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This is another chapter in the story about Tori who had just found out that her best friend was in the hospital after a sexual assault. This chapter will let you know more of what happened and will ask you to think more about who might be responsible for the assault. Read on and see what you think.
. . . I opened my eyes and I was in the cabin on the bed surrounded by mirrors where I had gone with Scott and Sara. There lying next to me was Elizabeth and she smiled up at me with a sweet smile. As I looked back in her eyes she reached up and pulled me to her and we kissed long and passionately. Kissing Elizabeth was so unique to me because the kisses were so soft yet so intimate and while kissing I always seemed to lose any sense of time. We kissed and hugged and lay there together for a while and I slowly realized that we were both naked under the covers. When we finally broke the series of kisses she took a moment to make and hold eye contact before she kissed right below my lips on my chin. Her next kiss found my cheek, and then another on my neck followed by another on my chest. Again she looked up at me looking directly in my eyes and smiled at me before then kissing down onto my right breast. Her hands moved down to my chest and she cupped my breast holding it softly between her hands as her lips went to my nipple.

She gave my nipple a soft quick kiss and then made eye contact with me again before smiling and then lowering her mouth again to my nipple. This time her tongue swirled round and around my nipple making it harden. After wetting it with her tongue she blew softly cold air onto the nipple making it harden that much more. Then again she pulled it between her lips and sucked my nipple warming it well inside her mouth. Ohhh myyy it felt so good and I had to close my eyes and moan. When she pulled her mouth off that nipple I then felt her move her hands to my other breast cupping it as she had the other. She slowly and softly did the same to this breast as she had to the other. It felt amazing as her tongue swirled around the areola and then the nipple. The cool breath of air she blew made my nipple harden like never before and then the warmth of her mouth pulling my nipple between her lips felt so wonderful. I felt my entire body get aroused just from what she had done with each breast.

She then let her long hair trail down my chest and onto my stomach and gave occasional kisses to my tummy. She kissed me directly on my belly button and then swirled her tongue through there as well. It made my tummy quiver but not in a tickle sort of way but in an exhilarating stimulation of my tummy. Her kisses then worked lower going down my lower tummy and I felt her hands very softly push my legs open and I shivered with anticipation with where her kisses would land next. Slowly her mouth left soft lip prints on my skin until she found the top of my sex. Again I felt her tongue swirl around but this time it was on the most sensitive place on my body. Her tongue worked through my lips and around my clit and my arousal was building so fast.

I dug my fists into the bedding and she kissed and licked my sex and it felt like nothing I had felt since the day with her in the theater. Slowly and patiently her lips and tongue caressed my sensitive flesh and I could tell I was aroused to the point of oozing wetness to her kisses. I couldn’t help worry that I would taste horrible but if I did she gave no indication that she didn’t love the taste of me. Even though the only contact on my body was her hands on my hips and her mouth at my sex each lick felt like it was resonating deep inside my body. I felt my body slowly begin to tremble and realized I could not control the tremble at all.

Then to my surprise I felt a tightness and a need deep in my stomach and a sudden release deep inside my soul and I felt myself lose all control as I came over and over to her lovemaking. The feelings were fantastic and I thought that every ounce of energy had drained from me but suddenly she was lying along my side and kissed my mouth and we exchanged a long deep passionate kiss.

We kissed for several minutes and then shared eye contact again and this time when looking me directly in the eyes her eyes then looked down at her body. That was all the hint I needed and I began to leave a trail of kisses starting at her chin and working down onto her chest. Like her I took my time and cupped one breast softly in my hands and then swirled my tongue around her areola and nipple till I had it wet with my saliva. I then copied what she had done and blew soft cool air onto her nipple. I watched it harden to my blowing and then slowly took it in my lips sucking it as deeply into my mouth as I could. I heard her let out a soft moan and I felt that I must have done well. Again I repeated the same process on the other nipple swirling my tongue all around it. The blowing the cool air was followed by me sucking her nipple as far into my mouth as I could.

