"Uh fuck.." i moaned. i was pounding my wife Jane. I was pounding her missionary style and she was tight. Her B cup tits were jiggling as i penetrated her cunt hard and fast. I then felt the urge to cum so i slowed down and eventually pulled out. I kissed her on the forehead. She looked dissapointed.
"Fuck.. i had to pull out or i would have nutted." i said. "You're too tight. 18 yrs of banging ur cunt and ur still tight."
"Well i try to stay tight for you." she said erotically. Fuck her smile kept me hard. I stuck my dick back in her and she moaned. "Fuck ur big." she gasped. I was 8 inches and uncut. I pushed in deep and lifted her upper body up a bit so as to wrap my arms around her. I then pulled my body close to her so her tits were touching my chest. Her nipples were hard and were rubbing against mine. I banged here for a minute then flipped her over so she was ontop. We were fucking for about twenty minutes already and i was ready to cum but i wanted her to orgasm first. i pulled her close to me so that her tits were on my face. I started to lick and suck on her nipples while my hands massaged her ass. Her clit was rubbing against my pubes on my groin. I felt her pussy get tighter and wetter. She let out a load moan then road me faster. i used my hands to push down on her ass and stop her. I then told her i would make her cum. She nodded and told me "fuck me hard and fast. Make me cum." i nodded and began thrusting upwards really fast. my nuts were flailing around and they constantly slapped her smooth ass every other second. Her pussy then convulsed and she came hard.
"Uhh...uh...fu..shit...ohhhhh....ohhhhh...." she cried. Her eyes closed. When she ended she i felt the need to to nut. i slowed down cus i wanted to blow it on her face. she collapsed on me and i stopped. After a few seconds i started again. She was alert and asked me when i was going to cum.
"Few more minutes babe.." i replied. "Want it on your face."
"Mmmmm." she said. "good. now i can taste how good you are. Bet u have a big load." i just grunted and closed my eyes as my balls tightened. The sperm was at the entrance of my piss slit ready to shoot out. i slapped her ass and she got the signal. Quickly she slid of my cock and got between my legs, dick pointed at her face while she jacked me off vigorously.
"Do it. Stroke me...stroke me...fuck im going to cum...going to cu....uhhhhhuhhhuhh...." i cried as white cum erupted from my dick and splattered across her face. the first one was a big thick and long load. the rope of jizz hit across her face and was mainly on her nose and forehead. the rest of my load dribbled out my cock ad onto my balls where Jane licked a sucked. as she took each nut in her mouth there was slurping sound as she cleaned off the remains of semen. i lay down on the bed with my arms stretched out. Now Jane was licking my dick head in small circles. she then sucked my shrinking cock hard to extract last drops pf jizz and then she slid up next to me. we kissed each other and i licked off my sperm from her face.
"mmmm...." i said, "i taste good."
"yeah you do" she laughed. i loved jane. next week was our anniversary and i wanted to make special. i wanted to ask her what i could do to make her fantasy come true as i knew she was a horny slut.
"next weeks our anniversary and i was wondering how could celebrate u know in the bedroom."
"mmm..." she smiled. "what were u thinking?"
"well what do u want to try?" i asked only wanting to please her desires. she pursed her lips nervously.
"well i always wanted to get fucked by u and another guy u know a threesome mmf thing...but was a litlle scared u mite be pissed with the idea." my eyes grew big. at first i was disgusted but then really turned on. jane was hot. a 5 ft 6 38 yr old women with a 100lb frame. her tits were still a perky b cup and she had auburn hair till her shoulders with green eyes. we were together since high school. she didnt shave her pussy. i liked a girl wth a bush cuz it was natural and reminded me off a real women. i loved her so much and was willing to try and fulfill this fantasy but i didnt want a dickhead stranger guy to bang my wife cuz i didnt trust them. i needed someone who i could trust. someone good.
"ok" i said. "u can have ur mmf but the guy cant be a stranger. its too wierd." she smiled slyly.
"what if we do it with todd." my eyes almost popped out. todd was our 16 yr old son.
"thats incest." i said surprised.
"ya.. but its erotic and we trust him. besides, he just turned 16. we can celebrate it by me popping his cherry."
i gave it some thought. i could picture todd bang his mom while jane sucked me off. it would be okay since we all loved and trusted each other. i then told her it was ok. i kissed her and we continued to fuck.

