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I was always a shy girl, never having much luck with boyfriends. They were either too pushy, making me feel uneasy, and turned off, or not bold enough. Meaning, of course, that at 24, I had never had sex. Not even any more than hand holding and kissing. Pretty lame, I know, but that's the hand I was dealt. As compensation, I put my energy into work, developing a good career, and always knowing there was something missing.
That is, until I met David. We met at a business meeting, at the time, I wasn't really attracted to him, but later we met again at the hotel bar. He started a conversation which carried over into dinner, and that was all for that night. I was disapointed that nothing developed, but thought that I might see him again.
A couple weeks later, David called me and asked me out to dinner. One thing led to another, and a relationship started developing. He always was a gentleman, holding doors, pulling out my chair, etc. He also seemed to always know exactly what he wanted, making it easy for me to go along with most of the things he wanted to do. The only thing was, he didn't want to have sex until he was married. I was a bit frustrated, but was becoming so in love with him by now, that it seemed like a wonderful thing. So caring and considerate. I never paid attention to the bits of control he kept exerting over me, because they always seemed to be in my best interest.
After about a year and a half after we met, we were married. Just a small ceremony, which looking back, was mostly arranged by him. And I loved every minute of it.
Our honeymoon was on an island off the New England coast, in a house on the beach, which David bought as a wedding gift. The views were spactular, with a panorama of the open ocean on one side, and a view of the mainland on the other.
As we approached the front door, he picked me up and carried me accross the threshold. As he set me down we kissed, long and hard, I finally felt I would have the release I longed for. He ran his fingers through my hair, then grabbed hold, and pulled my head back, kissing down my neck, holding me close to him with his other hand on the small of my back. I loved him so much, I just wanted to please him, and let myself be drawn into the moment.
In a moment he let go of me, and told me "Now get undressed for me, slowly" I was so excited by now, that I only wanted his approval so he wouldn't stop.
I thought that I would give him a good show, as I did his bidding. I gave him a small curtsy,(yeah, old fashioned, but it somehow felt right)and reached around behind me to unzip my gown. I slowly slid the shoulders down, and as I pulled my arms out of the sleeves, the bodice fell down around my waist, exposing my breasts to him for the first time. I watched him steadily as he first saw my 34B chest, looking for his approval. He didn't seem to have any reaction, but I just had to keep going, next sliding the dress down over my hips, then stepping out of it, leaving me in white hose, blue thong underwear, and my heels. I leaned over to start removing my stockings, but David stopped me, saying "Stop, now get me a drink, Scotch, neat."
I was a little surprised that it came as a command, but did as he said, slowly walking across the room, knowing he was watching every move, every jiggle of my breasts, the sway of my hips, the movement of my ass cheeks as I walked.I tried to make small talk as I fixed the drink, but he told me not to talk now. I was beginning to think something was wrong, but decided to go along with him, feeling I could trust him.
When I turned around with his drink, I realised David had gone out on the deck overlooking the inlet to the harbor. I went to the door, and said "heres your drink, lover.
He only replied : "Bring it out here."
Feeling a little embarrassed to go outside half naked, I stepped out due to my love for him. The warm breeze felt wonderful on my exposed flesh, as I handed him his drink. I turned to look out over the water, and noticed a sailboat slowly moving past the house. There were two men on it, both looking at us as we stood on the deck. David put his arm around my shoulders, effectively keeping me from running back into the house.
"Wave to them", he said
So I did, feeling the color rise in my cheeks, due to my embarrassment, but also feeling a bit excited knowing they could see me, and they were appreciating my body.
After David finished his drink, he took me by the arm, and led me back into the house. Once inside, he turned me to face him, and gave me a crushing hug, roughly rubbing his hands on my back, then holding my sides, he again kissed me deeply, penetating my mouth with his tongue. As he did, he gradually moved me back against the wall, until iI was pressed between it and his body. I could feel the bulge of his cock in his pants, and started rubbing it through the cloth. He quickly told me not to do that, and taking my wrists in his hands, held them out to each side, against the wall. There I was, at his mercy, while he kissed all over my neck, my ears, and down my chest, nipping and licking as he went.
