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Wife and husband find dog out while hiking
My wife loves her doggie (m/f..f/bigdog)

My wife and I had been hiking in the mountains East of Modesto when
nothing seemed familiar to us. We had gone about three hours on the trail and were headed back. I couldn't see even one point of recognition. After looking for the right trail for an hour or so We had to admit that we were lost. It wouldn't have been so bad just being lost but the sun was getting lower and lower. Even though it was summer the temperature still got pretty cool at the heights we were. All Lisa and I had were our backpaks and naturally nothing to keep us warm should we have to spend the night. I had noticed a ranger tower in the distance a couple of hours back but by the time we could make it there it would be dark.

I decided to gather up some leaves for shelter. If worse came to worse we could always cover ourselves. It looked like the worse was here. I had drifted a little from where I left Lisa when I saw something throug the trees. I dared not hope but I went closer and it was a cabin. More like a shack but it was better than outdoors. I got Lisa and we climbed up the hill to the shack. It was empty of course but it was shelter. Even better it had a crude fire place against the back wall.

A half hour later we had a roaring fire going. Lisa and I sat on our jackets that we laid out on a bed of leaves. Then except for the fact that we were hungry we were in pretty good shape. As dusk settled Lisa went outside to relieve herself. I watched the fire lap up against the sooty chimney when I heard Lisa talking. I put my shoes on. Could it be that someone was out there who knew where the hell we were?

Stepping out on the rackety pourch I saw Lisa pulling her jeans up.
Standing about three feet from her was the biggest dog I had ever seen.
The dog looked like a mix between a mastiff and a Great dane. It was big. He was big. A quick look under him said he was a male. When the dog saw me he cocked his head and then his tail began to wag. A good sign when you are confronted with a dog this big and ugly. I don't mean that the dog was ugly, just looked like he could take a hunk out of you easily.

Lisa loved animals and she was soon rubbing it's head and scratching
it's ears. I told her that we should get inside. The dog looked at us and then took off through the trees. "Damn it's too bad he had to leave" Lisa said "It would have been good to have a dog that big around if a bear should come around."

We had our canteens so water wasn't a problem but we were still hungry. We had planned on going to a rustic restaurant we had seen earlier but it looked like we were going to have to do without. With Lisa around there was one thing I wasn't going to have to forsake. The fire was warm and was one thing I wasn't going to have to forsake. The fire was warm and Lisa and I took off our clothes and were getting ready to have sex for dinner when we heard scratching at the door. I eased the door open a crack to see out.

The dog was back and I was glad he was. I did the come on in doggie bit and then saw a large rabbit laying at his front paws. The dog was bringing us some food. Could this dog understand what Lisa and I had been talking about..I let the dog in and took the rabbit back out on the pourch to clean it. I came back in a few minutes later and there was Lisa, still naked, with the large dog's head in her lap scratching it's ears.

The dog had it's long thick tongue lolling out and looked happy. I
guess if I had my head in my wife's lap and she was scratching my ears then I'd be happy too. "Oh my God" Lisa said "Now that's the kind of tongue you need" she said to me.

"With a tongue that long I couldn't talk" I told her.

"Yes honey but think what else you could do with it" Lisa grinned.

"You mean lick my own dick?" I quipped.

Lisa hit at me "That wasn't what I meant" she said.

Whoever built the firsplace must have had in mind what we did then.
There was a long metal, rusted of course, rod that made a good spit. I had the rabbit skerewed and all we had to do was wait. I sat next Lisa but the dog did not seem to want to leave his position. I didn't try and move him. I wasn't that dumb. It took an hour before the rabbit was nice and crispy. I tore it and gave Lisa a large peice and then gave another peice to our benefactor. For the next several minutes we hungrily tore into the rabbit

Now we were no longer hungry but I was still feeling frisky. The dog had settled down at Lisa's feet and I started to kiss her. The dog lifted his ear's up and looked at us. I was nibbling at her nipples when she jumped. I looked quickly to see what was wrong. The dog had gotten up and had his nose pressed into lisa's pussy. His long tongue came out and swipped at her gash. "Now make him stop" Lisa begged me.

