nikki; "OK. --press 3 times now!..Their ears shot straight up-- heads turning , looking first towards Matt's cabin; then suddenly tore ass off the porch; headed for the front gate, barking their puppy ass off... How! How had they homed in on her remote ; not having even heard it before ?
" Here they come- be sure to hug em' good & then get them back here to me.." Less than a minute she was squealing "Here they are!! Good job Dan-o --good job Nikki !!" I was already calculating their time & average speed.... I called Matt saying – look at your watch- 3 - 2 - 1 - hit the button!!" Ears stood straight up ; and they tore off the porch like their ass was on fire!! "God there fast!!" Nikki said..
."Matt you keep em awhile..feed & water em well,and they should want to rest..they've just covered nearly 7 miles in less than 15 minutes." I'll call them home later.. If they try to leave,use your button.. Gotcha Dan-o..
I fixed a double - Jack over ice to calm me down while she fixed her glass of juice..
" Teresa & I were discussing some idea's earlier ; and with the tips she gave me; I'm ready to give up my last 'cherry'.." She peeled the tube top over her head; nipples pointing straight at me,making me stare,then came her shorts , falling to her feet.. She stepped out of them & walked into the pool...
"Well; you just gonna stare; or are you ready to --" Oh my word ! C-come on innn - let me touch that thing!!" I had dropped my shorts & my cock was pointed at my navel;little jerks from my heartbeat could be seen..My balls were hanging low,already full and looking like 2 large,hairy eggs..I stepped down the pool steps & she stopped me at her eye level to my dick..She cupped the balls,hefting them like she was weighing them..
"My, my what a set of jewels you have, Mister!" her right hand went around the shaft,half way down; pumping it & squeezing it to make the head swell even more.. "This is my last cherry: I've never went down on a man; so I had to ask my aunt for some pointers..- " I'm sure she had told her all the right moves,cause Teresa could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch ball!!

Her tongue came out & sampled the clear fluid dripping out the opening,she smiled her approval at my taste & parted her lips to let the large head have her tongue,rolling it all around in her mouth,while the hand stroked the shaft..She slowly started to suck her way down towards the thick base,making her gag slightly and I seen her eyes watering..
"Slow down , please! - your gonna make me cum too fast!” She came up off it long enough to say
" Isn't that the whole idea?" Nikki put one of my balls to her lips; and tried to suck it out of the sack - still pumping me with her hand..I pushed her off it and gave her the dick back - she swallowed it down to her hand, & removed it to cup my balls,squeezing them,rolling them around ..I had give her fair warning; the cum came boiling towards her mouth..
I gritted my teeth,counted to 10 ; every thing I could think of to hold back the flow..My legs,thighs,ass, every part of me started shaking & convulsing. I seen her look up at me with those beautiful eyes,and her mouth expanded to get the last inch or so in; her nose right in my crotch hair.. Her hands went around to my ass cheeks, and spread them to find my tightly clenched anus--then circled a wet middle finger around it, plunging it in to the second knuckle, and began to search for my prostate.. Teresa had really told her how to ring my chimes.. She found the walnut size gland & got a second finger in and was sucking harder.. The expanding head was down the back of her throat, and I exploded the first nut right past her taste buds, washing her tonsils with 3 thick jets of cum,making her gag slightly..She touched my prostate with both fingertips, trying to tap out a drum solo; she backed up to the head to let the second burst hit her open mouth,swallowing fast as she could..I gripped the pool ladder & came so hard it started down both sides of her lips; she dove back down to the base again,taking long slurps as she sucked my full length up & down..
