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This is a true story about a time I cut school with a girl at my high school in New Jersey. We were both 18 at the time I believe. It started out with us being in the same Chem class together, I was struggling and she was a decent friend of mine. She is Korean, I am Chinese. I don't know if you guys know the big difference. She is about 510 and slender, with these long legs that are evenly tan and no gut.

Well on PRE test day she called me and asked if I wanted to study together, I said no I was probably cutting school to study the whole day. She said, "Why don't we study together. I'll cut too." I agreed and she said we could go hang out before studying.

That morning I drove my sister to school and dropped her off, then after the security guards left the front lawn I drove out of the school to pick up Jackie. She was waiting for me outside her apartment complex with her bookbag. We went to the mall at 830 am. And just walked around the empty mall until we were hungry, then we went to the IHOPS nearby for a big breakfast.

After the pancakes, fruit, and OJ we drove to my house. I called three times to make sure my parents or someone wasn't home by accident. Then I pulled up and went inside to check a final time. I didn't want my Asian parents to see me cut school and bringing a girl home! I just NEVER did anything like that before.

But we were going to study anyways, I knew she wouldn't do anything because she was pretty prude. Well, the house was empty, and she came inside. I was a little awkward, this was my first time bringing a girl home, and I was nervous about cutting class. So we used the computer to go online for a few minutes, as she did this I went to take a shower because it was a humid summer day. I thought to myseldf I would get clean and maybe she would get

Well as I was showering I left the door unlocked, but she never came to see me.. I was kind of depressed but not suprised. I didn't expect anything from this girl, she was prude!

She was on the couch as I got out of the shower in my PJs. She took out a DVD from her backpack, it was some dumb movie I was forced to watch. Some sappy love movie and I just sat down on the opposite end of the couch. I didn't want to seem like a perve.

Out of no where during the movie, she put her hand on my dick. And it just got extremely hard! I was totally surprised. But I looked at her, " You know I haven't done this a lot."

She didn't say anything and tore her shirt off, her breasts were OK for as Asian girl. I watched as she pulled her jeans off and looked her her pussy area. She was wearing a cotton thong-looking thing. I went to take it off and she stopped me, she slowly peeled it off herself, I started to take my pants off and took my shirt off too. We both got fully on the couch and she pressed her body against mine. She laid me down and laid on top of me herself, I gelt my dick really hard between her thighs and I couldn't do anything at that point. She said let's do it fast. I grabbed at her smooth ass and felt her thighs as I kissed her very sloppily. She grinded her body into mine and then took my cock and put it near her pussy. She pushed it in without warning and she screamed a little. I pistoned her on top of me for only a few seconds and she got off.

At that point I was too hard, I had to cum. I put her on top of the coffee table and crossed her legs as she laid down so that her pussy was horizontal to the floor and near the edge of the table. I got on my knees and pressed my cock in fast and fucked her with all I had, I felt her curly pubic hair on my body and it didn't take a few seconds till I ejaculated. I pulled out fast and rested my dick on her thighs as it finished up. After that I got into the shower as she dressed. I couldn't believe it, she had just let me fuck her. I was so happy and proud.

That time the most fun I had studying in my life. We never did get to do any CHEM homework.

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2013-02-28 14:24:19
Happy Birthday Mark. I hope that you have a wonderful day. I will ring toihgnt so we can compare birthday notes thank you, hope yours awas a wonderful as mine was, and I await your call with bated breath!!markAnd thank you for the pussy and the cake. Its great. And yes I laughed.I am amazed every year apart from 1 other it has rained on my birthday seems your wish for me has come true, we have beautiful blue skies today after almost 2 weeks of rain. Perfect timing too so we can enjoy lunch on the harbour.and what DID you have for lunch? or, more to the point, what was dessert??? I too am so glad we met and you are also special to me. I can't imagine life without your sense of humour, cause it means you get mine sometimes people don't.i get it cos it's just like mine!!Thanks for being a wonderful friend. Life wouldn't be the same without you.ditto kiddo!

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2008-06-22 16:31:55
Good story. She is definately no prude. Keep fucking her and get her pregnant.


2006-07-18 02:24:31
You suck ass at writing. Study in grammer. Fuckhead.


2005-05-31 15:02:17
Good Job


2005-03-19 02:29:18

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