The parts that are in italics are taking place in the past (ex. Two hours earlier, One hour earlier). A story of a rock climbing accident, read on! This is not a sequel to my first story, regardless of the similarities in titles.
-10th Grade- The Rock Climb

*CRASH* Rocks collapsed, the air was filled with dust. I coughed harshly.

Everything was blurry, I was confused. Pain… I was painfully aware I was bleeding. My arm was on fire, but not a fire that you could pull away from. It was steady, sharp, and worst of all, un-relievable.

'Where was I? What happened? Am I going to survive?' - Was all going through my head, I tried to move my arm and remove the chunk of rock pinning my arm down. Electrical shivers quivered up along my arm. I winced in pain, and gave up. I tried to remember, where was I? I gasped in pain, and winced again as I struggled to hold back tears.

There was a low moaning from somewhere behind me, “Ugghhhh… Karen…”

I recognized the voice immediately, “Nick! What happened?! Where are we?!” I then heard a whimper from next to me, and turned and saw my pet Husky, with a proud bluish and white fur coat, now stained with blood, limping towards me. Her shoulder was split open to the bone, and her adorable puppy face was covered with her blood.

“Aw, Abby…” I grimaced at the blood and I was filled with a whole new pain. Abby put her nose to my head and licked the dust off my face, looked around to see if there was any immediate threat, and then pushed the stone pinning my arm down off.

I smiled, and sat up and looked at my arm. My arm was pretty much smashed, covered with scrapes but no deep cuts. I took my sweatshirt and made a rough bandage with it and wrapped it around my smashed arm.

“Damn it, Abby. What happened?” I looked to her for an answer, but she just pointed with her head to somewhere behind me, there was another groan, “Nick!”

I raced over and helped him up. He was unharmed, but it looked like one of the rocks had bumped into his head, assuming from the way he was holding his head. His hair was long and blondish, and behind it are intelligent blue eyes, with the typical skater-boy look, with a slight build and nice chest.

He isn’t a skater though; in fact he doesn’t really stick to any one group. He played football for a couple years, skated a little, joined the journalist club one year, and pretty much did everything. He said he likes to get the most out of life, and that’s what I like about him.

Actually we met in the journalist club, a year ago. This year we switched to an extracurricular Rock Climbing group, and boy was it fun.

Wait… Rock Climbing!

It all came back to me, we were rock climbing! Nick was showing me something, Abby leading the way… We passed over a small bridge made of rocks when… it collapsed! I remember Abby falling in first, her paws frantically scraping the side to keep from falling, Nick grabbed me and covered me, and we all fell into the lightless hole, and everything faded into black.

--Two hours earlier--

We were in my room, Nick, me, and Abby. I was sitting on my bed, with Abby snuggled up against me and snoring softly. It had taken hours, but we had finally gotten Abby to sleep. The reason was because Abby had a thing against Nick, she honestly hated him with every ounce of her puppy soul, and when he kissed me or made any signs of affection or physical contact, Abby didn’t like it. A couple times she had bit him, and she openly harassed him in front of my friends and family. She didn’t hate anyone else, only Nick. Also, she never let me alone with him. It’s not like I wanted him to take my virginity, but honestly. My parents had no problem with me being alone with my boyfriend, only my dog. And on top of that, Abby was always with me, every time of every day. Even after school she waited for me outside the school doors, and once Nick and I had stayed late, making out in a closet, she had barged in and dragged him out by his jeans.
Nick sat down next to me, careful not to wake Abby. His presence, just the fact that he was there, was enough to make me happy. I felt his warm hand, soft skin pressing gently, wander up and down my neck gently, lightly, and soon his hand was replaced by his lips. He continued the pleasure me with his wonderful hands and kiss my neck ever so gently, and I sighed contently, and kissed back.

Abby’s ears perked up, and she glanced over to Nick and growled threateningly once she realized his hands were on me.

Nick backed off, and Abby relaxed.