Another orgasm hit me and I had to recline backwards to the edge of the pool,trying not to fall in the fucking water...She followed me, not missing a stroke , but releasing my ass & spasming prostate to cup my balls again,squeezing the last few jets of cum to her greedy mouth..I was totally spent,but she sucked me dry ,cleaning up any stray lines of cum she missed..she looked up at me and said --

" That's so good, its not fattening is it!?" I smiled weakly and started up pull up,but her hands shoved me onto my back.. She straddled me; lowering that beautiful,wet pussy to my half-hard cock.. The head split the lips,and she groaned like a whore. The thick cock slid up into the tight walls to my ball sack,and then she squatted on her heels.. I could feel her pussy sucking my dick back to life,and turning around while impaled ; she started to fuck me with her back to me..
I was impressed! Not an inch of skin was touching .. Only our wet ,hot sex organs , where the head of my cock swelled to touch her womb..This set off a screaming orgasm,with no warning for either of us..she flooded my pubic area with her cum,screaming for me to pump it harder..
"Nn--nnn-ngghh-yessss-ssooo goodddd!!!!! " I worked her to a doggy-style position, reaming her pussy well, getting little 'pussy farts' now & then, to her embarrassment.. I coaxed her up to stand, face to face. Putting her arms around my neck; I got my arms under her knees and lifted her up & onto my cock..
"Awww-- mm-mmnm-yyyoo ssssoo gooodd!" I was not pumping , but rolling her around on my shaft,rubbing her clit with the top of it .."H-earee itt cccu-- mmmmmmmss -eeieiiiiaaaa!!" This orgasm was very intense, I could feel her slipping her grip from around my neck.. I walked her over to my table,laid her out on her back ; then put her feet square in my chest.. My cock reached up & touched her womb again, and she began to whimper..
" God ; Mister you're gonna have to slowdown down—pleass-sseeee- I can't stop cumming !!!!
"Isn't that the whole idea??" I was plowing virgin places I've never touched before; and she was in torment with pleasure.."Oohohohh--gggugddddddd -aaahhhhh=ahhh shhittttttttt!!!!!!!" She passed out on me , going limp as a doll..I could have went on for much longer; having my pipes cleaned so well by Nikki earlier..but I decided to save it to use later.. I put her up on the table on her side & covered her with a sheet..

This was the best sex I can remember having since back in my teens.. I had created a monster here, a true nymphomaniac!!!! Part of me was admiring the 'bedside manner' in which I showed her there was nothing sexually wrong with her... The other part scared me a little.. I could stay with her , be a 'kept man' ; with all the sex and money I could ever own little piece of heaven,complete with hired hand, guard dogs, horses, and my own fishing lake full of lunker 15 lb bass!! There had to be a way to hang on to my freedom & still have the benefits of all this..
I moved to the bar & fixed a double.. then called Matt--
" Hey Dan-o.. S-up?"
"Where's the dogs?"
“On the porch with me.”.
"Good; heres where we see if our training paid off.. I want you to get their attention; point towards this house , and tell them to "Go Home !!" Stay on the line, and tell me what they do...It was dark now, except for the security lights around the buildings & the lake lights.. "They looked at me and tore ass outta here ..You think they'll be okay. in the dark?"
" Their eyes are better than ours, but it's their nose that will lead them here...If I don't call back; you know they made it..You & Teresa have a great time tonite!"
'You too Dan-o".... I glanced at my watch- walked up to the kitchen, and onto the back deck..I opened two cans of Alpo and filled the bowls ..cut the lights on just in case & sat down to finish my drink.. Four minutes & 15 seconds later they hit the back steps,barely winded from the 3 mile run..
'Hey - you two hungry?" I spoiled them a little bit; scratching their ears & head while they wolfed down the food..I stepped to the fridge and got the surprise that Teresa had brought them.. I dropped the two large beef bones on the floor to see what they'd do.. Soon as the scent hit them they grabbed them ; and lay down to grind away their "milk teeth" ...
By my count; they were averaging about 39 - 42 mph !!! Fully grown I'm sure they could hit 55-60 mph with ease.. I felt sure when they were bred, the pups would bring $1000 each in Florida's race circuit..not a bad investment at all, Danny... The pups ears went up and Nikki stepped out to join us; still naked and smiling..
