Chapter 4 of a nasty fantasy story about a girl who turns depraved for life - wanting nothing but nasty sex in all forms that it comes in. You don’t necessarily have to read the other chapters first, but it might make more sense. Maybe. Chapter 4 focuses upon exploring Uncle John’s home and the surprises that our little fuckpig finds. BEWARE - most all of this story is very, very nasty and unless you've got a filthy, nasty mind you will not like parts of this FANTASY about very young girls. The longer it goes on, the nastier and more depraved it gets. It's purely written to get my fellow dirty fuckers cumming. I hope you enjoy it and cum hard. Please let me know if you do. If you don't like it then don't tell me because I know it's certainly not to all tastes. Thank you. EXTRA NOTE – If you wanna get on my new mailing list then email me! Especially good for those who wait forever for my new stories/chapters!
Lisa was a slut. As she walked into the big old house behind the rest of her family the first thing to hit her was the smell. The overwhelming stench of built-up dusty heat mixed with dirty, sweaty fucking flew up Lisa’s nose and soaked her cunt with a fresh gush of juice, and they were only in the hallway. Her fucktoy baby sucked harder on her udder, drinking down Lisa’s milk, leaving her other tit feeling anxious. Lisa pulled on it hard for a few seconds, milk squirting out and puddling on the wooden floorboards under her bare feet. A few steps further along on the right was the doorway into the main living room.

Lisa moved to the doorway and stood for a moment, looking around. The room was quite large and could easily accommodate all of them for seating. In the far corner, to the right, was a big old TV, so old that little Lisa had never seen a TV like it. Across the wall there were bookshelves that held literally hundreds of VHS tapes, none of which were boxed. The floors were bare just like the hallway and there were no curtains over the two big sash windows, just big pieces of cloth that hung from poles above. Due to the suns heat she correctly guessed that they hung over the windows at all times to try and keep the heat down. The lack of wind meant that despite the big windows being permanently open the smell of nasty fucking remained in the house, trapped in by the sheets over the windows. The walls were in disrepair and old, stained wallpaper was hanging from them. There were four couches to the left of Lisa that ran around the rooms edges, and just as the rest of her family was sitting down on them Lisa noticed that the fabric was covered with stains, some really old and some fresh. It was obvious that the stains were sweat, cum and pussy juice, and the couches had been in use for many, many years. Two big, old fashioned chandelier style light fittings hung from the unpainted ceiling at either end of the room.

Lisa’s family began to talk as they sat on the sex stained couches, all except Julie and Lucy, Lisa’s grandmother and auntie, who sat on the floor either side of her uncle John’s legs. Julie was leaning around and sucking on her son John’s massive cock, working on getting it back to full hardness, whilst Lucy laid the baby she was carrying on the floor and sat on her ass with her back against the couch, legs stretched out in front of her and rubbing her big pregnant tummy as her other brothers cum slowly leaked out of her cunt, adding to the dried cum and cunt slime that coated the floor already. Lisa walked over to Lucy and sat next to her on the floor. “Hello” Lisa said, talking to her aunt for the first time. Lucy turned her head to look at Lisa through half closed eyes. Without speaking Lucy spat in Lisa’s face and took the baby from her arms. Lucy lifted the baby up to her face and forcefully pushed her tongue into its cunt and rubbed the baby pussy all over her sexy face. Lisa, momentarily taken aback, sat and watched, surprised by the apparent anger that her new-found auntie was showing towards her and her newborn cockhole.

“Mmmm, tastes good” Lucy snarled as she casually tossed the fuckmeat back to Lisa. “When this little bitch comes out of me, John and Laz are going to try and fuck it to death. They won’t do it though, you can’t kill a fucking baby whore here, it’s impossible. But even still, as soon as its cunt is out of me they’ll start slamming their dicks up it, probably both at the same time. Stretch that little baby pussy until it splits, but it’ll be fine. Lisa, why don’t you let me stick my arms up your fucking hole and you do the same to me. Push your hands in my womb and try and pull the fucking little whore out of me. I hate this little cunt already, fucking kicking me when I’m getting fucked hard, fucking kicking me when I’m drinking piss, fucking kicking me when I’m eating shit. Fucking kicking me when I’m eating horse cum. The little cunt doesn’t like being kicked back though, John’s proved that...”

