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I caught my mother making a lesbian porno film in our living room with her two sisters.
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Mom In A Porno Film

I am your average horny teenager. At fourteen all I can think of is sex, girls, and jerking off. My mother is really pretty and she was a cheerleader and the Homecoming Queen in high school. Both of her sisters were too when they got to be seniors in high school. Mom is the oldest at thirty-three while Aunt Marie is thirty-one and Aunt Betty is twenty-nine. Uncle Roger is Aunt Marie’s husband.

It all started out with Dad going out of town for a week on business and Mom trying desperately to get rid of me. Why? She tried to set up several things that I just said no too. Finally out of desperation she offered to let me hook my computer up to the Internet and use it all I wanted too without her snooping to see where I had been or what I was doing. All I had to do was disappear for the week. Deal!

I told her that I was going to stay with Jimmy on the other side of town. Well there was no Jimmy on the other side of town. I was going to hide in my room and play on the Internet the whole time. I had my own bathroom and I always kept my room locked whenever I left the house. It was perfect. All I needed was some food to eat so I decided to get that whenever I was alone in the house. I had the upstairs loft and Mom and Dad slept downstairs. My room overlooked the grand room below that consisted of the large living room, dining room, and kitchen. If I was quiet I could see everything that went on down there especially if I placed my web-cam out next to the railing.

Well, Mom left the house to do some errands and dropped me off near ‘Jimmy’s house.’ I walked back to my house as fast as I could and put my backpack up in my room. I grabbed whatever I could in the way of food that wouldn’t spoil and locked my door.

Mom returned and shouted out for me, she came up and tried my door, and then she pounded on my door and called my name. Finally she went back downstairs and decided that I had actually gone to my friend’s house for the week. Good! I was on line and happy as hell. I was even looking at dirty pictures on a porn site. I kept my web-cam on in the lower corner just in case.

That night went well but I almost flushed the toilet in the morning not thinking. I checked my computer screen and the web-cam showed nothing. I opened my door a crack and slid out on my belly to look around. I heard the shower running downstairs and decided to take a peek. The door was closed so I started back up to my room before I got caught. Just then the phone rang and the answering machine picked it up. Aunt Marie said, “Hey sexy, are you looking forward to our three-way? My husband just fucked me again so I’ll have to douche one more time before we come over. Love you.”

What was all that about? A three-way with who and why would she have to douche again?

I saw Mom on my web-cam. She was in a short robe and she was very nervous. I had only seen her pace like that when Dad got hurt and was in the hospital overnight.

Soon the doorbell rang and Mom answered it. It was Aunt Marie and Uncle Roger. He was carrying two big suitcases. Uncle Roger started to set up lights, tripods, and mounting cameras on them. Mom and Aunt Marie disappeared out of sight. Then Aunt Betty arrived in a loose fitting dress similar to the one that Aunt Marie had been wearing. She went straight to Mom’s bedroom while Uncle Roger finished setting up his equipment.

When he called for them the three sisters came out. I cracked my door a little so that I could hear them.

Uncle Roger said, “Okay you all know why we are here and what we are doing. First I need each of you to sign the model releases that I have out on the kitchen counter. Basically it says that you are over eighteen and that any and all pictures or video that I take of you today are mine to do with as I wish. Is that clear?”

The three women said “Yes” then they walked over to the counter and each signed one.

Next Uncle Roger said, “Okay now, the jest of this movie is that you two sit and talk for a minute or two and then start making out. Soon your robe and dress come off and you really get down to business. After a few minutes Betty will join you in a three-way. I want it sexy and I want it hot. Remember this is so that guys will get excited watching it and will jerk off, there by making them want to buy more of your DVDs. Understand?”

Again all three women said, “Yes.”

I quietly slid back into my room and got out my video camera. I wasn’t going to miss that for the world.

Just before he said “Action” he reminded them that he needed an hour and a half and that with three cameras he would be able to mix and match to create a really good lesbian movie.