"Why do you keep letting me wake up alone? I was keeping up with you wasn't I ? That last one scared me ..Is it normal to 'pass out 30 minutes' after sex?"
I held her close, letting my hands cup both ass cheeks.. "In your case it's perfectly normal; when your body experiences a continuous orgasm, it goes long as it can till the brain shuts it off..You're lucky to have them. Most women get by on having one or two.. She pulled my face to her lips with both hands and kissed me deeply; and making my cock stir against her navel..
"I loved sucking on that thing, Mister.. Could we have a " 69 " ? I want to try that . My aunt says its the very best way to have oral sex.!!" Lets get a break & a shower first, so my balls can fill up again..We'll do this right.. Soft music,candles, etc... She took off to the bedroom to shower while I got set up..I checked the spare rooms and found one with a huge waterbed..perfect.. I set up the oil burner with Egyptian musk,lit the candles and put 'Stairway to Heaven ' in the c d player & hit the repeat button...
I took a quick shower in my room, put a light touch of Polo on several 'select' places of my body; and went to see if she was ready..It had been a long time since my last ' 69' ; and I was really looking forward to this.. She had already found the room & was sitting like she was in meditation, in the center of the bed, eyes closed, getting all wrapped up in the music..
I cut a trail for the bar & fixed us both a 'triple' Long Island ice tea..I stepped into the room again to find her playing with her nipples ; rolling them between her thumb & fingers, eyes still closed..She heard me & opened her eyes to see me and reached for the drink..She drank deeply; nearly half of it before realizing what it was..
" Hey Mister; you trying to get a young girl drunk so you can take advantage of her condition?"
I nodded my head , saying nothing .. I turned mine up & drank nearly all of it, so she finished hers off; burping loudly, and giggling like she had won something... I slid down on my back & pulled her to face me.."I'm getting another 'cherry', aren't I ? I said.
Nodding yes she kissed me ; lightly pinching my nipples & rubbing her bent leg over my crotch.

"Slowly this time okay.? I want you to repeat on me whatever I do to you.."
She didn't have a clue what to do next ; so I told her to lie down and let me drive.. I was on my knees , over her , pointed the opposite way.. I kissed her neck,trailing them down to her breasts..she done the same .. My hands were all over her crotch area, fingering the open lips & clit..She had a hand full of dick,stroking it slowly, sucking my nipples.. I was moving lower to her tummy & navel with my tongue; kissing & sucking along the way..
I rolled her over to give her the advantage of being on top and moved closer to her crotch..She started moaning & pulling harder on my cock, trying to hurry the process.. I slowed down to tongue the cute navel , and she jerked her whole body up to meet me as I started to work lower ..She got her tongue to going also and after giving my navel a hickey; she found the head of my cock and moaning , began sucking on it while rolling my balls in her free hand..I was putting hickeys along the insides of her inner thighs, inches from her dripping pussy..They were shaking from the pleasure & anticipation of things to come;and she suddenly engulfed my dick almost to the balls, and positioned her pussy over my tongue..
Low, steady moans were coming from deep within her , making the back of her throat vibrate & she couldn't wait to savor the pleasure I was giving her thighs & pubic mound..She swung her pussy down on my mouth & tongue as she half-sat and screamed
'Oohh god !! I'm gonnnaaaaa--
"No - stop & wait on me Nikki!!" I begged her..I stopped all at once and she was trying to find my tongue again,but settled down to try to bring me to the height of orgasm she was at..
'That's a good girl, I'll get there soon; just don't cum till I do-- okay.?"
“I"ll try Dan-o ; but please hurry..I can't take much more!!" She lowered back down & started sucking on my balls; while working her hands around to play with my ass cheeks..'Mmmmnn- you do very well for a beginner ..' I resumed licking the head of her clit; while tickling her ass , pulling the cheeks wide & tongue-fucking the star shaped hole.. She tasted so good I would have stayed there all nite, but the moans & shaking was picking up again,so I concentrated back on her pussy ..I let my fingers do the walking in her ass;she was backing it into my hand ,begging for another finger; so I obliged and sucked her juicy pussy like it was my last day on earth..