“Hey, how about we go rock climbing? The weather’s perfect!” He was right, the weather was great, a clear blue sky, cloudless, sunny, the perfect weather for rock climbing, “There’s a spot about an hour from here, and I can use my brother’s car he says if I don’t go alone.” Nick had recently gotten his permit, and he often drove me and Abby places in his brother’s car, it was like showing off for him and it was super fun for me.
Rock climbing, hadn’t done that in a while. I loved it, but somehow I hadn’t managed to get out with the club recently. Gosh I wanted to go, so I didn’t think twice before responding, “Ohhhh yes! I’d love to! But only if Abby can come.”

Nick looked to Abby, offering her a truce. She growled, and he grinned, “Same old Abby, sure she can come.” He patted her on the head, and she bit him softly, only hard enough to warn him not to do it again.
“C’mon, let’s hurry up so we can get back before your parents know.” My parents were big on me being at my house, whether it was with Nick or not, by nine. Also, they might want someone else to go with us, and just being with Abby and Nick sounded that it would be… interesting at least.


Nick groaned, and I leaned in to hug him. Abby growled softly but I knew she wouldn’t stop me. Immediately upon physical contact he spoke, “Karen? That you?”
“Yeah, it’s me. Abby’s here too.” I brushed back his hair with one of my hands and looked into his beautiful, clever, enchanting eyes.

“Oh boy, I’m just overflowing with joy.” He smiled, and wrapped one of his arms around me and pulled me closer on top of him and into a gentle kiss. He was extremely gentle with me, paying careful attention not to hurt my arm, which I now was thinking might be broken. His hands were extremely gentle too, brushing over my neck, arms, and even venturing down my shirt for a few short moments with my breasts. Abby growled, and he returned to caressing me in a less sexual way, but still wonderfully comfortable and pleasing.

--1 hour earlier--

“We’re here!” He parked the car on a small stretch of flat land and got out. Abby jumped out, evading him when he tried to put her on a leash.

“Yay!” I hopped out. I saw him putting the leash on Abby, and frowned, “Hey, she doesn’t need a leash.”

He smiled slowly and put up his arms defensively, “Hey, I just didn’t want her to get lost.” He kissed me lightly on the lips and held me in his arms for a second, looking at me with lust in his eyes. His grip on me tightened and he pulled me up against his body, I put my hands out and touched his chest, and moved up over his undershirt to his strong neck and face. He started kissing my neck, and he began rhythmically pressing his pants up against me, and releasing. I noticed he had a hard-on, and I almost did something, but I heard a ripping sound and he let go of me. The lack of attention disappointed me, but then he yelled at the dog, “You god-forsaken mutt, give me that back!”

Abby smiled her cute puppy smile, holding a piece of blue cloth in her mouth. It was his boxers.

Abby turned and raced off, across a river, over a small rock hill, across a scattered field of stones, over a small stone bridge with a crevice underneath it, and up the mountain. She looked down at us, with a look of an empress, as if she was looking over her domain. Nick was swearing now, every possible curse he could think of, talking about how the dog was raised, her mother, Abby’s relationships with other dogs, and stuff completely unrelated.

She FINALLY gave him the god-damned boxers back, and we started hiking.


The floor was rough and cold, but on top of Nick I noticed very little of it. Abby had forced Nick to reduce his hands to simply caressing me, but it soon started heating up. I noticed that Abby backed off, as if she couldn’t even look upon me anymore, not without shame.

His bright blue eyes sparkled with pleasure at our closeness. He lingered a moment before letting one of his smooth, warm hands brush across my cheek and his other arm slowly slide me closer to him. His left hand wandered down my shirt again, and unstrapped my bra. His gentle hand cupped my breasts lightly in his fingertips and I felt like electricity. His eyes were so beautiful, I realized, and I became somewhat enchanted, and I pulled off his shirt and touched his hot chest. He had a thin trail of hair going down the middle, and I traced my finger along the outlines of his abs, before continuing to pleasure him with a massage, my cool, gentle hands on his hot body. Like fire and ice.

“Want to go further? Please?” His eyes were softer now, and I could tell he wanted to have sex with me, but was restraining for me. He gently kissed my neck, and his hands were all over me.

“Ok…” I was kind of nervous of the thought of having sex, having only done it once before, “I’m not sure what to do though.” Our eyes connected, and his lips slowly formed into a smile.

