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A girls first time cumming from someone other than herself
It all started when I was 16. I was at a birthday party for Rebecca. Rebecca was a girl in my class that im pretty sure every guy had a crush on. She was drop dead gorgeous. She was 5 foot 6 with a gorgeous hourglass figure. She had stunning light blue eyes and long dark black curly hair. I guessed her breast size to be about a 34b (compared to one of my previous lovers) and she had a narrow waist that led to a gorgeous ass. It wasn’t a tight ass it was pretty wide but watching her walk away in her tight jeans could almost make you cum in your pants. I figured she must weigh about 130 pounds because there didn’t appear to be any fat on her body anywhere.

At the party I was far from the coolest guy there but I wasn’t the dorkiest either. I as just excited to be invited in the first place, but when I got there I realized that practically my whole class was there. It wasn’t that warm seeing as it was November but I didn’t want to come dressed in dorky clothes either so I wore a button up shirt with fairly tight Abercrombie&Fitch pants. She also had a hot tub so I brought my bathing suit just in case. We had all been hanging out for a while and than she announced that we could go into the hot tub if we wanted to. I decided not to go because Rebecca wasn’t going and I wanted to try and get an opportunity to see her in a bikini. Apparently that night was going to be my lucky night because I managed to wait until the end to get into the hot tub with Rebecca and some other people. If anyone was expecting a skimpy little bikini they would be very disappointed. She was wearing a black bikini that fit her like a second skin and in my opinion she couldn’t have looked better. Unfortunately I didn’t get to sit beside her, but I did get to sit across from her and out legs were constantly rubbing and I caught her sneaking a few glances at whose leg she was rubbing and every time I saw her she would give me a cute smile. So the party was starting to wind down so I called my parents to pick me up and they said they would be there shortly. After most of the guests had left I was still there and my parents called to tell me there car had broken down and they couldn’t get it fixed until the morning. So I was forced to ask Rebecca if I could stay the night and to my relief she said yes.

I had finished helping her clean up most of the garbage when she asked me if I wanted to go into the hot tub again.
“Sure” I managed to stutter
She just gave me a little smile and pretended not to notice my stuttering. So I went to the washroom to change and she started to strip of her clothes because her bikini was underneath. By the time I got back she was already in the hot tub. I didn’t want to sit to close to her in case she got any ideas that I was a perv or something so I sat across from her hoping that our legs would be touching again. Well they didn’t but we started talking and I started to relax, than I felt her foot almost touching my crotch but she wasn’t tall enough for her leg to reach all the way across the hot tub. Before I could say anything she had stood up and reached behind her and untied her bikini strings. And the next thing I new I was staring at her beautiful breasts. They were just the right size and they didn’t sag at all. Since it was November it was just a little chilly so her nipples looked rock hard and the moonlight reflected off the little water droplets clinging to her breasts. Before I could say anything she had taken the small step to cross over to me and she sat on my lap and whispered shhh. Than she kissed me, I was a bit surprised at first but than I warmed to it and I parted my lips and started probing with my tongue. I than realized her breasts were pushed up hard against my chest and it felt amazing. I started to run my hands up and down her back, and through her hair. I realized she was getting a little cold.
“Want to take this to your bedroom” I breathed in her ear while she was kissing my neck.
“Mhmm” she moaned
So I picked her up and lifted her out of the hot tub and started to dry her off, lingering a bit on her breasts. She than quickly dried me off and grabbed my hand and led me too her bedroom.
When we got to her bedroom she shut her door and kept the lights off. Her curtains were open so her room was awash with a glow from the moon. We sat down on her bed and started making out again. I slid my hands down her back and into her bikini bottoms and cupped her perfect ass cheeks. I started to squeeze them and she started moaning into my mouth. I slipped my thumbs into the waistband and slid her panties to the floor. In turn she slid my trunks to the floor and my hard cock sprang free. I gently pushed her onto her bed and started kissing her gently on her neck. I started to kiss my way down to her left breast and started kissing around her still hard nipples. I started to flick my tongue over her nipple and than engulfed it with my entire mouth. I flicked my tongue back and forth over her left nipple and gently tweaking her right nipple with my fingers. She was moaning unintelligible words so I switched and started to suck her right nipple. After about a minute I started to kiss my way in between her breasts and down her flat stomach until I reached her thighs. I kissed her inner thighs while I separated her pussy lips with my fingers. I first started with one finger than worked my way up to three and started finger fucking her hard and fast.
She started to buck and writhe and shout “Oh fuck baby im cumming”
I wanted to taste her pussy juices so I quickly moved my mouth down there and started to lick and suck her hard. She was bucking her hips and fucking my face hard and than she froze with her hips in the air and shuddered and sighed. Next thing I knew I tasted the best cum I have ever had and trying to swallow it all. She laid there trying to catch her breath for a couple of minutes and than she sat up.
“That was the first orgasm I have ever had from someone other than myself” she said
“You mean you are still a virgin” I said completely shocked to be hearing this
“Well no” she admitted “I have sucked guys’ cocks before and they have fucked me but they always finished before I could cum”
“Let’s see if we can fix that” I said as I started to move towards her
“NO” she said rather firmly “I want to show you a good time as well without the use of my pussy or even asshole”
“When you talk dirty like that it is so hot babe”
“I know now sit back and enjoy” she replied with the cutest smile I had seen so far
She stood up and started to kiss me passionately, with her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth and her hands all over my ass. In turn I was exploring her mouth and fondling her ass as well. I was the one to break the kiss than she started to kiss her way down my chest, briefly sucking my nipples. (I have never had a girl do that)She continued kissing her way down until she got to my cock. She wrapped her beautiful slender fingers around it and started stroking it ever so slowly. I have jerked off before but nothing felt as good as this. She than started at the base of my cock and slid her tongue all the way to the tip. When she got there she just put my head inside her mouth and flicked her tongue over it and it took all of my willpower not to cum right there. She slowly slid my full 7 inches inside her mouth. She started to slide in and out and I picked up the rhythm and started to fuck her mouth with my cock. This whole time she had been playing with my ball sack but than she wetted a finer with my cum and started to finger my asshole. Now I don’t have a gay bone in my body but god that felt amazing.
We were both moving pretty fast when I said “Hang on baby im cumming” and I did. She swallowed all of it without spilling a drop. We both collapsed onto her bed exhausted.
We woke up an undeterminable time later, me with a semi hard cock and her with a damp pussy. We laid there for a little bit before I started to fondle her breasts and play with her nipples. She ran her finger nails along my cock, sending chills through it and making it instantly hard.
“Let’s see if I can make you cm with my cock” I whispered in her ear.
“Ohhhhhh fuck me hard” she moaned “I want to cum all over your cock”
So I lay down on my back with my cock in the air like a flagpole and she lowered herself onto to my rock hard cock. She slowly and rhythmically started to rock back and forth. While she was doing this I was tweaking her nipples causing her to moan. She slowly started to pick up the tempo until her perfect breasts were bouncing up and down and I was thrusting to meet her. We were at the very height of our pleasure when the door slowly started to swing open and standing there was Rebecca’s older sister.

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2009-04-01 23:04:39
Nice job it was a lil short and not much detail with the end but all n all very nice can't wait 4 part 2

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2009-03-03 03:12:40
Good story.

A little short but i cant wait for part 2


2009-02-27 11:32:42
Keep up the good work. the story sounds great so far. i cant wait to see what the sister does or says.

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2009-02-26 14:31:37

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2009-02-26 01:16:59
no sense of anatomy.

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