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As most teenagers, I was sleeping in on a Saturday morning when I was woke up to my cellphone.

"*moans* He- Hello?"

"Hey Aaron, its Dianne. Me and Bill need to get to the airport Bills uncle died and we need a baby sitter we will pay you $40 a night and money for take out or pizza. So are you up to it?"

"Uh sure I'll be right over."

Their house was directly across the street from my house, so I was there in a minute. I caught them getting into their Tahoe and they gave me money for meals on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

"Hey douche bag!"

"Hey Stephen, still hate me for telling the neighbors on you for breaking their window?"

"Hey Aaron." Ashlie said in a more friendly tone than Stephen.

"Hey Ashlie how's school going?" Ashlie was like a little sister to me.

"Alright I guess."

My little brother Daniel came over to play with Stephen as he usually does. And I sit down on the black leather couch to watch a movie. Ashlie comes out in a tight cute blue Bikini.

"Hey Aaron I'm going for a swim wanna come?"

"Sure I'll run home and grab my swim trunks."


Grab my trunks and and changed and walked back over with towel. I walk in the house she was already in the pool. I open the sliding glass door. And walk on the back patio. She was squirting me with a water gun.

"Hey, hey, *laughing out loud* how's the water temperature?"

"It's pretty warm with the solar heater."

I take of my shirt and she darted right at my abs. I was in weight training at my school so I gained a nice four pack abs with a nice arm and leg muscle tone. I dive in the pool and we have some swim races and played Marco-polo. Then I just laid on my back floating along the pool and I had seen Ashlie hanging out by the jets and I knew what she was doing and I was quite flattered by the fact she was turned on by me. I didn't want to interrupt her so I just pretended to doze of with a quite snore. I saw her hips wriggling against the jet return and she moaned. She Walked towards me and splashed me.

"*giggling* You feel asleep, you coulda' drowned!"

"Oh I'm sorry maybe we should get out."

As she stepped up on the stairs in the shallow end her bikini clinged to her smooth fragile dancer like body. He breast were starting bud and her pussy was starting develop very fine curves and maybe even hair. At eleven she was starting to develop nicely. She quickly dried off as did I. I went in the bathroom to change. I stripped down to nothing and Ashlie walked in I tried to cover up but she just stood with wide open eyes and saw it all. She just quickly shut the door.

"I'm so sorry!" She said.

"It's all right I know you didn't mean too."

I ordered some pizza from Pa Pa Johns and called Stephen up and told him. He said he would be spending the night at my house with my brother. Pizza guy came and I told him I had to go get my wallet of the patio and told him wait in by the door. I was coming back and I just caught him staring at Ashlie. He reached out and grab her smooth ass. She yelled.


I Came to the door and I whipped the pizzas out of his hand and set them on the table and put the pizzas on the counter top. I turned around and punched him in the face breaking his nose. Ashlie shrieked.

"Now you will go away and tell your boss some guy mugged you."

"Why should I do that I oughta' call the cops on ya-"

"And what tell them you sexually harassed an eleven year old."

I pointed to a decorative house plant and pointed to a red blinking light in the top corner of the room and told it was a nanny cam and he went away even though it was just the alarm's motion detector.

"Thanks Aaron. He really creeped me out."

"No problem, but I can't blame him your really a beautiful young lady." Did that really just come out of my mouth?!

She just put on a big grin on her face while I open the box of pizza and got her a slice of pizza and some orange soda. After we finished eating I cleaned up and she went brushed her teeth. As a habit I just bushed mine in the kitchen sink as I usually do when I had to wait on the bathroom with three other brothers. She went in her room and changed into her nightie. I Changed into cotton shorts and a T-Shirt. I put on I-Carly for her and grabbed some popcorn. She curled up next to me and pulled a thin blanket over us. After a while she slide her hand under the blanket fidgeted for a minute.

"Sorry I had a wedgie."

