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As I looked at her and her great dane lust filled my every fiber
It was a beautiful warm midsummer day, a glorious day to be out in the local park. As I was sitting there basking in after noon sun, I saw them for the first time. As I gazed upon her and the huge black and tan Great Dane she was walking. Lust filled my very fiber of my being she was perfect, a shape every woman seeks to attain, but few ever succeed in reaching. Her long blonde hair flowed and bounced with her every step. Her full large breasts swayed, causing her nipples to stand erect as she walked by me. Her Dog was a large male, unneutered and standing proud. Unlike a lot of dogs these days this one’s spirit was as unbroken as his mistress’s was. Seeing the two of them made my mouth water, and my heart beat fast. I thought of all I would give to spend an afternoon with her, or even a few hours. I am not sure what made them stop. Who knows how such things ever come to be? Luck, karma, or maybe she could read the lustful thoughts as they ran though my mind that afternoon. Whatever the reason, I was almost bowled over when she began to speak to me. Here I was at least 16 years her senior and the most beautiful lady in the park was talking to me. If I had just hit the Mega-lottery I couldn’t have felt any luckier then I did then.
“Hello, how are you today” she said to me. Fine, beautiful day isn’t it. I said stating the obvious.
Beautiful Animal you have there, Great Dane isn’t he.” I asked not wanting to lose her attention bent over and petted the huge dog’s head.
“Yes Jake is a love, my name is Julie, you look familiar haven’t we met some place before?” She asked me. I gave out a nervous laugh and told her if we had ever met I know I wouldn’t have forgotten her. “How could any man forget a woman as beautiful as you Julie.” I told her. Any man who could do that would have to be half-crazy, or blind, or most likely both.
At the last remark she blushed and asked me to join her and Jake on her walk around the park. We walked and chatted all around the city-park. I learned we lived close to each other, and we both worked with in a stones throw of each other as well. It was getting on to evening as we finished up our walk, I got all my courage up and asked her to join me for dinner unless of course she had other plans. “ My place or yours?” she asked me.
“Well I was thinking of some place out, but I am a great chef, how about my place I can fix you something, and I will make up something for Jake as well. How about I go to the store and pick up what we will need and you can come over anytime after 6:00, would that work for you Julie?” I asked her. As we had been walking and talking I had learned what her favorite foods where and that she only fed Jake Steaks. Medium_raw, with the knowledge I knew I could whip up a meal she would not anytime soon forget. I also wanted to get her some flowers, I learned she loved Red carnations as well.
“ Sounds wonderful to me, we will be there with bells on, and a big appetite as well. She leaned into me and gave me a kiss, not a quick peck on the cheek, but a long deep French kiss. Her hot moist tongue twirled in my mouth, causing my cock to instantly stand hard and tall. I had never had a kiss so filled with passion, and it let me know that there was more to look forward to then just dinner later on. We walked to the parking lot together, and I kissed her once more, as I held her car door for her and closed it. I waved as she drove out of the lot, and hurried to Safeway to get the dinner items I needed. Thank fully I had most of what I wanted to cook up.
Once I was back home I hurried up showered, and began dinner. At 6:00 on the dot I heard her car pull into my driveway and I heard her car door open and shut as I was heading to the front door. I let Julie and Jake in, Julie gave me another of those wonderful deep full kisses, as we embraced I could feel my heat rise, not mention my cock as well. I knew if I didn’t stop soon dinner would be the last thing on my mind, it was pretty much already as it was. We let go of each other and I gave Jake a couple strokes and a scratch behind the ears. “Come on in, dinner is almost ready, just have to put the steaks and shrimp on the grill. Would you like something to drink well dinner is cooking up. I have wine, beer, some Jim beam, or coffee. Name your poison Julie.” I told her. “How about a glass wine for me, and a bowl of water for Jake here. I know he always needs a drink after being in the car.” She replied to me.