""Daan-ooo-- youu bbbetter hurrryy!! - I cc – cc-aannn'tt hold it !! “
My nuts bunched up & I fired a load towards her & said " Come & Get It!!" She sucked noisily as I filled her mouth; groaning her own sweet release into mine; drowning my mouth & face with hot spurts of cum - I pumped my fingers in her ass deeply as she swallowed 3 - 4 times to get all she could from my cock without losing any..She came off my cock screaming at the top of her lungs.....
"Ooooohhh-mmmmmmmmmmmnnn - cccuuuummmmiinnngggg!- Nnn--nowwww !! Her pussy ground into my mouth in tight little circles; smearing her sweet cum all over my face..Her legs gave way & she collapsed on me, so I rolled her onto her back and slid around to slip my still hard dick up through the spasming walls of her cunt..Her eyes went wide open ; and she said
" You're gonna make me pass out again, aren't you?" I smiled and gave her pussy a pounding --she whimpered like a pup, then they turned to grunts & moans , telling me to fuck her hard; screaming my name & clawing the blood from my back & ass--cumming over & over till her eyes rolled back as I got my 3rd nut, pinning her legs back to her the first shot hit the walls of her pussy,she screamed again ;begging me for more..
I pulled out & placed the swelled head at her soaked asshole ..
" Y-yess-yess !! Fuck my ass, please Danny-please fucck iittt!!!" I laid pipe to the ball sack up her tight ass- stroking long & hard,cutting circles with my ass to give her maximum pleasure..
" Ooooohhhh!! - Shh-it - she kissed me deeply; with her tongue down me trying to lick my tonsils..and I didn't have any!
'Ssoo ggooddd - you .you make me cummmmmm sssoooo muuccchh - I – I -aaaaaaaahhh--”She felt me cumming again & this one knocked my dick numb,but I plowed on .. Sure enough; feeling my hot cum up her asshole is all it took –
”Noo- ccuumm!! Can't ss sstop !! Aaaaaaaaahh!! She rolled her head to one side and gave up; passed out totally..I pulled out & went to get a clean wash cloth and returned to wipe her down with the cool,damp cloth...She didn't move at all as I wiped our fluids from around the thighs,crotch & anus.. I stood over her thinking-Yep I have created a monster, a beautiful, sexy little monster..I curled up with her and killed the music and oil heater.. Not a bad day at all ,Danny ..

Next morning I rolled over to unwind our arms & legs; trying not to wake her..I slid out and went to make my coffee..The dogs heard me & started scratching on the door,so I let them in..After licking me 'good morning'; they took off downstairs to the pool..wrong way pups..shes the other way...After making a big mug , I walked down to the pool.. They were in,swimming & playing around; looking up at me , expecting me to join them,no doubt...I turned the pumps on & watched them move to the current; swimming strongly..hell, I thought..this was twice as good for them than roadwork..I planned to let them have the run of the place today to see if we needed to keep the collars on any longer...I swear they seemed to understand English better than some people I know..

" That water warm enough " I asked .. Both barked back at me,I took it to mean yes... Nikki appeared outta nowhere with a big glass of juice.. The dogs both barked at her,obviously saying 'morning' to her .. She glowed in the white thongs & baby was cut just under the swell of her breasts; making her even more sexy... There was no doubt where her nipples were: slightly erect & pushing creases into the inside of the top...
"How you feeling - any back pain this morning?"
"No, none at all Dan-o; just a little sore you know where.." I smiled and decided to jerk her chain some..
"Well, I called the "clients" in N.C. & they're not interested in making a four hour trip: so if you're not having any pain now; I suppose I should head back home & get my locals happy again.."
The tears started welling up & sliding down her cheeks; but she said nothing..She turned and walked to the computer; sat down and began to write..