Julie took her mouth off of her sons huge cock and interrupted her daughter; “You’ll have to excuse Lucy, Lisa. Usually when she gets to her sixth or seventh month she gets a surge of hormones that make her violent when she’s horny...which is, pretty much, all the time. She can’t get it rough enough, she loves being slapped around and kicked and having anything shoved up her cunt and ass”. “Shut the fuck up, Mom, or I’ll double fist that old fucking cunt of yours ‘til it’s more useless than it is now” Lucy snarled. “I wish you’d try, you fucking piece of shit” Julie spat back, literally spitting in her daughters face. The two spat at each other for a few moments until John grabbed them both by the hair. “You fucking tramps, just punch fuck each other already! I’m going to show them the barn” he said. Lisa put her baby fuckmeat down on the floor and followed John, her Daddy and her Mommy back outside. Immediately they felt the heat from the sun on their skin despite it still being very early.

“What’s in the barn, Uncle John?” asked Lisa. “Lots and lots of animals to fuck, which means Laz should be in there as well” John replied. The barn was only 50 metres from the house and soon they were stood at some wooden steps. “We’re going up here, so as nothing can get out” John muttered as he started climbing. When they were all at the top of the steps he opened the wooden door and said to the family “Remember, everything’s fuckable and everything’s possible when you’re on this land”. As he led his family in, Daddy smiled, knowing what was coming. The look of utter shock on his wife and daughters faces were something he’d been looking forward to ever since he said that they were moving to Uncles. As they moved across the walkway towards the steps down to the floor they took in the site of around 150 females between the ages of one week and sixty years old, all completely naked, all sat on or writhing around on the floor.

A lot of the girls, around 80 or so, were babies or under the age of 5, whilst the majority of the rest were between the ages of 6 and 15. There were several older girls, evenly ranging between the ages of 16 and 60. Some were sleeping, most were eating or being eaten out. Even the 3, 4 and 5 year olds were eating baby pussy. Lisa saw that some young girls had obviously had breast implants, noticing one girl who couldn’t have been older than 4 with tits as big as hers and some girls of 8 upwards with tits as huge as Julie’s. Mommy saw a woman who must have been in her mid-thirties with her arm up to her elbow inside the cunt of an 8 year old with C-cup udders, and on the girls face was sat a mega-titted, pregnant 11 year old girl. Mommy reached under her own huge pregnant belly and stroked her cunt, immediately cumming as she looked at the deliciously obscene sight of the young girl with her huge tits resting on her huge stomach squatting over a large-titted 8 year old that was licking her pregnant gash.

Lisa spotted something in the middle of the barn. “That’s Laz” Uncle John said, as he squatted down beside his niece; “He really likes them young and tight”. Laz was laid out on his back with babies crawling all over him. He had a baby on his face, sucking on her tiny cunt, whilst a 6 year old slut was pulling a newborn baby up and down his throbbing cock. Just then Laz threw the baby that was on his face a few metres away and let out a growl as he overflowed the baby’s cunt with a huge load of creamy cum. As he sat up he grabbed the 6 year old girl by the throat and slapped her face with his other hand several times. “Cunt!” he grunted, before throwing the horny pre-teen slut on her back and kissing her deeply, forcing his tongue to her throat as he climbed on top of her, pushing his cock into the girls horny pussy and forcibly fucking her hard. A sexy piece of fuck meat of about 18 had scooped the just-fucked baby up and was sucking out and swallowing the cum from her young twat.

Daddy was stood on the walkway stroking his big cock, looking down at all the pussy that was available day and night. He was especially happy that the majority of the girls over the age of 12 seemed to be pregnant, and 4 of them were shackled to the barn wall as other young girls sucked on their large, growing tits and abused their cunts and assholes with their fists and other objects. One girl of about 7 was halfway through pushing her balled up hand inside a pregnant 13 year olds asshole.
Grunts and groans filled the room of naked fuckmeat.

“I know a couple of plastic surgeons who just love fucking my animals. In return they blow their tits up to whatever size I want. I was thinking about giving full-sized stripper tits to a 2 year old. What do you think?” Uncle John asked Lisa. “Do it. When she’s old enough to understand she’ll love them” she replied. “Good...good” John said, “Well, go on down there and enjoy yourselves. They’re all here for our pleasure” he continued to his family.