I was nervous having never done this with another girl but my nerves were only because I was afraid I would not please her. My kisses then began to work down her tummy and I swirled my tongue through her belly button as she had mine. Then my kisses worked lower and soon I had one place left and timidly worked my kisses to her sex. Very softly and carefully I kissed then licked at her lower lips and worked my tongue between them till I found her clit. I swirled my tongue round and round her clit and then through her lips over and over. I kissed and sucked and licked all around her there till I felt her hips moving with the rhythm of my licking and sucking. It wasn’t very long before she too was trembling and to my surprise she began to gush her orgasm to my mouth. I licked and swallowed her sweet nectar and thought to myself that it tasted sweeter then salty male cum. I then felt her hand reach down and tap my chin and then she took hold of my arm and pulled me up her body till we lay together kissing.

Our kisses were soft and gentle and it felt so wonderful being there with her and then I was stunned when I felt hands on my legs opening them wide. I broke my kiss with Elizabeth and looked down to see Scott standing at the end of the bed naked. Within seconds I felt his cock penetrate me and he began to stroke his cock in and out of my body. I looked back at Elizabeth nervously but she just lifted her lips to touch mine and we kissed again as Scott moved his cock inside my body. It felt so strange to be kissing her and hugging her while a cock worked my sex and it almost felt like she was inside me. I was then surprised again when I felt him remove his cock and my confusion was cleared away when I felt her body move under me and I could tell he was now moving inside her.

I never would have thought she would allow or want this but she just continued to kiss me as Scott worked his cock in and out of her body. Not too long after he again switched his cock back into my body and began to move inside me again. It wasn’t very much longer before he erupted inside my body and filled me with his cum. Scott then pulled me off of Elizabeth and to one side of the bed. He lay down beside me and pulled me into his arms. My eyes then shot open wide with what I saw next. Coach Kahanamoku came into the room. He walked straight over to Elizabeth and she scrambled to try to get away from him. But he caught hold of her leg and pulled her towards him on the bed and then slapped her across the face. I jerked and tried to move to attack him but to my horror Scott held me firmly in his arms.

I was helpless to move as the coach hit Elizabeth over and over and then moved on top of her body and began to rape her. She screamed and fought and tried desperately to get away but he just continued to hit her and to rape her and Scott held me helpless to do anything about it. This continued to happen until I guess he came inside her. I watched him pull out and she laid there helpless and then he came over to me. The coach then took hold of me and held me down as Scott then went over to Elizabeth and pushed her legs open slapped her face and plunged his cock into her body. She again tried to fight him but it was useless as he was so much bigger and stronger then her. Again I struggled to pull free but the coach was too strong and held me easily. I laid there in shock watching Scott rape my best friend and then to my horror the coach crawled on top of me and forced himself inside me. . . .

I fell to the floor next to my bed tangled in my covers shaking and soaked in sweat. I had just awoken from another horrible nightmare. My heart was pounding and I must have hit my head on my nightstand as I felt pain on one temple. I turned on my lamp and then got up and turned on my light and headed into the bathroom. This time I was too shaken up to go back to bed and I found my robe and put it on and went downstairs to the den. I got a glass of milk from the kitchen and then turned on the TV and curled up on the sofa. I was surprised when I saw my mother walk down the stairs and she came over and asked me if I was okay. I nodded my head yes that I was okay but she knew the right question to ask next, “Nightmare?” Again I nodded. My mom sat down on the sofa next to me and pulled me to her and asked me if I wanted to talk about it. I shook my head no.

