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A cowboy learns his lesson from a Mexican goddess
I was 27 and worked for a lawn care company, my neighbor Lucida was 31 had 3 kids and 2 jobs. One was a cashier at a drug store and the other was at a topless bar (I didn’t know this one). Her oldest was Roche, 16 and took after her mom, then there was Hector, 13 and the youngest was Lucinda, 10 and was developing fast. Had no idea where their father was and didn’t really care, sometimes when I would grill the kids would come over and I’d end up feeding them. We had good times talking about school, tossing a ball and sometimes water balloons. I had been renting the house next store to theirs for 3 years.

I had watched Lucida every now and then when she would hang up clothes when I wasn’t out working but never had the balls to say more than hello if we passed. That all changed one Friday night when I stopped by one of the local bars on my way home late. There she was sitting at the bar having a drink, she was wearing a bright multi colored peasant skirt, a white cheese cloth shirt and brown boots. The guy next to her seemed to be giving her a hard time so I moved a little closer without her seeing me. “I bought you a drink so you could at least dance with me!” He snarled, the typical red neck in our area. This didn’t set with me so I moved in, “Hey Baby, sorry I’m late but I got tied up at the station.” I said stepping up behind her. The guy looked at me as if he wanted to say something. “Is there a problem?” I asked looking at him. I guess with him being shorter then me helped because he picked up his drink and walked away. I was really relieved, I didn’t want any trouble. If Lucida hadn’t had been my neighbor I probably wouldn’t have done a thing. She thanked me and ordered me a beer, I could tell that she had already had a couple. I asked her if she would like to dance and she said yes, on the dance floor she kissed me and thanked me again. Lucida was far from bad looking, she had long silky black hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion. She stood about 5 – 5, weighed about 140 – 145, a round bottom, D tits, a tummy and solid legs. After dancing we went outside for a smoke and she asked if I could give her a lift home and I did, thinking I could get lucky. I parked in front of my house and she thanked me once more shook my hand and left, ok so I didn’t even make it to first base. I went in kicked off my boots, pulled off my shirt grabbed a beer and turned on the TV.
There was a knock at the door and there she was with a bottle of wine, bare feet and her blouse hanging loose. She stepped in and walked over to the sofa and plopped down before I could say anything. She sat there like a whore, legs apart, tits hanging free as she leaned over on her elbows looking at the western on the tube. I closed the door and sat down; Lucida took a swig from the bottle slid over next to me. “Hey gringo ya don’t like women?” she said with a thick Mexican accent pushing her chest against my arm and licking my ear. “Damn she’s hot and I’m going to get laid!” I thought. I looked at her and smiled slightly, “Well, little lady its my first time south of the border and I don’t want trouble.” I said trying to sound all cowboy like. She took another swig gave me the bottle and said as I took a drink, “I’ll take ya upstairs an show ya how a real woman treats a man for 20 paisos.” When I choked on the wine she jumped up and ran up the stairs, I wiped my mouth and followed quickly.
When I stepped into my room there she was sitting in my bed with the sheet pulled up around her and her clothes on the floor. “Hey, someone excited cowboy?” she asked looking at my crotch. I dropped my pants pulled off my t-shirt and jumped on the bed and took her in my arms. We kissed as our hands roamed, she was warm and soft and smelled like lilies, her tummy bulged a little and I loved it, healthy woman. Her tits were big and fat with large dark nipples and her hair fell down over her shoulders. She had a thick bush of curly hair around her fat pussy and her bottom was nice and round, not too big but big. Damn Lucida was one sexy lady and she was here in my bed, I had watched her but really hadn’t notice with her being a neighbor and having 3 kids how hot she was.
It didn’t take me long to dive into her muff, I pinched here nipple and kissed her tits then ran my tongue over her tummy playing with her belly button and moved on. Man her pussy was sweet, nice fat puffy lips and a clit the size of the end of my pinky, it tasted sweet too. I locked my lips around her clit after licking and sucking on those fat lips and started flicking it with my tongue as I sucked in hard. She giggled at first then sighed as I got hold of her clit and started gyrating her hips and moaning softly. When I worked my hands under her as and started caressing her cheeks Lucida brought her legs up over my shoulders locking my head in her crotch. She grabbed my hair and tried to push me into her pussy crying out, “that’s it baby eat me…eat meee” and the next thing I knew she was cumming all over my face. Her legs clamped my head like a vice, “oh…OH….Yes….YES BABY….YES.” she cried.
When she stopped bouncing and her legs loosened, I slid up watching her heaving breast and kissed her softly. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and squeezed “Mmmmm” she moaned as she held me tight. I moaned softly as I tasted her tongue in my mouth, Lucida bit my lip the rolled us over so she was on top and as we continued kissing I felt her hand slide between us. She grabbed my hard cock and slipped it into her soaked pussy. “MMMM” I moaned as I shuttered feeling how hot her fat pussy was as it swallowed me. We laid there kissing for a few moments as I ran my hands over her ass and back. We kissed like lovers. I could feel her tits pressed to my chest and her tummy against mine as her hair curtained our faces.
