This is a story of sadness, but a new beggining. This has sex, but it's not all of it. This is also my first story, so constructive comments please.
Chapter 1

Jensen had suffered many tragedies throughout his childhood. His father left when he was a little older than one, and his mother died on his sixth birthday. He moved in with his grandmother, Audrey, who he became very close to by the time he was ten. Audrey lived far from Jensen’s hometown of Regina, so he could not go to school there anymore, and lost his friend’s from there.

Jensen moved into a new school near Audrey’s house, which was very small and had very few kids. He eventually made a few friends, and became very close to Michael, who everyone called Mike. They were always together, and went to each other’s houses quite often. Mike’s mother, Ellie, was rarely home, but the few times Jensen met here, she was extremely nice to him.

When Jensen was staying over at Mike’s one night, they were laying in the living room talking, trying to be quiet, not to wake Mike’s mom, when they heard her starting to come downstairs. They quickly turned of the light, got under their cover’s, and closed there eye’s. When she made it down the stairs, Jensen opened his eyes to see Ellie in a very skimpy, almost see-through nightgown. He had a clear view at her in the kitchen, and couldn’t take his eyes of her. After a while of looking, Jensen noticed he was breathing harder, but not worried, kept on staring. He didn’t even know why he was looking, he never really noticed girls at school before, and now wasn’t different to him. She finished what she was doing, and started to head back up stairs.

Jensen heard her go into her room, but not close her door, and he couldn’t withhold himself. He needed to see more, and leaving the door open was almost an invitation. He started to make his way up the stairs, not able to get the image of Ellie out of his head. He was sure to be quiet and slow, but no noise would stop him. Nearer to the door, he heard Ellie moving around, probably doing something in the closet, Jensen thought to himself. He moved his way closer to the door, and peaked inside. There was nothing to see, so Jensen moved around, so he could see more. Looking in again, he saw Ellie taking some clothes out of the closet, but she stopped, and started to undress. Jensen’s mouthed just dropped when he saw when he saw the nude back of her back. She had a slim figure, very curvy, which led down to which Jensen thought was an amazing ass, which it truly was. She undid her ponytail of burgundy hair, which he could only imagine was the softest hair he could ever feel. Still having not seen the front of this angel in front of him, he waited with anticipation, which felt like hours, but he could not resist the sight of her perfect ass.

She began to turn, and Jensen’s breathing almost stopped. Her front was as or more amazing than her back. Her face was perfect, no imperfections of any kind, and the softest look a boy like him could dream. He followed down her neck to her large breast’s, which he could only compare to melon’s they were so big. The thought of him touching them made him breath harder than before. Jensen thought to himself how funny he thought learning about sex was, but he was glad to know about a female. He looked further down her curvy body, to her slim stomach, and to her round hip’s. Jensen looked lower, but stopped, he saw what he always laughed at at school, her naked vagina, which he heard other boy’s at school calling a pussy. He thought it was weird since it had no hair on it, but he learned that girls grew hair there. He snapped out of trance and continued to look at her body. Her thighs were toned, and like the rest of her leg, was smooth, but he only guessed that.

She sat at the foot of the bed, and got out a bottle of lotion and started rubbing it up and down her legs. Jensen started breathing harder, and his heart was beating so hard it was almost hurting, and then Ellie looked straight at him. Jensen knew she couldn’t see him; he was hidden in the dark. With a quick grin she started rubbing the lotion on again, but this time went to her breasts. She was moving the everywhere, squeezing them, and pinching her own nipples. Along with Jensen, Ellie started to breathe harder, and Jensen saw her move her hand slowly down body, onto her pussy. She was moving her hand up and down, and she opened up her legs, so Jensen had a perfect view of what she was doing. Two of her fingers were moving in and out of her pussy, while her other hand was still working on her breasts. She started to breathe harder, and to Jensen sounded like she was hurting herself, rather than moaning with pleasure.