Aunt Betty stepped back, Mom and Aunt Marie sat on the couch and started to talk about when they were younger and made love every night in their bed. They hugged and they kissed and then they kissed some more. I watched as Mom kissed her sister more passionately than I had ever seen her kiss Dad. I watched as Mom shed her robe and became naked. Then Aunt Marie stood up, lifted her dress up over her head, and then dropped into Mom’s arms and began kissing her again.

It was a good thing that I had rested the video camera on the edge of the landing because I would have been shaking from the sight. I had seen my mother in a bikini and even in her bra and panties on the rare occasion but I had never seen her naked before. I knew from looking in her drawers that Mom wore a 36-D bra. Her breasts were quite full and they sagged just slightly. Her nipples were hard and surrounded by nice sized areolas. Her tummy was slightly rounded and her butt was nicely prominent. Mom also had a nicely trimmed pussy with hair just on the top so that her puffy pussy lips were easily seen. Everything about my mother was nice. Dad loved her waist length brown hair.

Aunt Marie was just a slightly thinner version of Mom. Her tits were about the same size but they were firmer, her tummy was also slightly rounded, and her ass looked great. Her pussy was completely shaved and her areolas were twice the size of Mom’s areolas and much darker. They covered almost the entire end of her breasts. Aunt Marie had a butterfly tattooed on her left breast above the nipple and her belly button was pierced. Her hair was died blonde and she had dark highlights.

They sat on the couch and kissed, sucked each other’s nipples, and fingered the others clits sending orgasms coursing threw their bodies.

After about fifteen minutes of that Uncle Roger sent Aunt Betty in. She asked what they were doing and quickly removed her dress and joined them. Now Aunt Betty had the perfect body as far as I was concerned. She was the thinnest of the three women but her breasts were just about the same size as her sister’s breasts, which made them look huge. Her nipples were tiny but hard and her areolas were about the size of a nickel. Her tummy was flat and her pussy was covered with short trimmed hair. Both of her nipples were pierced, her belly button was pierced, and her pussy lips were pierced too. She had a scroll tattooed across her lower back. Her hair was brown, short, and sassy. She even had a tiny waist giving her an hourglass figure. Her face was beautiful too. I had always loved my Aunt Betty the most.

During the next hour each girl ate her two sisters to several orgasms, kissed them deeply, and fingered their clitoris to untold orgasms. They did sixty-nine, they Daisy chained, and they even did solos where they tried to masturbate themselves to death in a contest. It was absolutely incredible to watch.

When Uncle Roger said that they could stop they didn’t seem to want to. Then he had them introduce themselves to the camera so that he could use it in the beginning as an introduction.

Mom said, “Hello. I’m Sharon, I’m thirty-three years old, I wear a 36-D bra, and I love to have two cocks in my lower holes at the same time.”

Aunt Marie said, “Hello. I’m Marie, I’m thirty-one years old, I wear a 34-D bra, and I love fucking my two golden retrievers every night while my husband watches.”

Aunt Betty said, “Hello I’m Betty, I’m twenty-nine years old, I wear a 32-D bra, and I love letting young teenage boys fuck me…especially virgins.”

Then together they read off a card that Uncle Roger put up, “We really are sisters and we make love to one another as often as we can. This is just the first of many DVDs that we will be selling on our web site. We hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it.” Then the girls blew kisses into the camera.

Uncle Roger said, “It’s a wrap’ and turned the cameras and the lights off.

I left my camera on and caught Uncle Roger slipping his cock into all of their pussies and cumming in Mom. When they went to take a shower Uncle Roger followed them taking his handheld video camera and a light with him. I slipped back into my room and stayed quiet while I jerked off as I watched my video on my computer monitor.

The next day when they arrived and sat up, six men knocked on the door. The movie started out with Mom getting fucked by two of them. She sat on one guys cock and leaned over so that the second guy could stick his cock in her asshole. Mom really loved it and Uncle Roger told them to last fifteen minutes if they could. Well it looked like ten minutes was going to do it but Mom sucked them both hard even the cock that had just been in her ass. At first it was gross but then I realized that I had a very good hard-on and that it had excited me. Once they were hard she had them trade holes and double fuck her again. That time it took them twenty minutes. After that Aunt Marie and Aunt Betty let their two men double fuck them, sucked them hard, and let them trade holes. Uncle Roger got all that he wanted and then some thanks to the other women using his other cameras too.

