i had just graduated high school and was going to college. since i got a full scholarship, my tuition money that my parents saved was used to pay rent for the new apartment i was staying in near campus. my best friend since 3rd grade, isabel was going to the same college as me. she was going to stay with her boyfriend brad. since she started going out with brad 8 months ago, i havent really gotten a chance to hang out with her and hence we have sort of moved apart. she spends most of her free time with him, but very little time with me. brad in my opinon is an asshole. he's your typical jock and star basketball player and is such a player amongst chicks and popular in high school. i on the other hand am not as popular. im lean and 5 ft 9, brown hair that i grew to cover my shirt collar, ears and tops of my eyes. i do well in school and have a few friends. i was from the school jazz band and hence play the guitar, drums, bass and saxophone. my muscial talent has allowed therefore to make a band with my friends. im the lead guitarist in my band and our style is similar to those of funeral for a friend etc. Not a lot of people are into that kind of music. brad certainly aint, but Isabel is. izzy and i used to go to concerts together but since her new boyfriend came along that was a thing in the past.

i hated brad and he hates me although izzy seems to like him. he thinks im some sort of nerd and loser. ive heard that izzy has fallen in 'love' with him. it makes me sick. you see since izzy and i parted, i sort of realized that i have had feelings for her. shes a beautiful brunnete. she's a petite girl with hair till her shoulders, around 5ft 5 with clear skin and around 115 lbs. she has round brown eyes and are always lined with black eyeliner. she used to hate the high school popularity thing but since she fell for brad, it all changed. me on the other hand still hate it. instead of parties i prefer staying at home, and instead of clubbing, i prefer the moshpit. on my mind during school was my education and rock. because of that i got the scholarship and my band formed. we play in many gigs around town and the money earned goes into my rent and living expenses. due to my busy schedule in school, i missed out on having many friends and getting into relationships. it bothered me at first due to the empty and lonely feeling but soon i decided that there would be a girl out there who wouldnt mind going out with me, but lately i wanted that girl to be izzy. i didnt tell her that of course cuz it broke the best friend code. anyway, she wasnt attracted to me. i use to be skinny, but i started working out but however wasnt buff and stuff like brad.

anyway, one fine night while i was jamming at my crib, i recieved a phone call on my cell. i picked it up and heard izzy crying.
"Dan is that you?" izzy sobbed.
"Ya..izzy are you alright? what happened?" i replied.
"Im so depressed, my relationship is over. i hate my life." she cried.
"what? where are you let me come get you." i said.
"Im at Jenny's graduation party." she said.
'Oh the party that i was not invited.' i thought.
"Ok give me 10 minutes, ill be there. Just dont do anything stupid." i then hung up and got in my camaro. i drove off to Jenny's house to find that the house was filled with jocks and cheerleaders and other idiots. . I went into the house and started looking for isabel. i found her near the kitchen at the back sobbing.
"Izzy," i called.
"Dan" she replied sadly. I rushed in and gave her a hug, her hair in my face. it smelt like strawberries. "I feel so stupid. I caught brad cheating on me." she was crying hard now into my shoulder. i patted her back. i knew it. i knew this was going to happen but i didnt want to say it. my friend didnt need this kind of crap from me.
"how did u find out?" i asked.
"Well we got here about an hour ago, and brad said he had to take care of something. he went upstairs and disappered leaving me. i was pissed for him to do that to me. i waited like 20 minutes and then i went to find him. i searched all the rooms and then i found him in bed with one of the cheerleaders. and to think that tonight i was going to sleep with him for the first time." she cried even harder. the last part of that sentence kind of got me. Uhh. why would she want her first time to be with a dick like brad.
"come on, ill bring you back." i said. i helped her up and we went back front. i led the way through the crowd. once we were in the lawn, i heard some one shout fromt he front door.
"Babe, i can explain." brad cried, sounding a little drunk holding a bottle.
"No!!! Leave me alone." izzy shouted back. "I dont want to see you again. i hate you." Brad then came forward and grabbed her left arm.
"Come on its not what you think."
"NOT WHAT I THINK...?? Let me go you asshole!!!" she was struggling,
Thats when i stepped in. "Hey jackass, leave her alone." i shouted.
"Fuck off loser." he shouted back.
"Im not going to say this again, leave the woman alone."
