An alluring young couple from California experience an exquisite night of bloodlust as they kidnap, rape, and murder a beautiful seventeen-year-old girl.
Davis and I were in The Los Gatos Brewing Company having breakfast. I had ordered a latte and was half way through a supposedly low-fat cranberry muffin roughly the size of a basketball. Davis was eating macadamia nut pancakes.

“We’re going to do this, aren’t we,” I said, more a statement than a question.

Davis said, “Yes, Lily, I suppose we are.”

Neither Davis nor I said anything for a few minutes, choosing instead to eat in silence.

Davis spoke first. “Saturday?”

“OK.” I said.

Saturday came fast and, as planned, I told my husband, Mark, that I was leaving for a spa weekend in with the girls. In reality, I was going to meet up with Davis.

Davis lived in a spacious house at the end of a private drive in Saratoga. I pulled into a rounded driveway to see him standing between two massive doors waiting for me.

“Your house is breathtaking,” I said, taking in the limestone and marble foyer, which was nearly as big as my living room.

“I would be delighted to give you the full tour,” He said, “But first, let me show you the room I told you about.”

He led me down a beautifully lit staircase that had been expertly constructed from Brazilian rosewood. At the foot of the stairs was a small room and another door, which Davis opened. We walked into what looked like a small dance studio. The floors were large plank rosewood, like the stairs, and both the walls and ceiling were covered with mirrors. The only furniture in the room was a coffee table and a bed with a frame carved out of what I assumed was real ebony.

Davis knocked on one of the walls. “Completely sound proof.”

“Impressive.” I said.

He grinned seductively. “What do you say, we go find our third.”

With romance on our minds, we grabbed our supplies and jumped in Davis’ SUV. We had already accepted the possibility that it might take a while to meet the right person to help us act out our little fantasy threesome, but we were patient and we planned to spend the whole night looking if necessary.

Davis and I had been planning this outing for so long that sometimes it seemed as if we had been discussing it forever. I remembered back to when I first started talking to Davis on that true crime message board. What a relief it was to finally meet someone intelligent who shared my interests.

Through our early conversations, I discovered that Davis was thirty-five and, like a lot of guys in the Valley, had made his money in high-tech. But Davis was not all work and no play and his toned physique gave testimony to the hours he spent on his mountain bike and in the gym.

When we finally met, I dressed to show off my best features, a slim waist, round ass, and supple b-cup breasts, which sat nicely on my petite five foot three inch frame. At twenty-five, I was ten years younger than Davis. He complimented me on my hair, which was a deep caramel with curls cascading down to the small of my back.

“Davis! Look out!!” I was stunned out of my reverie, as Davis immediately hit the breaks on his Lexus SUV to avoid hitting a teenage girl who had stepped out in front of us and was waving her hands.

Our hearts pounding, he pulled over to the side of the road. By that time we had been driving around for hours. It was nearly eleven o’clock at night. We were on an isolated stretch of highway 280 between Los Altos and San Francisco. The girl walked up to my window, which I lowered.

“You’re very lucky we didn’t hit you. What the hell are you doing in the middle of the road?”

She too was breathing heavily and looked scared to death. Flaxen hair clung to her like a blanket hugging her shoulders and wrapping itself around her bare neck. The girl’s breasts stood firm, nipples cold and erect straining against a snug, red, tank top decorated with black letters that said, “Slut.” She had paired the saucy shirt with a pair of hip hugging Juicy Couture jeans. The pants were a size too small, but worked on her. She could not have been more than nineteen.

I looked at Davis who said, “Manna from heaven.”

The girl said, “What?”

“I said, where are you heading?”

“Oh. I was with a guy? And so we’re supposed to go to his place after we went to dinner with his friends. It’s OK, supposed to be, because he’s not really a stranger. He’s on Jani’s Facebook and my Hi5.”

We waited to her to continue. When she didn’t, I asked, “So what happened?”

She looked up and held out her hands, catching the rain, which was now falling with a ferocity rarely seen in Silicon Valley storms.

“You want to get in the car?” Davis asked.

