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Laying in bed, imaginging the naughty things I want him to do to me...
As I lay in bed, I think about him..his muscular arms wrapped tightly around my naked body, his lips touching mine firmly as we share a passionate kiss, and the way he teases me before making me cum so hard for him. Fuck, he is amazing. As I get deeper into these naughty thoughts, I gently tickle along my collarbone with my fingertips..letting my hand sneak down my stomach and then back up underneath my t-shirt.
My hands find their way to my breasts, slowly kneading them..pinching my nipples as they harden. I pull my hands away and suck slowly on both my index fingers, wetting them with saliva to rub over my sensitive nipples..I blow softly on them, causing them only to harden more.
Giving each nipple a few more pinches, I slide my hands back down my stomach..teasing myself around the waistband of my shorts with my fingernails. I push down my shorts as far as I can, and I kick them the rest of the way off..left only in a lacy black thong and my t-shirt pushed up above my breasts. I let my right hand slide down between my legs, my index and middle fingers rubbing over my panty clad slit, feeling my wetness soak through the thin material.
I press my fingers down hard over my clit, rubbing slowly at first but getting faster..a small moan escaping past my pink lips. After I accomplish getting myself nice and wet, I reach over and grab my favorite toy..a white vibrator just for my clit. I slowly push my panties down and off, spreading my legs nice and wide. I turn my vibrator on, teasing myself by tracing it over my nipples and then down my stomach to my clit. I gasp loudly as it first touches my sensitive clit, holding it right on it to drive myself insane. I slowly move the vibrator around in circles on my clit, moaning softly..imagining his tounge circling my clit while he looks up at me, loving that he can cause me such pleasure.
I begin to speed up at this thought, but I slow myself down so I don't cum too quickly. I slide the vibrator away from clit, and down along my slit..letting it tease around my entrance. I slide it back up my slit, jerking my hips up as it returns back to my clit. I move the toy back and forth slowly over my clit, my breathing getting more and more ragged as I near my orgasm.
Wanting to cum so badly, I circle the vibrator around and around on my clit, my hips moving in sync with the toy as I work for an amazing orgasm. My body begins to shake and I feel the familiar warmth rush through my body as I cum, moaning out loudly. With heavy breathing, I lay there..trying to calm down. Now, lying there naked, satisfied, and amazed..I think about how I wish he was there, licking me clean.
I find my thoughts becoming naughty again as I lay there, and I start to get turned on once more. I slowly dip my index finger into my wet cunt, bringing my finger up to my mouth to suck my sweet juices off. Mmm, I think to myself how good I taste, and how much I want him to taste me. He is so sexy. The best part about him is that thick cock of his. I love the way my pussy hugs tightly around him, milking him for every drop of cum as it shoots deep inside me. I want him inside me so badly, right now.
I reach over for another favorite toy of mine, my purple dildo. It's about the same size as him, and it works good enough when he can't satisfy me. I slowly suck on the tip of it, just like I would his..looking up at him as I work to taste his cum. I let the toy half-way down my throat, using my skills are pointless at this time..I just want to have another amazing orgasm.
Pulling the toy out of my mouth with a 'pop' noise, I lead it down to my awaiting cunt..pratically grinning as I let my thoughts trick me for a moment, thinking it's his cock. I press the tip of the purple toy against my opening, moving it in circles before slowly sliding it inside me. I gasp loudly, needing to get myself used to the size. Slowly, I press it all the way inside of me..letting it stay buried inside me to the hilt for just a moment before sliding it back out, keeping the tip inside me.
As I take a deep breath, I quickly slam the thick purple toy deep inside me..moaning out in pleasure. I slide it almost all the way out again, and then quickly back inside. Working it in and out of my soaking cunt, imagining him working that thick long cock of his in me. Telling him to fuck me harder and faster, knowing he will make me cum so hard. I increase the pace of my hand, thrusting the toy in and then back out, moaning uncontrollably.
I feel myself edge closer to orgasm, and I slow it down just a bit. Not wanting to cum just yet. After giving myself just a few seconds to recover, I begin thrusting my toy back in and back out..not starting off too fast. After a few minutes, I begin to speed up my moans getting loud once again. Shit, I'm so close. I want to cum so hard..cum so hard for him. Finally, after all my work..I feel my pussy hug even more tightly around the purple toy buried inside me, milking it just like I would his cock. Moaning loudly as I cum once again for the day, all because of him.

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