"Didnt i tell you to fuck off?" with that he let go of izzy and swiftly moved in front of me and punched me smack on the face. i tasted some blood in my mouth. he then used the bottle and hit me on my left shouder blade. the glass broke and i felt a cut.
"leave him alone!!!!" izzy cried. she was crying again.
"You want this loser?" brad shouted. he then advanced onto her. seeing this i charged at him from behind and hit him on the back on the head.
"what the fuck!!!" he bellowed. he then turned around and punched me in the stomach. it hurt like hell but i wasnt going to lose to this guy even if he was much more stronger then me. the next punch he missed and i took the chance to grab his arm and twist it around his back. i then used my other arm to punch his face and stomach. he fell to floor. then i kicked his face and broke his nose. the next kick he grabbed my legs and pushed me onto the ground. i landed on my back on the grass.he then charged towards me wanting to pounce on me. but i got up in time and dodged him. i grabbed his arm and flung him around back to where he ran from. the inertia from his run made him unable to stop. he only stopped when he crashed through the big window and landed inside the living room ontop of some broken glass. the party stopped.
I went in through the broken window into the room where a crowd gathered.
"Sorry guys for busting ur party here, but had to teach this asshole a lesson." i said. brad was on the floor passed out with cuts on his arm. i knelt down next to him as he woke up and said into his ear "next time i see you, your dead." and with that i left the house. i grabbed izzy and got into the car. she was still crying
"Im so sorry for what he did." she cried. "he's can be a jerk at times but i didnt kno he'll do that to you. are u hurt. please let me help you."
"no, im fine." i said flexing my jaw. the truth was i was hurting like hell. my mouth was filled with blood. my back was cut up and i was suffering form several bruises around my upper body. she then reached to touch my face and suddenly all the pain disappered. "no really im fine."
"you didnt have to fight him you know." she said softly and smiled weakily.
"hey he was going to hurt you. couldnt let that happen to my best friend." i smiled back, my mouth still hurting. "we should take u to the hospital."
"nah really its nothing." i lied. "so want me to take you home or do u want to go to ur friends house. i suggest the latter so that jackass wont know where to find u."
"ya i think i'll stay at a friends house."
"so which friend?"
"You." i didnt say anything further. i drove home and helped her out the car. i then brought her upstairs. my apartment was a two bedroom one. i the second bedroom was empty. i needed to find a roomate but for now it was going to be for her. i let her in. this was the first time she came to my new house since i first moved in.
"wow." she said. "i dont kno why i havent come here and im sorry."
"well i guess u where sort of busy with brad so yeah.." she bit her lip nervously. "Look its ok. i kno we've been apart for awhile and i understand. i was happy for u for being in a relationship, but i have to admit i sort of missed u."
"Im sorry." she said, tears trickling down her cheeks.
"look dont apologize." i said. "its ok. just get cleaned up and go to bed." she was in a mess. her eyeliner smudged from the crying and her clothes were stained with small patches of my blood. i told her that she could wash her clothes here and that i would lend her some of mine but she would have to go commando. she just laughed and thanked me. Before she showered, she wanted to apply first aid to my wounds. Initially I refused, but then gave in. I took of my shirt to allow her to attend to the cut on my back.
“Wow.” She said. “that’s a big cut.” She then touched it. I cringed in pain.
“sorry..oh god im sorry.” She apologized.
“its okay” I replied. She then applied first aid then attended to the cuts around my arms and shoulder areas.
“Wow..” she said again.
“what?” I asked.
“No.. its just that its seems that you have been working out.”
“Huh.. oh yeah.. its nothing… just want to keep healthy.”
“No.. really you look really good. Nice and strong.” She said gazing at my body. She then stroked my chest and I blushed. After the first aid, she went to take her shower.
i waited for her to finish showering and change into new clothes. she was wearing my old gym shorts from junior high. they were small and wrapped around her tight ass nicely. i also lent her a t-shirt that was big for her and they sort of covered the shorts. i took a shower and changed into boxer shorts. i usually slept shirtless. i then went into izzy's room to say good night. she was lying in bed asleep. i kissed her forehead and went to bed.
The next few days, she stayed in my apartment. At the end of the week she moved in taking in the second room. she was still quite upset with what happened with brad. I did whatever it took to cheer her up over the next few weeks. One day we were at starbucks. We were in line and I bought both of us a latte. The person at the counter was a girl from school, really cute. She was a blonde and was around my height with a slim figure. She was a jock or cheerleader, but she was still quite well known in school. I always liked her because she was not cocky like the normal popular crowd. She was nice, but she never really noticed me. Her name was Chloe.