She looked around, as if seeking guidance from the surrounding plant life. Then she looked at us. Davis with his blue eyes, boyish grin, chestnut hair carelessly fallen over his eyebrows. Me, wearing a knitted cream Michael Kors sweater over True Religion jeans. A nice couple driving a Lexus. Safe.

“Sweet bag. Luis Vuitton?” She asked.

“Yes,” I said, holding up my purse. That apparently sold her and she accepted our offer of a ride. I hopped out and let her in the back before getting in along side her.

I said, “We just drove down from Sac. I’m totally tired.”

Davis looked at me in the rearview mirror and raised his eyebrows glancing toward the 280 North sign. Realizing we were heading in the wrong direction and on the wrong highway to be coming from Sacramento, I suppressed a laugh.

“Are you from California?” I asked her.

“No. It’s a mess! I’m supposed to be visiting a friend, I can’t go there tonight…” She buried her hands in her face and started to sob. I put my hand on her back as if to comfort her and felt a warmness come over me.

I asked, “How old are you?”


I said, “That settles it, we’re not letting a seventeen year old girl wander around by herself at night. We were on our way home. You can call your parents from there. Unless you have your cell?”

“I do.”

“OK, try that.” I said. While she fished in her purse, I pulled some Diet Cokes out of the fridge; careful to make sure she would receive the bottle laced with Ativan. I glanced nervously at Davis as she dialed her mobile. Would his cell phone blocker work? He was the techie so I trusted him. Still, if she got a signal, the game would be over before it even began.

“Stupid phone.” She said.

“Must be the hills.” I said, offering her a Coke. She accepted the soda and leaned back in the leather seat.

By the time we got to Saratoga, the Ativan was kicking in and she was almost asleep. She complained about feeling woozy and said that she bet that bastard, Ricky, slipped something into her drink at dinner.

She was coherent enough to admire the stunning entrance to Davis’ house, but by the time we crossed over the threshold, Davis had to carry her.

“Wake up, Rebecca!” I flicked some cold water from my fingertips on to Rebecca’s face to rouse her. She woke with a start and attempted to sit upright. The first thing she noticed, as she tried to raise a hand to her forehead, was that her wrist was handcuffed to a bedpost. The second thing she noticed was that she was naked.

* * *

While she was unconscious, we were able to learn a few things about her. According to her Wisconsin driver’s license, Rebecca Grant had recently turned seventeen, was 5’ 5” tall, and weighted one hundred and ten pounds. A visual glance told us her cup size, C, and that she must have had some experience with boys because she had recently had a bikini wax. Brazilian.

Her nails were short, neat and painted a natural pink. She wore minimal make-up. Her only tattoo was a small girlish heart on her right buttock. Maybe she had a bit of a wild side after all.

“What the fuck?!” said Rebecca Grant from Wisconsin.

We were in the soundproof room so there was no need to gag her. This gave me a thrill, as I knew she would be able to yell as loud as she wished and no one would hear her. Davis stood behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist. I could feel him getting hard against his slacks. I leaned my head back into his and for a moment he ran a hand over my neck and down between my breasts briefly brushing up against my right nipple. God, this was so hot.

Rebecca started to writhe against the restraints in blind panic, moving side to side. Almost as if possessed she tried to raise herself off the bed, but it was impossible. Her wrists were handcuffed, as were her ankles, putting her in a naked x position on top of the queen-sized bed. The blonde seventeen-year-old girl lay on the bed, arms and legs akimbo, there for our enjoyment.

Piece by piece, I removed my clothing, never taking my eyes off of the breathtaking sight before me. Davis, being a horny man, rushed to take down his trousers, his penis practically bursting to free itself from his boxers. I was not disappointed. Fully erect, it was eight inches of thick and throbbing cock, the head a deep crimson, flush with anticipation.

Like a cat, I crawled up on top of the bed making my way between her legs and up toward her stunning face. Rebecca was splendid, her features nearly frozen in fear. Her breathing was shallow. She stared directly at me, completely silent, and when she blinked, tears fell from her eyes. I felt my pussy tighten as I creped forward to lick the salty liquid from her temples.

Without warning, Rebecca let loose a scream to wake the dead and tried to knock me out with a head butt. She barely missed me. I reared back swiftly and slapped her as hard as I could across her cheek, leaving behind a ruby-red impression.