Dinner was done in a minute, and as we ate we talked about place and people we both knew. We found out how much in common we had, little did I know how much we where going to have in common. She told how she was attracted to older men, who kept themselves in shape. Mainly she supposed because they took care of themselves, and if they did that they also took care of those they loved. It made sense when I heard her explain it too me. It also answered many of my unasked questions as well. Jake had wolfed his dinner down in know time flat, and was happily gnawing on his bone from the steak. After dinner and we did the dishes together, her closeness to me, once again was causing my blood to boil with lust for her. Once they where out of the way, we went into the living room and sat on the couch. It was not long before we ended up in each other’s arms, The sweet smell of her youth and perfumed body was like heaven, in my arms I held an angel. It was not long before she was out of her tight fitting clothes and I mine. I kissed and stroked every inch of her warm and willing body. Tasting her sweetness feeling her nipples as they swelled and hardened in my mouth. My hand stroked her now swollen lips of womanhood. Her love juices lubricated my fingers as they probed and stroked her. Her back arched with each touch of my hands. Her moans of passion escaping through her clenched lips, her passion rising, I could feel her heart beating as I pressed my lips against her taught young body. I slowly worked my way down wards kissing and tasting her beautiful body. I reached her thighs and lowered my face to her now swollen moist lips of her pussy. My tongue began to slowly trace it way up and down her slit, tasting her love juices as they flowed from her. Julie wrapped her arms around her legs allowing me complete access to her love mound. My tongue parted her lips, it caressed her love canal and bud of passion, I could feel her clit as it become engorged and swollen beneath my tongue, My fingers slid into her love canal working in and out of her as my tongue clicked and caressed her clit. Her body went crazy as her orgasm built in her, and passion took total control of her lovely body. As a tidal wave smashing upon a beach her climax smashed though her body. Wracking her will pleasure, as she came again and again. “Oh yes, suck my clit fuck me with your fingers, oh yes deeper, harder, faster, don’t ever stop. She cried out. Julie was in the complete throws of her passion, I could feel her pussy as it throbbed, and pulsated around my fingers. She thrust in perfect rhythm to my every movement, carefully I let one finger slide into her ass, as I kept licking and sucking on her clit. With my fingers now in her pussy and ass at the same time, Julie’s orgasm intensified and she became wild with passion. I could feel my fingers touch each other though the thin membrane that separated her ass from her pussy. Then she exploded and screamed for me fuck her harder with my hand. Like a wild young filly she rode my face and fingers until she could not stop cumming. Julie’s body was spasming uncontrollably now. Finally spent she collapsed against me and pulled me to her lips. We kissed long and deep. Then she lay with her head on my hairy chest her fingers stroked the hairs of my chest. “Oh my god, I never have ever came like that before, it was so intense, and wonderful. Let me catch my breathe so I can repay you.” She whispered into my chest. Then she knelt before me kissing her way down to my swollen aching cock, her tongue tracing it way up and down my swollen engorged member, as my hands stroked her long blonde hair. Keeping it from cascading over her face, this allowed me to watch her wondrous tongue and mouth as she took me deep into her throat. As she was sucking me off she worked her ass back so she was leaning on me with ass high in the air. Suddenly Jake over to her and sniffing and licking her pussy. His huge dog cock was swollen and sticking out of his sheath. Suddenly with out any warning he mounted Julie and drove his hard doggy cock into her pussy. As Jake was fucking Julie and Julie sucking my own hard cock, she went wild, driving her head deeper and deeper onto my manhood. Jake was pounding away on her his paws wrapped tight around Julie’s waist. Suddenly Julie began to cum, and she did I came into her mouth, filling her mouth and throat with my cum. Jake was riding her harder and deeper now. Suddenly he came, I could tell he was all the way in her. He turned and stood with his cock stuck deep in Julie. They where locked tight each other. It appeared to me, that Jake was still cumming in her. As he stood there locked together with Julie, she just kept licking, and sucking my cock. I felt my cock getting hard; not that it had ever gone soft. But the site of the beautiful Julie locked together with Jake for some reason caused me to stay aroused, as I had never been before. Julie kept riding back and forth on Jake and me until he finally came loose from her. Jake retreated to a corner and lay down and began to lick his now limp huge dog cock. Truly exhausted Julie lay there with my cock in her mouth, whimpering with satisfaction. I laid her head and onto the couch and then I behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks, I slid my hard swollen cock into her tight ass. I slowly and carefully entered her ass. Moving in and out of her, as I did, she came alive with passion once again. My god she kept crying, over and over again. Then I heard her scream out as I plunged my cock deep into her, I am cumming again. She did too, over and over again she came until I too exploded in her ass, and filled her tight ass with my own semen. My hips arching and driving my cock deeper and deeper into her ass. Until we both could not move any more. We lay in each other’s arms. Talking of all that was to come in the months ahead. That was our first time together, shortly after she and Jake moved in with me. That was six month ago since that first time the three of us have enjoyed many a passion filled day and night together. There is more to tell…………….. About that.


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2007-12-22 07:52:46
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2007-10-06 18:04:59
I'm always a little suspect of single women who have a large dog. I think there is a whole lot more female beastialty than we know about. Its just too damn easy to get a dog to lick a womans cunt and dogs are just too fucking good at licking for women to want it.

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