Jensen came to the conclusion that she was having her orgasm, because her pussy was dripping with a fluid that Jensen didn’t know about. She eventually stopped, but she was still breathing hard, and was sweating a bit. She finished putting on her lotion, which she did quicker than before, and she put on some loose fitting pyjamas, so he couldn’t see her figure, which he quickly missed. She then went, turned of her light, and went into her bed. Jensen made his way back downstairs, calmer than before.

Early in the morning, he saw Ellie leaving, which made him sad, but knew it would be less awkward for him. Later into the afternoon, he started to walk home, which was only a half-hour walk, but he took his special way which led near a pond he liked to go to, so it would take him an hour. While he was walking, he could not stop thinking about Ellie, and how she was the most beautiful thing he ever saw. He knew she was masturbating, he learned about that, but he had never tried it himself. He really couldn’t, he never had an erection before, he was barely going into to puberty now, and he was already 12.

Jensen could see his house, and Audrey in the garden, he could swear, unless she was cooking, he always saw her in the garden. She quickly saw him, and waved to him to come over and help. That took his mind of Ellie for a bit, which he was happy about, because it was really distracting him. They were in the garden so long, when dinner was done, he had to go to bed. He dreamed of seeing Ellie naked again in his dreams, which made him quite happy the following morning.

Chapter 2

Jensen turned 14, and became quite good at jerking off to thoughts of Ellie. Over the years, he had a few encounters with her. None of them were personal, but by far, she was still the most beautiful thing she ever saw. They both had suffered greatly when Mike died of a serious heart condition. He wanted to stay in contact with Ellie after Mike died, so Jensen started running errands for her. Small tasks, but it seemed to make Ellie happy when he arrived with her groceries.

When coming home from a walk through his special way, he could see the lights from the ambulance in front of the house. He ran over to see the paramedic’s taking Audrey into the back of the ambulance. He tried to get an answer out of one of the, but they wouldn’t talk to him. The sheriff got him to sit down inside, while he got himself a cup of coffee. Audrey fell down the stairs when she suffered a heart attack. Jensen almost broke down, but held his composure, as the sheriff told him that she has a slight chance of living, and that he would need to find a new place to live. He could only think, so Jensen went on a walk, it seemed so long by the time he ended up at Ellie’s house. He didn’t know what to do, so he knocked, and felt a little better when he saw the angel open the door. She greeted him nicely as usual. Jensen could hardly talk, but mustered the words “Audrey’s dead”. She took him to the couch, and spent a good part of an hour holding him in her arms, telling him it’s ok, and it’s going to be alright. Even in the sadness, he couldn’t help but notice her breast’s pushing against him. He stopped himself though, and started to talk to her.

He awoke at about 7:00AM, with Ellie’s arm over him. They never left the couch last night, and just fell asleep in each other’s arms. Ellie had no problem with him living with her; she said as long as it took, she always enjoyed his company. He wanted to be really nice to her for letting him stay, so he went to the kitchen to start making some breakfast. When he scavenged up some eggs and bacon, he set the table, and went back to the couch to wake Ellie. He lay down next to her, admiring her beauty, and started whispering to her. Her eyes started to open, revealing the piercing blue, which was Jensen’s favourite colour. He told her that breakfast was ready, and she slowly got up.
“Oh gosh, my hair’s a mess,” said Ellie, “I am going to go clean up first.”
Jensen quickly caught her, “no, please don’t, you look beautiful when your hair is messy.”
She hugged him, placing her head on top of his, thanking him. She looked down, as he looked up, there eyes met, and love was the only emotion that showed. She moved closer to him, and there lips met, for the second’s they were one, they knew that they loved each other. Ellie broke off the kiss, still smiling, and holding his hand took him to the table so they could eat.

When they finished, she told him to go get his stuff from his house, and she would get cleaned up. He went home, noticed a few cars out front, but at least the sheriffs car was there. He went in, and saw a few people looking at the house, and the sheriff came over, and told him that his grandmother died last night. Jensen told the sheriff that he had a place to stay, and since he wouldn’t want to live in the house again, that he was free to sell it. All of the people left the house, and Jensen went to get his clothes, and the rest of his stuff.