“Fuck! That hurt.” I said rubbing my hand. Rebecca was sobbing hysterically now, but her aggressiveness was gone and I was more turned on than ever. So was Davis.

“God, I’m going to enjoy this, Rebecca,” I said.

“Please don’t hurt me,” She begged.

“Go along with what we want and we will let you go.” Davis said.

I got off of the bed and allowed my hands to explore her body as if she were a piece of fruit I was inspecting before purchase. When I made my way to her pussy she clenched up and tried unsuccessfully to close her legs.

“Please, not that.”

With my right hand, using two fingers and my thumb, I spread the soft lips. Her pussy was wet, pink and tight. Using my other hand I began to rub around the folds and up to the hood slowly stimulating the clitoris. When she felt dry, I moved so that I could easily slip a finger in and out of her. Davis was rock-hard and stroking himself as he was watching me do this. As much as Rebecca was trying to fight it, I could feel part of her going with it, which just made the whole thing more erotic.

I got back on to the bed, crouched down, and put my head between her legs. Her clit was fully aroused. I knew she was into it and I figured that with everything we were going to put her through, the least I could do was get her off. At first my licks were slow. Gentle laps around each fold. My soft womanly lips parting to reveal my tongue probing into the teenager’s warm cunt. It was so sensual. Knowing she was fully restrained. Knowing she was being forced. I was nearly coming myself just thinking about it.

I continued my lusty tongue dance while tracing around her fleshy walls with my finger. One finger slipped in as my licks got more intense. Slowly I pushed and then, with some force, added another finger. Feverishly, I twisted, pushed and pulled two fingers at her cunt while my tongue quickly flicked her clit.

“OHHHHHHH!” She cried out.

Urgently now, I drove my fingers in and out of the delightful young body. Her ass, so tight and round, was lifted off of the mattress as much as the restraints would allow. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for me to appreciate the youthful lift to her butt cheeks and the beautiful way her legs spread apart from her cunt as I worked her over.

Three fingers now. In and out, pounding on her, fucking her. My tongue was merciless!

“Ohhhh…. Oh God!!”

“Want me to stop?” I teased.

“OHHHHH! God help me, but no….”

I hooked my fingers upward inside her and licked at the side of her erect hood, pushing her over the edge. She tightened up completely and then with a loud and satisfied moan and sank down on to the bed, exhausted.

“Holy shit that was hot!” Davis said.

Rebecca lay on the sheets, completely spent. For the first time that evening she didn’t try to free herself from the chains and cuffs. Foggy from the drugs and her forced orgasm, and emotionally exhausted from being held against her will, she was simply too tired to think. She breathed deeply and closed her eyes.

Davis looked down upon the almost unconscious seventeen-year-old. “Damn, I’ve got to fuck this girl.”

That woke her up.

* * *

“No. No you can’t,” Rebecca said, wiggling anew against her confinement.

“Yeah, I think I can.” Davis said.

“Please no. Don’t rape me!”

“Wow,” I said, getting aroused again, “That’s so hot when she actually says rape.”

Hearing me give voice to her fate caused her to start weeping all over again. New tears started to fall where the old ones had dried up. I couldn’t resist.

“Don’t head butt me this time,” I said. I walked over and licked her tears as she wept. I could literally taste her fright as she continued to beseech us not to abuse her. She was exposed, naked, crying, and begging. I loved it.

“I can’t fuck her like that,” Davis said looking at her spread out on the bed. “We’ve got to move her. Here,” Davis handed me a serrated chef’s knife with a seven inch blade.

He looked to Rebecca and spoke. “I’m going to move you around a bit. If you go along with the plan, everything will be fine. We haven’t hurt you so far right?” She nodded. “If, on the other hand, you try anything, my friend here,” he glanced at me, “will cut you.”

Davis removed her handcuffs and, with surprising quickness, secured her hands behind her back. He then switched her ankle-cuffs for longer leg chains and repositioned her so that she was now facing down and in a doggy-style pose.

Davis got behind her and moved his hand down to her pussy. It was still damp from her orgasm and he felt himself getting hard against her. I moved up close to the bed so I could get a better view of what he was doing. I wanted to see her face as he thrust into her.