"I'm not going to try and make him do anything" I said "He's a big dog."

"Well how about me" Lisa wailed "The dog is licking me...."

"Doesn't it feel good?" I asked.

"Oh yeah it feels good" she protested "But..but he's a dog."

"Right now he just looks like a horny male eating pussy" I said.

"Well still you...ohhhhh" Lisa jerked her legs apart "But..but I like it."

I was splitting my sides. My cock had also gotten very hard. "I guess you should enjoy it till he gets tired of it then."

Lisa had spread her leg's some and now the dog was able to really go to town. I saw that his tongue had opened her pussy lips up and when he lapped his tongue would seem to go in her about two inches than lick up to her clit. Lisa moaned when he did this. Lisa was in for the long haul. I decided that since Lisa was a little tongue tied right now I would suck on her tits a little. Lisa moaned from the dog lapping at her pussy and me at her tits.

"You want me to make him stop now hon?" I asked.

"Forget feels real good now" she said "Just don't spread this around."

I knew how good Lisa's pussy tasted and I guess she tasted pretty good to the dog. It now had his nose burried deep in her. His tongue must have been lapping a good six inched in her now. Lisa begged me to fuck her then. I told her that I wasn't about to make the dog mad. She had reached out and grasped my hard cock and jacking it like mad. If she kept this up I was going to cum all over her.

Lisa had turned a little on her side and the dog moved around to get a better angle to lap her cunt. The dog's hind quarters were now toward her head. I was sucking a tit when It heard her gasp and looked up to see her staring at the huge, and I mean huge hard cock that was quivering beneath him. I am fairly large myself but this animal had me beat half again. It looked as fat as a soda can and was probably ten or eleven inches long.

Way back when we had first married Lisa had confessed to me that her old boyfriend, Brian, had a very large cock. She had never screwed him but she said that she had often jacked him off and even sucked, what she could, of it. "Is this how big Brian was?"

"No it's larger...I mean the dog's cock is larger" she said.

"Looks like he wants something else" I said.

"Well he did get us a nice rabbit" Lisa said and reached under the
animal. I almost shot my load then as she grasped the huge red cock. The dog started to hump her hand then like he was fucking. I thought that a male was a male even if it were a dog. The dog seemed to sense something and he moved over her head The huge cock was right above her face. She stroked it and looked at it with a distant look in her eye's. I had to, move aside then. I was being crowded from my wife by a dog.

Lisa was beyond any civilized thinking now as the dog kept driving his tongue in her rentlessly. When I moved aside she had put that the hand she was holding my cock with on the dog cock with the other one. With one hand before the other one there was still cock left over. She was jerking the cock hard and fast while she pushed her cunt onto his nose harder. I should have realized , from the way she was looking at it, that she was thinking of doing something else with it. I didn't get it till she lifted her head up and ran her tongue along the underside of it.

My sweet wife had become some sort of a throw back along the lines of evolution. She angled the tip of the cock down and took about two inches of it in her mouth. This really made the dog come alive and he started to make fucking motions, like her mouth was a pussy. It was wet and warm and to the dog I guess that was all he needed. Lisa tired of lifting her head up and suddenly pulled the dog around and down by it's cock.

In about a minute Lisa was on her knees above the dog. The dog let his head lay on the floor of the cabin while his long tongue speared up into her. Above the diog's belly Lisa now bagan to dip her head and suck more and more of the giant animal cock into her mouth. The dog held his hind legs up and widely apart to give her access to it just like a man would do. Lisa slid her hand's down to grasp the cock at the base and began to suck it like she usually did mine except she could only get half of the thick dog meat into her mouth.