"Come on - lets go outside".. The pups got out shaking water & headed up the steps..I walked out the door and they sat at my feet,looking around & then up at me--waiting.... I called Matt and was greeted by Teresa; Matt was outside at the stables; feeding the horses...that was about midway between us..
"Thanks- listen; I need to run back home to tidy up my affairs today..shouldn't take over three hours once I'm there..Nikki"s not taking it very well.. Any suggestions?"
"Give me an hour to get it set up.. I have a friend here who can fly you there & back before dark today..You be ready to go and Matt can run you to the can be there in one hour..Use cabs to do your business and he will wait for you and have you back by 6 pm ..
" Great- thank you.." I looked to the pups & pointed towards the stables--" Go to Matt, now " They was off the porch and flying down the road for a half-mile; then turned suddenly across the road,cut under the fence & headed to the stables..Matt would be surprised!! I went back in & refilled my cup.. Nikki met me coming out of the kitchen,still pouting but the tears had stopped..
" I hope this is enough for your time & efforts to help me out.." She handed me a check--$ 10,000 ... I'd only been there 5 days..
" I like these rates, but this is not right! " she looked puzzled as I said..
" You have at least 15 more days "therapy" to go ; and this won't be enough, I'm afraid.."
She threw her arms around me saying "Please; take me with you ..I won't open my mouth around your clients; I promise.."
"No- you stay here with the pups & by the time you finish your roadwork this evening; I'll be back".. "'Butt-howw?" I told her about the plane and she was all smiles again..
I had a plan in the works; hopefully getting me off the hook & still have all these "fringe benefits".. I didn't even take a change of clothes.. Matt drove me to the airport & I hooked up with a young pilot.. He had me back in N.C. in less than an hour..I called around & had a lady pick me up..we talked about her coming down with me..

I had a good relationship with Michelle for over a year. She worked at the local mall in Shelby..23 years old;single ,no kids, at least an ' 8 ' on my commitments to fact - she admitted to me to be bi-sexual..I'd have never guessed it from the way she fucked.. I told her of my problem and I wanted her to come back with me to work for Nikki;as a full time , live-in 'maid & companion '.. I was sure I could swing Nikki to pay her $500.00 a week ..but my plans didn't end there..
I was hoping for something to 'bloom' between these two before I really had to we flew back; I laid it all out for her...She kept wanting to go down on me; to repay me for this opportunity that I dropped in her lap..the pilot was going nuts cause I said no-wait till later .. I could see a three-way in my mind..later.. We landed & I gave him $ 800 for the trip; called Matt to pick us up.. We pulled back in to Nikki's exactly 5 hours after I'd left.. Matt said she she was out doing her roadwork with the dogs..
" Don't tell her about Michelle; I want to surprise her "..
”Oh-- I think she'll be surprised alright!" he said and was gone.. I took her in – showed her around upstairs; told her to change into a bikini & hit the pool before Nikki came back..I poured a double Jack and sat at the bar..She came down & you could tell she had a tanning bed tan.. She had a body to rival Nikki's ; except she was taller & weighed more ; abut 130 I guessed..In the pool she went,tripping out on the built-in current..I heard the door shut and knew the moment of truth was here.I went to meet her & prepare her for Michelle...

"Oh- you're back" throwing her arms around me;smothering me with kisses..I led her to the kitchen and said “ Nikki I have a surprise for you..I've brought someone back with me to work for you & become your friend..She has no family, no boyfriends, working for peanuts at a mall.. I've known her a year and she could be an asset to you in the future.." Nikki was curious......
"What is your connection to her?"
"She's one of my Sybian clients..we traded 'services' this past year" I searched her eyes for some understanding..she said " I'm willing to help anyone I can, where's she at ?"
About that time we heard her squeal--"Eeiiaa" then heard laughing.. We took off to the pool & found the pups had already met Michelle,in the pool with her,playing...She stepped out and smiled..
