The sequil to "morgan is a bitch". Please read it first for this one to make sense.
Morgan is my slave. She is my whore. She is mine. Mine to do with as I please.

(This is carrying on from the last chapter. Please read it first, it will help this one make sense).

I untie her helpless body. She is still crying. I remember the contacts that I put in her eyes, the ones to make her blind. I think for a moment, but decide not to take them out. Not yet, anyway. The wax in her ass, it's going to have to come out. I have the perfect way to do it. I take her over to a wall and chain her to it. Her ass is facing me. Some of the wax dribbles out. I ask her "How does that wax feel, you stupid slut?" She replies, crying "It hurts so much! Please take it out! Please!" I laugh at her. I walk over to my table of instruments. I find exactly what I'm looking for. A small hook. I take it back over to Morgan and heat it up with my lighter. She cries louder. I pull apart her ass-cheeks with one hand and use the other to push the hook in. She screams. It melts part of the wax. I embed it into the wax and leave her alone for a while. I go and prepare some other instruments of torture for her while the wax cools around the hook in her ass.

The next device she is going into is used for torturing breasts. It's one of my favourites. It is like those old-time shock things that are used to hold a persons hands and head in place. (Sorry, I'm not great at describing them. I'm not sure what they are called). The difference is, instead of holding a head and hands, it holds breasts. Now, back to Morgan.

As I go back over to her, she is still crying from the pain and humiliation. I whisper in her ear "Time to pull out all that wax" and she replies meekly "thank you" I laugh at her. She's still crying. I take a hold of the handle end of the small hook. I twist it around a little bit, making sure it loosens up all the wax. I pull on it hard. She screams out. The wax didn't come out, it only pulled against her ass. I pull it again, loving the sound of her pain. I pull it harder and it gets stuck half way out of her ass. She screams so loudly. I leave it there for a while, laughing at her pain. I pull it the rest of the way out and put it under her nose. She smells it and almost gags. I put it on the table, trying to think of ways I could use it later.

I take the chains off of her and lead her over to the breast torturing device. I grab a pair of handcuffs and cuff her hands behind her back. I lift up the top part of the device, push her forward and fit her breasts into the small holes. They barely fit. She's crying again. I slide the top piece down and that makes a circle around her breasts. It's very tight. I go to my table and get a paddle with holes in it. Perfect for flogging her tits. I walk back over to her and hit her with them squarely on her left breast. She screams out. I hit her right breast. She screams out again, but not so loudly. I hit her left breast again. She doesn't scream this time, it's more of a painful moan. I hit her right breast and she gives the same response. I continue hitting each breast alternately. I lost count of how many times I hit her. her breasts were both a very red colour by the time I had stopped hitting them. I lean down and bite her left nipple. She screeches. I laugh and bite her right nipple, getting the same response. I go over to my table, put down the paddle and pick up a set of nipple clamps. I go back over to the stupid slut and put them on her nipples. She moans painfully as I do. I tighten them very tight.

The breast torture device has a special function. It can be lent over, so that the sluts breasts are either hanging downwards or pointing upwards. I unlock the legs and she falls backwards slightly, only held up by her breasts. It must be so painful for her, yay! She is now laying on her back. I lock the legs. I grab a rope hanging from the celling and grab the chain connecting the sluts nipple clamps. I attach the chain to the rope. I take the other end of the rope and pull it down, which pulls up her nipples painfully. I tie the rope off, so that her nipples can't move and then sit on the breast torture device.

I put my cock between her tortured breasts and push them painfully together. I thrust in between them. It feels great. I push in and out faster and faster, listening to her moan in pain. I thrust harder and faster. It feels so good! I pick up the pace and fuck her breasts faster ans faster. She moans even more. It feels so great. I feel like I'm about to cum. I have such a great idea. I stand up and go around, so that I am at her head. I masturbate over her sluty face. I feel it. I'm about to cum. I thrust my hand back and forth faster and faster. My cum blasts out of my hard, throbbing cock. It goes all over her hair. I keep pumping my cock untill every last drop of cum goes into her hair. I laugh at her. I tell her "Yes slut, I just made myself cum in your hair. But if you think that's bad, you won't like what I have planned for you next!" I laugh maniacally at her. I take her out of the breast torture device and take off the nipple clamps. I tell her "Slut, what I have next is going to be so much fun for me. It will be so painful for you, but it will be so much fun for me. I just love torturing sluts like you. I hope you can swim!" I laugh just as maniacally as before.

Now, it's time for me to start writing part 3 ... I hope you liked it! :)

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2013-03-15 02:44:49
I love part two, such a sweet way to get the wax out of her asshole.

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2012-08-15 21:22:06
God id love that done to me ;)

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2011-02-11 19:01:57
1 you guys are idiots that are saying bull shit things
2 from a reader/ writer i have wrinten pages on this sight so if you find stuff you dont like then to bad
3 i will not show my name on here but i have read Flesh of the Fallen Angel's stuff before and i do like some and i think he has done well so quit saying shit on them
4sorry bout your luck people its just a story get over it
5 BY THE WAY GREAT STORY Flesh of the Fallen Angel you did a good job for a first

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2009-05-12 06:57:04
bro , your discasting ! shes my mate !
you really need to get a life !
you have issuse ay ,
fah this shit aint even cool ,
whatd she ever do to you ?
i hope you die a painfull death bitch .

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2009-04-18 23:14:04

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