The following day Aunt Marie brought her two golden retrievers that she had mentioned. That was when I realized that they were fulfilling the statements that they had made on that first day of filming.

I watched and recorded Mom and her sisters being licked and fucked by the two big dogs. The smaller one got his knot stuck in Mom, the bigger one got his knot stuck in Aunt Betty, and they both got their knots stuck in Aunt Marie. That was it for the dogs because even when the three women took turns sucking their cocks they never got hard enough to do any good.

That night I jerked off to thoughts of Aunt Betty getting fucked by young teenage boys just like me.

In the morning when everyone arrived, Uncle Roger told Aunt Betty that he could not find one boy let alone six teenage boys to fuck her even when he promised not to show their faces. He also told her that it would be against the law for him to photograph minors anyway. They were trying to figure out what to do and were discussing a group bubble bath, group shower, and a toy party using all of Mom’s sex toys.

I slipped back into my room and made some urgent phone calls to my friends telling them to get right over to my place if they wanted to fuck my gorgeous Aunt Betty and loose their virginities. Each one said okay and hung up on me. I crawled out to the edge of the landing to watch.

In a matter of minutes all five boys were ringing the doorbell. Mom let Uncle Roger answer it because he was the only one not in a short sexy robe. He asked the boys what they wanted and they told him that they were there to loose their virginities to a gorgeous woman named Betty. Uncle Roger invited them in. Aunt Betty looked at them, counted to five, and asked where the sixth boy was.

I shouted out, “Up here Aunt Betty and I would prefer to be first.”

Mom looked up at me and asked, “How long have you been there?”

I replied, “All the time. I never left. I have enjoyed the last three days and just didn’t want it to end. Now can we shoot Aunt Betty’s video?”

Uncle Roger said, “Yes, we can as soon as you get down here and they all sign the model releases.”

In a matter of minutes Aunt Betty was naked and spread wide open for me. I was between her knees and had my hard-on aimed right at her moist pussy. With Mom and my buddies cheering me on, I lost my virginity. I felt bad about cumming in the first minute but Aunt Betty told me that she wasn’t going anywhere and that I could fuck her three or four more times if I could get it hard that often. Mom and Aunt Marie both said that they would help me get hard as often as I could. My five buddies fucked Aunt Betty too and no one lasted much longer than I did. Aunt Betty was so happy that she promised to drain us all before the day was over. Uncle Roger said that he would record it as long as she could stand it.

The second time that I slipped my cock into my Aunt’s pussy was much better. I was not in as big a hurry that time. I got to play with her big tits, suck her hard nipples, and kiss her luscious lips the whole time. She was making love to me. She really did like young teenage boys and at fourteen I was just perfect for her.

After the others had Aunt Betty again my third time was just as good as my second time was. Not all of my buddies could get it up that third time so Mom and Aunt Marie sucked their cocks for them but just to get them hard enough for Aunt Betty not a full blowjob.

I was jealous that Mom was sucking my friend’s cocks but not mine. She assured me that she would make up for it in the near future. Then she suggested to Uncle Roger that he make a whole film about a mother and her son fucking all over the countryside. Fucking outdoors and naked was what I had always dreamed about. I guess I was an exhibitionist at heart and that was why I could keep getting hard and fucking Aunt Betty in front of everyone.

For my forth turn Mom sucked my cock for me and even helped me put it in her sister’s pussy. Only two of my buddies stayed in round four.

For my fifth turn Aunt Marie sucked my cock while I ate Mom’s pussy. It worked and I was right back in Aunt Betty again but that was the last time for me. However, I out lasted all of my buddies. I was a hero in my own eyes. Aunt Betty said that I could fuck her any time that I wanted too.

That night I slept in Mom’s bed with her for the first time.

We did make the mother son outdoor movie but it took a couple of weeks to film, find locations, and to give me a day to rest in between.

The End
Mom In A Porno Film


2018-05-04 00:31:31
Great story... I had a boyfriend named Jimmy as a girl growing up; he became my first husband! I saw him while reading your story; thank you for that!

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