Light Story About a Late Night Trip To The Grocery Store
It was one of those nights, it was around 1:30 in the morning, and no matter what I did I couldn't get to sleep. I tossed and turned, I feel anxious, and finally I said to hell with sleeping. I got up and went into the kitchen to make a sandwich or maybe get a beer because it's so damn hot and humid. Nothing, not a damn thing in the fridge or anywhere. I knew I should have gone to the store. Hmmmm, what the hell. I'll go slip on my shorts and a tee shirt, and go to the 24 hour market.

I went inside and let out a big "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh", as the cool air hit my body. There was maybe a handful of people shopping at this time of night. Must have been the graveyard group or something like that. I grabbed a cart as I looked over at the one old lady leaning on the counter at the one register they had open. She was reading the National Enquirer. Now I know what that paper was good for; keeping the midnight till dawn crew awake.

I sauntered down the isles look for anything I might need when I spotted a woman standing in a really short skirt reading the back of a cereal box. Damn she looked hot, and she looked familiar as well. I marveled at how her skirt barely covered her ass and I mean barely. She had long beautiful legs that went all the way up. I could feel my cock start to twitch, and a familiar tingle in my balls as I stared at her perfectly proportioned ass. Shit, if I get a hard on in these shorts, everyone will see it.

She turned to put the cereal box back on the shelf, and I saw she was wearing a tank top that was about three sizes too small with no bra. Her nipples were about to poke through the fabric of that tight fitting tank top, they were so hard. Then as I looked at her face, I realized that it was Leslie, my new neighbor. We'd made small talk and there was definitely an attraction between the two of us. We'd dropped a few innuendos, but it seemed as if something always was getting in the way of taking it further. Now maybe things were about to change.

As Leslie reached to put the box back on the shelf she dropped it. She looked over at me and gave me a come fuck me smile. I knew from the smile she recognized me. Still smiling, she turned and bent at the waist, her skirt pulling up, her bare ass was right in my face. I could see that Leslie was only wearing a thong. I started over to her but I was too late, she'd already picked up the box and replaced it on the shelf and started toward another isle. It looked like this was going to be a game of cat and mouse.

This time Leslie stopped at the canned fruits section. I pulled up and stopped a couple of feet behind her. With my heart pounding in my chest, I stepped out from behind the cart and let her see my cock making a tent out of my shorts. Leslie smiled and winked at me knowingly. Looking at the top shelf she reached for a can, once again exposing her beautiful ass.

She looked over at me, and softly said,

"Can you reach that for me please?"

I went over, and as I reached for the can, she reached down and squeezed my now pulsing cock. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes, like a deer staring into on coming head lights. Leslie just smiled and winked as I felt her move the leg opening of my shorts to one side allowing my cock and balls to fall free.

She said, "Mmmmm, no not that one....the one next to it I think."

All this time she was squeezing my cock and balls driving me to the point of cumming.

Then she said "Yes, that one."

Leslie let go of my cock and thanked me as she started moving on to another isle towards the back of the store. She reached the isle where the pasta and spaghetti sauces were...just in front of a potato chip display kiosk. With her back to me, she bent over revealing her ass to me again. There was just enough room for me to edge in. I decided to go for broke, and squatted down and took her ass in my hands, caressing it and kissing her cheeks, all the while hoping she wasn't going to scream bloody murder.

I pulled her thong from her crack and started running my tongue up and down her crack, as she moved her legs a little farther apart. I slipped my tongue deep into her ass, penetrating her, and tongue fucked her ass. I could hear her breathing, almost moaning as she began pushing her ass into my face. Leslie reached down the front of her thong and buried two fingers deep into her pussy as I brought her off, making her cum in the pasta isle.