“hey, its dan right?” she asked.
“Yeah it is.” I replied.
“Chloe.” She said shaking my hand. “saw what you did to brad.”
“oh.. uhh. Sorry about that, he was kind of hurting my friend.”
“Yeah I know, its ok. Think the dick deserves it.”
“Well yeah, he was jerk towards Isabel.”
“trust me, hes like that to most girls. Good that you dumped him and good that dan was there to kick his ass.” She said to izzy, smiling at me.
“yeah..” izzy replied, irritated by chloe. She still didn’t want to talk about brad. “listen we got to go so..”
“oh sorry… don’t want to disturb your date.” She said.
“oh im, not with her, we’re just really good friends that’s it.” I replied quickly.
“I see..” she said. “Then I guess your free.”
“I guess so.” She then took a napkin from the side and wrote down her number and passed it to me. “Call me when you can” and she smiled at me.
Wow, she noticed me. Finally a girl noticed me. Better play this cool.
“yeah.. yeah I mite..” I said smoothly and winked at her. She giggled. Then izzy and I left.
“well I guess she’s really into you.” Izzy told me later sounding agitated.
“What that.. I don’t know.” I said nonchalantly.
“So I guess your going to go out with her then get married or something huh?”
“Wait, whats the problem?” I asked.
“I don’t know. I don’t trust her. She used to be friends with brad and stuff and she’s kind of a slut.”
“Fine. I wont call her.” I said. I was disappointed but I didn’t want izzy to be pissed. She didn’t like her for some reason. i guess better luck next time.
“Good.” She said a little be happier.

"dan, are u awake?" izzy whispered.
"What?" i asked sleepily. It was 1am and it was storming outside. "yeah i am now" i said turning on the table lamp.
"sorry, but couldnt sleep. im to sad and im kind of scared of the thunderstorm. can i sleep here with you."
"yea, i dont think thats really..."
"oh come on, please for me?" she begged.
"fine" i made some space and let her in. she climbed onboard and then hugged me. her head on my chest and her hair in my face. she smelt so nice. I stroked her hair.
"i just feel like an idiot. i was going to sleep with him tonight. Part of me wanted to lose my virginity and part of me thought that he was the one, but I was wrong. I guess he cheated on me cause I kept telling him I wasn’t ready so he had slept with Britney.”
“look, im not an expert in relationships but the way I see, sex is kind of special and I know I would want my first time to be with someone special. I want to give it to someone who I trust.” I said and it was the truth. “brad his asshole who can t keep his dick in his pants. Its not your fault. If your not ready then your not. Don’t blame yourself.”
I kissed her forehead to try and make her feel better. As I did she looked up to me and leaned towards me thus kissing me on the lips. I couldn’t believe I was kissing Isabel. We kissed for awhile. She started rubbing my bare chest and I was stroking her back. She then climbed up on me and started to kiss me hard. To my surprise, she pulled of the shirt she was wearing, revealing her bare tits. They were beautiful. They were round and perky, the nipples brown and hard. I was guessing they were a 36B.
“uh izzy whats going on?” I asked.
“well what u said was right. My first time should be with someone I trust, and I trust you.” She replied. “I want to lose it tonight with you.”
“Uh are you sure of this?” I said nervously. “I don’t want to hurt u, you’re my best friend and I care a lot about you. Besides im I virgin too.”
“Yes, more than ever. Im sick of being a virgin. We can lose it together, make it extra nice. Come on Dan, make me a women.” With that she pulled off her shorts to reveal her beautiful pussy. Her cunt was covered in a thin wet bush. She then reached down and pulled of my boxers, my already hard dick popping up. Then she kissed me hard again this time her tongue was in mine. I frenched her back. I then reached under her for her pussy and began rubbing her. She moaned into my mouth. I stuck a finger inside her cunt and felt her hymen, fuck she was tight. She grabbed my dick and stroked it. Her hands were small and soft.
“mmmm..” I moaned. I fingered her faster.
“oh shit… don’t stop…” she gasped. She stopped kissing me and sat up. I found her clit and used my thumb to rub it. I used my other arm to pull her down to me and allowed her tits to enter my mouth. I started licking them.
