I knew all that practice was good for something.
I walked into the locker room and kept my eyes down. My teammates were so hot, but there was only one girl I was interested in. I sat down on a bench and kicked my shoes off, hearing the delightful sound of them hitting metal. “Jesus fucking Christ babe. You almost hit me.” My stomach flipped and I looked up into Jessica’s pretty green eyes. I smirked and stood up, smiling at her. Her five foot three inch tall frame was like a pigmi compared to me. I was almost six feet tall.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, leaning down toward her. She blushed and stepped back, tripping over a liquid metal bat. I bit my lip and watched as she almost fell, but I decided to catch her. My hand rested on her lower back and I lifted her up. “You okay?” She nodded and licked her lips, giggling. My stomach only churned in response. She was in nothing but her bra and her underwear was half up her legs. As far as I was concerned, she was sexy. Really, really sexy.

“I’m alright.” I let go of her and she turned around, looking for something for another pair of socks or something. I began pulling my shorts down and picked up my jeans, pulling them on. The other girls were gone. Of course everyone hurried home after softball practice. “Hey…”

I looked up. “Yeah?” Jessica sat down on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. I looked down and drank in the sight of her body. She still hadn’t put any clothes back on, and her boy shorts were now around her ankles. I smirked at her and she wrapped a leg around my waist. I ran my hand down her body until my fingers hovered over her hairless pussy. I pressed my fingers into her and she let out a gasp, pushing her hips down onto my digits.

“Oh my fucking god…” She put her forehead down on my shoulder and I smiled as I scraped my thumbnail over her clit. I felt her body jolt and I laughed softly, pulling my fingers out. She whined in protest and grabbed my hand, guiding it back down.

“Wait, wait. Until we get to my house.” I waited for a response from her, then she nodded. I helped her dress and we walked out of the locker room behind our dugout. Jessica walked close behind me with her head down. I slowed my pace and ended up walking next to her for the block. My house wasn’t far from the practice field. “What’s wrong?”

Jessica looked up at me and bit her plush lips; green eyes shining. “I’m just a little nervous. I know you know a lot more about this than I do.” She kicked a rock and I watched as it bounced down the sidewalk.

“Don’t be.” I smiled at her and grabbed her hand with mine, pulling her along. When we stepped through the front door of my house, I was happy to find no one home. “Come here.” She followed me into my bathroom and I kicked off my shoes, turning on the shower. Her eyes went to the heavy flow of water and I giggled. “Are you getting undressed or do you plan on wearing clothes in the shower?” I was down to my underwear and was ridding myself of my bra.

Jess nodded and within a minute, her clothes were gone. I had to say, she was cute. She was just the tiniest bit chunkier than the other girls on the team, but so was I. We couldn’t ALL be complete muscle after all. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the shower with me. I closed the door and the gallons of water sprayed onto us like a waterfall. She gasped and almost fell from the heavy pressure, but I caught her for the second time. “Thanks.” I nodded and lifted her onto the shower seat, sitting up on my knees on her lap.

“You’re welcome.” I pressed my lips to hers and my hand went to her hair, pulling her head back a little. She grabbed the back of my thighs and made me sit flush against her skin. I pulled back and moaned, licking my lips. “God this is good.”

She smiled and I stood, getting on my knees in front of her. One of her legs went over my shoulder and I leaned forward, running my tongue inside her wet pussy. “Oh my god.” I giggled and let my tongue slide in deeper, causing her to shake. I pulled back and stood up, stepping out of the shower. When I stepped back in, I was holding a dildo. She looked uneasy but that all went away as I slipped it inside her tight hole. She shook and started to moan louder than before.

I thought she was going to scream when I felt her skin break. She whimpered and I looked up at her. “Don’t stop. Keep going. Oh FUCK this is good.” I smiled and kept moving my wrist, thrusting the dildo in then jerking it back out. I leaned forward and pulled her clit with my teeth, feeling her body tense and she began to have an orgasm.

Liquid dripped out of her and I began to lick it up, swallowing the taste. I figured I liked the taste. I pulled the dildo out and she sat there for a minute, panting. “Are you okay?” Her eyes opened and she grasped my upper arms, pulling me to her. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I sat on her thighs and kissed her.

“Thanks.” Her cheeks were pink.

“You’re welcome. And welcome to the Softball team babe.” I winked and she blushed deeper.

“That’s the best welcome gift I’ve ever gotten.” She kissed me again.

Jess and I kept messing around after practice all year. It was always the best. She told me she liked me after we won state…we’ve been girlfriends ever since.

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2009-02-12 21:08:11
I shoudl've been more specific. Jessica and I are bisexual. Not lesbians. And, I plan on writing more. =)

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2009-02-12 18:01:03
Too short. Needs more character development. More descriptive action. Where is the bi-sexual action?

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2009-02-12 17:01:13
it was great but to short, u should make more

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