Again she was pleading, “Please, you don’t have to do this.”

“I know I don’t have to,” Davis laughed. With that, he leaned in and forced his erect cock into her small pussy. She screamed and began to buck forward. He grabbed her hair to hold her back and she yelled out in pain.

“Oh fuck! This is sweet! You are so tight.” He yelled.

She cried out for someone to help her.

“Cry all you want, bitch, the room is soundproof.” Davis threw his head back and laughed some more, clearly enjoying himself as he raped the adolescent.

“This is so fucking hot, Davis,” I said. He was completely lost in lust just pounding into the young girl with no regard to how she was feeling. Over and over, and when she would fall to far forward he would yank her back.

I couldn’t stand it any more. “I can’t just watch. You have to let me in!”

Davis reluctantly started to slow his pace. An idea suddenly occurring to him, he quickly pulled out. Davis lay back, still fully erect and positioned Rebecca so she was on top of him, she started to resist but I quickly grabbed her neck and started to squeeze. It felt so good. Her hands were behind her back and there was nothing she could do because Davis was holding her legs. Her eyes opened wide in panic.

Davis said to me, “Hey. Stop. We’re not done yet.” I released her and she leaned into me coughing and catching her breath. Then, as if disgusted with herself for willingly embracing one of her rapists, she sat upright.

“Don’t resist.” I said. Davis again positioned her over him so she was straddling his dick. I then climbed over him closer to his face and in front of Rebecca. I put a hand on either side of her and helped Davis ease into her. Again he was fucking her hard, only now she was on top and I was helping move her up and down, up and down. My face was just inches from hers and I could see the anguish up close. It made me want to come right there.

She cried out, screaming, begging for various family members to save her. It was wonderful. After a few minutes Davis asked, “Rebecca, you ever been fucked in the ass, sweetheart?” I smiled wide.

“NO! No, please not that. I’ve never done that.” She shook her head and her hair fell over her delicious breasts.

“Do it, Davis.” I said. I moved my hands down to her butt cheeks and reminded her that if she went along things would go much easier for her. My face was up against her warm body. She was so young and every part of her was firm without an ounce of unnecessary body fat. I breathed in deeply and smelled a sweet vanilla scent. Probably from her bath oil, I thought.

It was difficult for Davis to enter her. She was clenched up and her ass was so tight. I put my index finger in my mouth, got it nice and wet with my spit, and then pushed up against her opening. She tensed up.

“This will go smoothly if you relax,” I said.

“Please no…. You’re a woman, you don’t want to violate another woman do you?”

“You don’t want to ask me that,” I said, laughing.

“But I’m only seventeen,”

“Again, bad thing to say.” Honestly, how could she think that raping a seventeen-year-old was anything other than off-the-rails-fucking-awesome?

My finger went in at last and I couldn’t believe how snug she was! I had done anal with plenty of girls including my share of teenagers, but nothing like this. She truly was an anal sex virgin.

“Why? Why?,” She said sobbing. I moved one hand up to cup a perky breast while the other worked her asshole.

“Oh shit, Lily,” Davis said, stroking himself. “Fucking rape this slut, please. Let me see you do it.” He was looking up at the ceiling mirror and occasionally glancing at the side mirror taking it all in.

“Do you like this baby?” I asked him.

“Oh yeah,” he said.

The only one not relishing this was Rebecca, who now truly looked traumatized and was moaning softly, not from pleasure but from despair and disbelief that she was getting raped again and again. I decided to insert a second finger in her asshole to make it easier for it to eventually accommodate Davis’ large cock. It was tough to ram my fingers inside of her, and I had to pull her close and steady her by the shoulder to manage it. She was clearly suffering both emotionally and physically, which only made it more exhilarating. Once I was finally in, I could slide my fingers in and out all the way to the knuckle.

“Do you love this Rebecca?”

“NO!,” she sobbed, “It hurts.”

“Good,” I said. I pulled my fingers out and repositioned her over Davis. He had been stroking himself dutifully and was still ready to go. The addition of lubricant helped and he started to ease in.

“YOWWWWOWWWWW!!!!!!!!” Rebecca started screaming and we knew we were on the right track.