After her orgasm subsided, Leslie gathered herself together and removed her thong all the while smiling at me. Checking to make sure no body was watching she put the two fingers she'd just had in her pussy to my lips. They were glistening with her pussy juices as I sucked them clean. Now it was time to go down another isle. This time we headed down the fruit and vegetable isle. There was good cover there, because they had boxes of stuff stacked one on top of the other about 3 or 4 feet high. But, if anyone walked by they'd still get any eyeful.

Leslie looked at cucumbers picking one up and began running her fingers over it like it was a cock. I was jealous. Then she leaned over and shoved the cucumber into her pussy, and started fucking herself with it...what a prick tease. I watched as worked the cucumber in and out of her pussy, making me wish it was my cock instead of that damn thing. Pretty soon she closed her eyes and started cumming. She pulled the cucumber from her pussy, and put it in her mouth sucking off her juices as I watched.

My cock was aching now for her pussy, but Leslie was off again. She found another out of the way part of the store. She motioned for me to kneel down so I would be partially hidden by another display. Then she moved up, and all I had to do was lift her skirt and her pussy would be in my face. I looked at her neatly trimmed bush and at her huge clit. Damn this girl was oozing pussy juice. I put my hand on her ass and started licking her pussy as she tried to find the perfect position. Once in position she rode my face while I eased my tongue deep into her pussy. Leslie was humping my face as if it were her own personal dildo.

I took her clit into my mouth and started sucking while I slipped my thumb up her pussy and my little finger up her ass. It was all she could do to keep from screaming out she was so hot. Her body started to spasm, and shudder as she came hard and fast, covering my face with her juices. I watched her look for another isle, finally finding a spot by the toiletries. She knelt down and pulled the leg of my shorts aside letting my hard cock and balls fall free again. Then she took me into her mouth and started sucking me.

Damn her mouth was hot as she sucked my cock and licked my balls. Then Leslie stood up and looked around. Seeing nobody, she leaned over and bared her ass again. I grabbed her cheeks and slid my throbbing cock deep into her pussy. I started pumping her pussy right there in the isle next to the toothpaste. I was oblivious to everything around me when all of a sudden I heard a gasp! Some old lady had come by and caught us!

We apologized and made a beeline for the checkout stand. Once outside Leslie and I broke out laughing. We put our groceries into our cars and then drove back to our apartment building. Leslie told me she had to get her groceries inside, and that she had an early day tomorrow. I was hoping we could pick up where we'd left off, but obviously she didn't have the same idea. Rather than be mad, I thanked her from making what would have been a mundane trip to the store, a wild adventure

I went into my apartment and had just finished putting my groceries away when there was a knock at the door. When I opened the door, there was Leslie, a glazed look in her eye. She smiled saying,

"Fuck tomorrow, I'm so fucking horny I can't stand about you?"

I pointed to my still half hard cock filling my shorts. Leslie smiled, throwing her arms around me, as she pressed her lips to mine as her tongue explore my mouth. I pulled her inside, closing the door with my foot. As we kissed, I pulled her tank top off, breaking our kiss long enough to complete the job. We kissed some more, then I started kissing my way down her neck while she pulled my tee shirt off. I took her nipples into my mouth one at a time, while Leslie squeezed my cock, pushing my shorts down over my hips.

I kicked them off, while she pumped my cock and squeezed my balls. I pushed Leslie against the wall, kneeling down, as she draped her leg over my shoulder. I started running my tongue over her pussy, sliding my tongue between her folds, and then tongue fucked her as she moaned and tugged at my hair. Once I'd gotten her off I picked her up in my arms and took her into the bedroom where I tossed her onto the bed. I crawled onto the bed where Leslie put her arms around me, and rolled me over onto my back.

Leslie lowered her pussy onto my cock, and began humping me, and rubbing her clit with her fingers.

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2009-07-20 20:54:54
hmm think the ending is a bit to open, but don't think the title warrants another chapter either.


2009-03-21 14:27:41
Pretty good story. You better make another chapter or another part or something with an ending like that


2009-02-23 23:17:51
PLEASE write another chapter. Amazing.

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