“oh dan don’t stop..just like that…. Just like that yea… im close..” She cried. I then stopped. She was surprised and pissed that she couldn’t cum. I pushed her off to my side so she was lying next to me. I then got down to her pussy and started to lick it my tongue splitting her pussy lips. “oh that’s better” she then said I licked her clit and fingered her at the same time. She then grabbed the back of my head and pushed forward. I snuck a peak at her. She was lying back with her mouth agape, eyes closed.
her cunt then tightened around my finger and she exploded warm juices over my hand and face while she screamed. I tasted her sweet cunt juice. Her body was convulsing her grip on my hair tighter. When her orgasm subsided, she relaxed. I then got up and kissed her.
“that…was…great…” she said in between kisses. “brad wasn’t able to get me off like that.”
“I thought you never slept with him” I said kind surprised.
“I never did. I jerked him a few times and he rubbed me but he was only interested in his own orgasm. I heard from his previous girlfriends he only lasted like 3 minutes when he has sex..” she laughed.
“what an idiot.” I laughed nervously. I didn’t want to disappoint her.
“because you did that, im going to return the favor.” She pushed up on my chest forcing me to be sit on the bed, my 7 inch dick sticking up in the air. She then got onto all fours and then took my dick in her mouth. I gasped as her tongue licked the head. She used one hand to stroke my shaft as she sucked me and the other massaged my balls. i was enjoying it too much, my first blowjob. I didn’t want to cum straight away. Everytime I got close I pushed her head up so that she would suck and this prevented me from cumming but she always insisted on continuing. After 10 mins, I couldn’t hold it in.
“Izzy, I got to…” I moaned. I didn’t finish. She stopped sucking and stroked me fast and looked up at me.
“I want to taste u.” I didn’t need to think twice. I pulled her head down again and entered her mouth. Then she sucked really fast and I let it all go. The first shot hit the back of her throat. She then pulled my dick out and placed the head at her chin facing up allowing the subsequent shots to cover her face. My balls emptied a lot of cum.
“uuhhhhhh…” I cried. I finally stopped shooting. My dick was still hard and in her hand. I opened my eyes to find her face coated with cum.
“wow, you shoot a lot. Much more than Brad.” She said. I smile proudly. “okay now for round 2. she stroked me fast again to maintain my boner. She got me to sit down on the edge of the bed and then got off the bed. She got a towel from the bed side and wiped the cum from her face. Then she came towards me. She kissed me hard, her hands around my neck. Then she sat on my lap. She used one hand to rub her cunt and make it wet again. Then she lifted her body and adjusted her position so that her pussy lips were touching my cock head. The tip of my dick spread her lips a little.
“r u sure about this..i mean are u ready?” I asked. I didn’t want to hurt her.
“Yes. More than ever.” She replied softly looking into my eyes. She then lowerd her body slowly. Her pussy engulfing my dick. Her vagina was wet, tight, warm and like velvet. I gasped as I entered her.
“oooohhh.. your thick.” She said. Then I reached her barrier. I looked at her again. She nodded and kissed me again. She then pushed down allowing my dick to tear her hymen. We were not officially not virgins. She cried into my shoulder as I popped her cherry. I was worried and started to pull out but she stopped me.
“No. Don’t. I’ll be okay.” She said in pain. There were tears in her eyes. She hugged me harder and her tits squashed against my chest. i lay still.
“tell me when ur ready.” I said. She nodded. After a minute. She started to gyrate her hips. Then she started to bounce on my dick. I felt my cock enter and exit her love tunnel, the feeling so great. If I had came just now, I would have nutted there and then, but I lasted much longer. Izzy released her grip around me and started lean back with her eyes closed. She slowed down. Her legs were tired from bouncing on me for 10 minutes. I didn’t want to be an ass so I moved back onto the center of the bed and with me still in her, I flipped her over so now I was banging her missionary style. I looked into her eyes. She was enjoying it. I wiped the tears from her face and continued fucking her. The feeling of orgasm approached. I didn’t want to nut yet. I hadn’t gotten her off. I then pulled out.
“hey, what the..” she cried pissed off.
“couldn’t help it. I needed to pull out, down want to blow my load that fast. I haven’t gotten u to come yet” I panted. “besides im not wearing a condom and I don’t want to knock u up.”