“Oh God, I think I am going to come just from watching this!” I said as I pushed her young, virgin ass down on to his throbbing cock.

“I want to smack this bitch hard and make it fucking hurt,” Davis said.

To make things even more pleasurable for him, we moved her so that she was doggy style yet again. Now Davis was able to forcefully drive his cock into her asshole in one swift motion.

“NOOOOOOO! Heeeelllp Meeeeee!” She cried out. Over and over, Davis slammed into her with total abandon. He was going at her so hard her head started to hit the wall but he didn’t care. It just felt so thrilling to be ripping her up. Wasting this splendid body. He felt a massive orgasm swelling up inside him.

“Oh God, I’m going to fucking come!” He said.

I could see her face and she was in such anguish. Blood covered Davis’ shaft as it hammered into the suffering girl. Just seeing her in that state of agony was enough to start me going and I began to rub my clit. My heart was racing! Her torment was getting me off!

“Fucking nail that bitch, Davis, you’re making me come!” I yelled. Damn! I was in ecstasy.

“Oh fuck! Here it comes, baby! Oh God!” And with one final thrust, Davis shot a massive load into the young girl’s bottom. He then fell on top of her, letting his entire weight rest upon her. She struggled beneath him but couldn’t budge. Fully satisfied, I lay beside him and told him how beautiful that was. He put a hand behind my head and pulled me to him for a steamy kiss and then climbed off of the teen so he could take a shower.

* * *

Rebecca was laying face down, hands still behind her back. Her eyes were open but were blank. She looked straight ahead toward one of the mirrors. Her view was of her nude body, restrained with me beside her, watching.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked quietly. A tear ran down her cheek and fell to the sheet, which was a soft Egyptian cotton.

I placed my hand over her, feeling her skin. Still it sent chills through me. “Because. We like it.” I said. Might as well be honest.

I continued to graze my hand across her back and then made my way to her ass and between her butt cheeks. She started to clench and I slapped her ass hard so she would loosen up. Slipping my fingers between her cheeks toward her tight hole I could feel Davis’ cum mixed with her blood seeping out of her. I rubbed the juices over her and lubricated her pussy. As I eased my fingers in and out of her I thought about how great it felt to have her warm blood on my soft hands.

“Please let me go…” Rebecca sobbed quietly.

“You are so sexy right now,” I said.

Davis now cleaned up but still naked, walked back into the room. I removed my hand from her snatch and took my turn in the shower. Later, after a snack, we decided to get some rest.

* * *

Fully rested, we repositioned Rebecca so that she was again laying on her back in the x-position, flat against the mattress.

I straddled the girl and ran my hands over her delightful tits taking time to appreciate the nipples, which were round and erect. From her breasts, I moved my hands up to her neck and gently placed a hand on either side. This got her attention. Amazing how having someone’s hands around your neck will do that.

It was time to let her know. I leaned into her close. My lips to her ear.

“Rebecca,” I whispered, and waited for her to respond.

“Yes?” she whispered back.

“I’m going to kill you.”

For a moment she was perfectly still and then she surprised me by letting out the loudest, most desperate wail I had ever heard. It was nearly indescribable. Like a combination of the cry of a newborn baby and the sound of a cat being thrown on to an open flame.

And then she said, “NOOOOO! Please! Don’t! Please don’t kill me! I will do anything. You said you wouldn’t. Please.”

I leaned back, still straddling her abdomen and just watched. She was squirming under me, pleading for her life. Each movement vibrating against my pussy. For a moment I closed my eyes and just allowed myself to feel it.

Davis handed me a long silk scarf and said, “I want to fuck you while you do it.”

I turned to look at him and saw that he was rock-hard. He climbed on to the bed and positioned himself behind me and began to stimulate my clit.

“Ohhhhhh…. This feels soooooo good,” I said.

“Not so fast, baby. You have work to do,” He said. I looked down upon Rebecca who was still uselessly trying to pull against her restraints. She was so spent and so tired, but so desperate to live. She was going to fight until the very end!

I lifted her head a little so that I could wrap the scarf once around her and get a good grip.

“What the fuck?! Get this thing off me!” she screamed.