Lucida broke our embrace, nipped me on the nose then slapped my face, “gringo ya stopped too soon or ya women are too soft, I will show ya how a real woman likes it!” she said smiling and her eyes sparkling wickedly. With that she tightened her pussy muscles around my cock and started bouncing up and down on my hard. “Hey gringo, we Spanish girls like it hard and rough.” She snarled through her teeth as she fucked herself on my rod and dug her nails into my chest. Lucida pounded away slamming her pussy down on me so hard that the bed bounced slightly off the floor. My chest stung as her nails drew blood and with the grip that her pussy had on my cock I wasn’t going to last long before blowing my load. “That’s it gringo hold momma’s big tits.” She said as she ground her hips down on me and started pounding again.
My eyes were closed and my breathing heavy as the pressure in my balls grew and my grip on her fat tits tightened. “Oh no gringo not yet.” She snapped and slapped me hard across the face. My eyes popped open and the pressure in my balls dulled and Lucida smiled at me and slapped me again. “Gringo ya have much to learn like a child and I will teach ya.” She said as she grabbed my nibs between her thumb and fore fingers and squeezed and twisted them. I had never been into pain not even during sex and it stung like hell but she never missed a beat with her pounding on my cock. “Hey!” I said and she slapped me again. “Gringo be quiet or momma will hurt ya, I be in charge!” Lucida snapped, her pussy tightened its squeezing on my cock and she jumped off my spun around and sat on my face. “Eat my Mexican pussy gringo eat it!” she ordered planting that lovely furry muff over my nose and mouth. For some strange reason I did as I was told and stared at her ass.
Lucida bent over grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her warm mouth and as she did her butt cheeks spread and I got an eye full of her pink butt hole. She had one hell of a suction with her mouth and I sucked on her used pussy. She worked her magic with her tongue and I worked my tongue deep into her pussy and the pressure came rushing back into my balls. When she took my cock down her throat I couldn’t hold back and flooded it with hot cum, she swallowed it all then proceeded to lick me clean. As Lucida cleaned me I out of her pussy and slipped my tongue into her adorable pink hole and I felt my chest being soaked as her body shuddered and she came on me. She rolled off me turned around and kissed me. “Ya ok gringo, but I teach ya more later.” She said then laid her head on my chest.
I dreamt about her as we slept, bizarre dreams of being a cowboy and picking her up in a saloon in Mexico where she was a saloon whore. It was one hell of a dream and we fucked all night out under the stars.
I woke around 4 in the morning and found myself alone, it had all been a dream I thought till I stepped into the bath room to take a piss and saw the scratches on my chest. I found her black butterfly G-string on the door knob and held it to my nose, it smelled like her. My pants and things had been folded up and down stairs had been picked up, the bottle of wine was on the table with a note, “Thanks for the help. If you feel like it I’ll be at the Pompeii Club tonight around 9.”
This kind of struck me funny, I just couldn’t see her hanging out in a topless bar and I hadn’t been to this one. I didn’t see her at all that day although I did notice Roche hang clothes up in the bad yard. Roche waved at me as I worked in the yard, she really took after her mom in her shorts and t-shirt just a little heavier around the mid section, bottom and thighs. I felt bad realizing that I was looking at her and comparing her to her mother. I started my grill a little early that day and soon had the kids in the yard, we talked, Hector and I tossed a foot ball and like usual Lucinda asked me if I had a girlfriend and Roche “Shhh’d” her. This time I answered her with “You can be my girlfriend if you like.” And she told me I was too old. We all laughed and then they went home, I did catch a glimpse of Lucida peeking out her window.
Later I showered and shaved, dressed and headed out, Lucida’s car was gone her red mustang. I pared my truck in the lot not far from her car and looked around; the place was made up to look like it was made of marble and stone like the Romans villas. Inside was the same with large pillows on the floor for sitting on and oil lamps, there were 3 stages and 2 bars and they had the only lights. The employees ran around in togas and sac cloth, it really didn’t interest me that much until I saw Lucida. She was working, wearing a light pink toga and tie up sandals, her left breast was hanging out and half her bottom was showing as she served drinks. She was groped and pinched by the guys and some ladies and seemed to be making good tips bending over showing off her assets.
I really was surprised when she got up on stage and started dancing, shaking and bouncing her stuff. I almost creamed in my pants watching this goddess move her wares for everyone to see. Then I got upset and went outside for a smoke, when I came back in Lucida saw me and came over and said “hello”. I smiled slightly and she asked “What’s wrong?” I told her “nothing” with a slight shrug of my shoulders. She smiled, “It bothers my gringo seeing me up there.” She said and touched my hand. “Not at first…but I have no right to be.” I said looking down. “It pays the bills and takes care of my kids. I wanted you to know what I do for a living.” She said and hurried off back into the crowd. I found a pillow and watched her work, she hustled the tables bending over, shaking her tits and ass for the customers and getting groped. After a little while I left with out saying bye. At home I tossed my shirt and pants on the chair and turned on the TV.
