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I didnt get the Girl Next Door but I did get the neighborhood MILF
In 2006 when I was about 16, a new family moved into the neighborhood. It was the typical family, a dad a mom and a couple kids. My neighborhood seemed to be growing and growing with little kids. Every family that would move in would have little kids, no teenagers, boys or girls. So unfortunately I had never really had the girl next door I always wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I had my fair share of fucks from girls at my school, but it would be nothing compared to fucking the girl next door.

This is where she comes in, not exactly what I had in mind, but she was very attractive. Jenny was the new woman that had moved in with her family. At first I didn’t really think anything of her because I had never really seen her in person. My neighborhood pretty much kept to themselves and never really had any get to gathers. So a couple months passed and my sophomore year in high school had just ended. It was now summer time, the usual sleeping in, eating junk food, going outside and playing some football with my friends. Eventually we would head to the lake and goof around, maybe meet some chicks from our school there. However, one day, old man Dick (really his name) came over to my house.

Usually when Dick comes over he has some yard work for me to do. I’m always willing to do it because he pays really well. We wanted me to come over in the next few days and shovel some gravel for him and he would pay me $100. So a couple days later I went over and performed another day of yard work for Dick. I began my work at about 9 o’clock in the morning because I didn’t want to do all that work in mid day because it was suppose to be 95 degrees the entire week. The next couple days went by smoothly and I eventually got the job done and dick paid me the $100 dollars he promised to pay me. After he had paid me he told me something very interesting, Jenny had needed some work done in her yard as well and didn’t know who to ask, so Dick told her I was the guy to do it.

So I said sure, why not, I might as well go over there and at least introduce myself to her and her family. When I went over there I had noticed that her husband’s car was gone from the driveway, so he must have gone to work. He seemed to be gone at work most of the day; I would say about 10 hours or so. I worked my way up to the front door and proceeded to ring the door bell. A few seconds passed and finally she opened the door. This is when I got all of the evidence I need to figure out that she was a MILF.

She opened the door in a halter top and a nice shirt that blew with the slight breeze, glasses propped up on her head. She was a fairly short brunette with long dark hair and a fabulous tan, I think she may have been of Greek or Italian decent. However, the first thing I noticed was her perfectly circular tits. They HAD to be at least a 34C and were propped up nicely with a push up bra. After I had stared for what seemed like forever I looked up, embarrassed. I introduced myself and showed her wear I lived and I told her I could help her out with her yard work. She graciously said, “Come in for a second” so I followed her into her house. As I was following her up the stairs I couldn’t help but notice that she had the rounded bubblebutt I had seen in a long time. It was absolutely perfect as each cheek would bounce one by one in her beautiful pink skirt as she walked up the stairs. She was definitely was wearing a thong because her ass cheeks were as free as could be.

As soon as we got to the kitchen table my cock was pulsating in my cacky shorts and I couldn’t hide it. I had 7 inches of rock hard cock bulging through my shorts, her ass was just one of a kind and me being an ass lover just couldn’t resist. When we got to the table she proceeded to the other side of the table and I stayed where I was. As she turned around she took a quick glance at me and her eyes immediately went straight to my cock. She acted like she hadn’t seen anything, but you could tell she saw it because she was blushing quite bad. However, we began to discuss what she needed me to do and how much she was going to pay me. She asked me if I could trim the bushes, do some weeding and make a tree fort for her kids. She then told me that she would pay me $250. Of course I took the offer.

The next day I came over and began by trimming the bushes and eventually ended up in the backyard starting the tree fort. A couple hours later, after working on that stupid tree fort that seemed was impossible to build I noticed that Jenny had woken up. The light in her room had turned on and I could sort of see her moving around. I kept on working for another hour or so and then I thought to myself “fuck this” and went into her house to get something to drink. She had previously told me that I could grab a Gatorade out of the fridge. So I went inside and grabbed a Gatorade and I could hear water running, thinking “holy shit” she is in the shower. My cock immediately stiffened and I had the urge to go peak at her. I tried to hold myself back but I could resist.

As I went towards her room I could tell that her bedroom door was unlocked so I knew I could get in. I went into her room, which was really nice I must say, her whole house was, I made my way to the bathroom. I couldn’t tell if the bathroom door was locked or not but I tried the handle. It was unlocked! I cracked the door without making any noise and could see the mirror, which was right across from the shower. I slowly pulled out my hard cock as I could see her in the shower through the mirror. It was like heaven, her 5’6 frame with those nice tits and that AMAZING round ass. She was rubbing out her amazing cameltoe pussy and then she went to her ass. Her ass cheeks just bouncing with soap dripping down them and then she bent over to grab the shampoo and her ass showed me everything it had, that tight little asshole and that perfect cameltoe cunt.

