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You are so tender, I’m really mad
After the nights and days we’ve had…
I can’t imagine just what to do
Without kisses I’ve got from you!..

Your magic touches, your spicy smell
Release my soul from all this hell…
I don’t remember the world of pain
Where I’ve been looking for joy in vain!..

The day I met you - the greatest date,
It is my fortune to celebrate…
You broke the prison I languished in…
You are my angel and sweetest sin…

The world is cruel, it can not guess
You are my only and one princess…
Its stupid morals and banal rules
Were made for eunuchs and boring fools!..

I won’t surrender, it’s time for show,
My heart is going to have a blow,
I look so humble and lazy too
But not in feelings concerning you!..

I am a soldier of Universe,
No one is able to stop my horse…
My love is stronger than any sword,
I give my fortune in hands of God!..
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