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How to Seduce Someone U Barely Know
Ok Ladies N Gentlemen This is Ace...The Master Seducer
But I started out as a complete twat when it came to women a complete twat....i barely dated more than four girls in Hi-School...
Well Anyway i realised wat really turned them on...wasn,t really some1 as good lookin as me but somone who was arrogant n funny. Not a jerk coz he was arrogant, not a clown coz he's arrogant n attractive coz he's Chandler in Friends is funny but he is not exactly arrogant but then look at Neo in Matrix or John Travolta in Face Off...Now thats somethin ain't it.
K...Now lets assume u somehow got a date if u haven't well leave some comments indicatin watz wrong n maybe i cud help. Well where was i oh ya!
The table at some expensive resturant n then bam she asks u's the trick don't get carried away...nvr give her a straight talk...let them talk. Women love to talk n trust me there r just a few guys who really know they should listen.
This is their defense mechanism...the ask uestions to test you...thet test u to see wether u turn into a pussy n start babbling...don't lose your cool. Have fun.
Hers an example...she asks you why the hell u dont give her a straight answer.

Her: I really love fooling around and chatting around....
but I don't like it if I never get answers to just
normal not indiscreet questions

You: Indiscreet... hmmm. Ask whatever questions you

You: you'll get to know me as it goes

You: I already did.... and I don't have a list to
write that down.... I just noticed that... last time
when you called me on the phone... and today,
too......every time I ask something about your past
I get a slapstick answer

You: don't mind me that's how I talk. I'm playful
but we'll get to know each other as we go along

You: it’s a natural process ... you can't force it


You GAVE IN when she started
complaining, and said "...don't mind me that's how
I talk...".

You basically said "Don't mind me, I'm actually
kind of a Wimp, and that's how I talk".

Are you with me here?

You didn't need to EXPLAIN yourself, or make an
excuse for yourself.

What I'm trying to say is that YOU are the problem
here, not the women who complain about you not
answering their questions.

Try this instead:

Her: I already did.... and I don't have a list to
write that down.... I just noticed that... last time
when you called me on the phone... and today,
too......every time I ask something about your past
I get a slapstick answer

Me: I'm glad you like it. Maybe that's why you keep
messaging me and thinking about me so much!

...see the difference here?
You must remember that attractive women are being
approached ALL THE TIME in one way or another...
just about every man they meet tries to pick them up
or come on to them.

Women can FEEL this happening, even before it
actually starts.

Now, if a woman is "available", she must figure
out a way to "separate the men from the boys" so to
speak, and figure out if a particular man is going
to be worth her time.

Enter the TEST.

Also, if an attractive woman is out on a date with
a man, or having a phone conversation, etc. (or
anything else that could be perceived as taking things
to the next level) she must find out quickly whether
this particular guy is:

1) Long-term relationship material
2) Short-term "affair" material
3) Friend material
4) Wuss material
5) The Gimp from Pulp Fiction

Keep in mind, an attractive woman has LOTS of
options. She's being approached probably 100+ times
a month with date offers, etc. and could never hope
to spend even a small fraction of her time with all
the men who are interested in her.

She must use TESTS to quickly cut to the chase
and find out what a particular guy is REALLY all

Tests can take many forms.

Here are a few common ones:

1) Canceling plans with little notice, or flaking
out entirely without notice

2) Asking for gifts or favors outright

3) Acting snotty, demanding, dramatic, or manipulative
to see if you'll put up with it

4) Asking or telling you to change your behavior

5) Threatening to leave or take her attention and
give it to someone else if you don't comply with her

...and the list goes on.

so well u get my pt well then BOL
...hope u have a good weekend


2008-09-26 03:33:06
any way


2006-12-05 05:49:11
another say, more bullshit


2004-11-17 05:02:22
thanks,it works


2004-07-15 21:44:29
almost as bad as the other crap he wrote


2004-06-14 22:49:14
yeah heres one for ya, this is STORY site not a god damn Q and A session, do you have any idea of what your talking about? and if so do you have anything over a 2nd grade reading level? because, regardless of how hard i read your stories, i just cant understand them through all the damn mistakes! 1/10

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