Daddy was the first to go, heading straight down the steps and scooping up several young girls, rubbing his body all over theirs before settling on a cute 3 year old blonde piece with B-cup tits. Grabbing her pigtails he pushed his massive cock into her pretty little mouth and started pulling her head back and forth, stretching her throat before working all of his meat into her. Seconds later the small child puked on his cock, but Daddy kept on ramming into her face. Just before he was about to cum he pulled out, picked the whore up and rubbed his slimy fuckstick all over her. Daddy then dropped her to the ground and picked up a slut of 6 and stuck his thick cock up her snatch, pushing until he was balls deep inside mewling little pre-teen fuck meat. “Rip me open, Mister” the little whore begged, and Daddy lost it. With his hands wrapped around the tiny cunts’ waist, pulling her on and off his cock, and the cuntmeat continuing to talk dirty he soon shot his biggest cum of the day so far deep inside the child sluts growing womb.

Mommy had followed her husband into the pit of female fuck toys. She had laid down on the filthy piss, cum and sweat covered barn floor and had waited for some cunts to start playing with her. Sure enough, less than a minute had passed when a beautiful 19 year old, a pretty, D-cupped 10 year old and a 7 year old with a huge gaping gash crawled over to her. The 19 year old beauty had immediately gone for Mommy’s milk filled tits, latching on to one and sucking like a baby, guzzling down milk as she caressed Mommy’s huge pregnant bump. When she finally lifted her head milk poured out over her bottom lip, a look of crazed lust in the girls’ eyes. The girl dove forward and kissed Mommy, pushing her breast milk covered tongue into her mouth. As the 10 and 7 year old girls alternated between licking Mommy’s huge belly and her drooling cunt, the 19 year old slid her slim, stacked body up and over Mommy and started rubbing her juicy bare snatch all over Mommy’s face, before settling it down in the more than happy mouth of the fucking mother, grinding against her tongue and teeth. Mommy moved her hands up, spread the girls’ ass cheeks apart and roughly pushed two fingers into her shithole.

Lisa was still squatting up on the walkway, watching the action, but she now had her fist up her own cunt. Uncle John stood next to her, his massive cunt stretcher hard and bobbing around in mid-air in front of him. “Why don’t you go down and let one of the pieces of meat do that for you, Lisa?” Uncle asked her. “Well, I was kinda hoping that, as we haven’t yet, you wouldn’t mind fucking me with that thing” Lisa replied as she tried wrapping her small hand around the biggest cock she’d ever seen, whilst looking from the huge meat to her Uncles rugged face. “I was kinda hoping you’d push it right up into my baby womb and fuck me until I pass out. I feel so empty and itchy up there since the baby whore came out of me last night. I need another cunt put in me as soon as possible – it’s what liitle cum loving, cock craving fuckpigs like me are born for” she grunted as she looked up at Uncle. As soon as she’d finished speaking, Uncle John had picked little Lisa up off of the walkway and bent her over the railing, leaving her bare feet dangling in the air.

As Lisa looked down on the women of all ages writhing around, she felt Uncle John stretch even her slack young cunt with his prick. “Tell me what else little fuckpigs like you are for” Uncle said. As Uncle started to fuck his huge cock into her you bucket cunt, Lisa replied; “Mmmm, we’re only here to be fucked and stretched, UGH!, and used however you want, UGH!, to use us. We’re to be filled, UGH!, with and covered, UGH!, in cum, pissed on, UGH!, spat on, puked on, UGH!, shit on, fucked in every hole by, UGH! MMM, UGH! by cocks and fists, UGH!, to breed more cunts to be used, UGH!, and to love it, UGH!, need it and, UGH!, crave, UGH! more of it. UGH! We’re here to do, UGH! whatever you want, UGH!, us to do and, UGH!,never, UGH!, say, UGH!, no! UUUUGGHHH!!!” . “Sounds like my kind of little cunt” said Laz, who had walked up the stairs onto the walkway to meet Lisa.

“GRRRRRRRRRRR!” Uncle groaned as he forced the last couple of inches into Lisa’s child body. Lisa lay limp over the railing with a familiar glazed over look on her face.”Laz, this is my niece, Lisa. She’s definitely your kind of little cunt. 13, gave birth last night to a delightful little slut and she’s begging for more already”. “Mm mmm, have to try her out then” said Laz, as he grabbed Lisa by the shoulders and, with Uncle John turning and holding her waist, turned her face towards his cock. “Open up, fucktoy” Laz said as he slapped her face again and again with his hard-again cock until her mouth fell open wide enough to get his fucker in. Being held in mid-air, Lisa was impaled on the biggest cock she’d ever been fucked by, in her cunt, and now Laz was easing his cock down the experienced young whores throat, but not without making her gag. Uncle Just stood still, enjoying having his huge dick completely buried inside a young, cumming, fuckpig like his niece, whilst feeling her young body move around and squirm on his dick as Laz began thrusting hard into her pretty face.