It was almost 2 when there came a knock at the door and I answered it in my shorts. There she was standing at my door; her cheese cloth blouse was opened low showing her cleavage, her peasant skirt pulled up between her legs and stuffed in her thick belt were she had a 6-shooter stuffed. She had boots, bandanna and a sombrero; she was puffing on a cigar holding a whip in one hand and a bottle in the other. “Hey gringo ya goanna move or do I knock ya down!” Lucida said with a thick accent. “I’m not in the mood.” I said and she pushed by me with a huff. “Ya got any glasses or is it the bottle?” she asked puffing on her cigar.
Lucida looked at me when I didn’t answer and took a few steps back dropped the end of the whip and a moment later the tip of the whip snapped beside me making me jump. “Listen gringo, I don’t like drinking alone and I don’t sleep around. The puta left me when he found out I was pregnant with Lucinda and I dance for my kids.” She said roughly and held the bottle out to me. I looked at her then opened my mouth, but before I could say anything the whipped cracked again. “Yes I’m a bitch at times and I control the sex, besides my kids like ya and that’s means a lot. So ya goanna drink with me or are ya a pendejo!” Lucida said lowing smoke at me.
I took the bottle pulled the cork and took a good swig and started sputtering. “It’s Tequila gringo.” She said laughing as I handed her the bottle and she took a swig with the cigar in her mouth. “So you are a bandito on the run?” I asked looking at the 6-shooter. “Na I ain’t runnin an ya ain’t packen by the looks of things.” Lucida said handing the bottle back to me, she took the cigar from her lips and stuffed it in one of my plants. I took another swig as she rested her hand on the 6-shooter. “Ya ain’t looking for a fight are ya gringo!” she said as she fingered the grip. “Nope.” I replied then took another swig. Lucida smiled then drew her 6-shooter, “Good, go sit over there gringo!” she ordered harshly nodding towards the kitchen. At the table she slid a set of cuffs to me and told me to put them on. I did as she said then took another swig and slid the bottle to her. Smiling Lucida stuffed the 6-shooter back into her belt and put one foot on the chair exposing more leg. She rolled up her whip and laid it on the table and took a swig. “Hey gringo this is the way it be, ya do what I says and I won’t shoot ya. Ya piss me off and I whip ya.” Lucida took a swig then pushed the bottle back to me.
I was game to see how this was going to work out so I played along. “So ya think ya can take me in, there’s a lot of bad land out there to cover little girl.” I said roughly pushing the chair back and propping my feet up on the table. In a flash Lucida had the whip in her hand and cracked it over my head, “Gringo ya don’t know who ya messing with!” She snapped the walked over grabbed my hair pulled my head back and kissed me hard, then grabbed the bottle and forced me to drink. The next thing I knew she had the whip wrapped around the cuffs, between my legs and yanked me to my feet. With my hands stuffed between my legs Lucida put her boot to my ass and pushed me towards the stairs where she used the whip to tie me to the banister. With my wrists cuffed and arms tied tight I wasn’t going anywhere and she knew it.
Pulling a knife from her boot Lucida started running it up and down between my legs. “I hear ya a big man where ya come from.” She said then slit my briefs open. “Hmmm, looks like I heard wrong.” Lucida said running the blade under my cock smiling. “Man what I’ve I gotten into.” I thought as she ripped my shirt open. “Oh, looks like ya ran into a cat. So I must have lucked out ya didn’t die.” She said laughing as she looked me over. She then ran her hand over my ass and wrinkled her lips. “I gotta see if ya worth 2000 American.” She snarled then smacked my ass. “Maybe we can work something out.” I suggested and Lucida brought her blade up to my nipples and poked one softly. “Maybe!” she said as she undid the cuffs and re-cuffed me with them behind me.
In the living room Lucida pushed me to my knees then pulled her skirt up baring her sweet pussy. “Ya show me what ya worth gringo.” She snapped the slapped me. I wasted no time and dove into her bush and her puffy lips. She tasted musky and sweaty as I lapped her pussy and she looped her whip around the back of my neck and pulled me tight to her. “That’s it gringo lick me.” Lucida said pushing her hips forward and I stuffed my tongue into her. I licked and sucked on her lips and clit like I would never get another chance. She started moaning, “OH, OH, Oh gringo ya tongue feel good, real good.” She said then stepped away.
Lucida tossed her 6 shooter on the chair then stripped off her skirt, then planted her boot in my chest knocking me on my back where she jumped on me. “Gringo ya better do good, it maybe your last.” She said the sat on my face. I went right to work on her clit and sucked it into my lips and flicked my tongue over it, I nipped at it and dragged my teeth over it. Lucida ground her hips smearing her pussy all over my face like a cut in heat. As I ate her and she moaned I felt her hand slide down my stomach to my crotch where she grabbed my dick. I felt the cold flat side of her blade side under my balls as she moaned. “Hey gringo ya got big balls, maybe I should trim them.” I shock my head under her and she moved the blade slowly up to my cock and around its head. “Damn gringo ya got a lot of hair.” She said then I felt her scrape the edge of her blade over my crotch and the burn of being shaved. Her body shuttered as she squeezed my hardening cock harder as she came all over my face, her nectar was sweet as honey and I licked up all I could….

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