After gathering everything up, he stepped out the door, and with tear’s running down his face locked it for the last time. He was to place the key in the mailbox, and the sheriff would leave the new residence forms in there, which he did. He put his bags into the back of Audrey’s car, and left, knowing no one would stop him from driving out in the middle of no where. Appearing at the door with tears in his eyes still, Ellie helped him with his stuff, and again held him in her arms until he stopped crying.

Chapter 3

Jensen was an athletic kid, played on the school football team, so he was short, but muscular. He was shorter than most others, but had a bigger body. He had short brown hair, inviting green eyes, and great smile. Ellie wasn’t so different, other than the obvious differences; she was taller than him, by about half a foot. She wasn’t quite muscular, but rather toned, with long legs, and her curvy body.

Ellie had helped Jensen through his grandmother’s death, and he helped her by doing household chores. Jensen always pulled his own weight, even if Ellie didn’t want the help, he knew that she did. Jensen got an after school job to get a little more income, but was quickly laid off because of over employment.

Ever since there first kiss, they found no problem with doing more of it. On the inside they both knew not to go further, so they never tried. They did sleep in the same bed, since neither of them wanted to empty out Mike’s room. They did also go on many dates, going into Regina, or the small town near Ellie’s house that had a theatre. Jensen was always the gentlemen, but most of the movie was missed because the two were usually locked by the lips.

When Ellie came home from work early, she wanted to talk to Jensen about there relationship. She wanted to know how far he wanted to go with her, but Jensen couldn’t answer, only because he had never been with a girl, so he didn’t know.
“Why can’t you answer?” asked Ellie
“I don’t know how to,”
“You mean you’ve never, you know, done something.”
“Of course not, I’ve been with you.”
“That’s sweet, but I think it’s time you learned”
“Are you going to teach me, cause I’ve always wanted that.”

She didn’t answer; she just started undoing her shirt, revealing a red lacey bra holding in her large breasts. After she got it off, they started kissing, which because of the circumstances was more passionate than ever before. She took a hold of his hand, and to his pleasure, led it to her covered breast. He started massaging it, and she moved her hands behind her to undo the strap. Removing his hand for only a second, she removed the bra, and he began massaging again. He remembered seeing her squeezing her own breasts, and started doing what she did. While alternating between breasts, he squeezed, and pinched her nipples till they were hard, and he noticed her breasts becoming fuller as the more stimulated they got. Even as they were kissing, she was moaning in his mouth, which turned them both on more. She was rubbing his crotch, and to him, it was the best feeling he had ever experienced. She whispered in his ear something he couldn’t make out, but then she started pushing his head toward here right breast. He could only guess that he should suck on them, and when he flicked his tongue on her nipple, she was instantly moaning. He took the whole nipple in his mouth, and she dug her nails into his back. He sucked harder, while massaging the other breast with his other hand. After switching between the two for a while, she finally pushed him away. She took the bottom of his shirt in here hands and pulled to take it off.

She then slid off the couch onto her knees in front of him, and started to unzip his pants. She slid his pants down and the only thing holding in his erection was his boxers, but they didn’t hide it very well. A smile appeared on Ellie’s face when she saw the tent in front of her, and slowly started rubbing his dick inside the boxers. Jensen didn’t have an overly large penis, only about 6 inches long, but it was rather thick. Ellie also slid off his boxers revealing the dick hidden under them. She continued to jerk him while she slid the boxers over his ankles, and them she turned back to him and licked her lips. She licked the tip of the head, and shivers of pleasure went through Jensen. She licked up and down the whole thing, until she engulfed the head into her mouth. She bobbed up and down, and used her tongue in ways that Jensen didn’t know a person could do. Leaving no part of his dick untouched, Ellie gave as much pleasure to him as he did to her. She had always liked giving head, and found that she was really good at it. Jensen had waves of pleasure running through him, and was coming close to his orgasm.