On my parents anniversary day, my mom and dad went out to dinner at around 7pm. i had to whole house to myself. Since i was single and a really horny virgin teenager i watched porn online for a few hours once my parents left. i downloaded a movie and watched it. then i jacked off in front of it and when the guy shot his load on the girls face, i blew mine on myself thinking that i was the guy and i was giving the girl a facial. my abs were covered in my thick white jizz. i looked at the time and saw that it was 10pm. i was so absorbed watching porn that i lost track of time. i was naked and needed to go to the bathroom to wash of the cum. i then sauntered off to the bathroom naked, my semi-erect dick dangling between my legs, the foreskin covering my dick head. to my horror as i walked across the hall naked, i was stopped by my parents.
"Wow.. some one was having a good time alone" my mom said.
Fuck i thought im busted. I rushed to cover my dick with my hands. " uh mom i can explain." i stuttered. Fuck how did i miss them entering the house.
"No need to." my mom said. She didnt seem mad. "its natural." She then went into her room and closed the door but not fully. Then a minute later, i heard my name called from my dad.
"Todd get ur ass in here now." i was reluctant as i was in the nude, but didnt want to get in trouble so i just entered. It as dark.
"close the door." my dad said. I obeyed. "Turn on the light"
I switched on the light to find my dad and mom in their underwear.
"Uhhh.. guys whats going on?" i asked nervously. My dad smiled.
"Well boy, this month's special cuz u just turned 16 and this is our 20th anniversary together so we thought we would celebrate together..ur mom and i."
"Yes and we would like u to join us" my mom added. "Sinced u have started then i guess we should carry on." My dad nodded and then to my further surprise my dad and mom stripped. My dads 8 inch bonner sprung out. it was long and curved upwards. his balls were hanging low and he had a considerable amount of pubic hair. My mom however was gorgeous. Her tits fell out of her black bra and her hairy pussy revealed itself from her black thong. Her nipples were hard and i could see her pussy hair was wet with cunt juice. I was stunned and my parents were noticing. Dad just sat on the edge of the bed and started to slowly jack off. Mom then came over to me. she grabbed my 6 incher and pulled back the sking to reveal the head shiny with the cum i recently spewed over myself. my dick grew hard. she then got on her knees and licked off the cum from my abs.
"Mmm.,,, sweet cum you have." she moaned. Fuck i thought. she started to stroke me slowly, the foreskin going over my head then being pulled back all the way. then out of the blue, my whole cock was engulfed by her mouth. i gasped.
"Mom...uhh...i ... never did this before...." i was embarassed, scared but excited. "im still a virgin."
"Its ok son... i know... i was hoping that could change tonight." she continued sucking. "mmmm... havent tasted virgin cock in a long while."
oh shit i thought. this would be a great nite. after being sucked on for two minutes, my dad asked if he could get a blowjob. i actually forgot about him. My mom then stood up still with my dick in her hands. she then led me to the bed. i was following her and my dick was leading the way. she then sat on the bed and spread her legs. she asked me to sit next to her. i complied. dad then got on his knees and placed his ragging hard on on her lips where mom began to blow. i started to spread her pussy with my fingers and began to finger her. wow she was tight. for a milf she was tight. soon my dick would replace the finger.
"lick my cunt" mom said in a muffled voice as she slurped on dad's dong. i complied. i spread her legs and went in. the smell of pussy was sweet. this was the first real life pussy i have seen and it was my mom's. i observed it closely. the hairs were thick and curly. the hair covered her pelvis area and lips. it extended down to her asshold where little bits of pubes covered the anus. then stuck out my tongue and dug in. i split the lips apart and stuck my tongue in then started to flick my tongue tasting her sex juices. Mom gasped. i found her swollen clit and licked it fast and occassionaly sucked it. while finger fucking her. as i did, mom enjoyed it and sucked dad faster. i looked up to see dad looking up with his eyes closed and body arched back. he was enjoying it.
i then stuck my tongue into moms pussy and continued licking. her pussy then got tighter and mom orgasmed, her juices licking out onto my face and me swallowing it. she moaned into dads cock loudly. by now dads hands were on the back of mom's head bringing her closer to his groin as he face fucked her, his low hanging balls slapping her chin. his final thrust into mom's mouth caused him to ejaculate into her throat. he then grabbed his shaft hard and stopped to cum flow. with his other hand he pushed my onto ther back on the bed and pulled out of her mouth. he then released his grip on his penis and a thick spurt of jizz shot out and landed on her face and left tit. His cum was thick and white. the last few spurts dribbled out.