Before I completely blew my load, I went into the hallway and found the nearest bathroom or toilet, somewhere where I could blow my load. As I was stroking myself I heard the shower turn off, so I stroked faster so that I wouldn’t get caught. I continued stroking and the n I heard her leave her room. So I was like oh shit, and hid in the shower in the bathroom I was in. She walked down the hall and then stopped…. I had left my gloves on the counter. As she walked into the bathroom in her robe, I made a noise. She opened the curtain to the shower and I was standing their with my hard 7 inch cock hanging out. Her jaw dropped and she looked really frustrated by me. I couldn’t tell what she was going to do.

Out of utter surprise she dropped her robe, exposing her 34C perky tits. Her nipples were so erect she could cut glass. Then she told me to get out of the shower and lean back against the counter and stay still. She then squatted down and grabbed my cock with one hand and shoved it in her mouth. Her mouth was sooo warm and moist and you could tell she had done this many times before. She kept going for a couple minutes, her head bobbing up and down my cock. After a while I could tell I was going to explode and I said, “I’m CUMMMIIINNNGGG” and I thought she would pull off. Instead she sucked my cock even harder until I shot the biggest load of my life in her mouth and she said, “a lot better than jacking off isn’t it?”

She then left the room and I buttoned up my pants about the best blowjob of my life. No high school girl could ever do what she did, ever. I then went back downstairs and out to the backyard to finish my work. I put together the tree house piece by piece in the heat. I took off my t-shirt because I was getting really hot and sweaty. Time passed by and later on Jenny came outside. She was in a bikini that didn’t cover much. She laid down on her lawn chair and soaked in the sun. After awhile she flipped over and her bubblebutt ass was now soaking in the sun. There wasn’t really any point in wearing a bikini bottom because her ass just ate up the bottoms. After a while she asked me to come over so she could have me do something.

I walked over to her and couldn’t help but getting a hard on again. Her ass was just to incredible for me to handle. She gave me some baby oil and told me to put it on her back. So I did. Slowly rubbing her back and then she told me to rub some on her legs. So I proceeded to do that and rubbed her soft legs for a couple minutes. Then she told me to take her bottoms off, so I happily did that as well. Exposed were her gigantic ass and her beautiful cameltoe cunt. She told me to rub some oil on her ass and make sure it was all even. She had told me to take her bottoms off because she didn’t like tan lines, which was fine with me. I rubbed her ass for awhile and then slightly touched her cunt, little by little, feeling her soft pussy lips. I began to finger her cunt as she removed her top. My cock by now was craving pussy.
After a while of finger fucking her pussy, she turned over and pulled my shorts down and sucked my cock again. After a bit, she looked up at me and said, “You wanna fuck me don’t you?” and of course I said yes. She proceeded to turn back around and she stuck her plump ass straight up in the air. I eagerly took my cock in my hand and stuck it straight into her cameltoe. This was the best fuck of my life, her cunt just hugged my cock as I began fucking her doggystyle harder and harder. We fucked harder and harder for about 15 minutes and then I could feel it again. But, right before I was going to scream CCCUUUMMMIIINNGGGG, she let out the moan of her life. Her cunt squirted all over my cock and balls. Little did she know it, but then I shot right back in her, filling her cunt with cum as I watched her ass cheeks bounce and bounce. I stayed in her cunt for as long as I possibly could because it was so warm and hugged my cock so tight.

We both just laid there exhausted from the incredible fuck we just had. She told me start fingering her asshole because she liked that after sex, so I did. My finger was just sliding in and out of her tight asshole and my cock began to obtain life again. My cock was almost rock solid and her asshole was getting looser and looser. She then began to climb on top of me and give my cock a nice handjob. After that handjob she straddled my hard cock and slowly pushed her tight asshole onto the head of my cock. I grabbed both of her giant ass cheeks and pushed my cock up into her asshole. She began riding my cock, up and down that ass would bounce, her perky huge tits bouncing right in front of my face, we were both having the time of our life. She was pounding down on my cock harder and harder, her ass just pounding down on my ball sack; it was LITERALLY sex in heaven. I shot load after load endlessly into her ass, she then pulled off my cock and her gaping asshole dripped with cum.
Afterwards I sucked on her tits for a little awhile and she played with my cock until she got up and walked in the house. I buttoned up my shorts and waited for her to come back out. She came back out and gave me my $250 and said. “Let me know when your not busy, I might have more work for you to do.” And then gave me a big wink. I proceeded back home pretty quickly because it was almost time for her husband to come home.

This was the summer of my life so far… it wasn’t the girl next door, but it was he MILF of the neighborhood. We fucked almost everyday that summer and it was great every single time. Thank god for such a gifted and blessed woman.

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