“You need to stop, I’m gonna cum.”
Ellie pulled her mouth of his penis, seeing how it glistened with all the saliva on it.
“Don’t worry about it sweetie, I want you to cum in my mouth, unless you have a problem with that.”
She started to fake pout, and Jensen could only smile. Ellie took that as a sign to continue. She licked the topped, up and down again, and took it back into her mouth. She knew Jensen was going to cum soon, since he was moaning and breathing harder. Then she tasted it, the sweet and a bit salty taste in her mouth, and knew he was coming. Jensen had never experienced such a powerful orgasm before, and he just kept on cumming. Ellie could hardly hold all the cum in her mouth, but still happily swallowed it all. He finally relaxed and she took her mouth of his penis.

She lay down next to him, and they stayed there until he caught his breath, then they kissed again, and Jensen could taste the saltiness of his seamen in her mouth.
“I want to pleasure you now”
She got him to get on his knees in front of her, and she undid her skirt, revealing the matching panties to her bra. Jensen noticed her pussy was still as amazing as it was when he saw her naked before. He began to slide down her panties, and she lifted herself up to help him. He had watched enough porn to at least know what to do, and he started by kissing her thigh. Near her knee, then closer, until he was kissing her hip, then across again to her other thigh, until he came to the sweet spot. He was kissing just above her pussy, and then around, teasing her. She tried to move around to get him on her pussy, but he was quick enough to kiss somewhere else. He knew she couldn’t take it anymore, so he licked right between here lips. Up the down, he went higher, then lower, he then went to her clit, and flicked it with his tongue, and she screamed with pleasure. He did that a few more times and then spread her lips with his tongue, and pushed into her pussy with his tongue. She moaned harder the farther he went in, until his tongue couldn’t reach any further. The taste of her juices was great; Jensen could not get enough of it. He started fingering her since he couldn’t keep on going with is tongue. She started rocking her hips, and he knew she was having her orgasm. He didn’t stop licking or fingering even after she finished. He continued until she came once more, then he finally stopped.

She pulled him up beside her, and pulled his lips to hers, and locked in yet another passionate kiss. Ellie Fell asleep in his arms, but he wasn’t worried, he had done more with a girl today then ever before and was feeling tired also. Her naked body was warm, and seemed more beautiful then ever before. Jensen got up, put his arms under Ellie, and started to carry her upstairs to there bed. He laid her down, got into bed behind her, and fell asleep with a smile on his face.

To be continued...

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2009-03-25 16:32:17
i agree with the last person in some ways, but i will say that im happy it didnt go straight to sex. also remeber that spell check is ur friend (:

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2009-03-23 02:42:04
There just seems to be something childish about the way this story is written. There's a lack of dialog and the characters and plot seem really shallow. I mean the first two chapters are basically, "My mom died. I moved. I saw my friend's mom; she was hot. My friend died. My grandma died. I moved in with my friend's mom."

There is little to no build up or reason to why the people were dying. I understand that the author wanted sadness to be present but the way it was implemented was just kind of... childish.

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2009-03-18 19:26:58
When Jensen was staying over at Mike’s one night, they were laying in the living room talking, trying to be quiet, not to wake Mike’s mom, when they heard her starting to come downstairs. They quickly turned of the light, got under their cover’s, and closed there eye’s. When she made it down the stairs, Jensen opened his eyes to see Ellie in a very skimpy, almost see-through nightgown. He had a clear view at her in the kitchen, and couldn’t take his eyes of her. After a while of looking, Jensen noticed he was breathing harder, but not worried, kept on staring. He didn’t even know why he was looking, he never really noticed girls at school before, and now wasn’t different to him. She finished what she was doing, and started to head back up stairs.

Jensen heard her go into her room, but not close her door, and he couldn’t withhold himself. He needed to see more, and leaving the door open was almost an invitation..mikey already dead?

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2009-03-17 04:22:12
Umm..nice story.Clean flow with erotic style.Hope to read more from you.But don't mess the part two like most writers do when they recieve good comments.

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2009-03-16 22:32:02
omg you're a natural. Watch the grammar a bit, i know it doesn't not a big deal, but it breaks the momentum. keep at it, and you'll make a lot of people happy on this site. =]

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