" I've been told so much about you Nikki; I feel like I already know you... "
Nikki looked her over, smiling at both of us, and pulling her top & bottoms off stepped into the pool and said "You're hired!!"

Well thats just argument, no questions, just took my word & Michelle's sexy looks and that was that! Damn- sometimes I amaze myself!!
"Come on in you two; looks like we're gonna be one nice, happy family..”
" You two get acquainted while I see to something upstairs.. I'll be right back.”.
I seen Michelle shedding her bikini as I left.. God, what was I thinking when I put these two together ? ... I'd be lucky to survive it!! I called Teresa again to tell her the news..
"I already heard it from gonna start your own 'brothel' now?"
No, I explained what I hoped to accomplish with this idea & to my surprise ; she was in agreement with me..
"I'd like to be a fly on the wall when the sex starts!" ..
I went to my room; changed to my trunks, put a little Polo on & headed back to the bar..They were still in the pool; playing with the pups..I fixed a double Jack & knocked it back- then fixed another..had a feeling I would need it.. I gave a whistle & said "Alright you two pups - outside- now! " The pups came out and shook off..I took them to the back deck and fed them.. "You two amaze me, can you really understand English?" They looked up and barked-- scared the hell outta me.. I called Matt & told him I was sending them to him; and he could remove the collars.
."What you gonna be doing-you need any help up there?" I laughed and told him I could handle them okay. Don't call unless something comes up; and Matt ; say a prayer for me will ya?" I headed back to the pool ; dropped my shorts and walked in with them .. I was right on in my thinking- they were already getting cozy; dunking each other & grab-assing ..I just relaxed in a corner & watched; stroking my cock underwater..
"Nicole- its about time for your therapy; hit the table when you're ready.." She came out so fast she made a wake in the pool.. "I'm gonna fix us a drink first to take the edge off."... She was at the bar with her back turned & Michelle dove underwater & came to my cock , sucking it deeply before surfacing..

"Can I watch , Dan-o?" Sure you can even help.. Nikki brought the drinks as we climbed out and they sat to finish them..I plugged up the juke box and said
“Nikki - Michelle will watch & learn some of my moves today in order to keep you limber after I'm gone"... No tears; no pouting, she nodded her approval..' You will need to get a massage table & I'll order you two a Sybian .. " Awrightt!!” Michelle said.. Nikki still hadn't rode one yet .. Today might just be the time to begin, after they had worn me out..
She slid onto the table, face down. I started up one leg & told Michelle to get opposite me & duplicate my moves...Nikki was shaking from the anticipation; and we both reached her ass cheeks together..I was lightly scratching her thighs & ass,and Michelle watched in awe as her legs began to open ;showing her pretty cunt & asshole to us..I continued up to the lower back to check her disc.. My help was working oil into both ass cheeks,bringing moans of pleasure from Nikki,stroking her long fingers into the crack and playing with her pussy..
I massaged on to her neck and without warning; she turned her head to face me & got the head of my cock in her mouth , rolling the tongue all around it,sucking contently ..Michelle took all this in and spread Nikki's legs further apart; and began to lick her way into the crack..spreading the ass cheeks with her hands.. then rimming the hole with her long tongue..
That brought Nikki up to her knees, to expose more for her ..With my cock firmly in her throat; she started moaning & working her ass back on the long tongue.. Michelle dove in like she hadn't eaten in a week..tongue-fucking her ass and fingering her pussy with 3 fingers..She pulled them out & stuck them down her throat,getting the pussy juice off them..
"Mmmmmmmmmmnnn- she tastes sooo goooodd!!" Yes; I know- I let her suck my dick a few more minutes..then I told her to roll over..
"No! She's too damn good with that tongue !! I'm almost there; please let her finish..okay.?”
I pulled out , to her surprise, and came up behind Michelle, her fingers buried in her own,dripping pussy.. I rubbed the head into the open lips & she removed her fingers & spread Nikki's ass even wider,sucking on her ass noisily while she screamed
"Oooohhhhh!! Pump it ! Pump that long -ass tongue!! --Y-yyyeesss- I plowed nut -deep into Michelle, making her moan loudly & spreading her legs ,putting a knee up on the table so I could fuck her deeply..