When he reached my breasts, he nuzzled them, then licked them all over, not touching my nipples till he had attended to every inch of skin on my breasts. By this time I was moaning slightly, but he kept telling me to be quiet. My panties were soaked due to my excitement, and I was wishing I could have my hands free to use on him.He finally reached my nipples, and started licking them, then sucking on them, pulling them out with his mouth until they popped out, every time sending shocks through my body. Each time, the pressure in my pussy grew, gradually sending me into an orgasm.
I became rather weak-kneed, mostly hanging from the wrists where he had them pinned against the wall.
After this, he told me to fix him another drink, making me wonder if I would ever have him inside me. Once I had the drink ready, I took it to him, now in the kitchen, where he lounged against the island, watching me as I walked towards him. Thinking I could excite him with a little show, I spun around, as I walked, dancing a little. But when I reached him, he gave me a hard slap on the rear, and said "if I wanted you to do that, I would have told you to do it!"
Not wanting to displease him further, I silently hung my head as if in apology. I stood there in front of him, my crotch throbbing, my nipples tingling, while he slowly finished his Scotch.
"You're obedient to me, and I love you for it, but you need to remember to wait for me to tell you what I want."
He took his time drinking, and when he was done, he set his glass on the counter, and took me by the shoulders, turning me till I was facing the counter, and across the room, the large windows facing the beach. He put my hands on the edge of the counter, and grabbing the top of my panties, pulled them quickly to the floor, leaving me leaning against the counter, my ass sticking out towards him. he left me there for a minute, and the next thing I knew, I felt his cock between my legs, rubbing up against my pussy, sliding over my lips. David slowly caressed my pussy all over with the head of his cock, using it to spread my moisture all around, even up the crack of my ass. As he did this, he gradually penetrated me a bit further finally reaching my cherry. For a while, he stroked in and out stopping just short of breaking through. Then as he rubbed up my crack, he stopped at my ass hole, and slowly started putting pressure there. He was very persistent, and when I protested, he spanked me hard, and said "Just relax, you're going to enjoy this"
I wanted so much to please him, that I tried hard to relax, and as he pushed, his head finally entered past my sphincter, moving into my ass, and giving me feelings I never knew I could experience.
Once he had entered all the way, he started thrusting, holding me by the hips, and gradually moving faster and faster. His hips hitting my ass cheeks, making them jiggle, all the time, my pussy was on fire, wanting to feel his cock inside me again, all the way. When I took one hand to play with my pussy, David spanked me again, and just said "NO!"
It wasn't long, when I felt him tense up, and his cock seemed like it grew even more, then I felt him spasm, and the heat of his cum filled my intestines, putting me right on the edge of another orgasm.
He pulled out just before I came, leaving me very frustrated, but then he turned me to face him, and lifted me up and sat me on the counter. He pushed me back till I was lying flat, put my feet on a stool on each side of him, and leaned over till his face was only an inch or so from my pussy lips. I next felt his hot breath, wafting over my most sensitive parts, then his tongue traced gently around my lips.I was practically dripping now, feeling the moisture run down my ass, as he teased me with his tongue. I was so close to orgasm, but every time I thought I would be released, he changed so I calmed down ever so slightly.H played with me like this it seemed like for hours, licking, then nibbling, then flicking my clit, all the time the pressure in me was increasing to the breaking point.I was starting to cry softly, as his tongue slowly tortured me. I was to the point of moving around to try to gain release, but he grabbed my hips, so I couldn't move. Finally, when I thought I would burst, he started rubbing my clit with his tongue, hard and fast, then plunging his fingers into my pussy, bringing me so high, I screamed as I orgasmed, the feelings rushing in waves as I spasmed in pleasure.
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