“Don’t worry.” He eagerly pulled off his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. His hard-on was showing, looking like a huge lump in his boxers. He pulled down his boxers. It was big; at least to me it was, swollen and throbbing with blood. I reached out and began massaging it, like I had with his chest, but more gently. It swelled up more under my cool touch. He softly pressed it against me, and his warm hands unbuttoned and pulled down my jeans. His fingers delicately, as if I would break if he pushed too hard, touched my silk panties and slowly pulled them off. With the panties out of the way, I felt extremely vulnerable and open for him to do with me as he pleased.

He smiled, and inserted his middle finger into my hole while his other hand caressed my thigh, ever-so-softly. He moved his middle finger up and down slowly, and I gasped at the pleasure, almost forgetting the pain in my arm for a moment.

After he had pleasured me until I was panting uncontrollably, he carefully aligned his erection with my hole and eased it in. I groaned, and his lips touched mine, and he whispered “Shhhh…” He slid in, until our bodies were one.

The feeling I felt was strange, but extremely pleasing in a way. The closeness of our bodies was soothing, but actually holding his body within me was strange. The feeling of fullness was strange also, but I couldn’t help but convulse.

Without waiting for me to give him a go, he pulled out slowly and pushed back in. I gasped again, and he began kissing me, again. Everything felt wrong, as he shouldn’t be doing this now, I shouldn’t be letting him, but the pleasure was so real, and I couldn’t bring myself to stop him.

“Oh god, oh god…” He was saying, he smiled again and kissed me lustfully, his body was hot, almost like he had a fever. His lips were even warmer, and the contrast of sensations made me convulse again, and this time my juices swelled and spilled out of me.

He wasn’t slowing down. He lasted a couple more minutes, yanked out his dripping wet erection before releasing inside of me. He covered the cave wall beside us with his dripping sperm. He laid back down, on top the clothes we had cast aside, and pulled me on top of him.

He touched his soft lips to my neck gently, and again. The feeling was relaxing, even pleasurable. Each caress pulled me farther away from awareness. “Ahhh…” I gasped, and his lips moved down my neck farther, and then up again. It was the strangest feeling I had: Contentment, excitement, pleasure, and a huge amount of comfort. It felt like lightning, but happy, so powerful that I can only compare it to electricity.

We kissed for a while, myself giggling pleasurably half the time. I sighed one last time, touched my lips to his clean-shaven neck once more, before passing out on top of his hot body. The exhaustion dragged me into a dreamless slumber, which I wouldn't awaken from for a while...

I woke up hours later. Nick was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t see Abby either; I did see one thing though… and I didn’t like it…

The floor was covered with blood.

Red, scarlet, there were pools of it, smeared footprints; the wall had streaks of it. I saw one single bloody paw print…

I gagged, covered my mouth, and stood up. I grabbed my clothes, which had a fair amount of blood on them as well, and almost put them on but decided against it. Nick’s clothes were gone. I looked up at the hole I had fallen through hours before, remembered the sex, the pleasure… I couldn’t get out that way. I turned back towards the trail of blood. It was the only way to go.

Against my better judgment, I followed the trail through the dimly lighted pathway.

There was more blood, I vomited. I covered my mouth and nose, and continued walking along, completely naked. A couple minutes of walking and I reached the end, it opened to a Cliffside, and a small path downwards and out a little. More blood. I followed the path.

It ended with a stretch out, and then a steep drop into a river at least two hundred feet below. It was a canyon. There was a ton of blood on the edge of the miniature Cliffside, and a little along the sides. I couldn’t see Nick, but Abby sat there, obediently. She saw me and trotted over. I noticed her foot was cut, and her face was covered with blood, fresh blood. I petted her on the side, “What happened, girl? Where’s Nick?” She whined in pain and pushed against me.

The sky was a clear blue, and pleasant. The perfect weather for rock climbing. And to think it had started with just that, rock climbing.

I hope I surprised you with the ending. :) Comment if you want. I wasn't sure if I should put 'Murder' as one of the themes so I didn't, you think I should have? Also - this version should have a little more writing, a couple paragraphs here and there, and the things I noticed I messed up on, grammatically, were removed.

<3 Dogs.

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