" God how I've missed that! Nikki ; you should be ashamed of yourself for hogging Dan-o !! Yesss! Fuck meeee!!"
This display pushed Nikki over the edge,and she fingered her cunt; screaming for Michelle to eat her ass out!!! I was stroking it seriously now, in full control of my orgasms to come.."" Ooohh-oohhh!! Yyesss-noww!!- noww!!..."
Nikki's cum shot out of her pussy to soak the sheet..dripping long,stringy lines that Michelle was trying her best to lap up.. She licked her from clit to asshole over & over; making her have yet another screamer..
"Mmmnnnnmnnmmm!! You're s ssooo damn goood girlfriend!!Don't stop , please don't ss toppp!! Ooohhhhhh!aaaaaahhhh--gggg!!! She fell forward; completely spent for the moment.. I took advantage of this by pulling out of Michelle's soaking pussy , and flipping Nikki over on her back..
"Straddle her face; she's never eaten pussy before!!" I lifted Nikki's legs to cross them on my chest; and in one swift stroke; smacked her womb with the force of my entry...
"Oooohh- yyee-yyee yyesss!! God I love that dick! ; she moaned loudly.."You're standing in line girlfriend!" Michelle had her pussy right in Nikki's face; and lowered her blond bush to let her explore it.. Michelle was facing me & leaned in for a her wide open access to her pussy & ass..she dove in like a trooper, licking & sucking loudly and begging me to fuck her faster..I could feel my nuts starting to draw up, so I told her to squeeze my dick off & on to ' milk' the cum out..I could see Michelle was close also; eyes closed & moaning for Nikki to suck her clit hard.. We all came within seconds of each other -- all of us screaming & moaning our release....I pulled out & let Michelle bend to clean it off, and Nikki slurped happily underneath; getting mouthfuls of juice, running down each side of her face...I backed off to weakly walk to the bar for a drink; leaving them in a classic 69 to clean up our mess..As I sat down I saw them swap positions and continue to pleasure each other..

Now I would be able to come & go at will; knowing she had a 'girlfriend' to keep her happy.. I got up weakly & walked out to the old Buick and got the Sybian out of the trunk...this 22 lb saddle would wear their asses out tonight!! I wiped it down with a wet ,soapy washcloth and put it in the water bed room;plugged it up & cleaned all the ' attachments' .... Found some good Z Z. Top - Blue jean blues-- the perfect music for what was coming ..
The girls came in & Nikki looked at it , sitting in the middle of the bed.."So this is the famous 'saddle' I've heard so much about".. I placed the 7 inch rubber dick in the center ; letting Michelle explain the workings of this $ 1200. Toy..
" You got 2 on/off switches- 2 dials to control vibration speed & rotation speed..its totally insulated; you could pour a bucket of water on it without getting's a woman's dream- you don't need a man around with one of these in your home!!"
I lubed it up and told Nikki- " One last 'cherry' to lose tonight;but possibly the best .. This thing will keep you cumming till you roll off or pass out; whichever comes first! – please ;enjoy it . I'll order you two one in the morning.."
"You go first girlfriend- I'll drive for you!" Michelle grinned, winking at her new lover.." Just ease slowly down on it & get used to the fullness and hang on !!” Nikki looked a little scared as she slid down its length,the large head spreading her tight lips & going clear back to her cervix.."Whoa!-this thing is big as you Dan-o,it almost hurts"..about that time Michelle turned it on the vibration mode ; and the look on her face was the indicator of pleasure waves that began to roll through her young body...head went back,eyes rolling up to show the whites.
." Uuunnngghh- mmmmmmmnnn!!!Yyesss!!-- oohhhhh!! " She turned the rotation on and slowly started the speed at 30 rpm's..