"Uhh... that was good." dad grunted and he collapsed on his ass on the bed, his dick still sticking up with a string of cum hanging from the tip onto his thighs. "that was the moneyshot. todd you better try this."
"come here todd, let mommy blow your nice hard dick." mom called. she used her index finger to beckon me forward. i crawled to her my dick raging hard. lay down sideways next to her, my dong at her face. it poked her chin and left a dab of precum.
"Watch where u point that thing," she giggled. I laughed. "by the way, that pussy licking u gave me was awesome." i grinned feeling proud to have pleased my mom. " i want u to cum fast so i u can last longer when u fuck me later."
Fuck her later... wow this was really happening. She then took my cock into her mouth and sucked fast while i played with my balls. dad got between her legs and was eating her pussy. after five minutes of blowjobing, i still didnt cum.
"Mom, can i face fuck you like how dad did?" i asked nervously. Mom smiled and said definitely. With that i got up in a sort of push up position, with my dick in her mouth. my legs were on both sides of her body and were supported on my knees. my right hand supported me and my left hand groped my moms right tit. i then started to thrust my dick in slowly. mom was massaging my balls and stroking my ass with her finger, occasional brushing my anus. a minute of thrusting and i got into a full push up positon and pistoned her fast. mom was gagging and got an orgasm from dads licking, 40 secs later i felt the urge to nut. i pulled out and fell back on my ass, sitting on her tits lightly, dads cum spread on my right ass cheek. i stroked vigorously and then i exploded on mom. the first shot hit her chin and neck, the subsequent shot far and hit her forhead and face. some landed in her hair.
"we have a shooter," my dad cheered.
"he nuts just as much or even mor than u bob." mom gurgled as i facialized her, my spunk filling her mouth.
Finally my dick stopped spurting. i was semi-hard and mom licked the head to get the last drop of cum from my dick head. her face was covered in cum. i slid of her and lay next to her.
"Ok its fucking time." dad announced. He straddled mom and stroked his dick awhile. then he entered mom, both gasping. Dad then began to thrust, mom matching the rythm. i was stroking myself. 5 minutes later i was fully hard ready for another round. dad noticed. he pumped mom for another few minutes. then he pulled out his cock bouncing around as he was out completely. "your turn to fuck her son" dad said. "stick ur dong in her any make ur mom cum." i was excited.
"wait let me be ontop" mom said. she got up and i lay on my back, penis sticking straight up. mom pulled back the skin and gave it a suck just to lube it. she then swung one leg up and around my body so now she straddled me my dick flat on my tummy the head rubbing her hairy clit. dad went to the beside drawer and took out a digital camera.
"for memories of ur first time" he said. mom lifted herself slightly and rubbed herself allowing the juices to lube her. she spread while dad took pics. she then grabbed my dick and guided it to her cunt. more pics taken. the cockhead then split her hairy lips and the head was engulfed. more pics. she slowly lowered herself me fully entering her slowly, every inch pictures were taken until our pubic hairs were touching.
"fuck mom, ur so tight." she smiled and leaned forward and kissed me. i tasted sperm but didnt care.
"and ur quite thick" she replied.
she then sat up arching back and then bounced on my dong while rubbing her clit in circles. i grabbed her tits and played with her nipples. fuck she was tight. her pussy was slippery and warm. if i hadnt ejaculated twice i would have came there, then mom came. her pussy convulsed on my cock as she oozed out cum on my dick and balls. she collapsed on me and i hugged her tight.
"mmmm....fuck ur good." mom moaned.
"thanks" i said.
"sure u havent banged chicks before." she teased. i smiled. dad then patted my arm telling me he wanted a bang her.
"excuse me but i would like my turn. my dong hasnt been sucked or fucked in over 10mins. i ust want to plow ur mom now." he joked. he was slowly rubbing his purple mushroom head. we all laughed. mom lifted her body for me to pull out, and i slid out allowing dad to take his position. he got up ang behind her. he pushed her body forward so that she was on all fours.
"want to fuck u doggy style." he grunted. he then used his dick to find the entrance. once he did, he pushed in. they were at the edge of the bed. "come here todd and see hour ur dad pounds his wife hard. i got next to moms ass amd saw dads dick splitting her cunt apart her small anus looking tight. both his hands fondled her tits. he was pounding hard his pelvis smacking her ass while his testicles slapped her clit. he then slid one hand to her clit and rubbed hard.