She then smiled. “awww. How thoughtful. You want me to cum first. That’s so sweet of you.” She leaned up and kissed me. “and by the way, I want you to finish in me. Don’t worry im on the pill. I took it yesterday cause I thought I was going to do it with brad.”
“that’s good to hear” I said eager to ejaculate in her. “okay. Lets get on with it. Get on all fours, I want to do u from behind.” Her eyes lit up from excitement as she quickly got on all fours. I then got behind her and entered her cunt. She rubbed her clit. I pushed her forward so that her head rested on the pillow. I then grabbed her by her small waisted and proceeded to bang her. I slammed her slow but long, hard and deep. I did this for another 5 minutes. I was close again.
“don’t stop…Im near again….” She moaned. I then grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up so that her back was against my chest. she was still rubbing her clit. I kissed her neck a grabbed her tits from behind, squeezing them and pinching her nipples.
“ok…here I cum…uhhhhhh….” She cried. Her cunt was tightening around my cock. This signaled me to go faster causing my nuts to start contracting. Finally her pussy exploded, her orgasm shook her and her pussy quivered as her sweet juices oozed over my cock. At that time I exploded too. I moaned deep into her neck while I emptied my seed into her vagina. My knees were weak and so I fell on to her. Both of us fell flat on the bed, me ontop of her still in her. Slowly my dick shrank and I pulled out. The sperm mixed with female ejaculate oozed out onto the sheets. I was so tired. I just plopped myself next to her. I was rubbing her ass. She then rolled over facing me. I kissed her gently. She massaged my balls.
“that was fucking awesome.” I panted. Her face was flushed, her hair and body wet from sweat. “im so happy that my first time was with you.”
“Mmmm… me too she said.”
“Izzy, can I ask you something?” she then propped her head up, with her arm supporting it looking down on me.
“Anything sweetie.”
“Why me.. I mean why did u want your first time to be with me.”
“Like I said, i wanted it to be with someone I trusted and that was you.”
“oh. Thanks I wanted it to be with someone I trusted too.”
“can I ask you something?” she asked sounding nervous.
“go ahead.”
“why’d you listen to me about not calling chloe. I mean I was pissed and took it out on you which prevented you from getting to know her. I mean why’d you listen to me.”
Her face was close to mine, I could feel her breath on my face. Her eyes were flickering and the smell of strawberries was lingering.
“that’s easy.” I simply said. “I just didn’t want to do something that upset you. By going out with her, I would have hurt you and I care too much about you to hurt you, even if that means if I cant go out with a girl like her.”
Izzy paused awhlile. She then rolled on her back and closed her eyes.
“youd do that for me, even if it prevented you from being happy”
“of course” she sighed.
“One more thing.”
“Do you love me?” she rolled back to face me. I was stunned. I could confess my undying love for my best friend but I was scared that I might scare her away breaking our friendship.
“I uh..uh” I stammered. She then leaned in and kissed me. She placed her hand on my cheek. Then she stopped kissing me. The bangs were covering part of her left eye.
“I mean I asked cause I wanted to make sure you felt that way because Im in love with you. So do you love me”
I reached for her face and pushed away the hair from her eyes. i could see she had tears. i wiped them away.
“Always have and always will,” and I kissed her, wrapping my arms around her. When I let go she smiled and told me she loved me too. she rested her head on my chest and i hugged her. we both then fell asleep naked and together.

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ok ummmm, it takes more than 1 birth control pill the night before to keep her from getting pregnant

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Great story! I'm not gonna be like everybody else and say the grammer sucks or whatever. It was really good, i loved how you gave them personalities! And actually a plot to the story instead of a 'wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am' type of thing. Continue!


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couple of things to point out. yes, the grammer was off, but it didnt detract from the story. second, the number before a letter in a womens dress size determines the weight of the girl in question. 32=super slim. 24=slim 36=little heavy 38=obese. A=small AA=kinda small B=about average BB=average BBB=little more than average C=getting bigger (etc.) so appearently this chick isabelle is a few ponds overweight and about average tits? learn this stuff before you write. otherwise GREAT story

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Duuuuuuuuuuuddddeeee, look, see, if you want to be a good writer, you HAVE to have grammatical skills, and know how to spell some simple things....Amazing story, reminded me of MSB, and I hope you continue to write more, because that was very enjoyable. Just use spell check next time, you're killin' us...

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