As Lisa began to drool, Laz pushed his cock completely into her throat and let go of her, the two men holding her up purely by their cocks inside her and squeezing her body between theirs. Laz reached down and put his hand under her chin, catching some of the thick slime that was pouring from Lisa’s facecunt. He then put his hand above her head and let it run down onto the little whores’ forehead, sliding down her face and over her closed eyelids, mixing with the tears that were being squeezed out of her by the two cocks that stuffing her holes so well. Laz continued to do this until Lisa’s face was completely covered with her own thick throat slime. He then began thrusting hard in and out of her small throat as her entire body shook from a continuous orgasm, brought about by the rough, degrading treatment she was receiving and the huge cock that was lodged deep up into her womb. Her cunt was leaking profusely and Uncle was copying Laz in putting his hand under the hole that he had his cock in, only Uncle John was licking his hands and fingers clean of the delicious cunt slime rather than covering his small niece in the fluid that was pouring out of her.

Soon after, Laz started pumping his cum into Lisa’s throat. As experienced as she was at taking cum in her throat, Lisa still choked a little, but managed to not lose a drop of the large, creamy gift Laz was pumping into her. “Good cunt, swallowed every drop. I like you Lisa, I’m going to fuck you and your babyslut a lot, I think. Where is the babycunt anyway, John” Laz asked, to which John replied; “Left her in the house with the other cunts”. “I’m going to play with that newborn piece of shit right now then” Laz said merrily as he walked off, dropping Lisa’s head and shoulders to the walkway as he went, stroking his softening cock back to hardness. “No fucking end to how horny that kid is” John laughed. “Right, think I better fuck you and get on to some of these other little pigs before they get too jealous and start fighting again” he continued to Lisa, who could barely comprehend anything that was being said. All Lisa could hear was the rushing of her blood, the sloshing of her own throat slime in her ears and her mind screaming out obscenities as her orgasms smashed together like waves in stormy ocean, making her body shake and shake and shake.
Uncle John ploughed in and out of Lisa’s womb for 3 minutes before he could take no more. Lisa only took 1 minute of it before the switch flicked off and she passed out, but her body still shook in orgasm as her muscles spasmed. Uncle pushed himself as far inside Lisa as he could when he felt the cum start to pour from his cock like a gooey, white treacle, filling her womb directly with a large load of sperm. As he stood there admiring his work, his massive fucker still buried in his niece’s unconscious body, John realised just how much better it had felt to cum inside Lisa’s body than inside any of the other little fuckpigs he’d used for a while. He put this down to her complete understanding of what she was and what she was born for, and that this was now her life, whereas the other girls old enough to think just thought it was good to be fucked and didn’t realise it was their entire reason for being bred in the first place. After that thought he pulled his pole out of Lisa and dropped her to the walkway floor and walked off down into the pit of whores to find himself a pregnant teenager to play with; he didn’t feel much like fucking born babies today – they just weren’t ‘fresh enough’.

As Lisa lay unconscious on the floor she dreamt again. This time the dream was about a never ending number of men and women. Lisa was lying on a table, tiny and helpless as the hundreds of thousands of big-dicked men fucked her holes 3 and 4 at a time until they came and were immediately replaced by another. Other men were just walking up to the table and cumming on her already cum drenched body before getting back in line to get their meat inside her. The women were walking up to the table and abusing her verbally and physically, slapping and spitting on her, telling her what a useless cumbucket fuckpig she was and how she’ll never be able to walk again because her cunt and ass holes will be stretched too far and her insides will be too full of cum to balance. The women were also pulling Lisa’s hands, arms, feet and legs up their cunts and shitholes, fucking themselves on her slutty limbs. Lisa smiled as she dreamt one of the ultimate dreams, her entire body being used as an extreme living sex toy by an infinite amount of people for her entire life, feeding on nothing but cum and cunt juice. That was the dream, and Lisa needed it to become more of a reality.

End of Chapter 4.

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