I was then stunned by her next question, “Do you think you’re ready to tell me about your rape?” I looked at her very surprised and I wanted to tell her but I just didn’t think I could begin to put it into words for her. I also didn’t think I could explain how Scott had arranged for me to go to the hotel. So I finally answered her by just shaking my head no. “It might help to talk about it,” she said. “I can’t yet mom,” I said back but made a point to hug her harder. “Okay baby, just let me know when you’re ready,” she said. We sat there on the sofa starring at the TV watching nothing. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up later and found myself lying on the sofa with a blanket over me to the smell of fresh coffee brewing. I got up and went into the kitchen and there was dad reading the newspaper. “Morning,” he said. “Morning Daddy,” I said back. “Another nightmare,” my father asked to which I nodded. “I agree with your mother I think it would be good for you to see someone you need to start getting some sleep. You have to realize above all you’re making decisions for not only yourself now,” he said. I thought about what he was saying, I was pregnant after all and I guess he was right with a baby I needed to try to get rest.

I was getting ready to get myself a cup of coffee and then thought about the fact that coffee had caffeine. I guess I had to start thinking about that now too what I should and should not put into my body. “Daddy, do you think I could raise a baby,” I asked? This got him thinking and he put his newspaper down. “Tori, you have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever known so I know you would love a son or daughter as much if not more then anyone,” he said then continued, “But you’re just a teenager yourself and you have a lot of growing up to do. Having a baby will make you grow up much faster then your mother or I ever hoped for. I think you have the heart and mind to be a loving mother but its nothing I ever would have wished for you. Knowing you as my daughter I know you will do your best and find a way to be a good mother if that’s what you decide to do.”

I put my hand on his hand and smiled at him. I then thought about what I should have been thinking about all morning and asked him, “Is mom up?” He nodded at me and then said, “She’s upstairs.” “Thanks,” I said and headed upstairs to talk to my mom. I found her in her room and knocked lightly. She was putting away some clothes in her dresser. “Mom can you take me to the hospital,” I asked? She turned around and looked at me and said, “Good morning.” Then she nodded to answer my question but then added, “As soon as you get cleaned up.” I looked down and realized I was still in my might clothes. I turned and hurried off to my room to take a quick shower and get ready to go. Twenty minutes later we were on our way to the hospital.

We parked and headed back to Elizabeth’s room. When we got to her floor I went to her window and was relieved to see the lights were on and she was sitting up in her bed. I rushed into her room and was so happy to see her smile at me and I said, “Hey you’re awake, how are you feeling?” She nodded at me and the smile left her face and she answered, “Pretty good.” “What’s the doctor saying,” I asked. I was surprised by the next look on her face and I saw hurt in her eyes as she replied, “He said I have internal injuries and that my reproduction system was damaged and I may not ever be able to have children but how the hell are you doing Tori?” I froze where I was standing and I realized that while she was able to sit up it didn’t mean she was all better. I then even realized that her swelling had gone down some but the bruises were all still there. “Oh my God Elizabeth I’m so sorry,” I said and walked over to her slowly. I put my hand on her hand and was relieved when she turned her hand over and held my hand in hers.

She looked in my eyes and I guess she felt guilty for what she said and she said to me, “Sorry!” “You don’t have to apologize I didn’t realize it was that bad,” I replied. “It’s pretty bad Tori they messed me up pretty good,” she said. “Who were they,” I asked. “Scott and three of his little jock friends,” she said. I looked at her stunned by this. I thought to myself that there was no way Scott could have done this, for one he was at his house I know because I had been there with him. But I didn’t want to hurt her more so I just kept my mouth shut. “I talked to the police earlier and they’re going to find them all,” she said. I nodded as my reply. “I scratched them with my nails,” she said and she looked in a direction in the room where no one was standing. “They’re going to get them,” she said again. She then looked into my eyes again. “Hey but at least I fit in with the group with you now,” she said and it took a moment for me to figure out what she meant. I saw her eyes start to tear and mine did too as I understood what group she meant. . . the rape support group.