" Gggggggooddddddd!!-hholld it!!- I'm gonna cc- mm!! " she gave her more vibes & Nikki leaned into the rotating shaft; making it hit her g-spot -
"'I-ii- mmmm gonnaaa ccuummm!!- Aaiiieeee!!" Michelle moved to face her on her knees; sucking her nipples and then kissing her deeply, while I quietly got naked and moved up behind Nikki & sat on the back of the saddle; my swelling dick in her ass- crack.... I lubed it up & Michelle spread her ass cheeks for me ..Her pink anus was ' winking at me' as I pushed into the hot,wet muscle.
."Oooooo-mmhh- yyyeess Dan-o !! Pump it up there Mister!!”-
I loved it when she called me that.. I buried up to the balls & could feel every sensation she was feeling..."Mmmmmnn-ggg--oo---dddd!! Soooo good!!- O-ohh-here comes another- aaaahhhh!! Fuck it ! Fuck my ass hard!! Eeiiiihhh!!! The orgasms were getting continuous now; I was hoping to get to wash her bowels but a moment later she was rolling limply off to one side; leaving me & Michelle grinning at each other .. She swung her ass around and worked the shaft up into her dripping cunt; spreading her cheeks ..
" Com-on ; you can fuck this ass all you want!!.. I was in her so fast it took her breath, and her hot ass was sucking at my dick; milking the head & shaft..I plowed her ass like I've never before, grudge fucking myself into a gut-wrenching orgasm! "Ooohh- I'm cumming Dan-o!! Faster!”- I felt the vibes & rotation quickly go to the max and it set off Michelle like a rocket!
" G--ggooodd - Nowwww --wwooo Dan-o go- go nnneeoowwww!!! I gave it my all and we both spasmed out our seed; covering the sides of the saddle with cum...she leaned back to lay her head in my collarbone, kissing me , her arms wrapped behind her holding me in place deep in her ass...
'Damn you; you make mee so complete!! I've never been fucked so well in my life!" We rolled off , trying not to hit Nikki ,who was just coming around.. She rolled on her back & Michelle slid off the shaft & off my dick to straddle her in another '69 '.....I drug my weak ass over to the edge of the bed; telling them to not come after me, I was going to bed...I had cum 6 times in less than 3 hours.. For a guy 50 yrs old I felt pretty damn good!!

A piss hard-on woke me at 4:30am ..perfect.. I took care of that , and quickly dressed. I packed my shit into my Jethro bag & made my way down to the kitchen to make coffee..I got my table & tools of the trade packed and stored them in my car ..I went to the bedroom and woke Michelle ; very quietly as to not disturb Nikkie and made our way back to the kitchen for coffee..
" I'm leaving in a few minutes and I wanted to say good-bye & tell you how much it means to me that you are here. It will take some of the 'sting' out of finding me gone when she wakes up..
I'm leaving the saddle as a gift for you two..keep it clean after every use ,o k .. I'll order another when I get home, plus I'll have a table on the UPS truck to you by tomorrow..You know she doesn't need as much medication now; but keep her limber as possible in her lower back.." Michelle was losing it, tears were streaming down both cheeks..
'Its not right for her to pay me to live here with her & be her lover..'
" You accept whatever she gives you; money, clothes, car, and -love- ..she's rolling in 'family money' and it would offend her if you said anything. "I feel better knowing its you who's getting my pussy instead of another man.."
"You think she's jealous of our thing together?" she asked..
"We didn't really give her a choice did we ....I replied.. She walked me to the car ,and gave me a long wet kiss...
'You'll come back soon?"
"Every chance I get..I love this place, Nikki ,the pups,and yes , even Matt has a place in my heart right close to you & Teresa. We are truly like a big, happy ,over-sexed family!!"
The sun was rising over the lake as I pulled out & the big bass were jumping as if to say 'hurry back--we'll be waiting' .. This is all true – if you've enjoyed my diary; please take time to cast a vote.. I have plenty of these encounters in my records............ “Dano”

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