“Oh God, Davis!” I said, “Seeing her fight to live, it’s so electrifying!” To Rebecca I said with my eyes alight, “I am going to come so hard when you die!”

Her eyes blazed with revulsion and my pussy responded by tingling and getting immediately moist. I got on all fours to make it easy for Davis and to give myself a good angle from which to pull the scarf and strangle Rebecca.

Wrapping the long scarf a couple of times around each hand to get a proper grip, I pulled tight to test my ability to restrict her breathing. Almost immediately she was gasping for air, her mouth open, tongue jetting toward me, eyes agape. Davis was hard against me, clearly turned on beyond measure at the sight of the young thing before us.

I released scarf a bit and she instantly began coughing her chest rising and falling against mine. Her sides brushing against my elbows. Our faces inches apart. Our eyes locked. I was awestruck.

Davis put a hand on each of my hips and positioned himself to thrust into me. As he entered me I once again pulled the scarf –hard! Immediately Rebecca was not breathing. Davis was moving in and out of me, in and out, making it tough to keep the scarf pulled taut.

Rebecca strained and writhed under me as Davis moved inside me. I pulled the scarf like a horse’s reigns. When Davis brought me back I took her with me lifting her off of the bed, pulling her severely against her cuffs, her neck bending perversely.

I didn’t want it to end! Her face was turning blush-pink heading toward scarlet and her eyes started to roll backward.

I loosened the scarf and she started to regain her sense of where she was.

“Rebecca!” I said loudly, “Look at me, Rebecca. Look right at me. Look into my eyes!”

She was looking directly at me now, almost as if she couldn’t look away. Our eyes met and I flexed my arms so that the scarf was tightly drawn once again.

“Rebecca, It’s almost over.”

Davis groaned, “I’m going to come, baby, end it!”

“Die for me Rebecca!” I said. I yanked the scarf for all it was worth! She couldn’t breathe. She knew she was being murdered. Her eyes were on fire! I was loving it! “Die for me baby! I want to feel you turn to nothing!”

Harder and harder I jerked the scarf. My arms aching with a pain that felt exquisite. I could feel Davis’ orgasm building as he held his own breathing and moved even more urgently against me.

“Keep looking at me Rebecca! Oh God Davis!! She’s almost gone! I can feel her slipping away!”

Her body was straining less, and I could feel her muscles relaxing. An odor hit me as her body relieved itself but I was too lost in lust to care.

“Oh my God, I’m coming. She’s dying…. She’s almost gone!”

Her eyes started to glass over and her tongue was grossly swelling up outside of her mouth. Her body was falling lax and the fight was out of her.

“Die in my arms baby.” I said to her, as I squeezed the last bit of life out of her, savoring it all.

My orgasm was long and intense, vibrating throughout my body, radiating from my pussy, a warm glow. “OH YES! Oh yes. I love it! I’m coming!”

“AHHHHHHH OH Yeeeeeaaaaah!” Davis shot a massive, hot load into my pussy just as I saw her eyes fall into nothingness and she ceased from being. No longer a vibrant, teenage girl fighting for her life, but a lifeless body below me.

Slowly, I let my now very sore arms relax and I allowed myself to rest on top of her youthful corpse. Her eyes were already beginning to grey over. She had completely fallen away and I had never felt more alive. It was a remarkable thing to know that I had been witness to the end of her life. That I ended it. For no reason. I was …happy. Davis was panting over me and kissing my back, which was drenched in sweat. With a hand on either side of her, I gently ran my fingers through the teenager’s hair and, finally, drawing close, I kissed her still warm lips.

It was transcendent.

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Dear Coldcase 187... Good storie but I believe it should have run much longer. Davis and Lily should not have killed sweet young Rebecca off so soon. Killing her off so quickly spoiled a lot of there potential fun and a lot of great orgasms thay could have gotten out of using the little slut some more. Thay also did not use Rebecca hard enough, thay should have beaten her, burnt her breasts and nipples, ran skewers through her breasts, cut off her lips, nose, ears and nipples. And here is my favorite, hung up by her wrists and skinned alive and left to slowly die beging all the time for Davis and Lily to finally kill her and give her peace after all the abuse. Now that is somthing that really should have gotten Lily and Davis off big time.

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