She got up and went to the restroom knocking the blanket on the floor. It was getting warm so I slid off my shirt. When she came back she bent over and picked up the blanket. Her night gown rose up and she didn't have any panties on. I saw her cute little butt and the smooth lips off her peach fuzzed pussy. She stood up with the blanket, scooted back, and sat down right on my hand. She laid her head on my chest. I noticed her panties on the floor. She was stroking down the the crease in my stomach down my my Abs line.

"You have a really hot body." She sighed."I wish I had a nice body with nice tits like Jessica from school, she has ones size of softballs."

"I wouldn't worry about that, I think your body is just fine." Did I really say that I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth!

My hand still touching her bare ass and smooth pussy I was starting to get a hard on.

"Whats it like to have a kiss?"

"I'm surprised you haven't already had your first kiss."

"We'll I was waiting for a guy like you."

I couldn't resist, I reached in and I kissed her deeply and passionately. She laid on top of me. She slid my cotton shorts and my boxers off. She sat on top of seven inch fully erected cock. She was sliding back and and forth against her slit making my cock wet and slippery. I turned around laying on the couch
she reached down kissing down my neck, down my chest on to my stomach, and up my shaft. She kissed the head and licked all around my cock. She continued licking down and tried to stick one of my testicles in her mouth. She took my dick and slid the head in her mouth rolling her tongue on the backside of the shaft. She tried deep throating it but gaged. She kept sucking my cock and then I could feel the pressure in my balls building up.

"I want you to taste your sticky stuff, the girl on TV said it tasted good from my dads porno channel."

"I'm almost there just keep sucking."

"I taste your 'precum' what ever that is."


She tried to swallow most of it but she couldn't keep it all in her mouth. She was scooping it up with her fingers and putting it in her mouth.

"It tasted so good!"

"I wonder how yours taste." I said to her.

I reached down and and I kissed down her thigh and on her pussy. I kissed and kissed he smooth pussy. She was giggling. I probe her pussy with my tongue. It was extremely tight. I could barely get my tongue in there. I felt he tiny clitoris. I french kissed it flicking my tongue against it. I began fucking her pussy with my tongue she winced has I got an inch of my tongue in. I found her hymen. I went back to her clit and kept licking it. She wrapped her legs around my head an started bucking her hips against my face.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! OH AARON!"

I could taste her sweet, sweet pussy juices. I sucked and licked her dry.

"That was the best thing I have ever felt!"

"Do you want to feel more?" I figured I have gone this far, might as well fuck her I'm dead either way if we were to get caught.


I went in the bathroom and and grabbed some Vaseline and rubbed it in and around her slit. I rubbed some on my cock too. I took my two thumbs and split her pussy and guided an quarter inch of my dick head in her pussy. I jabbed and another quarter inch in her pussy and it was so tight it barely fit. I Jerked it slightly a couple of times.

"This going to hurt a little bit but just hang on I promise it will feel better."

I laid her down on the couch in the missionary position and held the half inch of my dick in her pussy. In one quick jab, I busted her cherry. She was screaming in pain and crying while blood was trickling down mine and Ashlie's thigh. As the pain subsided I started a slow rhythm of fucking her tight pussy. It was hard to move in and out of her it was so tight. I started fucking her deeper and deeper until I hit her cervix. She hit her second orgasm of the night.

"Oh yes Aaron fuck me, FUCK ME!!!"

I kept fucking her only I started fucking her harder. I felt her muscles tighten around my shaft and she began bucking against me in the same rhythm and she was so wet and slippery by now I could still fuck her tight pussy.


As she loosened back up I felt that familiar sensation building in my balls.

" Oh Ashlie, Ashlie, Ashlie, I love you."

I release my cum deep into her pussy and over filled dripping on to the black leather couch. I was laying next to her. She jumped up on me.

"I love you so much. Can we do this tomarrow?"

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It was ok bit the *words in these* annoyed me lol.

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Great story!! Tell us what happened the next day.


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iliked it

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I would assume that english is not your first language, or you are about 14 or 15 years old. Learn to spell too.

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