She had a wild look in her eye's as she sucked hard. I couldn't believe that she could get her mouth open enough to suck it but she did. She was good at deep throating me and she was trying to do the same to the dog but the thickness of it was too much for her. Every now and then she would stop and pull her mouth off it to look at it then she would start again. She must have been sucking the long thick dog cock for about ten minuted when the dog's humping, just like a man does, began to hump slow and hard.

Lisa's cheeks expanded like she was blowing out on them and she started to make choking noise. I saw her throat muscles began to swallow and I knew that the dog was comming. Lisa made several muffled gasps and choked more. Like a wet gaging sound. Then she held her head still and I saw her cheeks hollow as she sucked hard on the softening cock. When she finally drained the dog she let the long limber shaft fall out of her mouth,

When she did the dog's cum flowed out from betweem her lip's. Lisa had to take her hands and stuff it messily balk in so she could swallow it. The dog walked away and laid down and began to lick his long soft cock. Lisa reached and pulled me between her legs. She wanted to fuck and Ididn't want her getting mad, especially with her new boyfriend around. hercunt was wet and open for me and I drove my eight inch cock all the way in her.

In all the years we have been married I don't think that she was ever as hot as she was then. When I finally lay exhausted fifteen minutes later I knew that Lisa still wanted more. She kept looking at the dog with a look that said for me to let the dog fuck her. he looked at me real quick. "Do you think I can?" she asked. I told her that was between her and the dog.

Lisa made a sound with her lip's and the dog looked up at her. I told her that if she got on her hand's and knee"s that he would get the idea. I don't remember ever seeing Lisa react so fast. In a minute she was on her hand's and knee's and wagging her butt at the dog. He looked at her and then rose and stalked to her. Normally a dog has to hop upon the back of whatever he was fucking but this one just walked over my wife. Lisa is about five five and her height when in the position was just right for the dog. It stood around three feet tall when on all fours. If he stood on his hind leg's he would be taller than me.

It's large cock had stiffened up more now as the dog made humping
motions in the air. I told Lisa that she had better guide him in.
Reaching back she captured the fulley erect cock and guided it down to her cunt. She held it in place as the dog began to hump. Lisa grunted as if in a little discomfort while the dog's cock seemed to just batter at her flesh. Then Lisa must have relaxed her muscles or something because the dog's cock entered her a little. It kept humping away as Lisa tried to adjust to it's thickness. The dog seemed not to care if she was ready for him or not. It just wanted to fuck.

I saw the dog cock pull back before he pushed forward again. His cock was coated with my cum so I guess I did make it a little easier for her. By now I was wanting to see her take all that big cock in her. "Come on baby...fuck that dog dick" I panted like a dog "I want to see you take more of it."

"Ohhh sure?" she asked and kept humping. I whispered in herear that I did.

If Lisa had been fucking the dog hard now she fucked even harder. She pushed back hard as the dog humped forward. Lisa let out a loud long wail as the dog sunk his cock to the hilt in her. Lisa just grit her teeth and hung on so to speak as the dog began to hump into her fast and with a ferocity. I never believed that a flesh and blood creature could fuck so fast. All my wife could do was let herself be used and grunt little stacato sounds like "Unh..unh..unh."

I guess a lot of men would like to see their wives fucked hard like the dog was doing but were afraid to let her near another man that would. I didn't have to worry about the other man. I knew that as soon as the dog came again he would go back to licking his cock. I really wish I could do that, lick my own cock that is. If the scene wasn't so damned lusty the dog would have looked comical humping my wife as she stood over her. Just then the dog let out a howl and slammed harder in her than ever before.

Lisa screamed, but not in pain, that the dog had done something to her. I looked back and sure enough he had driven the huge ball like protrubance right up her. I almost laughed "Honey I think he's tied will just have to wait till it goes down."

"How long does that take?" Lisa grimmaced.

