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Cyber Fling

I had been a shy girl at school, too shy to tell Matt I liked him, I often watched him working and secretly wished he would look up and notice me, but he never did.

Twenty years later, I found myself divorced and through a site on the internet I started chatting to an old friend from school, through this friend I found others and soon had many people chatting about old times. I started to plan a reunion; lots of people said they would come and everyone started searching for long lost friends from school and adding them to the site. One day Matt came on and said “hi”

Matt said he remembered me from school, but had also been shy, we chatted for a few days and exchanged photos.

One day I felt a little excited, I had taken some sexy photos of myself, I had started off dressed and slowly took more off, the last one I had took was of me crawling across a table on my hands and knees in my undies and long leather boots.

When chatting to matt he asked if I had a web cam and mic, I didn’t have one but he said that he did and that I could see him if I wanted and he would talk to me, I said yes I would like that.

He sent me the invitation to receive his video call, I accepted it with anticipation, when I saw him he looked just like he had at school, I felt all those feelings again, then he spoke to me, his voice was soft and kind, and very sexy, he asked me if I liked what I saw. I decided it was time to be brave and I told him that I did like what I saw and then I told him I had some photos for him. He said he would like very much to see those photos, so I sent one, I watched his face as he opened it and I saw him smile, I sent another, he smiled and said wow you are really sexy, he said my name and whispered how nice I looked, I sent another this time I was in my undies, he gasped and I saw him blush, I sent the last one of me on the table, “wow” he shouted and fell off his chair. I laughed so much and he laughed and got back up. “You need to get a cam” he said “I need to see you”

I bought a cam and a mic, that evening we were in front of our cams and drinking wine. I was in my sexy undies but covered with a dressing gown while relaxing on my bed. I teased by showing little bits of flesh as we chatted and I saw his eyes light up when my dressing gown slipped to reveal my shoulder, he told me my shoulder made him horny, I touched it and replied “what this shoulder as I stroked it slowly, moving slightly to revel more, I kissed and licked it and smiled at him, he moaned and told me he liked that. I slipped my dressing gown aside and stroked my tummy revealing the piecing I had. I slipped my hand slowly down and played with my knicker line, I smiled at him and asked what he would like me to do. He asked me to slip my hand inside my knickers, this turned me on so much, it was so naughty and I saw him slip his hand down. I asked him to play too and he said he was, I saw the movement, I felt a rush of heat, as I slipped my hand inside my knickers and started to rub my clit a rush of excitement hit me and I felt my whole body jerk. My knickers were in the way and annoying me “Take your knickers off” he said perfect timing I thought as I slipped them off very slowly for the cam. I turned so he could see me stroking my clit and slipping my finger inside, I could feel myself swelling within, I moaned and then felt a little shy, then I heard his voice “don’t stop darling, keep going” ohhhh I moaned his words excited me and as I felt myself Cumming I looked up at him and he was Cumming too, his eyes were so sexy, a wave of emotions flooded over me causing another much bigger orgasm making me squirt all over the bed, hot wet liquid, I fell back into the bed and we just looked at each other for a moment, he smiled at me and said he had to go.

The reunion was getting closer and I was excited, Matt lived abroad and I didn’t know if he was coming but I hoped he was. Then the night before the reunion he came online and told me he was very excited about the reunion, he said he was booking a hotel and that he expected me to stay with him! My heart raced and I felt the heat build up as I very calmly said that I would like that.

I dressed in a tight top, a mini skirt, hold-ups and long boots and I looked in the mirror I knew I looked good.

At the reunion I was busy chatting to everyone and many of the guys were flirting with me, I was getting very horny Matt arrived late, he bought a drink and joined us, he chatted with everyone and every now and again I caught him looking at me and he would wink, making me wetter each time, I smiled shyly and looked away he reached for his drink and accidentally brushed my leg, I moaned softly, I saw him smile, I hoped no one else had heard.

I went to the bar to try and sort out my breathing and calm down a bit, but matt joined me and my heart started to race, my pussy clenched and I felt hot. “I think its time to leave darling” he whispered, I gasped and agreed in a whisper, “wait for me outside I wont be long” he said handing me my coat. I turned to the table and said “right I’m off sorry guys, got a phone call from a friend and she needs me” they said good bye and I left, I stood outside shaking and wondering if I should be doing this and thinking how crazy it was when he came up behind me took my hand and started walking, he didn’t say a thing just put me in a taxi and sat next to me.

We arrived at a hotel not far away, he took me inside, my mind was doing summersaults wondering what I would say, what he would do, should I change my mind. He opened the door and pulled me in; he pushed me firmly against the door as he shut it. His hands gripped my hips as he leaned in closely to kiss me but stopped so I had to lean in to meet him, he kissed me softly on the corner of my lips then slipped his tongue in playfully never quite giving me enough, I moaned and gripped him, my body felt tense and alive. One hand reached in and grabbed my inner thigh as he pressed his lips harder against me pushing his tongue deep into my mouth, my legs gave way a little as I moaned loudly and I started to squirt in my knickers, he whispered good girl as my body jerked uncontrollably. With his hand on my back he led me to the bed, he laid me down kissed me and asked me to remove my knickers “slowly”, I did, he asked me to touch my self, and again I felt hot the excitement rushed through me and I moaned again, I bit my lip and moved my fingers over my clit, I used the other hand to finger myself fast and hard, I was about to explode again when he put his hand on mine and said “stop” I stopped and jerked violently, biting my lip I looked at him crossly, he smiled, he was naked and had a very large cock in his hand, he pulled me to the edge of the bed, I gasped he said he was going to make love to me all night, he pressed his hard cock against my lips teasing, “please I begged” as I jerked and gasped, but before he could, I started to squirt and moan he pressed deep into me making me tighten around him Cumming over and over, unable to control myself, unable to quieten my self, my hands gripped the bedding, my legs opened wide and I rapped my self around him pulling in to him pressing him into me moving my hips to get as much of him as I could, and then I felt him swell inside me I heard him gasp and he looked deep in my eyes making me cum again…….

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2009-02-23 05:07:20
I'm playing with my self thinking of you! write some more and be flowing as before. the thought of seening your eye;s on the cam has made me cum! .......... who needs porn when i have you x x x
try a 3 some M,F,F story to really get me going

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