I leaned into her gently and gave her a soft hug and she hugged me back. Her mom wiped her eyes and stepped out of the room and my mom followed her. Elizabeth surprised me by straining and moving to the side sliding over to the far side of the bed. “Easy,” I said worried she might hurt herself. She patted the bed next to her and said, “Come here next to me.” I looked at her surprised and opened my eyes wide and said, “I don’t think the nurses will like that.” “I don’t care,” she replied and patted the mattress again, “Get up here before I come down there and get you.” I moved to the end of the bedrail and carefully sat on the edge of the bed then scooted back next to Elizabeth on the bed. She took my hand in hers and our wrist and forearms were touching too all the way up to our elbows. She then leaned her head and rested it on my shoulder. “I’m sorry I told everyone about the baby,” she said surprising me again.

I couldn’t believe with all she had been through that she would think of that and feel bad about it. “Elizabeth don’t be ridiculous just forget about it, it wasn’t a big deal,” I said. She let out a little chuckle. “Well half the school knows now,” she said laughing. “Yeah I guess they do, they’ll get over it. Maybe they’ll volunteer to babysit,” I said shaking my head and we both giggled. We sat there together quietly and held hands and I glanced up and saw the TV was on and again didn’t care what was on it. Both our mom’s gave us a hard time about me being on the bed when they came in from their talk but Elizabeth insisted that I stay where I was. I managed to do so till they brought in her lunch and then the nurses insisted that I get down. Mom suggested that we go home but I really wanted to stay. She argued with me for a little while but finally gave in and agreed I could stay there that afternoon after I had lunch with her in the hospital cafeteria.

After lunch in the cafeteria my mom walked me back up the Elizabeth’s room and when we got there I was surprised when the same police officers who had come to my home were there. Mom stayed with me while we waited for them to finish with Elizabeth. When they came out of the room with her the officer spotted me. He came over to mom and I and asked to speak with me. He began to ask me about Friday night and said that Scott had said he was with me. I verified that information and he asked me about the time I went to Scott’s till the time I had come back home and I gave him that information red faced as my mom listened to the whole thing. He asked me who else was there and I told him Mike was there. He asked me what we were doing and I told him we were in the garage listening to music. He asked me if Scott was acting different in anyway. I thought about the fact that he was drunk but I was afraid to tell the officer that so I just said no.

He asked me if I believed that Scott had anything to do with Elizabeth’s assault and I told him no. He told me that Elizabeth had alleged that Scott had arranged the whole thing and I can’t say I was very surprised to hear that. He then asked me why I didn’t think it was possible and I told him I didn’t think Scott would do such a thing.

He then shocked me with his next question, “Did Scott arrange for you to meet with Coach Kahanamoku?” That question caught me so off-guard that I was not prepared for it. In my life one of the things that I was never good at was lying and my mother could always tell when I was lying as a child. I swallowed hard and I couldn’t look at him when I answered and I didn’t realize how long I took before I answered, “No.” “Tori,” my mom said loud and firm with nervousness in her tone. “He didn’t,” I said lying with a little more confidence. Both the officer and my mother stared at me. I struggled not to squirm where I was standing but I just wasn’t ready to admit to anyone, let alone myself that Scott was. . . maybe responsible for my rape. The officer then warned me that it was a crime to help protect someone else who committed a crime and again that made me swallow hard. The officers then excused themselves and left me standing alone with my mother. She looked at me hard and asked, “Tori did Scott arrange that?” I shook my head no vehemently and turned and walked out of the waiting area and headed back to Elizabeth’s room. My mom followed and told me she would pick me up at dinner time and she left me there with Elizabeth and her mom.

I sat with Elizabeth on her bed again that afternoon and we watched TV and had regular small talk. We laughed and made fun of the TV shows and just acted silly and had a good time. I had to step out of her room for about 40 minutes when her doctor came in to examine her and she was sore and unhappy when it was over as the exam hurt her quite a bit. We took it easy that afternoon and got to laughing again at the TV and we even got her mom laughing with the silly things we would come up with making fun of the programs on the TV. My mom got there shortly before dinner time and against my will insisted I go home.