"yeah...fuck me bob,,,,thats the so big ya...." mom cried. she came within minutes. dad felt it and banged faster. the bed squeeking, squishing sounds of sex juices during penetration, slapping of balls and asses and of course moaning. finally on the eighth minute dad screamed s he came the second time.
"look underneath son as i fill ur mom" he told me. i knet down to see dads dick splitting her hairy wet cunt.
"ssssshhhhiiiittttt....ffffuuuuuccccckkkkkk.....uhhuhhhhuhhhhhh....yaaaaa let me fill u up you little cumslut...."
thats when i saw him go faster while some cum dripped out. his balls were contracting as he released his seed. then his dick shrank and fell out with a pop sound. jizz drooled out of moms pussy coating her bush.
then i sat down on the edge of the bed. quickly i picked mom up. she was light. i made her sit on my cock and i entered her so much more easily due to dads sperm in her cunt. i thrusted upwards. while licking her tits. dads jizz oozed onto my pubic hair too but i didnt care. dad stood up and let his semi erect cock hang at moms face. she took it into her mouth
"this guys good for another round" he said. seeing the action just now i couldnt last maybe another 7 mins. the preesxisting jizz was warm on my cock and the lube it gave let me slide my cock in and out faster.
"mom." i grunted. my eyes closed, "can i cum in ur pussy like dad did?"
"of course son" she replied smiling. i opened my eyes and kissed her. "but i want u to nut in me while im under you."
"ok" i replied. i slowed down, dads dick popped out her mouth. he got of the bed. as i penetrated mom, i hugged her tight and picked her up.
"eee..." she squeeled and giggled, wrapping her legs around me an hugging me tight. i felt her b cups pressed against my chest as i gave slow long thrusts upwards.
"todd i want u to nut as fast as u want dont worry about me cumming. enjoy urself" mom said.
"mom i want to nut when u nut" i replied and took a tit in my mouth and she moaned. i then turned around a pounced on the bed dick still in her.
"fuuuckkk" she cried as my dick went deeper. i then sat up straight to allow mom to rub herself. all this while dad was jacking off to us. my nuts were on fire. mom was near.
"hey why dont we all cum together" i suggested. i'll fill moms cunt as she has her orgasm and dad can nut on moms face while he gets blown."
"good idea son, but u got to hold ur nuts cuz im still far." dad said. he was jerking hard and fast. mom then took his dick in her mouth, flicking the head with her tongue. i slowed down and pulled ot to prevent accidental shots. moms head was bobbing dad groanin.
"jane ya do it,,,,,faster...faster..uh uh uh uh...." i just watched slowly stroking to keep the erection.
"another minute" dad reported. he pulled out and stroked again as i entered mom while she rubbed her clit.
"uh guys, need to blow any second" i said.
"me too just wait for ur dad." mom said.
"here it comes" he said but he slowed his jerks. "fuck my hans are tired"
"fuck i cant keep it in" i cried. then i felt moms cunt start to quiver.
"oh fuck,....oh fuck...todd cant hold it....fuck....uhhhh....." and she came. then my first squirt erupted but dad couldnt stroke any more. without thinking i grabbed his 8 inch schlong and jerked it fast.
"what the. f.." he cried but it was replaced by moans as his balls released his semen onto mom's cum-crusted face. "dont stop.....yea.....fucking hell...dropping loads....fuck....shit..." it wasnt as much as before but the ropes were whiter, thicker and globbier. some covered my palm as my hand rubbed his purple mushroom head.
as dad facialized mum, mum and i came together. the feeling was great. her convulsing cunt acted like a pump, sucking out jizz as i busted my nuts.
"shit...uhhh...uhhh dropping loads" i moaned. the whole room filled with moans of pleasure as the three of us orgsamed together. dad then took over my hand. he went soft but was still big. mom's vagina ended its contractions. her juices combined by dads and my sperm allowed me to pull out my semi erect dick. i then stradled moms face and shook my dong to let out remaining rope of jizz in my dick. dad did the same. mom then used her fingers to pull out some cum. she then licked it.
"fuck that was good" i said. i sat to the right of mom, my dick now shrinking back to its origanal size. dad too and sat on her left. we then licked moms tits clean as she sat up.
"best anniversary ever." dad said.
"ya..i got to bang two studs, and pop my sons cherry." mom said happily.
"we better get some rest. we can do this again tomorow." dad said.
"in fact i want to bang todd everytime you and i have sex."
"fine by me mom."
"good night my big dicked studs." mom replied as she reached down on both sides to kiss our cock heads.

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