"Oh about a half an hour at least" I told her

It took twenty five minutes till he was able to pull his cock from her. He lay down and licked his cock while Lisa caught her breath. It took several minutes till she was able to speak without shuddering.She looked at the dog, happily lapping away. "Why is he licking his cock?" she asked "Wasn't I enough for him." I told her that he was only licking his cockbecause he could. Later we drifted off to sleep. I awoke with the sun inmy eyes and turned for Lisa. She was gone. I got up and looked outside.

There on the porch Lisa was sitting with the dog between her legs again.She was leaned forward and had her arms wrapped around him. While he was fucking her she was scratching behind his ears. Lisa was in heaven having the large dog fucking her like a man would from the front. She lay back and the dog lay atop her and countinued with his humping. Lisa looked back at me when she heard me there and smiled. "Look at him...he's fucking me like you do." I told her that i would be kissing her and as if the dog heard me. He thrust his tongue down her throat. She sucked on it's long tongue and pulled it deep into her thraot. The dog was now pulling his large cock almost out of her cunt before pushing it back in. I swear that the dog had watched as lisa and I had fucked yesterday and had learned that this was the way a woman likes to be fucked.

I got so hot for my wife wactching her fuck then dog that I had to have her. The dog had ejaculated in her and he wandered off and lay down to do what all male dogs do. Lisa stopped me and said that she wanted me to suck all the dog cum from her before we fucked. Her cunt was a little messy and she swung her cunt off the pourch and I got down between her legs and started eating her. Lisa and I had talked, when we were fucking, about me sucking her lovers cum out of her. I said then that if she ever had another cock in her that i would clean her out. I never dreamed that the day would come and it was today and that her lover had been a dog.

I let my tongue lick a little and to my surprise I found the taste was all Lisa's pussy. I started to really go at her then I realized that i was eating the dog's cum. I didn't stop as my wife cried for me to lick the dog's cum from her. The dog saw me licking Lisa's pussy and walked over. He watched me for a while and then he pushed his muzzle in with my mouth and we both licked her, except that the dog had the benefit of a long tongue. I decided to fuck my wife before she fucked the dog too much and got all stretched out. I pushed the dog aside and shoved in lisa. Not to feel left out the dog started to lick the pussy juice off my cock as I wirhdrew before slamming back in her.

Lisa later asked me if i liked the dog licking my cock and I grudingily admitted that it had felt good. When I came in her the dog was there to lick my cum out of her cum. Lisa pulled his cock to her face and started sucking his cock. She called me up to watch her and then she stuck the large cock at me, "Suck," she said. I sucked the dog's cock in and from then on it was the three of us. She got up and took her tasty cunt away from him and fed him my cock. He took me all the way in his mouth anmd sucked me like a man likes to be sucked. I had a sneaky suspucion that who ever lost him would be missing him.

I came in the dog's mouth and Lisa pulled his muzzle to her mouth and started to lick my cum from his tounge. The dog laeed all my cum down before she had a real chance to get any. She looked at the dog and called him a greedy pig. The dog looked like a child that was being punished and lisa started laughing. She took the cock in her mouth and the dog started cumming. She switched the dog cock back and forth between us till it dried up.

Later we made our way down the mountain and saw the cars parked in the parking lot shinning between the trees. We saw our little Gold pickup and made for it. The dog had tagged along. When we got into the car Lisa looked at her four footed fucker. "I hate to leave are such a good dog." The dog seemed to be smiling. Then he was in the cab of the truck next to Lisa.

I reached and pulled her door shut. "Oh honey we can't" she said "That would be stea...well dog napping and that's wrong." I told her that dog fucking was considered wrong by most people, at least the ones that had never tried it. Then she smiled. "Well we can't leave him here all along...and what about if we want a rabbit or something."

"Lisa you know damned well that you want to take him home with us" I

"Well I guess you're right" then smiling she said "Well you would get jelouse of another man so he's perfect." I was thinking about how much he would eat. I put the truck in gear and drove off. Lisa hugged the great dog and felt his cock.

"Hi fella ever have your cock sucked in a truck?" she said.

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