We had dinner at home and I stayed pretty quiet. After dinner we settled into the den and watched TV for the evening. Finally I headed up to my room to get ready for bed. I turned on music and got ready for bed and got on my bed to listen to music. I thought about poor Elizabeth lying there in the hospital and my thoughts soon brought me to tears. Then I thought about two things that scared me. I again asked myself could Scott have had anything to do with this? Again my heart wanted to answer no. But then I asked myself the question the officer had asked me that I struggled to answer, “Did Scott arrange for me to meet with the coach?” The answer to that one I knew was a definite, “Yes.” Were the two questions somehow related? Would Scott have somehow arranged for Elizabeth to be assaulted? I felt myself shiver. I was terrified at the possible other answer to that question.

I stayed up till I was exhausted and absolutely needed to go to sleep. I made it through the night either without a nightmare or at least without waking up to one. I headed to school and was sad but not surprised when Elizabeth was not there waiting for me. I felt so alone there without her and I made it through the morning in a haze. At lunch time Scott found me and pulled me aside and asked me could he talk to me. I was reluctant but agreed.

“Did you talk to the police,” he asked?
“Yes,” I replied.
“What did you tell them,” he asked?
“The truth,” I answered.
“Did you tell them I had anything to do with Elizabeth being hurt,” he asked?
“I told them I didn’t believe you did.” I answered.
“Are you sure,” he asked me.
“Yes,” I said frustrated at him for asking me again.
He looked at the ground looking uncomfortable.
“Did you tell them I took you to the hotel to meet coach,” he asked.
“No,” I answered softly.
“Thanks,” he said and started to turn to leave.
“Scott, you didn’t have anything to do with what happened to Elizabeth did you,” I asked?
“NO,” he said angrily and continued, “How can you even ask me that?”
“I just needed to hear you say it,” I said looking in his eyes. I was a little surprised as he didn’t keep his eyes locked on mine as I looked at him.
“Okay,” I said.
We then both headed to lunch and went our separate ways.

The afternoon passed by too slow for me but I was finally relieved when I got to go home after school. Cheerleading practice was very weird though without our head cheerleader it was the first time she had ever missed school the other girls said.

When I got home I got great news from my mom Ms. Jones had called and Elizabeth was sent home from the hospital today. As soon as I found out I headed up to my room and called her. I told her about my day at school leaving out the part about Scott. I told her how much she was missed at cheerleading practice and she told me it might be a few weeks before she could cheer again. I was surprised by this but she told me her internal injuries were still healing. She then surprised me again by asking me if I wanted to go to group again after school tomorrow. I asked her if she was up for it and she said sure. So we agreed to go after school tomorrow. The rest of our conversation was small talk. She was telling me how much her dog missed her and how her mom said he slept in her room even though she wasn’t there. And we laughed and joked the rest of the conversation. We talked for over an hour and as the conversation was wrapping to a close she surprised me a little with something she said, “I love you,” she said softly and it put butterflies in my tummy. So I replied the same way, “I love you too.” “Bye,” she said, “Night,” I said back. It felt so different hearing those words and saying them to Elizabeth. It wasn’t that long ago that I had said them with Scott but he had broken up with me since. I wondered how she meant them really and then convinced myself she meant it as friends.

With that I hung up the phone and headed down for dinner. After eating with the family I went up to my room and did my homework and managed to study some. Then I got ready for bed. I settled down into my bed and thought more about what Elizabeth said and again I questioned how she may have meant it. I even had to ask myself what I wanted it to mean but I couldn’t seem to come up with an answer. As usual I was terrified I would have another nightmare so I listened to music and struggled not to drift off to sleep. I then decided I would let my mom know I wanted to go back to a doctor to talk to them about my nightmares. I listened to the music and closed my eyes and it took a while but I finally made it to sleep.

To be continued.

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